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We are committed to
sustainability and environmentally
conscious packaging.

Banished ingredients

The Problem with Plastic

The beauty industry creates 120 billion units of packaging every year, 91% of which is not recycled.

The packaging is the number one contributor to plastic production in the world and offender for plastic waste pollution. In 2015, research found that packaging accounted for 161 million tons of plastic every year. Source

Education is important to us

We make the choice everyday to avoid plastic

We are focused on being part of the solution to the plastic problem.

Crunchi does not use any plastic as the primary packaging.

When plastic is necessary for secondary components like caps and pumps, we use BPA/BPS & phthalate-free, recyclable plastic.

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Banished ingredients

Type of primary packaging utilized to
package Crunchi’s cosmetic, skincare,
and body care products:

  • Glass 38%
  • Paperboard 24%
  • Aluminum 5%
  • Plant-based 5%
  • Paper-wrap 19%
  • Plastic 0%

Average major cosmetic brand uses 60% plastic!

Education is important to us

Crunchi Facts

In 2020, we launched innovative packaging made from 100% plant-based and renewable ingredients for our Translucent Finishing Powder.

The brush handles of all Crunchi Vegan Makeup Brushes are 100% recycled aluminum.

By screen printing directly on our glass packaging, we improve component recyclability and reduce resources.

Banished ingredients

Crunchi Facts

We invest in sustainable, reusable pallets that can be recycled at the end of their life cycle and don’t require plastic wrap to keep boxes secured.

The materials used to pack and ship Crunchi products are made from 100% recycled material and are also recyclable, using the least amount of packaging possible.

We prioritize cleaner and sustainable materials such as bamboo and organic cotton for our apparel.

Education is important to us

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