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Beautifully Flawless Foundation

Our high-pigment Beautifully Flawless Foundation has the perfect balance between a satin and semi-matte finish, giving you a flawless complexion no matter your skin type. Vegan and toxin-free, this is beauty you can feel good about.

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Customer Reviews

Kristen L. Jul 15 2023

A great foundation-need cool undertones

Love this foundation so much, but it's too yellow for my skin. Even the lightest shade. Would love if you could make shades for cooler undertones! Then it's be 10 stars!

Meg  Jun 14 2023

Made the switch

I switched from IT cosmetics and so far I love it!

Kristen K. Jun 06 2023

Natural and flawless skin

Coming from someone that doesn't usually wear much makeup... just a small amount blends in beautifully to my skin for a super natural and flawless look! I would recommend to anyone!

Kristen K. Jun 06 2023

Natural and flawless skin

Coming from someone that doesn't usually wear much makeup... just a small amount blends in beautifully to my skin for a super natural and flawless look! I would recommend to anyone!

Amy H. May 16 2023

Not a fan!

I was so hopeful when I ordered the foundation but it just seemed to heavy for me. I want something that feels like I have no makeup on but yet great coverage.

Meredith  Mar 21 2023

Best Ever

This is the best foundation I have ever used. I have paired it with the Smart Primer and also by itself. Both ways have me absolutely in love with this foundation. I have tried countless other products and I am never going back! A little goes a long way- I used just under half a pump and the product is more than enough. However, the coverage is easily adjustable not matter what your preferred coverage is.

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Jessica G. Mar 17 2023

Love it but wish there were cool undertones

I love this foundation and wear it everyday. The only thing keeping me from giving it the 5th star is that there is not a shade for us pale ladies with cool undertones. The "neutral undertones" of the lighter shades are actually warmer with a yellow/orange to them. Make a shade 1.5 with cool undertones and you'd make my day!

Carlie E. Jan 31 2023

I like it

Real customer here (not an advocate or partnered with the company in any way). I do like the foundation although I feel there is a bit of an orange undertone that doesn’t match quite right. I have dry skin to begin with, and I also feel like I have to use extra moisturizer before using this product. I have the 1.0 shade and wish they had one that was a step lighter because it’s still a little dark for someone as pale as myself!

Jessi K. Jan 19 2023

Game Changer!

I absolutely love this foundation! It's the first product I tried and what originally turned me onto the Crunchi line. I have very sensitive, dry skin and this was the first liquid foundation that provided full coverage with a smooth and flawless finish. No dry spots or uneven texture. Definitely one of my faves and a staple in my main makeup lineup now.

Ellie  Jan 10 2023

I am too pale

I was so disappointed with the foundation after how much I liked the concealer. I ordered Shade 1.0, which is the lightest shade available. However, I apparently am too pale the foundation still makes me look yellow. There’s a stark contrast between my face and my neck. I look like I did a self-tanner only on my face. Given the limited number of clean foundations on the market, I would love to see Crunchi come out with a .5 or 0 shade for us porcelain girls.

Mandy A. Dec 31 2022

Not good for oily skin

I bought crunchi and the primer based on feedback from someone that it was great for oily skin. I don’t recommend this product for oily skin. It definitely “gathered” and creased in places where I get oily. I would have needed an definite touch up at the end of the day. The feel was fairly light which was nice. The actual product seemed darker than the sample card sent. Maybe that was just me though.

kitty  Nov 25 2022

fav foundation wishing for travel/smaller size option

I like that is blends well into my skin and doesn’t make me break out. I really would love if they made smaller sized bottles tho. I don’t wear foundation every single day so it’s a bit wasteful for me. Id love it if there was a smaller size option

Camille C. Nov 24 2022

Great formula and packaging but…

I bought the foundation in shade 2.0 because that matched my skin color on the samples they sent. However, it arrived and is much too dark and yellow for my skin. I tested it against the sample of the same shade and they looked like 2 very different foundations. I might try again with a lighter shade but I’m disappointed:(

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Elizabeth S. Nov 04 2022

Favorite foundation!

I’ve been using Crunchi for several years now and love it so much! It doesn’t dry out my skin, it’s full coverage but ALSO buildable depending on how much you put on. I love that I can use a little and get a simple daytime look or add more and have a more put together/fancy makeup look. I have fair-light neutral skin and have used the 2 for the summer months and then the 1 is perfect for the months my skin doesn’t have more color to it. It also lasts such a long time which makes me happy!

Jen A. Oct 15 2022

Lovethe product but it's never in stock!

I absolutely love the quality of the foundation but I can never find my shade anymore! Incredibly disappointed....

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Brandi M. Sep 27 2022

Great Coverage!!

Light weight but Great coverage. Hides all my blemishes. Will definitely keep buying this!

Elizabeth H. Sep 24 2022

Best ever!

Non toxic foundation and makeup doesn’t have the best reputation. I was skeptical to buy this foundation, but the more I did reviews the more I wanted to try it. I’m so glad I did!! My skin looks and feels amazing, and I walk out into the world with confidence. I’m the lightest shade, and it blends beautifully.

Rachel  Jul 09 2022

Please add lighter shades!!!

This is a beautiful foundation, but unfortunately the lightest shade is too dark for me. I have very fair, cool toned skin, so the lightest shade of this foundation ends up looking slightly orange. Such a bummer! Hoping that more shades can be added!!!

Dawn  Jun 20 2022


This is the best foundation I’ve found in terms of smooth coverage over pores. However, it is too warm; strong yellow undertones. I wish Crunchi would make a tint for those of use with cool tones/pink undertones.

Cassidy  Jun 13 2022

Good Coverage...

This is definitely the best "clean" foundation I've tried, but there are still some downsides. I've used this for almost a year and I have days that I like it, and days that I don't. It does have very good coverage and doesn't have any smell. On the other side, I have noticed that I have breakouts the day after I wear this foundation, which hasn't happened even with drugstore products.

Savannah B. Jun 06 2022

Please develop more shades!

This foundation has pretty good coverage, but tends to separate around my nose and mouth. It blends beautifully with the foundation brush from crunchi, but overall, I’m bummed that there aren’t more shades to choose from. I bought the lightest shade and it’s still not light enough and looks orange on me.

Jennifer  Jun 05 2022

Beautiful Flawless Foundation

I switched over to using clean products I have to say I am so impressed! Great coverage and my skin never feels dry and lasts all day.

Kimberly R. May 19 2022


This foundation is buildable and long-lasting but still washes off well with facial cleanser. I appreciate the health-focus of the Crunchi team and feel so good about my purchase and switching my products to clean options. I would buy this foundation for all of my family and friends if I could!

A.L  May 10 2022

Not as good as the old formula!

I had purchased the original foundation a while back and loved the color and look and glow it gave my skin. I recently purchased a new bottle and they changed the formula!!! Does not go on as smooth and is a bit over priced in my opinion. I hope they change it back because I won't purchase it again.

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Danielle Y. May 03 2022

Beautiful foundation

I have been trying to find a clean foundation for a couple of years that is closer to full coverage. This is it! My skin feels great after using it.

Maygen T. Apr 17 2022

Best Foundation EVERRRR

I LOVE my Crunchi Foundation! I’m very picky with liquid foundations. Most break my skin out and I can honestly say that Crunchi has done the opposite, it has helped my skin to clear up! I will NEVER go back to my old foundation again. Can’t wait to try more Crunchi products!!!

Allison R. Apr 09 2022

Loving it!

I’ve used mineral foundation for over a decade, so I was a little nervous to go back to a liquid foundation. But this foundation was so much better than I expected! It blends easily, has great coverage, and feels so light. Also, I am very fair and the lightest shade of many other brands is still too dark for me. I was worried Crunchi would be the same, but the 1.0 works perfectly for me. So glad to be able to transition into a clean foundation that is just as good as all the toxic ones!

Lindley M. Apr 09 2022

I wish I found this sooner!

I had been using the same foundation for 10+ years.. I’m picky about foundation! On my journey to toxin free beauty I decided to branch out and try this.. Um hello!!! The. Best. Foundation. Ever. Hands down. Coverage, finish, wear, and shade are PERFECT. Couldn’t be happier! And it’s toxin free AND has skincare properties? BUY IT.

Ashley W. Apr 09 2022

Best Foundation

Best foundation I’ve ever used! I don’t like to feel weighted down and most recently wore a tinted moisturizer. It’s long lasting, feels like you’re wearing nothing and provides beautiful coverage

Tiffany  Mar 30 2022


The application of this foundation is unmatched by all others I have tried! It lasts all day, it’s easy to apply and the color blends so well with my skin tones. It’s also super light weight but gives a full coverage look.

Cianna E. Mar 29 2022

Best I’ve ever used!!

I’m completely in love with this foundation and won’t ever use something different! I found crunchi when searching for clean and toxin free make up, I wasn’t sure what to expect because a lot of toxin free products don’t preform the best, but that is NOT crunchi. This foundation is the best I’ve ever used!! I love how natural it looks, how perfectly it blends, and how light weight it feels! The coverage is phenomenal and I’m shocked it feels so light but covers so good! Simply amazing.

Desha  Mar 17 2022

Best foundation EVER!!

I love this foundation!

Rita  Mar 06 2022

Absolutely The Best foundation

Love how it gently covers and goes on so smoothly and evenly. I also find that it is very effective as an under eye concealer. It seems to last all day. And, of course LOVE that all the ingredients are totally safe!!!Great product!

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Emily B. Feb 25 2022


I just received my foundation. I can appreciate the pure ingredients but I don't like myself looking yellow!

Allison S. Feb 19 2022

Best foundation

Beautifully Flawless Foundation is, by far, the best foundation I’ve ever used. It gives plenty of coverage without feeling thick. I receive compliments every time I wear my foundation.

Destiney S. Feb 10 2022

The perfect foundation

I was looking for a foundation that was full coverage and wasn’t oily or filled with chemicals I can’t even pronounce, I started using the crunchi foundation about a month ago and I constantly have foundation on, and I love it !!! And I don’t have to use too much to get full coverage like I do with urban decay or cover girl, tomorrow I’m buying the charcoal bar and I can’t wait to try that !!!

Veronica P. Feb 04 2022


I love this foundation. It gives a beautiful finish, does not feel heavy or greasy. It’s everything a foundation should be. It’s buildable, start small and build up your coverage.

Pebbie C. Feb 02 2022

Wonderful product

As a 65+ yr old, I have tried several other natural products, all have been so dry and drying to my skin. The Crunchi foundation helps moisturize and keep my skin soft while it wears all day and does not smear. Nor does it sink down into wrinkles ( it doesn’t make me look older)! I’m very happy with my Crunchi foundation!

Laurie M. Jan 31 2022


I have naturally oily skin and this is the first foundation that makes it 10 hours (along with the powder) that doesn’t look oily and looks the same as when I put it on in the morning.

Stacey S. Jan 28 2022

Crunchi products

I was introduced to Crunchi through a neighbor and over the past year have purchased 3/4 of the Crunchi line. Love, love everything I’ve got, especially the mascara, best ever. I use Crunchi 2x daily and get many compliments on my skin, especially while wearing my foundation, liner, mascara, blush and of course lip gloss. I just threw out all of my Clinique, love my new face. Shout out to my advocate, Meredith, so helpful and knowledgeable, thanks.

Cheryl C. Jan 12 2022


Love how light the foundation feels on my skin. Don’t have to use a lot.

Erica W. Jan 06 2022


Love love love this foundation! It goes on flawlessly especially if you use the foundation brush. A little goes a long way and the bottle lasts a long time too. The only foundation I’ll ever use!

Amber M. Jan 04 2022

Flawless full coverage without the weight

I only use vegan products and was truly struggling to find a foundation that was both full coverage but not cakey. This foundation is light, creamy, and flawless! Paired with the powder, it melts into your skin and looks FLAWLESS!

Meg A. Dec 31 2021


I wanted to try a new foundation & I love all Crunchi products I’ve tried so I ordered it and I love it! Great coverage, isn’t too matte or too shiny, but just right! Definitely give this a try!

Alexis  Dec 29 2021


This foundation is great. It doesn’t feel heavy at all and doesn’t settle into wrinkles.

Sarah H. Dec 29 2021

Awesome foundation

I love the coverage and I love how I cannot feel it on my face. It is light and non-greasy!

Verified Purchase
Tess W. Dec 28 2021


Was a Bare Minerals powder foundation girl until I met this Crunchi liquid foundation. Paired with the foundation brush, it goes on so smooth & light using literally a dime or quarter size amount for my entire face. For more coverage, you can add more & your face does NOT feel heavy. The coverage is so good, I use this daily after applying the Primer.

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Tess W. Dec 28 2021



Kaitlin M. Dec 27 2021

Game Changer

Before I found Crunchi I was using what I thought was “clean” makeup. I have acne & my past products weren’t exactly making it any better. I made the switch to Crunchi & my acne is not flared & I don’t have breakouts using Crunchi… Plus my coverage is amazing & long wearing!

Stacey S. Dec 25 2021


I love all the products in the Crunchi line. Ditched all my Clinique products and am now totally pure , clean CRUNCHI. My skin is in awesome condition , never been better. My favorite item, the mascara is perfect, the best. A shout out to my advocate, Meredith Berke, she’s helped me along with all the info and ordering. Switch over, you’ll be happy you did.

Danielle Y. Dec 22 2021


I have tried other clean foundations and this one is finally full coverage. My skin also feels great after using the foundation and primer

Stacey  Dec 22 2021


Over the past 8 months I have slowly bought and tried most of the Crunchi products. I’ve thrown away my Clinique products and am now totally Crunchi. Love each and every one. I absolutely love the mascara, the brushes are awesome, and the powerlight(eye cream) has vanished my wrinkles. Can’t say enough good things. A shout out to my Crunchi advocate , Meredith Berke, for always answering any questions and supplying me with beautiful products for better looking skin.

Verified Purchase
Danielle S. Dec 07 2021

Foundation Fan

I was never a fan of foundation, probably because it always felt so thick on. This foundation covers like a foundation but feels like a tinted moisturizer.

Kelly S. Nov 24 2021

In love

I wear very little of this to get a smooth and even complexion. I'm talking less than a pea sized amount. Paired with the foundation brush, this really does leave you with an air-brushed finish. I feel so put together when I put a dab here and a dab there, add some mascara, and Bam! You've got the "I woke up like this. Be jealous" look going on!

Dorothy M. Jul 01 2021

The new formula is no where near as good! So sad!

I just started a new bottle of the new formula and it is so yellow! It’s the same shade as the old one but instead of a rose undertone it’s a yellow undertone and it’s totally off! Also it’s so much thicker and oilier than it used to be, I had to used twice as much primer to keep it from seeping into my pores! Their foundation used to be so great and I’m so disappointed they changed it!

Marivi  Jun 01 2021

Leaves me oily

Unfortunately this foundation leaves me looking very oily throughout the day. I like how it applies and how my skin looks but the oil/shine is pretty bad.

Verified Purchase
Mandy O. May 24 2021


I'm shocked at the reviews saying this foundation was drying. It does wonders for my skin! I moved up north and have had problems with dry skin due to the mountain air. My skin was used to the southern humidity and this foundation does not help in drying my skin out. If anything, it locks in the moisture! The coverage is fantastic and I love how I can barely feel it on!

Julie F. Apr 22 2021


My friend gave me some samples and I was blown away by the coverage and feel of this foundation. I knew it was something different. Just a small amount gives me full coverage. And the best part is I don't feel super oily at the end of the day. I usually look super shiney in the face after a days worth of wear, and I don't with this stuff! I'm OBSESSED!!!

Shaunda W. Feb 18 2021


I love this foundation. It has great coverage and is very light weight. It feels very natural. I love that it lasts all day as well.

Gianna  Jan 23 2021

Missing the old colors

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Crunchi foundation and was nervous when I heard that they had phased out the old colors. I used to use their “fair” color in the winter because it matched my skin tone perfectly. I bit the bullet and bought their newest fairest shade, 1.0. Although it says for fair skin with neutral undertones, it really has a warm undertone. I was super excited to try the new formula, but ended up being disappointed. Love the formula, but not the color :(

Anonymous  Jan 14 2021

Dry side

So I am realizing a lot of these reviews come from advocates themselves, not customers. It’s a bit deceiving. Wanted to love this because of the hype, but at the end of the day it was just too drying for my skin.

Rachel S. Dec 23 2020


I love this foundation and this is what sold me on making the switch to Crunchi. I have been using this foundation for over nine months and the texture of my skin has improved significantly under my foundation. My skin feels very moisturized and has good coverage.

Stephanie  Dec 01 2020

So in love!!!!

This foundation is amazing!! I simply love it soooo muchhhh!!!! I have acne prone skin so it has been hard to find a foundation that is good for my skin and good coverage. I am soooo happy with it. Ever since i started to use this foundation my skin has gotten so much better!! I am one happy customer!

Viridiana M. Nov 11 2020

Can’t believe I missed this!

Can I just say, I am in love with this product, I am so sad I missed it this past years. And the new formula has me so happy I didn’t not try the old one, but this one is the best formula I have ever tried; it looks like a second skin. The feel is literally like my own face barrier. Can’t wait for the blushes!

Jennifer J. Oct 07 2020


I am so happy about this foundation it’s a perfect color for my complexion not orange at all feels so good on my face I highly recommend it.

Haley H. Sep 13 2020

Best Foundation Ever

I've bought so many different foundations like Mac, Tarte, NARS, etc. (the list goes on) and none are as good as my Crunchi foundation! It provides perfect coverage and never leaves my skin looking too cakey and leaves a Dewey glow without looking too greasy. The foundation looks so natural! I just did my friends makeup and I cannot believe how good it looked on her and now she's sold and has already bought her very own Crunchi foundation.

Verified Purchase
Dawn G. Aug 13 2020

Great coverage but color is too “warm”

I’m in my 50s and the rich formula provides the best coverage compared to other brands. However, the color tone is too yellow (or orange as others have said). I wish Crunchi made foundation for those of us with “cool” undertones.

Rebekah E. Aug 03 2020


Not liking the new formula and the orange undertones. Looks like I am wearing foundation vs a natural look like the old formula provided. I loved the old formula with pink undertones and am not happy with the new. The new settles into the fine lines and makes my face look dry. I am wearing the lightest option b/c that one is the least orange.

Staci  Jul 18 2020

Best clean foundation out there

This foundation is the absolute best! I struggled for years with adult acne only to find out in my 30s how much my makeup choices were affecting my skin. Not only is this foundation clean, but it covers remarkably well. It tones my red, irritated skin and has a beautiful finish. Using this has actually decreased how much makeup I have to use all together and the bottle ends up lasting me about 6-7 months. I will never use another foundation again.

Eri  Jul 10 2020

Not worth the price

I tried this foundation and even though people around me said it looked ok... It seemed to have a very orange undertone. I got the second to lightest shade. It also seemed too dry. I had to race to apply the makeup to my whole face and then it was already too dry for blending in most places. I would love the orange undertones to be gone and the price to be lowered... Because there is not a single thing from this brand that I have tried that is worth the high price they set. It's worth $17

Melisa  Jun 23 2020

In love!!!!

I love this foundation!!! I suffered from acne for years and ever since i started using this foundation my skin has been beautiful!!!! I am so happy with this product!!!

Ashley  Jun 18 2020

Color Matching seems tricky

I am bummed because I was so incredibly excited about this product. I purchased the Flawless foundation 03, I think its very orange compared to other foundations that call them self "neutral". I

Kindra T. May 21 2020

Makes skin flawless

smoothing and doesn't feel heavy on your skin. Can wear alone for perfect looking skin as well as under makeup. Love it!

Verified Purchase
Andrea F. Apr 24 2020

Versatile, Fabulous, and Guilt-Free

The Beautifully Flawless Foundation is truly magical! I used MAC Studio Fix Fluid for years, until I educated myself and found CRUNCHI's clean beauty formulation. This foundation is versatile in that you can apply as-is for a matte finish, but you also can create a dewy-glow as well. To achieve dewy skin, apply the CRUNCHI Daylight Moisturizer first and blend together with the CRUNCHI #1 Flawless Foundation Brush. My skin has transformed using CRUNCHI products!

Carol  Mar 19 2020


I really love the New and Improved Foundation. It goes on nicely and gives a semi-matte finish. It's lightweight and doesn't make me feel like I am wearing any makeup! Perfect for my combo-oily skin! The only negative is that they don't have my exact color so I do have to mix 2.5(slightly pink tone) and 4(yellow tone), which gives me the perfect color. Also, the nice thing about mixing two colors is that I can color match my skin tone for all the seasons.

Nikki M. Mar 11 2020

Dry skin beware!

So sad to see the old version go! It was perfect for my dry skin. This new product is NOT for dry skin, but may be good for oily types. Proceed with caution if you have dry skin!! I can only get store credit when I return this product. That's a lot of wasted money.

Nailea  Feb 26 2020

Holy Grail Foundation????

I love this foundation! I’ve never liked wearing foundation much because the finishes never sit well with my skin or feel comfortable. This foundation changed my mind! It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s matte, but not drying on my oily/dehydrated skin. It’s just perfect???? I also like the faint vanilla scent. The only issue is I couldn’t find my exact color match so I mix 2.5 with 3.

Angie  Feb 25 2020

Staying power and good coverage, but color is yellow

I love the feel of this product and the staying power. However, the new formula shades are very yellow and I haven’t been able to mix it with other colors to overcome the yellow tint. This is disappointing because I loved the old formula’s tan 04 shade.

Wendy G. Feb 25 2020

All Natural

I am not a make up person. I don’t like the feel or smell. Crunchi is a game changer. I can wear it and not feel like I have something on my face. It’s so light and natural looking. The formula is also making my skin look great without makeup on.

Bonnie  Feb 17 2020

Number 3

Just started using the New Foundation as when I ordered the original they were out of it. They asked if I would like the New Foundation & I said yes. They sent me the same number, number 3. There’s a color difference for sure! Not happy with the New Foundation. It’s clearly NOT the same number 3 as original. It’s lighter & orangey. Original is still out of stock & so is The NEW shade matching guide.

Susan C. Feb 11 2020

Foundation Shade

I wish I could give this foundation 5 stars but the color is just so off for me. I am a 3 in the original formula but the 3 in the new formula is much more orange and the 2.5 is too light of a shade for my skin tone. The new formula is wonderful as far as coverage goes and is much more hydrating than the original which is a huge plus. I just can’t get past the change in shade and wish they would have kept the color the same.

Brooke  Jan 29 2020

Original Formula Wins

I was excited to try this new formula thinking that it was just adding more great ingredients but unfortunately it did not go on flawlessly like the original formula does. I never used to wear foundation until I discovered Crunchi and I couldn't believe that even with my dry skin it would look great! It evens out my coloring and makes by face look airbrushed. I also use the flat brush to apply. The new formula shows my pores and gives my face a caked on make up look. Original Wins!

NY R. Jan 22 2020

Beautiful smooth coverage

Really love that this foundation has no hidden harmful ingredients. So glad they now offer a greater selection of shades. A little goes a long way and coverage is nice and even.

Reema  Jan 18 2020

More synthetic ingredients=Rash all over my face

Sadly, had to return it. Positives: 1. Color is “better” than the original formula 2. Coverage is UNREAL;blends beautifully with a brush 3.Only need half of the amount you would need with the original formula Negatives: 1. Longer list of synthetic ingredients 2. I got a rash all over my face-I never did with the original formula. 3. Pink tone is gone but still oxidizes to an orange tone (I use 2.5) 4. Too oily/sticky/dewy for my oily skin PLEASE Fix the shades in the original line!!

Laura T. Jan 11 2020

Had high hopes

This foundation had such a lovely following so I wanted to try it out! Unfortunately, it is very heavy and settles badly into fine lines and enlarged pores. My combo skin hated it!

Jessica  Jan 01 2020


I discovered this brand by doing my own research. Glad to find a company that cares about ingredients. Given the overwhelming positivity of the foundation reviews, I had extremely high expectations. However, I cannot say that this foundation is any better than anything I've tried at Sephora or any other natural brand I've tried It performs averagely. Dries quickly, difficult to blend without a brush, doesn't look as good when applied with fingers, buildable coverage, and not drying.

Pam  Dec 29 2019

Amazing coverage

This foundation is incredible. A little goes a long way and provides beautiful coverage. I have rosacea and have never found a foundation that covers the redness without looking caked on and dry. But, now, thanks to Crunchi, my skin looks flawless. No more embarrassing red patches. Plus, it stays on all day, even on active sweaty days. This foundation is a game changer and worth every penny!

Melisa  Dec 27 2019


My first time ordering from this website i got the primer and the this foundation. I loved them! I have acne prone skin so i was scared of trying it out my skin is very sensitive. The coverage is great! Especially if you do not have acne i will tell u now! GET IT U WILL LOVE IT! i love it and the best part its all good ingredients!

MaryAnna F. Dec 23 2019

LOVE LOVE LOVE this Foundation

I have used many different foundations from drug store to high end and I absolutely think this one is the best. The smallest amount gives you great coverage! The scent is light just like the formula. What sealed it for me was I have a friend who is a makeup artist to the stars and he complimented me when I was wearing it!

Helen H. Dec 16 2019

A little goes a long!!

Normal amount of old formula is way too much for this new foundation. I used about 1/2 as much for full coverage. It is so creamy and smooth. Lightweight like I was wearing nothing at all!! And it lasts all day long!!

Jennifer A. Dec 16 2019


I LOVE the finish of this foundation. A teeny bit goes a long way and the coverage is wonderful!

Alisha W. Dec 16 2019

Truly flawless foundation

I did not think the foundation could get any better, but I was wrong. This new formula feels amazing going on, wears all day long and provides unbelievable coverage. I have combination to oily, problematic skin and it adapts extremely well!

Amy S. Dec 16 2019


I loved the original foundation, but the new formula is even better. A little goes a long way for a flawless look!!

Haylee M. Dec 15 2019

Little goes a long way!

Ive been using Crunchi BFF for a year now and this new formula is amazing!!! You can use about half the product you normally used with double the coverage!! If you are used to the original BFF start small and build up to the perfect look!!

Heather R. Dec 15 2019

Love the enhanced formula!

I never thought Crunchi's Foundation could get any better and it absolutely has!! The new foundation blends better than ever and is still totally buildable! It's makes my skin feel so hydrated and the coverage is amazing!

Sue T. Dec 15 2019

Loving my new foundation!

I love the new and improved foundation! It covers so incredibly, even over my age spots! I love how it lasts all day too....That’s a win for me!

Lisa W. Dec 14 2019


I was a little nervous when I heard of the new improved formula, I love the original so much, why change? But.. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! This is amazing. The coverage on my areas of skin discoloration, the way my skin looks like an airbrushed photo! After using it for a couple of weeks now my skin is showing improvement even with out it. It takes such a small amount, it lasts all day, and my skin looks even better .. PERFECTION!!!

Kimmie C. Dec 14 2019

Epic Chamaeleon like Formulation?

I am 10 days in with using my new foundation. My skin IS softer already, not dry at all, not even a smidge of a flake to be found anywhere and it’s Dec.14th here in New England. My skin feels so nourished this formula is EPIC! Put it on and watch it do it’s magic.

Janet F. Dec 14 2019

Amazing Coverafe

The original BFF had me hooked on Crunchi and I never imagined it could be that much better! The improved BFF has incredible coverage without feeling heavy and cakey. Smooth finish, diminished look of fine lines, incredible coverage, all with less product on my flat top brush. Perfection in a bottle.

Verified Purchase
Bethany J. Dec 13 2019


I am shocked at how much I love this foundation. It is so much lighter then original foundation. Plus I use less product and it covers so much better! My skin is LOVING this foundation!

Stephanie M. Dec 13 2019

New BFF formula

I LOVED the original formula and didn’t think there was anyway it could get any better...but somehow Crunchi managed to make it THAT much better!! Plus, I’m using half of the amount I was with the original formula so it’s going to last me twice as long!

Verified Purchase
Gina L. Dec 13 2019

That glow though!

I was honestly nervous when I heard my beloved original Beautifully Flawless Foundation changed. It was perfection in my eyes. But, I was blown away with the new formulation- my skin GLOWS! I don’t even use a full pump for my face , it has a satin finish, and covers age spots like a dream. I rarely reach for my concealer now and just pat the foundation on areas where I need a little more coverage. It’s THAT good!

Natassja W. Dec 13 2019

Best toxin free foundation!

I have tried a bunch of clean foundations and the beautifully flawless foundation is the best out there! This new formula gives the most gorgeous finish and coverage that lasts all day! I love how hydrating it is white still balancing out my skin. It’s amazing!

Erin R. Dec 13 2019

Wonderful coverage with dewy glow

I use less for full coverage face, but still feels lightweight like I’m not wearing anything. Goes on soo smooth with the #1 brush , leaving my skin even and giving a healthy glow

Rachelle M. Dec 13 2019


Its the holy grail of coverage and nutrition for your skin!! You absolutely cannot be disappointed with this amazing goodness!

Amanda N. Dec 13 2019

Perfection in a Bottle!!

Crunchi’s original foundation was the product that changed my life forever and was what made me fall in love with Crunchi as a whole. I was even more excited to see how my favorite product could get even better when this new formula was announced and boy, I was blown away!!! The coverage you get for such a small amount of foundation is insane!! And it has even longer staying power!! This is a game changer and you’ll fall even harder than I did when you try this!

Tonya W. Dec 13 2019

I have seen improvements in my skin since using this newly formulated foundation

My face has seen dimished wrinkles and sunspots! I am using less product and my bottle has lasted me almost 5 months! I love it as an eye primer too! thanks Crunchi !

Erika M. Dec 12 2019

Magic in a(n eco friendly) Bottle

I was in love with the original Crunchi BFF formula. Truly in love with it. It felt like nothing and looked incredible. But wait, they made it BETTER? I didn’t think it possible, but it’s true. The new formula takes just the tiniest bit, it goes on with the same lightweight feel, but better coverage....and it lasts 16 hours!! With the added mushroom extract and additional nourishing ingredients, my skin feels softer and looks healthier. Who knew that the best could get better??

Verified Purchase
Hannah C. Dec 12 2019

Love, Love, Love!

My combination skin is loving this nutrient rich, pigment packed foundation! Stays on all day, so no need for touch up! A little goes a very long ways, there’s seriously so much to love about this new formula, Crunchi knocked it out of the park!

Erika H. Dec 12 2019

Blown away!

I am so blown away at this foundation! You use so little and get the BEST, lasting coverage. I didn't think Crunchi could do it again... but they NAILED it. The smooth, matte finish is gorgeous. I love the versatility, full coverage to light coverage (my favorite is to mix it 1/2 and 1/2 with Sunlight!). You won't regret this one!

Andrea H. Dec 12 2019


I will be honest, I was nervous when heard there was a new formula! I love the original formula so much, how could they top it! But they did!! It is so amaing being light weigh yet gives me the full coverage I desire, I love the satin type finish it leaves, and they packed it full of nutrient rich ingredients! bonus!! I am in love! Complete perfection!

Jess M. Dec 12 2019


The new Beautifully Flawless Foundation is hands down the healthiest, best preforming, satin/semi-matte foundation I have ever tried. Half a pump will give you light to medium coverage. A full pump will give you medium to almost full coverage, without looking cakey. I have not seen any other foundations do that. Plus, this foundation adapts to your skin, literally. It pulls the best from your skin and hides the undesirable things, like discoloration. It truly is my favorite. ????????????

Jess M. Dec 12 2019


The new Beautifully Flawless Foundation is hands down the healthiest, best preforming, satin/semi-matte foundation I have ever tried. Half a pump will give you light to medium coverage. A full pump will give you medium to almost full coverage, without looking cakey. I have not seen any other foundations do that. Plus, this foundation adapts to your skin, literally. It pulls the best from your skin and hides the undesirable things, like discoloration. It truly is my favorite. ????????????

Lyndsey K. Dec 12 2019

Satin Meets My Face!

Guys! This is amazing! Smells so good, feels like satin against my skin! Covers up my tired mama eyes and is literally improving my skin! (Have I slept in it! Yep! Accidentally, and I really don’t mind, knowing the ingredients in it!) My husband has noticed, and all the family enjoy snuggling up to me! I love the color matches so well at a 2.5, and I’m happy that I only have to use a 1/2 pump! It truly is a Christmas Miracle!

Asheley S. Dec 12 2019


Just when I think Crunchi foundation couldn’t be any better, they BLOW me away with this new formulation! Love how light and airy it feels while adding greater coverage!

Verified Purchase
Claire M. Dec 12 2019

SUPER-performance! & AMAZING full-Coverage!

I have to admit... I was a huge skeptic and had major anxiety about the formula change because the original lightweight formula is what made me fall in love with Crunchi from day ONE! Thankfully, the consistency and weight of the new formula is still amazingly breathable and additionally nourishing! I can wear it all day without wanting to wipe it off the second I get home! ... the only reason for 4 stars is that I’m a rare breed that actually LOVES very little coverage. ;) #frecklespotlight

Verified Purchase
Kris M. Dec 12 2019


Love love love the new formulation! It really feels as if you have nothing on. So light. And the performance is outstanding - lasting all day.

Verified Purchase
Lindsey D. Dec 12 2019

My dry skin is LOVING this new formula!

The new foundation is so nourishing and easy to apply. The coverage is incredible with a satin-y finish that keeps me glowing all day. Thank you for always striving for better <3 Crunchi products continue to blow me away!

Karen F. Dec 12 2019

I look Younger!

I am receiving compliments on how beautifully young I am looking since using the new foundation! I love the dewy look and long lasting wear, from morning throughout the evening.

Kelly  Dec 12 2019

Pure magic in a bottle!

Just when you thought the Crunchi beauty gods couldn’t possible get any better...they shock, amaze and delight us with pure magic and perfection in a bottle! ???????????? I’m at a loss for words, yet so grateful that this company continues to break the mold in the safe beauty movement....heck, in the beauty industry as a whole! This foundation is giving my skin life! Gorgeous porcelain finish, incredible coverage, lightweight and long wearing. A must have!

Verified Purchase
Angel G. Dec 12 2019

A whipped feeling with AMAZING coverage

I typically use very little foundation as heaviness & cakey is something I try to avoid. I am amazed at the lightness this foundation offers with the absolute BEST coverage with an airbrushed finish. I use 1/2 of a pump for my entire face along with the #1 brush! Skincare in a foundation ..... I think so!!

Melanie S. Dec 12 2019

Win for mature skin

The new BFF has blown me away! Not only is the coverage beautiful but it does not settle into my fine lines or make me look like I have wrinkles! The coverage is so silky smooth and makes me look like I have a gorgeous glow to my complexion! The new BFF stays on all day long without fail! Super long wearing!

Verified Purchase
Jessica L. Dec 12 2019

Flawless coverage and nourishing to the skin

I’m blown away by the performance of this enhanced formula! It’s beautifully pigmented and so hydrating to the skin. I can feel all the skin benefitting ingredients nourishing my face from the moment I apply and throughout the day. No touch ups needed!

Cepeda C. Dec 12 2019

A notch above before

I am loving the new foundation! The coverage has truly improved to being full coverage for my skin. I am also soo happy that they have expanded the shades. 05 is perfect for me and I only have to use 1/2 pump to get full coverage. I highly recommend the foundation as it makes me feel flawless!

Lisa D. Dec 12 2019

Love this stuff

I can’t believe how light and weightless this product is, and how little product is needed to provide full coverage!

Jessica P. Dec 12 2019

Amazing dewy coverage

I love this! Pressed for time? mix 1 pump of day cream and 1/2 pump of foundation and it goes on like a bb cream. My skin has never looked so good!! No makeup feel just perfection!

Courtney R. Dec 12 2019

Flawless Foundation

This foundation is SO SO good! It lasts so long. I didn’t think the original formula could get any better, but I was wrong! Loveeeee this product!

Jodi O. Dec 12 2019


I fell in love with Crunchi because of the original foundation and I couldn’t believe they could actually improve it. But they did. It’s so light. Great coverage without the feel of something on your face. And those ingredients make it skincare you will love using every day!!

Amanda C. Dec 12 2019


I love love love this foundation! Best foundation I have ever used!

Carly P. Dec 12 2019

I didn’t think I could love another foundation... I was wrong.

After finding Crunchi and using the original formula foundation I didn’t think I could love the new one. After all, I thought it was perfect. Crunchi hit it out of the park with this one! 1 pump is a FULL coverage canvas for all of your other Crunchi products. It’s AMAZING, I am so thankful for yet another amazing Crunchi product.

Megan L. Dec 12 2019

Best foundation ever!

This new foundation formula is literally perfection. The coverage is everything you want in a foundation, along with the nourishing ingredients that doubles as skincare! I love the flawless complexion this foundation gives me, especially when I apply it with the flat top brush! I love the effortless airbrushed finish that lasts all day long! It’s seriously incredible. By far the Best foundation I have EVER used.

Verified Purchase
Cristina C. Dec 12 2019

The best!

I’m blown away! The coverage is outstanding and yet still feels light weight AND I am using less product than with my previous foundation. The No 1 brush is a must have for flawless application.

Verified Purchase
Leah R. Dec 12 2019

The best just got BETTER!

This foundation is the best I've ever worn... lightweight while still providing amazing coverage! And I love that it has skincare benefits too!

Jenny  Dec 12 2019

My new BFF

This is now my must-have foundation. Finally, a foundation I can feel good about putting on my skin. I am sincerely so thankful for this creation

Stacie B. Dec 12 2019


Thanks to my newest obsession, my skin looks radiant! How can it be super lightweight, improve my skin, last forever, and still look like I have nothing on!? Crunchi- you knocked it out of the park!

Michelle L. Dec 12 2019

The best toxin free foundation I have ever tried!!!

I have been searching over a year for a toxin free foundation that would last working a 12 hour wedding day (I’m a wedding photographer). This foundation holds up beautifully to anything the day throws at me, and by the time I say goodnight I still look flawless. It’s like I stepped into a mainstream beauty store and got “double wear”. I cannot thank this company enough! They truly have stepped up and changed the game for natural toxin free beauty!

Jamie B. Dec 12 2019


I loved the original formula of foundation offered by Crunchi, it was so smooth and lightweight. I was hesitant to want to try the new because I loved the original THAT much! Let me tell you, I am so glad I did - the new formula of foundation is just as smooth and lightweight and coverage is too notch! It wears all day long without touch-ups, I don't use as much product as I did before, AND I don't even have to wear concealer!! Boom! Love it.

Jen S. Dec 12 2019

Best foundation I have ever used!!

Always loved the crunchi foundation but this new formula is perfection!! It’s thinner upon application but coverage is better than ever! Same great weightless feel..all day wear and beautiful coverage..if you’re looking for a new foundation or not get crunchi foundation..you won’t be sorry!!

Alyce F. Dec 12 2019

I didn't think it could get better, but it did!

It's full coverage without the weight! It's so lightweight that it feels like I don't have any foundation on; not sure how Crunchi pulled that off but they did. If you previously used the older formula, be sure to decrease the amount you previously were using by half! A little goes a long way, and it stays all day long too. I am beyond thrilled with this new formula (and that's saying a lot since I used to wear a mineral powder foundation). Thank you Crunchi!

Verified Purchase
Nichole E. Dec 12 2019


I was nervous when I heard my favorite foundation was getting a facelift, but Crunchi hit a home run with this one! It is the BEST foundation that has ever touched my face!

Verified Purchase
Leah N. Dec 12 2019

Weightless & Wonderful!

I have extremely sensitive skin so I was so pleased when I found Crunchi's original formula--it was the first I'd ever used that didn't make me take it off shortly after putting it on. I honestly thought it couldn't get any better...but it has! This new formula is the most weightless foundation I've ever tried. I get a beautiful polished look using about half a pump of product. It stays and stays without looking worn at the end of the day. I forget I'm wearing it: It feels like my natural skin!

Verified Purchase
Kendra U. Dec 12 2019

Blown away!

Seriously didn’t think you could formulate something better than the first. But, once again you have amazed me. It feels so wonderful on my face and covers so nicely and blends so well with my skin tone. This is definitely a keeper!!!????

Verified Purchase
Stacy M. Dec 12 2019

Oh my WOW

I seriously didn't think the original formula could be improved on, but Crunchi did it and knocked it out of the park!!! The coverage is amazing and with less product!! I barely need concealer anymore! The feel is light and the finish is supreme! Lasts all day. Seriously in ??love?? with this bottle of goodness! Easy peasy beautiful.

Jessica P. Dec 11 2019

Amazing coverage

This is amazing. I mix it with 1 pump of day cream and 1/2 pump foundation and my skin is flawlessly covered with a dewy glow! Turns it into a bb cream almost! Best I've ever used and worry free from toxin exposure!

Lisa D. Dec 11 2019

Sr Advocate

The new foundation is definitely a game changer for my skin! I've used several "high end" foundations before that always made me feel like I had a thick layer of "goop" on my face but this feels as light and weightless as an airbrush foundation. It also covers my Rosacea extremely well.....you literally cannot see the redness anymore! Love love, love it ??

Kristy H. Dec 11 2019

Exceeded my expectations!

Half a pump gives me full coverage, so one bottle will last me months! I’m super impressed with the ease of application, satin finish, as well as it’s longevity. I applied first thing in the morning, then 11 hours later I received compliments on my skin and questions about what I was using to make it “glow”. It’s sooooo good!

Hannah  Dec 11 2019


So super excited that Crunchi has made an incredible product EVEN better :)

Morgan F. Dec 11 2019

I Thought It Couldn't Get Better...But It Did!

I was skeptical that a new foundation would be better than the original, but I was wrong! The coverage is BETTER and I use LESS. The product is almost like a whipped texture that spreads so easily and leaves my skin feeling extra moisturized and glowy without feeling oily! Honestly, it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing foundation - it's so lightweight, I love it!

Stephanie M. Dec 11 2019

5 Stars

Creamy, easy to apply, smooth matte finish...FEELS LIKE I HAVE NO MAKEUP ON! And let’s not forget how it stays on forever. Ummmm It’s safe to say, I’ll never use anything else! Best foundation I have ever worn. Job well done Crunchi!

Tabatha  Dec 11 2019


I am absolutely blown away!! I didn’t think it was possible to improve the original formula but I was wrong! It is light and long lasting with a more polished finished all while using half the amount of product!!! Well done Crunchi!!

Becky B. Dec 11 2019


I love how a little product goes a long way to creating a flawless finish. I feel like I have a glow all day even when I've been up all night with a newborn!

Caitlin J. Dec 11 2019


This new and improved formula is phenomenal! I don't know how Crunchi enhanced this formula to make it this good but they did, and they far exceeded all of my expectations! Smells amazing, makes my skin GLOW, reduces the appearance of my fine lines ! Another bonus, I use FAR less product than I used to! My skin thanks you Crunchi! ????

Verified Purchase
Amanda H. Dec 11 2019

My newest must have!

I have never been much of a foundation gal. My complexion is fairly even and I rarely break out, so there has never been much of a need for it. However, ever since I received the new formula, I use it every single day. (Even if I am not doing a full face of makeup.) I absolutely LOVE using it as part of my skincare routine now.

Verified Purchase
Allison K. Dec 11 2019


This new formula is so lightweight yet gives amazing coverage! I couldn't believe I could really use half a pump for a daily fresh look. Long lasting and not oily, a staple in my routine.

Kelley M. Dec 11 2019


One pump covers my face and neck. This foundation goes on perfectly with my fingertips or brush and lasts all day long. It fills in my pores and covers my blemishes without looking 'cakey' on my skin. It feels like I have nothing on all day it is so light. I highly recommend this foundation if you are looking for something that will feel (and look) natural and moisturizing. 5/5!

Wendy B. Dec 11 2019

I didn’t think it could get better!

Holy smokes! I only need 1/2 a pump of the new 2.5 foundation to get full coverage and an amazing finish. I used to need twice the amount, if not more, with previous formula. I just love that it is still so lightweight! This is truly amazing!

Allie M. Dec 11 2019


I truly did not think Crunchi could get any better, but holy smokes- they did it!!! The coverage is off the charts good!

Verified Purchase
Hannah C. Dec 11 2019

Better than ever!

I thought Crunchi had already achieved perfection, but believe it or not, the new formula is next level!! I don’t know how Crunchi did it, but they knocked it out of the park! Better coverage, longer wear, and it somehow feels even lighter than the original. Mind. Blown.

Verified Purchase
Melissa W. Dec 11 2019

Love this foundation!

When you don't think the foundation could get any better, bam, it does. I love that I only use half the amount and my skin feels wonderful and looks great!

Mandy M. Dec 11 2019

My absolute favorite!

I have been a long time customer of Crunchi, and absolutely adore the new foundation (even more than the older formula which I also adored). I’m on stage often performing, other times I’m chasing a toddler around. Regardless of what I’m doing, this foundation is perfect. Doesn’t slide, move or crease, is buildable and can be mixed with my Daylight for a tinted moisturizer. Leaves my skin feeling happy, healthy and smooth. I’ll NEVER use another foundation. Thank you!

Rachel S. Dec 11 2019

Performance Powerhouse

The new foundation has blown me away. It has an amazing whipped texture that customizes to your skin tone as it absorbs in. This foundation lasted me 12+ hours even after a massage (including a facial massage). My makeup and foundation didn’t budge. This is a must have product in everyone’s makeup bag!

Molly C. Dec 11 2019

Literally flawless

I loved the original foundation and couldn’t imagine how it could be better- I bought it right away and was amazed! I need about half the amount as I used to use for every better coverage and that beautiful glow! My skin looks and feels amazing!!

Christine R. Dec 11 2019

The BEST foundation ever made!

I didn't think Crunchi foundation could get any better, buuuut this new formula is simply AMAZING! I used to use Estee Lauder double wear and this is 100 times better!!! Use less product, get better coverage & add'l skin benefits...what more could you want?!

Hannah K. Dec 11 2019

Ordered — CANNOT Wait To Try!

After falling in love with the original formula, I am so excited to try the new! Based on the ingredients alone, I know this is going to be a 5?? product with such amazing skincare benefits!

Chelsea B. Dec 11 2019

Love love love

Light weight and love the coverage. The sayin finish is beautiful.

Carly F. Dec 11 2019

Obsessed with my new Skincare

This new foundation formula is a dream. It’s adaptable and spreadable. I’m most excited about the skincare benefits and upgrade to the emulsifier so less shaking. Crunchi has thought of everything!

Meghan S. Dec 11 2019

Best foundation I've ever used!

Wow! This new foundation is amazing! I'm blown away by the performance and how little you need for full coverage! Awesome coverage but still so lightweight and breathable. I really love how hydrating it is too. Totally impressed!

Verified Purchase
Jennifer D. Dec 11 2019

LOVE this foundation!

This foundation has the best consistency! It is very lightweight and has great coverage! I also love that it only takes me 1/2 a pump per side of my face which means my product will last twice as long! It also stays put all day especially when paired with the primer and translucent powder! This is a must have!

Kristi K. Dec 11 2019

New Foundation !

I loved the original foundation formula and was so nervous to try the new one but I am incredibly pleased by the coverage while using less product & the light feel of the formula on my skin!

Verified Purchase
Allyson T. Dec 11 2019

I didn’t think Crunchi’s foundation could get any better... man was I wrong!!

The new formula foundation feels so lightweight yet covers amazingly. I love the anti-aging benefits of the tremella mushroom as well!!! As a woman who works all day then comes home to take care of 2 wild boys, I needed something that will perform ALL DAY. This new formula lasts as easy 14+ hours!

Joan  Dec 11 2019

Exceeded Expectations!

As usual, Crunchi has knocked this product out of the park! I loved the the original formula (it was the reason I switched to Crunchi from my formerly not-clean brand), but I looovveee this enhanced formula! It works beautifully on my mature skin and is the perfect base for my Crunchi face! I use half the amount as compared to the original formula and achieve even better results. Is that possible??? Indeed it is! Highly recommend!

Tiffany N. Dec 11 2019

Flawless and Fabulous

The new formula is seriously flawless! Smooth and just the right buildable coverage needed. The coverage last ALL day with no touch ups. I love how it melts into my skin and feels smooth and sits in all the right places. I highly recommend trying this toxin free goodness out! Oh and the #1 flat top brush is a must investment, it’s a game changer! Thank you Crunchi for making Safe Beauty Possible.

Verified Purchase
Katie B. Dec 11 2019

Incredible coverage using minimal product!

I thought I couldn't love a foundation more when I was introduced to Crunchi's...but then they went and improved it even more?! I am using half as much product (1 pump for full coverage) so it will last me even longer now, especially when paired with the #1 flat top brush! I literally keep forgetting to apply concealer because the coverage is that good...and the best part of all is that it feels totally weightless!

Verified Purchase
Taylor C. Dec 11 2019

love love LOVE

It's almost magical how spreadable yet covering this foundation is! A little goes SUCH a long way. I didn't think the old foundation could get any better, but Crunchi has done it once again!

Kelsey R. Dec 11 2019


I love the original, but I love the new one even more! I am using half the amount that I was before!

Verified Purchase
Tonya M. Dec 11 2019

I'm Over The Moon about Crunchi's New formula BFF

I didn't think it could get any better than Crunchi's original formula BFF! But somehow they rocked my world. I am obsessed with this foundation. Its so creamy and light and feels and looks great on my skin. My skin looks hydrated and glowy and with only 1/2 pump. I love the mushroom extract in this foundation and cant wait to see how my skin responds after a few months of using this gift of a foundation.

Stephanie E. Dec 11 2019

Amazing Coverage

This foundation is sooo light feeling but really packs a pigmented punch! I only need the smallest amount to get a full coverage look that’s natural looking and feeling! I am a nurse and I leave my 12 hour shift looking flawless. It’s truly amazing!

Verified Purchase
Michelle R. Dec 11 2019

It's perfect!!!

I was never a liquid foundation gal until I met Crunchi's original BFF. I was nervous to try the new formula, but I LOVE it!!! I still have some of the original formula left, but I keep reaching for the new bottle because it's soo good! It lasts all day and covers my acne scars beautifully. It still feels light and breathable on my combination skin. I love that it is healing/protecting my skin at the same time. Give it a try...you won't be disappointed!

Verified Purchase
Roxanne U. Dec 11 2019

So Many Compliments!

Since I've been using this enhanced formula, I have gotten SO many compliments from my friends and family saying my skin looked so great. I recently got stopped by two different strangers in the same day telling me how amazing my skin was and how pretty my makeup looked. I absolutely love the way it goes on and blends with my skin. That skincare enhancement is blowing my mind!

Verified Purchase
Brianne L. Dec 11 2019


I've never really been a foundation person, but this stuff is rocking my world! It's super easy to apply, gives me a beautiful, natural glow, balances out the redness/pinkness in my face, and the appearance of my skin has significantly improved since I started using it. If you're looking for a foundation that is both flattering and comfortable to wear, THIS. IS. IT.!!

Verified Purchase
Heather B. Dec 09 2019


Prior to using crunchi I had 4 products I used including foundation to cover my red and splotchy skin. I need nothing other than primer and this new foundation for flawless coverage.

Verified Purchase
Taylor R. Dec 09 2019


I am OBSESSED with this foundation! I didn’t think Crunchi could make it any than the original, but they have!!