Look Who's Talking: SELF Healthy Beauty Awards 2020

Jul 08 2020

Look Who's Talking: SELF Healthy Beauty Awards 2020

We are honored to have our Nutrient Brow Pomade named one of the 2020 winners of the SELF Healthy Beauty Awards! Crunchi's Nutrient Brow Pomade has been ranked at #2 out of 8 products to try and featured in SELF's latest article titled, “The 8 Best New Brow Products and Eye Makeup.

"Eyebrow pomades might seem a little intimidating, but they’re unmatched when it comes to their staying power. Our testers found CRUNCHI’s pomade to be the most natural-looking of all the brow products. It’s highly pigmented, but blendable enough to keep your brows looking like your own. Use a firm, angled brush to fill in sparse spots, brush everything out with a spoolie, and you’re set." - SELF
"One Tester Said: I'm a little surprised by how much I like this pomade! It blends in almost perfectly with the color of my hair, and doesn't make it obvious that my eyebrows are filled in, unlike other products I've tried. I used probably no more than a pea-sized amount of product for both eyebrows with an angled brush for a natural, yet defined look.” - SELF

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