Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the “Period After Opening” (PAO) notation found either directly on the product (in a jar symbol) or on the product page on our website under the “ingredients” tab. PAO indicates the lifespan of a product after it has been opened. Although the United States does not require a documented PAO for cosmetic and skincare products, we choose to declare a PAO time frame to ensure product quality, safety, and efficacy. If you have any additional questions about product shelf life, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

Fortunately, the ingredient Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate Copolymer in our Shattered™ Mascara is not considered a microplastic because the physical properties of the polymer are permanently modified during downstream end-use. Additionally, the ingredient Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate Copolymer follows the European standards on polymer and copolymer ingredients which restricts the use of microplastics.

Although using other types of vegetable oils seems like a practical solution to avoid using palm, it can potentially create similar, if not even larger, environmental and social problems. They typically require more pesticides, fertilizers, and land than palm oil. Our goal is to source only certified RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) and derivatives. We work closely with our vendors to ensure RSPO standards are met and maintained. The RSPO, its suppliers, and our vendors are audited by third-party auditing agencies to be held to the specific criteria that the RSPO and its members espouse to. If a supplier is not currently using RSPO Certified palm oil we will do our best to choose alternative ingredients or ensure they are working towards only sourcing sustainably sourced palm oil in the near future.

Crunchi does not currently make the claim to be soy free. While we do our best to avoid soy as an ingredient derivative as much as possible, we use many ingredients with vegetable and vegetable blend origins. A few of the vegetable blend derived ingredients we use may include soy as part of the blend. Again, we do our best to attempt to avoid soy where possible, however since our ingredients must also be vegan, gluten-free, and of course, prioritize safety and performance, there may be times when the use of soy is inevitable.

Unfortunately, sharpenable cosmetic pencils manufactured in the United States are made from a material designed to look and feel like wood but are actually plastic. To avoid the use of plastic in our Nutribrow™ and Everluxe™ products, we moved our pencil production to Germany, known for the highest quality wooden pencil production in the world. These pencils are made from PEFC™ certified, sustainable wood. The certification ensures the sustainable management and use of forest resources.

Crunchi of course has never and will never permit the use of any PFAS chemical ingredient in our products or packaging. In the past year, we have invested in third-party laboratory PFAS testing of our product packaging and finished goods to screen for contamination from the manufacturing process. While we are pleased with our test findings, we recognize there are limitations to the current PFAS testing capabilities available today. Ultimately PFAS contamination concerns in cosmetic manufacturing are the responsibility of the ingredient suppliers, packaging suppliers, and manufacturers. These parties should be held accountable for eliminating PFAS sources during the manufacturing process and preventing PFAS chemicals from contaminating cosmetics during production. Crunchi is committed to continued prevention strategies on our part. Additionally, we are fortunate to have strong working relationships with manufacturing partners who share our standards in regard to PFAS chemicals and the importance of contamination prevention. Unfortunately, this is a topic ignored by many packaging and ingredient suppliers, and until there is legislation to hold manufacturers accountable for declaring everything found in their products, including PFAS chemicals, this is going to be an ongoing issue for the cosmetic industry. Crunchi supports proposed current legislation that provides this insight into greater supply chain transparency and ingredient disclosure.

Absolutely! We are always working hard to expand our product line to include a wide variety of skin care, body care, and color cosmetics that meet the safety and performance demands of our clients! There are many very exciting products in the pipeline from anti-aging products, to our new Crunchi Littles™ line! Be sure to subscribe to our text messages to be the first to know! Text CRUNCHI to 33128 to join.

No. The long-term safety data of nanoparticle technology has yet to be determined, therefore Crunchi products DO NOT use any nanoparticle ingredients.

Titanium dioxide (Cl l 77891) is an ingredient used in almost all color cosmetics as a white or opacity pigment. Unless the cosmetic color is black or very dark, it contains some level of titanium dioxide. The safety of titanium dioxide has been in discussion as the EU recently banned its use as a food additive due to inconclusive evidence pertaining to genotoxicity. For many reasons, these concerns do not apply to Crunchi products: 1) There are two types of titanium dioxide: nanoparticle, and non-nanoparticle. The titanium dioxide used in Crunchi products is non-nanoparticle. This means that the particles are larger than 100 nanometers (nm). Most of the research surrounding adverse health effects is on nanoparticle size titanium dioxide from 1 nm to 30 nm. 2) Large particle (non-nanoparticle) titanium dioxide is presumably large enough to not penetrate the skin surface in topical cosmetic products and therefore poses no concern for consumer safety. 3) Our lip products and their potential for unintentional ingestion is also not an applicable concern as quantities used in the research are the equivalent to consuming hundreds to thousands (or more) of whole finished lip crayons or glosses a day. There is a known health concern pertaining to titanium dioxide if inhaled in a loose powder form. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) identifies inhalable titanium dioxide as possibly carcinogenic. To avoid this risk, Crunchi does not use titanium dioxide (of any size) in any loose powder formulations. At this time we will continue to monitor the research surrounding the safety of titanium dioxide but are not currently concerned with continued use based on the amount used in our lip products (unintentional ingestion) or other color cosmetics (topically applied) and the fact that our titanium dioxide is never nanoparticle.

The word "natural" is very tricky as there is no standard or regulated definition for the term. With that being said, Crunchi products are composed of mostly "naturally derived" ingredients (meaning derived from plants, minerals, etc.) in combination with a handful of strategically selected “safe synthetic” ingredients. If you have any specific ingredient questions or concerns, feel free to email us at [email protected], and we would love to assist you further.

Crunchi is proud to offer safe products that have outstanding performance, efficacy and longevity. It is very challenging to create a cosmetic that performs like its toxic competitor using 100% “natural” ingredients. Crunchi has thoughtfully selected a small group of synthetic ingredients that have substantial safety data, to utilize only where it is imperative to improve the performance of the product.

Silica Amorphous is a naturally derived ingredient used in many Crunchi products, and is considered a low health hazard by the Environmental Working Group ( Silica Amorphous is very different from the ingredient Silica Crystalline (Quartz) that is considered a known human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, as well as the other reputable agencies. Please note we use Silica Amorphous, NOT Silica Crystalline (Quartz).

No, Crunchi has elected to avoid the use of Japanese Honeysuckle as a preservative in any of our products. While Japanese Honeysuckle sounds very natural and innocent, there are some that feel the molecular structure is too similar to the structure of a paraben and may mimic the same role of a paraben in the body.

GSE has drawn concern in the past, when third-party purity testing found contamination with triclosan, methylparaben and benzethonium chloride. It is suspected that this contamination occurs at some point during the extraction process. To avoid this risk, Crunchi has elected to avoid the use of Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) altogether in any of our products.

No. While this preservative is commonly used in brands that market themselves as “natural” or “clean” it still carries some safety and environmental controversies such as eczema, contact dermatitis, life-threatening allergic reactions, and chronic aquatic toxicity. Even more concerning is oral exposure to phenoxyethanol in infants can acutely affect the nervous system function. Although using phenoxyethanol in our product formulations would be a significantly easier and less expensive choice, Crunchi chooses to avoid it in all of our products, and it will always remain on our Banished Ingredients List.

We are proud to say Crunchi is a Leaping Bunny Certified brand. Absolutely NO animal testing has been conducted in the formulation or manufacturing process of any Crunchi product. We are an animal-loving and friendly company, from our ingredients to our brushes and accessories.

Any scent or “flavor” used in Crunchi products is derived with 100% essential oils or natural extract ingredients (such as vanilla planifolia). There is a loophole in the cosmetic industry and many concerning ingredients can be disguised within a “fragrance” or even “natural fragrance” ingredient listed on a product. You can feel confident when choosing a Crunchi product there are never any hidden or undisclosed ingredients.

EWG Skin Deep database recently updated their automated rating generator and is no longer taking into consideration the specific percentages of an ingredient used in a formula (unless a brand has invested in the EWG verification process). For example, sodium hydroxide, a formula pH adjuster, is perfectly safe at a low percentage such as 0.2%. However, at large percentages it can potentially cause skin irritation. Our ingredient rating used to be a “2”, as it was adjusted for the amount used, however it is now automatically a “4”, as it no longer adjusts for this detail.

Another change EWG Skin Deep database made was the adjustment to certain botanical ingredient ratings such as citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) peel oil. They have categorized all orange citrus essential oils under one umbrella rating and are not adjusting for percentage or specific oil type resulting in an overall increase in ingredient and product rating.

We are considering the EWG verification program which would allow for adjustment and therefore more accurate ingredient/product rating. There are many types of product rating systems and verification programs available. Unfortunately there is no perfect rating system that accurately reflects the safety of a product. There are benefits/accuracies as well as flaws with each system that exists, which is why we are thoroughly investigating our options before determining which, if any, are a worthy investment.
If you have a product rating system you would like us to consider we would love to hear from you! Please email us at [email protected].

Absolutely not! Talc is a controversial ingredient for many reasons. Some talc is contaminated with the known carcinogen asbestos. Talc has been identified as a lung irritant and has been linked to organ system toxicity.

Beware! Some companies that claim to be using "asbestos-free talc" may be using talc that is not asbestos-free at all. It has recently been discovered that conventional testing methods have failed to detect asbestos accurately. Yikes!

Despite its great cosmetic performance qualities, Talc has never, and will never be part of any Crunchi formula. It has been on our Banished List since day one and will remain there. It is just not worth the risk!

Yes, at this time all Crunchi products are made with ingredients that are considered gluten-free. Most, but not all Crunchi products are made in a gluten-free facility, however, the ones that are not manufactured in a gluten-free facility have a stringent protocol to prevent cross-contamination. Additionally, our Everluxe™ Lipstick & Hydrogloss™ Lipgloss have been third-party laboratory tested to confirm gluten is non-detectable (< 20 ppm). The testing performed is the same method and standard required by the FDA for food products to make a gluten-free claim. We are currently expanding our third-party gluten testing across the rest of our product line.

Yes, 100% of Crunchi products are vegan meaning they do not contain ingredients derived from any animal or animal by-product.

At this time there is no standardized definition for the term “toxin free”. However, Crunchi has defined toxin free as the following: A product is considered toxin free if it does not contain any ingredients known to cause harm or health hazard based on available ingredient scientific data and research. Each ingredient has been carefully selected and is free from our documented Banished List.

Yes! We are proud to say that at this time all of our products are made with ingredients that are free of genetically modified material (non-GMO).

Each of our brushes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free including the glue used to construct the brushes. Our Luxury Vegan Brush line is made with a high-grade synthetic spun bristle. The synthetic fibers are thinly extruded to mimic a natural bristle. Additionally, the tip of each bristle is razor cut to maximize softness. The brushes are extremely versatile and durable. Beyond Vegan status, synthetic bristles are not as porous as natural animal hair brushes and therefore absorb less product during application reducing waste and resulting in longer-lasting cosmetics. In addition, the brush handles are 100% recycled aluminum.

Yes! Simple forms of silicone-based ingredients (such as Dimethicone, Bis-Stearyl Dimethicone, and Triethoxycaprylylsilane) are utilized in a few Crunchi products. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel compiled all of the available data on these ingredients from over 100 independent studies in a comprehensive, evidence-based report. From this data analysis, they concluded it is unlikely that these silicone-based ingredients are absorbed into the skin due to the large molecular weight of the polymer and they are safe for use in cosmetic products. Silicone-based ingredients that are crossed with ingredients that do not meet our safety standards (such as Cetyl Triethylmonium Dimethicone Peg-8 Phthalate, Perfluorononyl Dimethicone, Bis-Peg-10 Dimethicone/Dimer Dilinoleate Copolymer) are prohibited from use in Crunchi products.

A comprehensive evidence-based review documented in the Ullhman’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry has concluded that dimethicone has no marked harmful effects on organisms in the environment and was concluded not to represent an environmental hazard.

Sodium hydroxide is an alkaline salt commonly used in both traditional and cleaner cosmetic brands to adjust the product pH. Crunchi Mascara contains <0.2% sodium hydroxide simply as a pH adjuster necessary for product stability and efficacy. Sodium and hydroxide ions are common natural mineral substances present in many natural soils, in groundwater, in plants, and in animal tissues. Sodium hydroxide is commonly used to counteract acidity in swimming pool water, or in drinking water. Additionally, the US FDA classifies this salt as “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) ingredient and permits it to be added to food and beverages for the alteration of acidity and for stabilization. Sodium Hydroxide in high and concentrated quantities has the potential to be irritating to the skin.

Please note, this ingredient rating is no longer adjusted for percentage in the EWG Skin Deep Database, and therefore holds a rating of a “4” regardless of the amount used in a formula. This has resulted in an increase in the overall rating for some products.

Yes. Where possible we have selected glass and paper packaging for Crunchi products, however, it is not feasible to avoid plastic completely. 100% of the plastic used to package Crunchi products is phthalate and BPA/BPS free. Additionally, the kettles that are used to heat and mix Crunchi products are stainless steel.

We are proud to say the vast majority of Crunchi products are manufactured in the USA, with globally sourced ingredients. We do have a select few exceptions which are our wood pencil color cosmetics and our accessories. Our wood pencil color cosmetics including Nutribrow™ Brow Pencil and Everluxe™ Lip Crayon are manufactured in Germany. Germany is known for the highest quality wooden pencil production in the world. Our Brush Cleansing Pad, Elite Eyelash Curler, Vegan Makeup Bags, Luxury Vegan Makeup Brushes, and some product packaging are produced in American-owned factories overseas with extremely high social/ethical and environmental standards. The factories pass SA 8000 social audits as well as ISO 9000 and ISA 14001 environmental quality audits.

Yes. Many Crunchi products contain nut and seed-derived ingredients. If you have any known allergies or sensitivities please check the product ingredient sections closely and consult with your healthcare provider prior to use. Please visit our product pages for a complete list of ingredients in each product.

Crunchi has not conducted any formal testing to make the claim “non-comedogenic”. The term “non-comedogenic” is challenging because it is not regulated or standardized, and “non-comedogenic” testing is challenging to conduct, inconsistent and often not accurate. Based on the published comedogenic ingredient rating scales available, we do not use any ingredients that would be considered comedogenic in our makeup or skincare formulas. We have many blemish-prone clients that have been able to use our products successfully!

Crunchi's mission is to create safe, high-performing cosmetics free of the many potentially harmful ingredients found in most conventional products on the market. However, if you have any specific ingredient questions or concerns with use during pregnancy or breastfeeding please consult with your healthcare provider prior to use.

No need to let the long name of this ingredient in Crunchi Highliner Pencil Eyeliner scare you. Polymethylsilsesquioxane is a synthetic polymer formed by the hydrolysis and condensation of propyltrichlorosilane. It is a large, insoluble molecule that is not expected to penetrate the skin. It is a non-sensitizer even at percentages greater than 50%. It is not a known endocrine disruptor or carcinogen. There is no known negative environmental impact, and the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel concluded in 2017 that polymethylsilsesquioxane is safe for use in cosmetics.

Yes! All of our ingredients are supplied from highly reputable, ethically maintained U.S. companies who source ingredients from within the U.S. and globally. Our Mica is sourced ethically and from regions that do not involve child labor practices.


In 2019 Crunchi began a third-party laboratory testing program for heavy metals (Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, and Cadmium). We are thrilled to report that all products tested so far are well below the European Union, Canadian, and United States cosmetic heavy metal upper limits.

EU Heavy Metal Upper Limits:
Lead - 10 ppm
Arsenic - 3 ppm
Cadmium - 1 ppm
Mercury - 1 ppm

Canada Heavy Metal Upper Limits:
Lead: 10 ppm
Arsenic - 3 ppm
Cadmium - 3 ppm
Mercury - 1 ppm

United States recommended* Heavy Metal Upper Limits:
Lead - 10 ppm
Mercury - 1 ppm**
Arsenic - no finished product limit
Cadmium - no guidance

*U.S. does not legally enforce this limit, just provides guidance
**U.S. permits an upper limit of 65 ppm for Mercury if used as a preservative in an eye product

Heavy metals naturally occur in colorants and cannot be avoided. Since day one, Crunchi has invested in the highest purity grade colorants (iron oxides) available for all our color cosmetics with the goal of achieving the lowest possible heavy metal levels for our products using tests with a sensitivity as low as .003 ppm for Lead, .003 ppm for Arsenic, .001 ppm for Mercury and .001 ppm for Cadmium. This is a priority to us and we are committed to continued strategies to minimize heavy metals as well as ongoing third party testing.

The scent of Crunchi skincare products is a combination of the product’s raw material scent with very small percentages of select essential oils. Crunchi is dedicated to disclosing all ingredients that create a scent in a product and therefore only use USDA-NOP certified organic essential oils such as Citrus sinensis (sweet orange) oil and Lavandula Angustifolia (lavender) essential oil. Crunchi does not use synthetic “fragrance” or even “natural fragrance” to add scent to products.

Tip: The FDA does not require a breakdown of ingredients that make up the ingredient “fragrance” and “natural fragrance” on a label. Products with these terms listed on the ingredient list can contain numerous ingredients that remain a mystery to the consumer. Often these ingredients are endocrine-disrupting such as phthalates and should be avoided.

Yes, the Crunchi team performed extensive research prior to the decision to use a sweet orange essential oil in some of our skincare products. We analyzed extensive research performed by leading experts and researchers of aromatherapy safety. Sweet orange oil, unlike bitter orange oil and some other citrus oils, is not known to contain furanocoumarins associated with phototoxicity and therefore can be worn safely on sun-exposed skin. As always if you have any questions or concerns regarding an ingredient in one of our products, please consult your healthcare professional prior to use.

Crunchi skincare products are formulated with concentrated extracts, active ingredients and nourishing and protective properties to give the skin an ageless appearance. To read about the specific benefits, please refer to the individual product pages.

No, Crunchi skincare products do not contain ingredients from the silicone class. For details about the intentional use of silicone ingredients in a few of our makeup products, please see the makeup product FAQ section.

Please refer to the number inside the “Period After Opening” (PAO) jar symbol on the product packaging or the PAO notation on each product page under the “ingredients” tab for this information. Crunchi Facial Bars and Body Bars generally do well over time if stored unopened in a cool, dry environment, however after one year you may notice slight fading and decrease in size due to evaporation.

If you have any additional questions about product shelf life, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

These ingredients are Ecocert certified, NSF approved, “natural” emulsifiers. Emulsifiers are ingredients required to combine oil and water in a formulation and prevent product separation.

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