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Charcoal Body Bar

Clean ingredients. Fresh skin. Made with pure organic jojoba seed and infused with fresh citrus essential oil, this Charcoal Body Bar gently cleanses and exfoliates leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. Ideal for most skin types.

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Customer Reviews

Claire  Jun 29 2022


Love my Crunchi bar and it’s clean credentials. Lasts for ages. Even used it on my hair when I had nothing else. Not keen on the smell.

Verified Purchase
Angela T. Jun 29 2022

Charcoal body bar

Love the Crunchi charcoal body bar. It has a clean and refreshing smell. And best of all, non-toxic ingredients for my skin!

Angie  Jun 29 2022

Charcoal body bar

Love the Crunchi charcoal body bar. It has a very light and refreshing smell that is so pleasant. And best of all, no toxic chemicals on my skin.

Vicky  Jun 28 2022

Game changer

I have been using this soap now for about a year. I get frequent migraines about 15 or more a month. Since I started using this soap I maybe get a migraine once every 3 months. I’m not sure if it’s because of how natural and detoxing charcoal can be but this is a game changer for me and I will never stop using this.

Alana  Jun 06 2022

Squeaky Clean

Feels so good to wash your skin knowing the soap is toxin free! Plus it leaves skin feeling so sqeaky clean! Your whole family can use this. :)

Jennifer  Jun 05 2022

Charcoal Body bar

I love how it feels and cleans great switch!

Monica B. May 26 2022

Love the charcoal body bar!

Not only does this smell amazing but it feels amazing too. The little beads in it feel so great against your skin in the shower, it’s super relaxing! My husband even steals my bars. Can’t go wrong with this product :)

Verified Purchase
Carrie M. May 16 2022

Charcoal body bar

Looking forward to protecting my 60+ skin after using pool. Going to outdoor wedding this summer and will be exposing more skin than usual. I like to use the lemongrass&lavender bar in the evening.

Verified Purchase
Carrie M. May 15 2022


Excited to pamper and care for 60+ yr body. Rarely expose to sun so want to look my best for outdoor wedding in tx in aug. I like the lemongrass lavender bar for evening use

Verified Purchase
Carrie M. May 15 2022

Charcoal body bar

Hope to pamper and care for my body more. I go to pool. This summer I go to outdoor wedding in tx in aug and want to have the best looking 60+ skin that rarely gets exposed to sun. I like the lemongrass/lavendar one too for evening use.

Holly A. May 14 2022

One Clean Bar for the WHOLE Family!

absolutely love this body bar for its function, scent and that everyone (dad included!) can use! Lasts forever, no waste packaging.....winner winner!

Verified Purchase
Crystal S. May 14 2022

Soap bar for the whole family! I’m in love

I’m in love with this bar. First of all it’s helped shrink random skin spots and large pore spots I had from body pimples. Also it’s been amazing for my under arms. TMI but say bye bye to unwanted body odor. Great for detoxing the skin. This bar lasts FOREVER. I cut it in half for my small hands. Clean, refreshing and great for my whole family. Thank you Crunchi!

Vicki B. May 14 2022

Bye Bye Dry Skin - Soaptastic

The charcoal body bar was my very first purchase. I’ve always had dry skin and I never imagined a bar of soap could be so amazing and leave my skin feeling clean, soft and renewed. It lathers great and smells wonderful. I have peace of mind knowing that Crunchi cares about clean beauty.

Verified Purchase
fabiola a. May 14 2022

The best

I love this bar soap. I usually don't like using bar soap due to fact that it dries up my skin, but this one is different. It leaves my skin soft and it smells good. My daughter loves it so much that she won't use anything else. I'm about to buy some more right now:) Don't ever stop making this soap please!!

Courtney M. May 14 2022

The PERFECT body bar!

My family and I use this body bar and it has a wonderful light/clean smell! It’s also great for a gentle detox and it last so long!!

Verified Purchase
Rachel S. May 14 2022

Body Bar Changed MY life AND Skin!

The Crunchi Charcoal Body Bar Changed the way my skin feels almost instantly. I have always suffered with bumpy red skin on my forearms and was told it was inherited. Started using Crunchi's Charcoal Body Bar and my redness and bumps have disappeared! My husband even noticed a difference and uses the bar now too. Thank you Crunchi!

Christina S. May 13 2022

My favorite bar of soap

This is my favorite bar of soap! Clean ingredients, lovely scent, and environment-friendly packaging are a glorious combination.

Colette S. May 13 2022

Best Ever!

Appreciate clean ingredients but especially like the feeling of freshness after using this charcoal body bar! It exfoliates AND moisturizes. Great in place of using a shave gel - leaves skin ultra smooth and calm.

Mandy M. May 13 2022

I never liked bars of soap until this!

My boyfriend and I are both obsessed with this bar. The smell, how it gently exfoliates and makes your skin feel. We love it all! I never thought I could be converted to a bar soap from shower gel but this bar did it for me!

Meagan N. May 13 2022

No residue feeling, lathers really well!

I love utilizing the charcoal body bar! It leaves your body feeling clean and refreshed and no residue film that most would usually feel with a soap bar. This one lathers really well! Highly recommend trying. Great for husbands as well!

Jessica G. May 13 2022

Deep clean

I had never used bar soap for body wash, but decided to try Crunchi's Charcoal body bar as I know bar soap can be much more cost effective, especially for toxin-free options. As someone who workouts daily and is outside regularly I needed something to deep clean the pores and this body bar does not disappoint! My skin is noticeably cleaner and clearer, helping with chest and back acne. Highly recommend!

Julie  May 13 2022


What is great about this bar is the smell, squeaky clean feel and that is welcomed by teens and men. Plus the large lasting size!

Michelle U. May 13 2022

The best for the whole family

This gentle and soft charcoal detox for armpits and body is wonderful for the entire family.

Lois B. May 13 2022

Advocate leaving a review from a customer.

The charcoal body bar helps relieve eczema so well, my customer loves it and re-orders it all the time!

Rachel S. May 13 2022

The BEST Body Bar

I have been using the charcoal body bar for over a year now and absolutely have loved every bit of it. The bar itself lasts for so long so you definitely get the value out of it (I'm talking 4-5 months of use). I have also noticed a significant improvement with body acne which is something I struggle with being a woman who loves to workout but unfortunately sweats a good amount. I would HIGHLY recommend this bar to anyone!

Carrie K. May 13 2022

Love this bar!

I'm glad to have found a safe, effective alternative to use a body wash. The charcoal body bar is a must have!

Verified Purchase
Rachel N. May 13 2022

Great for the entire family!

I absolutely love this bar! It suds up really well, it’s hydrating, cleansing, and exfoliating at the same time, and lasts so long! My husband loves it, too! So glad we made this swap!

Celeste A. May 13 2022

Charcoal Body Bar

I love the body bar. Leaves my skin fresh and clean with no residue. By the way, the bar will last you for months.

Karen L. May 13 2022

Love the charcoal body bar!

First and foremost I love the clean ingredient’s, the rest are bonuses! My skin feels clean after showering and it doesn’t leave a film on my skin. The gentle exfoliation makes my skin silky smooth!

Dori S. May 13 2022

Charcoal Body Bar

This product is nothing short of a miracle. I just love how it cleans your skin without drying it out. There are just so many things to love about this but one thing for me that sticks out as one of the best, how it rinses off. It leave no residue and because of this, it doesn't take you a hour to feel like your dried off. You can definitely dry off much quicker since it doesn't leave residue and the water doesn't just sit on your skin

Melissa  May 13 2022


I love that this brand is so conscious and intentional. Really excited to try other products !

Jennifer P. May 13 2022

Charcoal Body Bar

I love always having that fresh clean feeling when I use Crunchi’s Charcoal Body Bar. I love the mild citrus scent. It feels good to know that it’s safe to use. Other soaps would give me rashes. I’m not switching back to regular soaps anymore.

Min D. May 12 2022

Charcoal Body Bar

Love this body bar! It smells amazing and leaves your skin so soft! 5 stars!!

Shirley R. May 12 2022

Love the body bar

I love the body bar… it makes me feel so clean and my body feels so soft… I love the orange and tea tree oils… And the Exfoliating …. Plus peace of mind that I’m using a product that is totally clean!

Janet I. May 12 2022

Charcoal Body Bar

I love the Charcoal body bar. My husband even uses it, it makes me feel so clean and fresh and love the fact that it is all natural healthy ingredients.

Janet S. May 12 2022


This body bar smells so fresh and clean and it makes my skin glow!! I love how luxurious it feels and also love that it is wrapped in biodegradable & post-consumer waste paper and allows me to reduce my carbon footprint.

Liz D. May 12 2022

The Charcoal Body Bar is wonderful

This is a product I make sure I don’t run out of. I feel so clean and fresh after using this in the shower. This is a great product, one of my favorites!

Malia  May 12 2022

Have No Fear!

You're probably thinking what I was thinking... black soap? LOL. But have no fear this body bar is amazing. And soon you'll be fighting off others in your house who want to use it too!

Denise W. May 12 2022


Love how clean I feel after my shower using the charcoal body bar!

Pat R. May 12 2022


I’m always buying these because I love them so much. So do all my guests that stay over with us. Definitely a win and a great travel bar too!

Lyndsey K. May 12 2022

So Nourishing

Guys! I switch around all the time to cleaner ingredient bars but keep coming back to my Crunchi one each time! It’s truly a fam fav. My husband is always stealing it and the kids say it’s the fun black soap! Such a great smell and not too overpowering! Definitely a win!

Margaret R. May 12 2022

Pleasantly surprised

Upon unwrapping I was surprised at how refreshing this bar smells. After using I was amazed at how soft my skin felt. I love that it is toxin free, last a super long time, and doesn't dry out my sensitive skin. I always keep extras on hand because I never want to run out!!

Deb  May 12 2022

Charcoal body bar

I use it every day and love

Tonia M. May 12 2022

Body Bar

The cleansing bar leaves your body feeling so clean and refreshing. It smells great!

Debbie K. May 11 2022


Love the Charcoal Body Bar! Love the fresh clean scent. Love that it leaves my skin soft and clean, especially after a workout! Love that there’s no plastic bottle!

Shannon S. May 11 2022

I Love the Charocal Body Bar!!

I love the gentle exfoliation this bar gives me and how long lasting it is! I just opened a new one yesterday...I always get excited for a new bar because it will be a WHILE before needing a refill!

Carrie G. May 11 2022

Love it!

I had never used a charcoal bar before. I was skeptical as I have very dry skin and body washes even leave me feeling. I was so surprised and happy when this bar dis not do that!!!

Verified Purchase
Meg S. May 11 2022

Amazing Product!

I absolutely love the charcoal body bar! It's so lightweight and goes on so smooth! An added benefit that I really love is the fact that it feels like it lasts a long time!

Shay L. May 11 2022

Beyond love this body bar!

I have absolutely just loved this body soap bar!! Myself & my youngest uses it! I must always keep using this bar not only for my health but of my daughter's as well!! Thank you so much Sara Crile for introducing me to the CLEAN life!! I am forever grateful!!

Jennifer F. May 11 2022


My teenage son and I have recently started using the charcoal body bar. I use it a couple times per week on my face and he uses it on his body. We feel confident knowing the ingredients are safe and natural. I am very happy that there are safe products available for our family. We highly recommend this bar.

Bonnie H. May 11 2022


I love the Charcoal Body Bar! It gently exfoliates, has a subtle scent and I feel so clean after using it. I make sure to always have an extra on hand! Also, the bar lasts a long time! Love it!

cindi l. May 11 2022


My husband and I LOVE this body bar. It smells amazing without leaving a powerful perfumed scent behind and it also cleans and softens wonderfully. My husband was plagued with chronic dry skin until he began using the body bar; now his skin feels soft and hydrated without the itchy sensations of dry skin. Using the body bar as a shampoo when camping has great results, too. My very active stepson says it's the only bar that washes the stink away and keeps the stink away - that's saying a lot!

Paige M. May 11 2022

Charcoal body Bar

Love the way my skin feels after using this bar. Smells good too! Now if only I could convince my husband too wash with Crunchi too ;-)

Heidi O. May 11 2022

The Best Body Bar

This is the best body bar I have ever used! Leaves your skin so soft!

Chante T. May 11 2022

Charcoal Bar

I love the smell of it. It reminds me of the summer every time you use it. Makes me sun so soft and clean. Can’t get enough of it ????????

Stephanie G. May 11 2022

Love it!

I love the charcoal body bar! It leaves my skin so smooth and soft.

Joanne R. May 11 2022

Charcoal body bar

I love using this bar. It gently exfoliates while cleaning. I love the way I feel after using it, so clean and soft. It doesnt dry my skin or leave me feeling like I still have leftover soap on my skin like some others do. I have to be careful with what products I use and I love this body bar.

B F. May 11 2022

Charcoal Body Bar

So light and fresh! Thanks Crunchi!

Susan  May 11 2022

Perfect esp. for my teen boy

I bought this for my son who plays sports and constantly sweats. I wanted something natural for him to use while addressing his emerging skin issues. He also showers multiple times a day sometimes and I don’t want him to dry out and be constantly exposed ti chemicals. Ends up all three boys love the soap and so did I. My skin felt amazing with no residue yet my skin felt clean and no dried out. This is definitely becoming part of our regular routine.

Cathy S. May 11 2022

Wonderfully clean!

I love my charcoal body bar. The smell alone had me! The scrubbing jojoba seed powder makes me feel so clean. It also feels great when I shave my legs with it.

Kim J. May 11 2022

Gets Rid of Under Arm Odor!

I love that I can get rid of under arm odor with this Charcoal Bar. No nasty ingredients! My skin feels great and the bar lasts a long time too! I will definitely be reordering.

Joanne C. May 11 2022

Charcoal Body Bar Best Product Ever!!!

I have a progressive autoimmune disease leaving my skin extremely dry. This Charcoal Body Bar has had an amazing carry over effect on the dryness. I was shocked! Thank You! And I absolutely love the aroma! Very relaxing. ????

Laurie B. May 11 2022

First time user!

I absolutely love love love how this barmakes my skin feel. I was a little hesitant at first, I mean come on "charcoal" lol. The bar lathers up amazingly and feels oh so soft on your skin. I always have to lotion after a bath, but since using the bath bar my skin doesn't feel dry afterwards. You seriously have to try this!!

Melinda Y. May 11 2022

Why I love the charcoal body bar

This product makes my skin soft and not dried out like most soaps. I feel like it’s brought all the impurities out of my skin and helped it feel better than it has in years.

Lauren P. May 11 2022

Husband approved!

My husband wanted me to find him a cleaner brand of soap than what he was using so I went to my trust friend and Crunchi advisor, Crystal. He’s always a skeptic but he ended up loving it! Since the first bar I’ve bought 2 more because now he needs a back up in the drawer at all times! I also love that it lasts awhile! Highly recommend to anyone!

Verified Purchase
Kimberly K. May 11 2022

Love the charcoal body bar

The charcoal body bar leaves my skin silky , smooth, clean and moistorized. The all natural ingredients leaves me worry free of toxins

Kendra F. May 11 2022

My skin is clean!

This bar makes my skin for clean and refreshed! There is no film left behind like other bar soaps I have used. The gentle scrub of the bar cleanses and leaves me feeling refreshed. My husband even loves the bar. One slight downfall…. It leave me black residue in my shower due to the black color. No biggie though!

Adriana I. May 11 2022

My favorite body cleanser!

This is one of my favorite crunchi products! I have this in my shower at all times! I have really sensitive skin but this delicious bar is powerful yet sensitive enough for my everyday use! Love, love, love!

Stephanie P. May 10 2022

The BEST soap out there

This soap leaves your skin feeling clean, refreshed, and moisturized without clogging pores and causing those random body breakouts. I love this soap and will never use anything else!

Lindsay O. May 10 2022

The BEST soap ever!

My family and I LOVE the charcoal bar soap! the Crunchi charcoal body bar cleans better than any soap I’ve ever used! Other charcoal soaps I’ve used have dried out my skin, but this soap clears my pores while still being gentle..It moisturizes and leaves a healthy looking glow. It also smells amazing!!

Verified Purchase
Stacey S. May 10 2022

Clean, Soft, Smooth Skin

I’ve been using the Charcoal Body Bar for almost 2 years. Why? It has improved my skin texture and tone, makes it feel so soft and smooth, and no worries about toxic ingredients. I no longer have eczema breakouts either. The bar also smells so fresh and clean.

Verified Purchase
Pamela C. May 10 2022

Charcoal Body Bar

I bought a Charcoal Body Bar for my husband a few years ago, after he had a severe dermatitis for 3 -1/2 years on his torso, back, legs, arms, hands, & feet. The dermatologists had tried a number of treatments, that included steroids. which eventually caused him to develop Shingles. Nothing the various doctors tried worked. Trying the charcoal bar was a last resort to provide him with some relief. Within 2 weeks it was almost completely gone. It's the only soap he uses now!

Kelly S. May 10 2022

Great & clean!!

The body bar is a great purchase for the whole family. I feel confident using a clean product that lathers very well & fast & last quite a bit!

Verified Purchase
Katelyn S. May 10 2022

So happy with this product!

I received a Charcoal Body Bar as a part of Crunchi’s Earth Day promotion. My husband and I both LOVE it! It’s so moisturizing and smells great. I’m really impressed with the bar and can tell it’s going to last a long time. This makes me want to try more Crunchi products.

Heather L. May 10 2022

Best body bar Eva!!

Skin feels soft and smooth after every shower!! My son loves it! He was getting some acne on his chest, not anymore!!!

Ashli N. May 10 2022

Left our skin dry

While I loved the smell of it and how sudsy it got, it left my skin dry and itchy, and my son who is 8 had the same experience. My husband said his skin felt dry, but not itchy. After a few months of trying to get our skin to adapt, we had to stop using it. Our skin cleared up, so unfortunately it was the soap causing the irritation. I so wanted to love it though.

Kristy H. May 10 2022

A family favorite!

It’s a rare to find one soap bar that my entire family will use and love. Enter this charcoal body bar! It’s very effective at deep cleansing, especially for sweaty boys. Not to mention it smells so fresh and clean that I can’t help but sniff it through the wrapper the moment I open my Crunchi box!

Anne R. May 10 2022

Charcoal Body bar

Love this body bar, lasts a long time and really lathers up well. I have very dry skin and I love it leaves skin really soft. Lightly fragranced and I use a corrugated soap dish so it dries well and doesn’t sit in wet soap

Elizabeth P. May 10 2022

Best bar soap!

Loved the charcoal body bar, it left my skin smooth and feeling clean without any irritation. I have very sensitive skin and need to be careful what I use and this left me with zero irritation! The smell is a bonus with a light citrus clean scent. It lasted longer than I thought it would!

Emily S. May 10 2022

Love this bar !

This bar was a great on my skin, which suffers from eczema ! It was gentle and cleansing and I highly recommend ????

Kristen  May 10 2022

Great product

I love the charcoal bar- it cleans so well and lasts so long!!!

Kaylea M. May 10 2022

charcoal cleansing bar

I absolutely love the charcoal bar! It helped me clear up my eczema and my skin has never been more clear!

Katey F. May 10 2022


The charcoal body bar is gentle, smells nice & my skin feels soft & clean after use. I like that it’s toxin free too. It’d be nice if the bar lasted longer.

Melissa  May 10 2022

Highly recommend

Lathers well. Light, fresh scent. Cleans without stripping. Lasts longer than other soap bars.

Cheryl W. May 10 2022

Charcoal Body Bar

The charcoal body bar is amazing! It slightly exfoliates yet cleans gently and with clean ingredients. Also has a light scent that is refreshing.

Dona  May 10 2022

Best body bar

Best body bar award!! 40ish here and I have never have found a body bar that I love so much until I found this charcoal body bar. The scent is so refreshing and my skin feels so good after using this product. Exfoliating and hydrated feeling after I shower.

Deborah B. May 10 2022

Loving my Skin

The body bar is one of my favorites, I love using it every day. It makes my skin glow. I also love the way it makes me feel when I use it, the feeling that I am doing my skin a big favor and I am!!!!

Verified Purchase
Nancy Y. May 10 2022


This body bar makes my skin glow and my feet soft! The fresh lemon scent wakes me up and makes me feel energized in the morning! I love this amazing body bar!

Natalie W. May 10 2022

clean and refreshing

I recommend this bar to everyone I know. It cleans and takes away the toxins and even gets rid of the stinky smelling bacteria that can hide in our dark folds. I honestly have never met a soap that I feel cleans and clarifies as well as this charcoal body bar does! It gets rid of the toxins, bacteria, and particles, while leaving my skin clean and clear and the pores open to breathe. Thank you for making a truly awesome clean product!!!

Verified Purchase
Hally Y. May 10 2022

Sooo amazing!

I absolutely love love love this body bar! It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling so soft!

Lindsey S. May 10 2022

Charcoal Body Bar

We love this Charcoal Body Bar! First, it’s huge and doesn’t just wash away! My husband really loves how the ground jojoba seeds gives that “clean” feeling without being too rough! It’s the only soap he requests now!

Katie S. May 10 2022


Best soap I could find for my angry super sensitive skin!!!! I also had an issue with a fungal thing in between my pinky toe and one wash with charcoal bar and it cleared right up!!!! It's amazing... Great for everyone!!! My hubby loves it too!

Tracy S. May 10 2022

Skeptical at First

I was def skeptical at first since I've tried many bar soaps and body washes that were "natural". Clean ingredients, environmentally conscious and works???? Right!! I was totally surprised! This is great soap! Lathers, smells good, leaves me feeling clean, not drying and gentle enough for my 10 yr old and those sensitive areas. It lasts much longer then expected. Also doesnt get mushy when left in the shower. I have several bars( both bathrooms and camper). Its easy to travel with. WINWIN

Renate W. May 10 2022

Nothing like it

Loved the charcoal body bar from the very first time I tried it. It smells good, cleans great while gently exfoliating. You simply cannot improve perfection!

Michele G. May 10 2022

Best body bar out there

My absolute favorite cleansing bar! I'm a very active lady, and therefore sweating is a very common thing in my life. This bar helps keep my skin clearer (especially my back and shoulders where break outs can occur!), and it smells amazing!

Mandi S. May 10 2022

Charcoal Body Bar

Hands down the best body bar I have bought. It makes my skin feel so soft and I love the scent.

Jaime  May 10 2022

Lasts a long time

I love the body bar! It makes my skin feel so fresh and I believe helped me make the switch to a natural deodorant through the detox power of activated charcoal. I gave 4 stars because the exfoliators are kinda rough on my skin. I don't use the bar directly on my skin for this reason. Use with a wash cloth or just your hands. But overall, a great product!

Kate M. May 10 2022

Just Amazing!!!

I highly recommend this bar! Feels & smells amazing! Even my eight year old loves using it!!

Kate W. May 10 2022

Husband approved

I’ll start by saying how much I personally love this body bar. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and exfoliated which is exactly what I wanted minus the toxins. BUT the real review you want is from my husband- you know the ones- who have a hard time giving up some of their extremely toxic products because they can’t find anything to compare? Well, this body bar has truly replaced all of his other shower washes, and my husband even talks about how he likes this one better!!

Verified Purchase
Tammie A. May 10 2022


I was worried that this bar would be too harsh for my skin, but I was SO wrong! This bar is amazingly gentle and makes my skin feel wonderful. Love the light, clean scent too.

Kelli T. May 10 2022


I am obsessed with the Crunchi charcoal body bar!!! It makes my skin feel so clean, fresh, and smooth. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need too!

Jaime S. May 10 2022

Feels like a new level of clean

The charcoal body bar is by far the best soap ever! I use every other morning and I feel so much more cleaner after use! Always keep a stock pile so I don’t run out!

Wilhelmina M. May 10 2022

Charocal Body Bar

I love opening a fresh bar of this soap. It smells amazing, the fresh citrus and charcoal pair well together. It lathers great and last a decent amount of time. It does a great job of getting all the farm & garden grime off while getting rid of the stink. It is gentle enough for my sensitive skin.

Verified Purchase
Heidi Y. May 10 2022

????Serious Body Bar Love????

I have been using the Crunchi Charcoal Facial Bar for awhile now and absolutely love it! I have been patiently waiting to swap out my old body wash with Crunchi’s Charcoal Body Bar. I started using it a few weeks ago and as I anticipated, it does not disappoint! I love starting my day feeling truly clean inside and out!

Lynisha  May 10 2022

A favorite for our whole family!

My skin has never been softer and my family no longer suffers from skin rashes! All of our kids use it, I can't believe how much money we've saved not buying body wash for them!

Beth R. May 10 2022

Charcoal Body Bar

I just absolutely love this cleansing bar! After first wash, I smiled at how my skin felt.

Verified Purchase
Chelsi T. May 10 2022

Body bar review

This body bar ticks all the boxes for getting rid of all the grime from the day. It is long lasting and I love how it exfoliates my skin!!

Gretchen W. May 10 2022

Charcoal body bar

I wasn’t sure that I would like the Charcoal body bar, but after the first time using it, my skin felt so smooth and soft I was hooked. Can’t use anything else. Thank you

Verified Purchase
Terri V. May 10 2022

Body Bar is divine

Bought one, came back, and bought many more. Proud to say that each person in our home has their own because it is so delicious to use. It's soft and silky and it smells neutral and your body just feels so great after a shower. Thanks for the toxin-free option to help keep our family healthy.

Sara C. May 10 2022

Lasts Forever!

This Charcoal Body Bar last me three full months! I love that I only have to purchase 4 to last me a year, and that there is no waste or toxins!! Thank you Crunchi!!

Joe B. May 10 2022

Best shave!

My wife had me try this and it’s now my favorite for an all over, exfoliating clean and great shave! It lathers so well and I love the fresh smell!

Tammy M. May 10 2022

Love the Charcoal Body Bar

I’ve been using the Charcoal Body Bar for several months. This is the first winter that I didn’t deal with dry skin. This product is amazing. It rinses off clean without any residue like my prior shower soap. Love, love, love it!!

Denise B. May 10 2022

Charcoal Body Bar

I absolutely love this bar!!! My skin is so soft and doesn't get dried out like it did with other soap/body wash. A big thank you to Wendy Burkhardt for suggesting to try it out. Love love love it and Crunchi!!

Verified Purchase
Cassandra S. May 10 2022

Best body bar ever

I have used a lot of soaps, body washes and this is by far the best. Leaves my skin clean, refreshed and ready for the day.

Verified Purchase
christine n. May 10 2022

the BEST!

literally the best soap I've ever used! my skin looks and feels better than ever before. the bar itself feels so good with all of the exfoliating elements. I love using it and knowing it's a healthy, non-toxic option. there is not a better soap out there!

Lee  May 10 2022

Awesome product!

My wife bought this for me. It's really good stuff!

Verified Purchase
Jennifer B. May 09 2022

Best ever body bar.

This is a staple for me now ! I absolutely love the clean ingredients and the way it feels on the skin . So clean and fresh without drying the skin . I won't be without it!

Christine R. May 09 2022

Fave body bar!

This bar is fabulous and has replaced my bottles of body wash! Also love using on my face and shaving w it! ????

Allison S. May 09 2022

So clean!

I love this body bar and how it makes me feel so clean! A clean body bar that makes me feel clean? Sign me up!

Kellie O. May 09 2022

I LOVE this body bar!

This bars cleans and exfoliates your skin at the same time. My skin feels soft and smooth. This soap doesn't dry out my skin and I've found myself using less and less body lotion. One of these usually last me about 3 months.

Travis O. May 09 2022

My Favorite

I've finally found the perfect body bar. The scent is light and it exfoliates very well.

Kellie M. May 09 2022

Love it!

I love the charcoal body bar! It leaves my skin so soft and smooth.

Jamie B. May 09 2022

Charcoal body bar

I am in love with this bar! The lather is so think and creamy compared to some natural soaps! It leaves you feeling smooth and soft! And it smells fantastic!!

LeeAnn B. May 09 2022

Less acne

I love using the charcoal body bar. Before I always used Pond’s cold cream for makeup removal but since switching to this charcoal soap I haven’t had any hormonal acne breakouts along my jawline like I have always struggled with in months past. I highly recommend it!

Amy M. May 09 2022

A Crunchi fave & must-have!

I can't love Charcoal Body Bar enough! All my life I've dealt with eczema but this bar, with its exfoliating properties, leaves my skin feeling calm, clean and soft. And it smells wonderful!! It's always a joy to open my Crunchi delivery, especially when the Charcoal Body Bar is in the box!

MS  May 09 2022

Charcoal Body Bar

Hands down the BEST! I was afraid it would leave my skin feeling dry and my skin is the softest it’s ever been!

Melinda K. May 09 2022

Charcoal Body Bar

The charcoal body bar is my absolute favorite part of showering. I no longer buy any other body wash. I love that I don’t have to think about ingredients and I know it’s safe for my whole family!!

Char  May 09 2022

Charcoal Body Bar

The Charcoal Body Bar is amazing. I was seeing a podiatrist every month for 4 years for a skin problem on my left heel. After hundreds of dollars of creams, oral medications, multiple referrals to dermatologists and skin testing (bacteria was ruled out), my podiatrist admitted he could do nothing more for me. On my own I even tried foot masks but with no positive results. I started using the Charcoal Body Bar using it twice a day on my heel. Within a week, my heel healed.

Melissa T. May 09 2022

Cleared my skin AND hydrated it!

As a mom of 4 kids my skin goes through the ringer! In addition I am caretaker of a big family vegetable garden. The Texas heat and humidity is brutal and my bra and shirts trap sweat and dirt causing a lot of irritated and broke out skin. This body bar solved all of that! Drawing out the days dirt and bacteria my skin is not only clear and stopped itching, but it stays hydrated after the summer sun! I won’t use anything else!

Kate G. May 09 2022

Best body bar out there!

Hands down my FAVORITE bar soap! Your skin is SO refreshed and squeaky clean after usage.

Iryna  May 09 2022

One word “Amazing”

This charcoal body bar is fantastic. Both my husband and I absolutely love it. Not only does it smell great but it always leaves your skin feeling so fresh, and loaded with skin nourishing ingredients. It lasts so long too, which makes it great for the entire family to easily use!

Jo R. May 09 2022

Great cleansing power

My grandson is at the mid teen age and has been using the charcoal bath bar for several months now. He has noticed his face has cleared up substantially and is quite happy continuing to use this product. It has helped give him more confidence that his skin looks and feels better.

Jen  May 09 2022

LOVE this product!

I found this body bar when starting the journey of detoxifying/switching to non-toxic personal care products etc. and I LOVE this body bar!! I will never go back to toxic products again, I have peace of mind knowing that when I use Crunchi I am putting clean, toxic free products on my skin, and it works great, smells great and does not break out my sensitive skin! 10/10 recommend.

Nicole G. May 09 2022

Love this bar!

I LOVE this body bar. Ive always been a soap bar girl instead of wash and when i started using this I was ao happy. It's definitely one of my favorite Crunchi products. I love that it's exfoliating and smell is amazing!!

Brandy T. May 09 2022


I struggle with dry,oily skin. I've tried other charcoal based products. This bar feels amazing. It doesn't feel scratchy. My skin is soft and it does have a new non-oily glow.

Cassandra M. May 09 2022


I’ve been searching for years to find a soap/cleanser that didn’t dry my skin out. Body and face! Well I have found my match! This soap made my skin glowing baby soft, took away any eczema-like patches I had, took away my daughter’s BO issues, and has cleared up my husband’s acne! We Will Never use anything else! Highly recommend this guys! 5+ stars!

Cassandra M. May 09 2022


I’ve been searching for years for a soap that didn’t dry my skin out. Body and facial! Finally have found my match with this soap! Highly recommend for skin issues! It’s taken away any eczema like patches I had and made my skin glowing soft! 5+ stars!

Angie W. May 09 2022


As a mom of a preteen boy, I am so happy with how well this works. It thoroughly removes dirt, grime & stinky odor. I love knowing that it is safe to use without giving up effectiveness.

Amanda S. May 09 2022


I love the charcoal bar. It’s great for all things and I love that it’s made with clean ingredients. Bonus is that it can be used to clean makeup brushes and does an amazing job!

Kori A. May 09 2022

Truly an amazing body bar!

This charcoal body bar is full of beneficial goodness! Not only does it lather up luxuriously, it makes my skin so soft and rinses off easily leaving my skin nourished and clean! It lasts a very long time and the value is found when you use this daily. Everyone will love it!

Jessica V. May 09 2022


Lasts forever! I feel clean after use! I am so happy to have a product with no ick ingredients!

Amy W. May 09 2022


I absolutely love this soap!!!! It smells amazing and lathers incredibly! I highly recommend it. It also lasts forever.

Tiffany k. May 09 2022

Body bar

I suffer from hormonal cystic acne on my back, check and face. I’ve tried just about everything and have had no luck until this crunchi body bar. The bar smells so fresh and clean with hints of citrus and their are little beads inside them at help remove dirt/dead skin from your body and leaves you feeling so incredibly soft after. I’ve noticed a change in texture of my skin as well as it helping tame down my flair ups. The bar also lasts an incredibly long time, a little really goes a long way

Verified Purchase
Lindsay O. May 09 2022

Best body bar EVER!

This little bar is sooo hydrating, smells amazing, and lasts for what feels like literally forever!! I haven’t needed moisturizer since using it:) IT’S THE BEST!!!!

Verified Purchase
Amanda H. May 09 2022

Best way to clean makeup brushes

I love love love the charcoal bar! Not only is it great for skin it’s great to clean my brushes with also! They look brand new after using the charcoal bar. If you haven’t tried for yourself, I highly recommend. Not only for your body but for your brushes too! Great job Crunchi with an amazing and versatile product!

Allie B. May 09 2022

The best body bar!

This body bar has done wonders for my skin! I love the exfoliating components to it, the subtle detox from the charcoal, and that’s it still so nourishing! You won’t regret this purchase

Verified Purchase
Shauna D. May 09 2022

Best Bar Soap

This is by far my favorite bar soap that I have ever tried. Not only does it clean well, gently exfoliate, and smell great, it also is a giant bar that lasts months!

Rebecca  May 09 2022

Fantastic family soap!

My whole family loves this soap. The scent is clean, crisp citrus- gently enough for baby and not perfumey for the husband. Skin feels soft and moisturized after with no residue or sticky feeling. We all love this one!

Verified Purchase
Rebekah W. May 09 2022

Charcoal bar is awesome!

I have been using the charcoal bar for over a year and loving it! Love the natural healthy ingredients and love how my skin is since using it! My kids use it to especially my one son who has eczema and it seems to help his skin.

Verified Purchase
Lindley M. May 09 2022

Hello soft skin!

I’ve never been a bar person, until I tried this! Lathers soo easily and you don’t need a ton of soap when used on a loofa to wash! It’s great for shaving your legs and leaves your skin super soft and it’s not drying! Love the detox effects and it has a great smell!

Courtney  May 09 2022

THE BEST body soap EVER!!

My whole family loves this soap so much! It’s so moisturizing and has amazing detox benefits!! It’s literally the perfect body bar!

Ashley P. May 09 2022

Family Favorite

This is a family favorite in our household! The light citrus smell is divine and the bar leaves the skin moist and soft. It’s even helped clear-up teenage body acne. Absolutely love the no waste packaging!

stacey S. May 09 2022


I've been using Crunchi products for 1 yr now, can't say enough good things about every product. I especially love the charcoal body bar soap, since using it my mild case of psoriasis has disappeared. I had small patches on my elbows, all gone now, thank you charcoal body bar. I also alternate the charcoal facial bar with the gentle facial bar on my face.. Skin is glowing, makes me feel so clean and pretty. Thank you Crunchi

Alyson D. May 09 2022

Guys can have Great soap too!

My husband and teenage boys Love using the charcoal body bar- they don’t want to use anything else! My teens even use it as a shampoo and I appreciate how it Suds to cleanse oily hair. It also gently exfoliates, without drying out your skin; my husbands dry, itchy skin is no longer a problem! Not to mention, this bar lasts Forever. It’s a win!

Joan c. May 09 2022


I have very sensitive and dry skin. Most soaps leave my skin so dry and irritated that it is almost worth NOT using soap. This is the only soap my husband and I use and love it. It does not dry out my skin and I actually feel clean. I highly recommend it and if I could give it more stars, I would.

Verified Purchase
Tiffany D. May 09 2022


This body bar is AMAZING. It smells so good and leaves my body feeling fresh and moisturized. Even my husband loves it and won’t use anything else!!!

Holli  May 09 2022


I am completely obsessed with this bar! I love the way it gently exfoliates my skin, leaving it so incredibly soft! I love that my entire family (teenagers included) are equally happy with the bar! We all appreciate the way it tackles stinky feet and underarms!

Adam S. Apr 10 2022

Best body bar I've ever used!

This is hands down the best I have found! I've been using it for months now and can confidently say I'll never use anything else! Thank you Ashley Kring!

Sherry  Dec 27 2021

It changed my life!

This is, by far, the best soap for feminine hygiene. It's gentle yet effective and it wont leave you itching. I've tried various soaps and products over the years and could never find a product that would balance my ph level until I started using this "little gem". Any time I travel, this goes with me. I won't use anything else. THANK YOU Crunchi for changing my life and boosting my confidence!

Verified Purchase
Jiannisierra R. Jul 08 2020


I have dealt with eczema my whole life and in recent years psoriasis on my calf, I tried everything from lotions to creams and medicines and nothing would get rid of it. Once I started using this bar as my body wash every night I saw a DRAMATIC improvement. I notice my skin is a lot smoother and my psoriasis patch is nearly if not almost completely gone!!! All because of one bar!! I approve of this product!

Sam  Apr 20 2020

This bar is incredible!

I have to admit, I was quite skeptical of this body bar when I saw the price, but as I love charcoal soaps so I bought it to try anyway. And I LOVE it! It makes my skin soft and helps keep the smell of B.O. away. And best of all, I'm still using the bar I bought in October (arrived to me in early November)...it's just myself using it, but I still can't believe how long it's lasting! I'm about to order another bar so that I have one on hand when this one does run out.

Verified Purchase
Paulina C. Feb 19 2020

Best Soap Ever!!

This body bar is truly one of a kind, absolutely amazing!! I love it! I bought the trio bundle during the Black Friday sale and I’ve already used two bars. They’ve lasted me about a month, way longer than a normal bar of soap would; I do shower more than once a day however. I know there is a facial charcoal bar but I’ve used this one on my face and I love that it has helped clear up my face and balance out my skin tone. Honestly the best soap I’ve ever used. Worth every dollar! All I’ll use now!

Elyse  Dec 22 2019


This is my go to for my workout days. Yes it's good everyday but I'm talking about I worked up a sweat or I was in the yard working now I have literally dirt stuck in my pores. This guy saves the day and gives me that wonderful spa like clean after working so hard. I feel so relaxed and ready to unwind. Definitely my superhero.

Cindy H. Dec 16 2019

Charcoal bar

I just purchased the charcoal body bar and love it! The bar smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. I have sensitive skin and had no issues with using it. I love that the bars are toxin free!

Melanie  Dec 15 2019

In love

I absolutely love this body bar! It seriously lasts me 4 months. You have to keep it on a soap lift outside of the shower to get that long lifespan! It’s super moisturizing and great for shaving. I’m so happy to have ditched my plastic scrubby that I rubbed on my skin everyday and a liquid soap that was almost as safe as the Charcoal body bar. I love that this bar has zero waste and I am putting one less plastic bottle in the bin every month! This bar is a great detox for the skin!

Anonymous  Oct 18 2019

Gets rid of the smell

I love this body bar, my skin has never looked or felt better. Also, I got my husband to try this bar. He has a very physical job and comes home smelly. I have complained that even after a shower he still smells. After using the the charcoal body bar I noticed he didn't smell. He didn't use the bar for a few days and he mentioned to me that he thought he smelled and has gone back to using the bar everyday!!!

Lauren  Oct 18 2019

Charcoal Body Bar for the WIN!

I have loved my charcoal body bar from crunchi! I have been using the same bar for 2.5 months now and it will probably last at least another month. This is a long-lasting bar soap that is much better than other bar soaps that disintegrate too quickly. I use it daily, and love the clean feel it leaves you with and the nice smell, too. Definitely worth the purchase!

Erika M. Jun 16 2019

Simply the Best

Smells amazing, gently exfoliates the skin as you wash and leaves skin soft and smooth. All of this while practically eliminating waste - with only a recyclable wrapper (which is made from recycled materials!) I love this body bar??.

Verified Purchase
Joan H. Jun 13 2019

Great Balanced Body Bar!

This is a 6 oz. body cleansing bar of pure genius! My husband and I love the way it cleans, moisturizes, and gently exfoliates naturally with certified, organic and sustainably resourced ingredients. So pleased to see Crunchi expanding its AHHmazing products to include body care!