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Spice up the holiday season with our special edition Shadow Bar®  Spiced Palette. This palette includes four gorgeous shades to create endless looks!

  • Nutmeg: Matte Neutral Tan  
  • Pumpkin Spice: Warm Copper Shimmer 
  • Cinnamon: Matte Burnt Orange 
  • Clove: Matte Warm Brown

Our eyeshadows are equipped with an ultra-blendable, rich pigment that is long-wearing and buildable, making them perfect for any occasion.

Our variety of colors and finishes can be used separately or together, making it easy to achieve any look, from natural to glam.

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Customer Reviews

Donna K. Dec 06 2022

Eye shadow

Curiosity, devious, allure and champagne singles are my favorites. I would love to see all 4 or duos if 4 packs are all you will be offering in the future.

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Suzanne M. Nov 16 2022

Shadow Bar Spiced is Beautiful!!!!

I'm a brunette with dark brown eyes, so the colors in this shadow bar are perfect for me. They are beautiful rich colors that stay all day long.

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Marissa P. Sep 27 2022

Natural love!

Shadow bar Volumn 1 I love these colors and love how I can switch up my look. There's examples on the back on how to go from day look to night time look!! Love that these colors are natural looking too!

Jennifer  Jun 05 2022

Awesome eyeshadow

I love using it it makes your eyes stand out and it goes on so smooth and lasts all day!

Janay W. May 30 2022

Colors that stay and flatter

I’m in love with the shadow bars. I used a non toxic brand before this that did not apply well or blend well. These pigments last, layer and blend beautifully and the shadow bars make color matching so easy!!

April N. Mar 19 2022

Shadow bar

I love the eyeshadows and my favorite is the shadow bar vol #1. I love how the colors complement so well together and how I can create new looks with the same shadow bar. I love how defined the colors are and how long the stay on. I also love the champagne because of the glimmer in it. This eyeshadow is non toxic and beautiful….. Win Wim

Debi S. Feb 05 2022

Shadow Bar Vol. 1

Love all 4 shades and how long it stays on!! Received the pallette as a gift & I can't wait to try more products!

Verified Purchase
Nadia S. Dec 29 2021


The spiced shadow bar is vibrant and takes only a little to make a bold statement. The palette will last a very long time and you can see how rich the colors are. Just one tiny swipe and the colors are there for the entire day.

Kristina N. Dec 08 2021

Love it!

Love this eye shadow palette! It is so beautiful and feminine!

Shannon G. Dec 04 2021

The BEST Eyeshadow!

I have purchased all 3 shadow bar pallets and I am in love! The colors are rich and vibrant. They last all day and blend so well together.

Kelly S. Nov 24 2021

Very pigmented and easy to use

Eyeshadow Bars: I never really wore a lot of eyeshadow in the past, but with these highly pigmented shades that compliment each other in the bar, I'm able to rock the fancy look like I totally have my life together and my kids file in line military style at the mere blow of a whistle. (Well, add the Power light eye cream and concealer in to help cover up my lack of sleep... infant and toddler mom life.

Emily W. Jul 15 2021

Love it!

The shadows are great, super light, and apply incredibly well. By far one of my favorite Crunchi products.

Kayla M. Apr 26 2021

Tons of compliments !

love this eyeshadow! I have green eyes and the color fearless compliments them so well! I get tons of compliments and am so happy with how pigmented the formula is! Can’t wait to try more colors!

Jessica  Feb 27 2021


i am obsessed with champagne pop and curiosity! Very nice colors. Great job Crunchi!

Erika M. Nov 20 2020

Shadow Bar Vol II

I just received my Vol II Shadow Bar and played with it today. These are phenomenal shades, perfect for the season. Super highly pigmented, zero fallout and off the chart staying power. I love my Crunchi!!

Kenzie D. Sep 19 2020

Pretty-but not user friendly

The colors Have are very. pretty and go on okay , there is a LOT of fall out in champagne, and they shadows are not bendable. Great to wear if you only like putting on one color. Really nice size to travel with but crumble very easily so pack safely!

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Jessica P. Jul 21 2020

I'm usually not a pallet girl, but...

I adore these colors so much! Since I got my shadow bar I have been neglecting my other eye shadows! I even use the darkest shade on my lips...IN LOVE!! <3

Courtney G. Jun 23 2020

Fabulous pallet gorgeous colors

Okay this is my FAV pallet of all time! Vol 1 has everything I need to make an quick natural eye as well as a smoky tri-level contrasting eyecolor look! As an MUA it has what I need to keep the shadows safe from braking with the magnetic closure. And best of all I know they are not full of toxic ingredients ????

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Heidi S. Apr 30 2020

Smooth, Buttery and Pigmented

I'm loving my Crunchi Shadows - especially Curiosity, Fearless, and Devious. I can't wait to see what they come out with next!

melissa k. Feb 17 2020

color choices

hoping for blues, purples, and greens soon

Clarissa  Nov 29 2019


Cons: This eye shadow looks like I’m wearing glitter on my eye lids. The sparkle look was fun when I was a teenager, but is NOT flattering as an adult. And I don’t mean a pretty, glowy, shimmery effect...it looks like straight up glitter. I expected more for a $28 eyeshadow (includes tax/shipping). Pros: Goes on smooth and does not get cakey. And does seem to last all day. Just wish it had a less sparkly finish.

Verified Purchase
Marilyn L. Feb 16 2019


I love my Crunchi eye shadow! It’s so pretty and never irritates my eyes! Love using the skinny brush and wetting to use the shadow as eye liner too! Beautiful

Jessica P. Feb 14 2019

Amen for safe eye shadows that are also GORGEOUS!

I love how silky these shadows feel, how they last and the colors are beautiful!

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Angel G. Dec 05 2018

Huge color

My favorite thing about these eyeshadows is how layerable they are. I also like how I can use the the same color for my eye brows, eyelids, and eye liner!

Jillian M. Dec 05 2018


Allure is one of my top 3 favorites. It is so versatile! It’s great as a whole lid color, or as an outer corner accent! Love it!! Beautiful shade with a hint of shimmer!

Veronica C. Dec 05 2018


I recently purchased the Champagne Pop, Tiki, and Faux Suede eyeshadows. They pigments are just as pictured, they blend beautifully together for a neutral palette. The Champagne Pop is shimmery and the Tiki and Faux Seude are matte. I also use the Faux Seude as an eyeliner and brow enhancer!!! I love products that’s multi-task :)

Jillian M. Dec 05 2018


Eclipse is amazing for a perfect smoky eye!

Stephanie M. Dec 05 2018


Such beautiful pigmented colors! I love how buildable and versatile they are.

Marcia  Dec 05 2018


I was pleasantly surprised at how vibrant the shades are considering they contain no dyes or harmful synthetics. Curiosity is my favorite!

Marcia  Dec 05 2018

Stunning colors

I was pleasantly surprised at how vibrant the eyeshadow shades are given they contain no dyes or harmful synthetics. Curiosity is my favorite!

Danita  Dec 05 2018

YES -Faux Suede!!

Love the Faux Suede! Great to use as eye shadow, soft eyeliner & mostly great to fill in my eyebrows!

Verified Purchase
Catherine N. Dec 05 2018

Crunchi Love Affair via Eyeshadow

I started my love affair with Crunchi because of the eyeshadow! I was so over the chalky and lack luster "green" eyeshadow you would find in health food store. Crunchi eyeshadow goes on beautifully, the colors are universally flattering & blend well together! It's better than "conventional" eyeshadows too!

Verified Purchase
Catherine N. Dec 05 2018

Crunchi Love Affair via Eyeshadow

I started my love affair with Crunchi because of the eyeshadow! I was so over the chalky and lack luster "green" eyeshadow you would find in health food store. Crunchi eyeshadow goes on beautifully, the colors are universally flattering & blend well together! It's better than "conventional" eyeshadows too!

Chelsea R. Dec 05 2018


Love tiki color! Great quality and looks great!

Verified Purchase
Melanie G. Dec 04 2018

Great colors

Great colors and stays put!

Carolyn H. Dec 04 2018


I love all Crunchi products I have tried. The eyeshadows I have tried so far are devious and reflective. I love how smooth they go on and the colors are perfect for me. Knowing they are clean, organic products is a must for me.

Verified Purchase
Jessica F. Dec 04 2018

High performance!

I love how deeply pigmented these colors are and how well they stay put on my eyelids. They are easy to mix and match and blend well and layer so nicely with each other. The combinations have been endless and so much fun to explore!

Verified Purchase
Jane B. Dec 04 2018


I love Tiki and Curiosity for a nice subtle look that I can wear everyday.

Cristina C. Dec 04 2018


My faves are Tiki, Allure, Curiosity, Champagne Pop, Faux Suede. I get compliments on my eye shadows all the time... and that never happened before Crunchi (learning from Crunchi’s makeup artist is definitely helping!)

Jillian M. Dec 03 2018


LOVE innocence!! It’s the perfect touch to the inside of the upper eye lid. A little goes a long way, so it will last!

Ann  Dec 03 2018


Curiosity must be very popular. After being introduced to this beautiful color by my friend, Anna Jackson, I found it was sold out. But within a week or so, it became available again and is well worth the wait. It applies easily for an everyday look or is easily amped-up with an extra application. It wears well and stays on all day without any creasing. I would recommend this to others.

Verified Purchase
Kelly M. Dec 03 2018

Eyes Popping!

I am so impressed with the pigments of these eyeshadows given the clean ingredients. Champagne pop, fearless, and faux suede are my go top for a fun night out. Tiki and curiosity are my favorites for a daily, light look. Very happy with the staying power as well.

Verified Purchase
Janet H. Dec 03 2018

No More Itchy Eyes

I have very dry, and somewhat sensitive, skin. All the eyes shadows I tried would eventually cause some kind of irritation to my eyes, and I have had to go several weeks without any eye products because of an eye infection from one line of eye shadow product. Crunchi is so different. I have not had a single problem and I am not even aware the product is on my eye. It is all safe ingredients and the colors are rich and easy to apply!!

Alicia R. Dec 03 2018

All the COLOR

I cannot get enough of these shadows. I'm blown away by the colors and the fact that I don't have to use a TON like I did with other shadows. The pigments are amazing and last all. DAY. LONG!!

Verified Purchase
Ashley N. Dec 02 2018


I love champagne pop! It’s such a pretty color, blends super well and works for all eyes!

Stephanie K. Dec 02 2018

Devious eyeshadow

I purchased the devious eyeshadow on black friday for a great deal. I applied the amount i normally do for 1 eye for both my eyes. I usually have to put on atleast 2 applications on for you to even see the color of my regular eyeshow. This stuff is great!!! Easy to put on with 1 application and very easy to see. Its vibrant and has lasted all day. I wish the everyday price was cheaper because I would buy more.

Tonya W. Dec 02 2018


I have used this color on my lids for a day look to going out. Allure compliments my green eyes but I have found it looks great on all skin tones. Crunchi eyeshadow lasts all daylong and what impresses me more is it doesn’t crease! I love Allure but also pretty much all of the shades I try I enjoy just as much! Bring on more shades!

Kelsey P. Dec 02 2018

Great colors!

There is a good selection of colors to choose from and look great on. I even use eyeshadow as my eyeliner and for my eyebrows! So versatile!

Monica S. Dec 02 2018

Simply Amazing!

I love how Crunchi Eyeshadows don’t irritate my eyes like every other eyeshadow I’ve tried over the years. I used to get itchy eyes almost immediately after putting something on them and dealt with lots of watering and irritation. I’m happy to say, I’ve been using them for over a year and super excited I don’t have to search for something new! My favorite everyday colors are Curiosity, Champagne Pop, Allure and Devious. I love Faux Suede and Eclipse as an eyeliner on a wet precision brush.

Amy L. Dec 02 2018

Eye wow!

I love Crunchi’s eyeshadows! The colors are beautiful and they blend beautifully. I love adding a bit of water to create eyeliner. The staying power is great, too!

Julie Y. Dec 02 2018

Gorgeous pop!

I love the eyeshadow! I have devious and faux suede. The shimmer of devious is great little touch for an everyday wear. I actually use the faux suede as an eye liner and apply with a fine brush (a tip my Crunchi advocate taught me!). I hope more colors come out, or even a pallet that shows people where to apply what (crease, corners, etc) for people -like me- that are eye shadow clueless!

Elizabeth A. Dec 02 2018

Great coverage

Love these eyeshadows! They are so pretty blend very well and they last so long.

Elizabeth C. Dec 02 2018

Staying Power!

I’m a Forever Fan of Crunchi Eyeshadow! Highly blendable goof-proof color. Lasts, even when my toddler grandson shows me the water from the garden hose really, really close!! I’m sold!

Mallory  Dec 01 2018

Color that stays!

I only have one eyeshadow so far, but I love it! The color blends so nicely and stays put. Plus it feels great knowing you’re not putting toxins in your body. I have the faux suede, and it’s the perfect everyday color or add more layers for a dramatic, evening effect.

Holli S. Dec 01 2018


The amount of pigment you get from the eyeshadow is amazing!

Christine B. Dec 01 2018

Amazing eyeshadow!

These are so pretty and pigmented! My favorite is champagne pop because I can also use it as a highlighter everywhere! These also last seriously forever!

Jess  Dec 01 2018


I love that I can feel good about putting this on my face and the pretty color selection. However, disappointed in how easily they crumble and also how the shimmer (Champagne Pop) gets all over my face almost instantly, so only used twice.

Jennifer D. Dec 01 2018

Eyeshadow Favs

Great eyeshadow! Champagne Pop and Faux Suede are my favorites! Just purchased Cosmic and can't wait to try it!

Deven B. Dec 01 2018


I received my first two eyeshadows last week and pleasantly surprised. The color didn’t smudge away after all day use and went on smooth.

Kesha R. Dec 01 2018

Smooth formula

LOVE the smoothness of application! This is so critical especially on the eye area, since it's such thin sensitive skin.

Kylee B. Dec 01 2018

Perfect color

Love champagne pop. Perfect neutral for an everyday look.

Kasey S. Dec 01 2018


I’m so in LOVE with this eye shadow - certain shades can be used as liner, shadow, or brow filler! Love Love Love

Tammy  Dec 01 2018

Tiki Fabulous!

The color works for my fair skin. Feels amazing, I didn’t feel as I had caked a layer of color across my lids. Works great with my natural look. Tiki, can’t go wrong. I’m loving my makeup again! And the packaging is perfect, small but secure!

Verified Purchase
Carin P. Nov 30 2018


Beautiful shades and true to color!- So hard to buy eyeshadows without seeing them However with these beautiful shades you won’t be disappointed. My favorite is champagne pop!!!!

Verified Purchase
Amanda F. Nov 30 2018

Great pigment

Great pigment. Would love to see multiple colors in one easy to use palette!

Michelle H. Nov 30 2018


I love how the eyeshodow goes on so smooth and non-clumping! The colors are fab

Lyndzie L. Nov 30 2018

Eye shadow

I love how pigmented these eye shadows are. It’s also great knowing that what I’m putting on and around my eyes is safe. They are also so versatile. I use them for eye liner, highlighting, and brows too! Love love love!

Verified Purchase
Meghan D. Nov 30 2018


The colors are super pigmented making these eyeshadow last forever! Faux Suede is my go to! Only thing I wish was that there were more shades available.

Erica D. Nov 30 2018

Gorgeous pigment!

These eyeshadows are amazing. I am obsessed with peacock! Honestly, every color works with any skin tone. They are breathtaking and high pigmented.

Megan F. Nov 30 2018


You would never know they were toxin free! Such beautiful colors and strong pigmentation!! Love my new shades!

Karen W. Nov 30 2018

Cosmic - My new Basic Black

Love this... I have been trying to get away from the black and am happy to have something i can use as shadow or liner all in one!

Karen W. Nov 30 2018


Love this vibrant color. Easy to apply and feels great!

Karen W. Nov 30 2018

Almost Famous

Love this eye shadow. It has great staying power and is a good shade. Feels great once applied.

Karen W. Nov 30 2018

Champagne Pop

I love the shade of the base color of this, I use on my eyelid. I'm in the 50+ age group and sometimes feel there is a bit much glitter for me. I would have rated this higher but I feel that this color doesn't have the same staying power as the other colors.

Verified Purchase
michelle U. Nov 30 2018

Favorite Colors

I love that I found a new clean and highly pigmented eyeshadow...which is hard to find. My favorites are Allure and Champagne Pop. I also like the new packaging on the eyeshadows which make it easier to open.

Ashleigh B. Nov 30 2018


I was a little concerned about switching from my toxic eyeshadow as I had the perfect blend of colors to give me just the look I was going for. Then I watched a video from Crunchi and learned how the makeup artist combined different shades to achieve my go to look. Allure, curiosity, champagne pop are my go to everyday look and they blend wonderfully.

Wendy B. Nov 30 2018

Get a few

Eyeshadow is a must! Colors are true and I love the matte and shimmer shades. Champagne Pop is my favorite!

Jen  Nov 30 2018


I’m in love with Devious, and I get compliments every time I wear it!!! I must have a strange eye shape, because I’ve always been frustrated with eyeshadow. Crunchi makes it so easy on me, with gorgeous pigment, flawless blendability, and just stunning, lasting color. I’m in LOVE.

Beth S. Nov 30 2018


I love how the eyeshadow stays where I apply it and not disappear to the crease of my eye! It last all day even through farm chores in the evening!

Cepeda C. Nov 29 2018

Easy Application

I believe these eyeshadows are super easy to use. They go on well and blend well. I really like them and the fact that they are completely non-toxic!

Tracy  Nov 29 2018


Curiosity is my go to color!! Stays on all day and you can easily transition from day to night!!

Verified Purchase
Haylee M. Nov 29 2018

Works amazin!!!

I purchased Tiki and Champagne Pop a little while ago, and I love how they apply and stay on all day. I love doing very minimalistic make-up and neutral and these two colors are perfect for that. Its even more perfect that these eyeshadows aren't ridden with chemicals like many other brands are!

Brianna  Nov 29 2018

Eye Love It

If you're looking for an all day look with awesome color you've come to the right place! I love this line, and use it as an eyeliner (wet thin brush), eye shadow, and brow filler as well!

Kendra U. Nov 29 2018

Love it!

Fearless eyeshadow is my new favorite!! Such a wonderful fall/winter shade!

Verified Purchase
Jordan M. Nov 29 2018


I love sparkly, but subtle eye shadows for when I get up and do my makeup! This shade is the one for me! Also stays on so well throughout the day!

Verified Purchase
Susan W. Nov 29 2018


I LOVE Almost Famous! I knew I wanted it because it was a plum color. But when I saw Deep Matte Plum I was hesitant. See I like SPARKLE! But I ordered it anyway. So happy that I did. It is beautiful and so creamy. I use as an eyeliner because mose eyeliners make my eyes water. NOT THIS! Very pleased with my purchase and look forward to ordering more colors.

Kandee F. Nov 29 2018

Totally build your color depth

I love color but sometimes I don't want a ton of color. These work great because you can build the color up for a bolder look or a more subdued look. My favorite two are Fearless makes my blue eyes pop use it all over the lid. And curiousity it is a soft neutral goes with everything

Stephanie D. Nov 29 2018

Tiki is a great neutral!

I have been using the Tiki color and it’s great! Lasts all day and is a great every day color! I think it’s a little darker than the picture shown but it’s perfect for me!

Brianna B. Nov 29 2018

Beat highliter color!

My favorite shade to highlight with! Use it almost on a daily basis! Has the perfect amount of shimmer, but not too much!

Verified Purchase
Rachel G. Nov 29 2018

Faux Suede

I bought this in hopes of using it as a minimalist looking eye-liner and brow filler. It does the job and I love the color. I am a lighter brunette and was hesitant that it may have too much red. It does not. It works well for my skin tone. I will probably get the Black for date night eyeliner look but the faux shade works perfect for casual everyday.

Jillian M. Nov 29 2018

My fave

Curiosity is my favorite! The perfect amount of shimmer. I love using it as the base color and accenting with allure, champagne pop, and innocent!

Charlotte W. Nov 29 2018

Lasts all day

My biggest frustration with safe eyeshadows in the past was how low the pigment was or how they would basically rub off before the day was out. Crunchi eyeshadow is highly pigmented and stays put all day. My favorite shade is Allure. It looks great with my fair skin and hazel eyes.

Elise W. Nov 29 2018

Perfectly Pigmented

I have every shade and there is not one that I choose to avoid! All are beautiful and a little goes a long way. They will last you a long time! My top 5 are Champagne Pop, Faux Suede, Allure, Devious, and Fearless (I’m a neutral gal)!

Verified Purchase
Mayara C. Nov 29 2018

I want them all

I have Tiki, Eclipse, & curiosity. The colors are super blendable. I want them all. I will say, that if you travel, pack them carefully so they don’t break up.

Verified Purchase
Lindsey W. Nov 29 2018

Eye Magic!

I have only tried a couple shades, BUT have loved each one!!! Champagne Pop is my FAVE!!! Devious is such a great shade as well. I'm looking forward to trying Reflective next!!! These shades blend well and are a FANTASTIC, high-quality eye product for anyone looking for toxin-free, safe eyeshadow. These shades stay all day with no problem and the perfect gift as well!!!

Desha L. Nov 29 2018

Great Eyeshadow!

I love my eyeshadow and look forward to adding to my collection!

Shaina Y. Nov 29 2018


The colors are so beautiful and neutral it’s geeat you don’t have to buy a whole set of colors you would t need.

Dina R. Nov 29 2018

Great colors

I’m loving Allure and Champagne Pop. Can’t wait to try others!

Rebecca  Nov 29 2018

Devious and Reflective

Devious is a dark shimmery brown, Reflective is a semi-dark shimmery green. I love them! It takes barely any devious to show up. It takes quite a bit of reflective to show up on my skin (light) but it's very pretty! The eyeshadow is light weight, doesn't make my skin feel like it's suffocating, and goes on so nicely! I use these 2 colors together because my eyes are hazel so it makes them stand out. Love my crunchi eyeshadow!

Niya I. Nov 29 2018

Faux Suede Ultimate multitasker

I purchased Faux Suade & I love how I can use it not only as an eyeshadow, but to contour and for filling in my eyebrows.

Jocelyn  Nov 29 2018

Awesome colors, hint of shimmer

For background, I wear foundation shade 3 and I use Champagne Pop on my eye lid and also below my eyes in the inner crevices. Also use Allure on outer eyelid. There is a bit of shimmer in these 2 products but it looks great. Use Faux Suede to fill in my eyebrows.

LaTasha B. Nov 29 2018

Blendable and not irritating!

I had such a hard time pulling the trigger on these! My eyes are so sensitive! They are now my go to’s!

Mandy Y. Nov 29 2018

Smooth & perfectly pigmented

I absolutely love my Crunchi eyeshadows! They are blendable, smooth, and have the perfect amount of pigment. Allure is quite possibly the most beautiful shade I've ever seen!

Crystal  Nov 29 2018

Ultimately Purer

I have to put primer on just so the make up doesnt touch my skin. The shadow would make my eyelids red and itchy or it Doesnt Stay In Place...when placing this on for the first time I Couldnt Believe the colors, no odor, spreadable, and it didnt make my eyelids red or itchy. I got the bright idea to go without primer to see if its as natural as they say and to my surprise no redness or itching going on

Ashley P. Nov 29 2018

Absolutely beautiful!!!

I have always used high end eyeshadow that costed a ton of money, and didn’t stay all day!! This eyeshadow out does them all!! The staying power is phenomenal!!! Fearless is my absolute favorite!!!

Mary M. Nov 29 2018

Love these eyeshadows!

I wear Tiki and Champagne Pop/Innocent almost everyday. Tiki is great for natural definition around the eyes and the other two are great for highlighting. Then I layer Allure and/or Faux Suede with those on days when I want a darker, more “made up” look. They go on great, no creasing, stay on all day. The best part? I know I’m not putting anything toxic on my skin.

Stacie R. Nov 29 2018

Long lasting

Champagne pop is the perfect shade for highlighting! It has the perfect amount of shimmer and lasts all day!

Carin  Nov 29 2018


Absolutely love these eye shadows. True colors that last all day and go on smooth!

Vanessa R. Nov 29 2018

Fun shades that last

I own allure, champagne pop, devious, and fearless. I absolutely love each shade. They last all day and have a slight glimmer. I am slowly building up my collection so I can own them all!

Shannon G. Nov 29 2018

Pretty Shades

I currently have Allure and Faux Suede and like them both. Allure has such a pretty shimmer to it. They also don’t make my eyes itch like many other brands do!

Verified Purchase
Kelsi B. Nov 29 2018


LOVE the eyeshadows and their pigments. Stay on all day, don’t fade away, and they really make the eyes pop. Only downside.....they break very easily, even without dropping them on the ground or being roughly with them. Would love to see this improve. Also would like to see more color options!

Verified Purchase
Savannah K. Nov 29 2018

Champagne POP

Its the perfect warm vanilla sparkle shade, and it's a great highlighter too. It's usually all I wear to brighten my eyes, and I've even used it on my lips under transparency lipgloss for a little glimmer. So fun and such a versatile shade.

Lily B. Nov 29 2018


These eyeshadows are so versatile and vibrant! The shade variety is perfect for accomplishing neutral every day looks, dark smoky eyes, and everything in between!

Dreama S. Nov 29 2018

Allure Eyeshadow

Allure is my favorite shade so far. I have lived all of them so far; Devious, was my 1st shade and really like it. Champagne pop is a little too "shimmery" for everyday for me. Allure is great for day and night, I have loved using it even on my lips as a shimmer and cheeks too. It's great if you want a 3 in 1. I have 2.5-3 foundation with olive complexion.

Katie S. Nov 29 2018

Pigmented excellence

In combo with the primer you can’t go wrong with these eyeshadows! I especially love Allure, Champagne Pop, and Fearless!

Kiara  Nov 29 2018


I've used many brands (MAC, Lancome, Bare Minerals, etc.) and I've never come across a more perfect shadow. Excellent pigmination, a tiny bit goes a long way, smooth application, easy to blend, but lasts. I have found that if I use the concealer as my base these will last all day long as well.

Jackie  Nov 29 2018

Allure eye shadow

Love the color but not the staying power. It’s seems to flake off as the day goes along.

Verified Purchase
Amanda B. Nov 29 2018

Super pigmented and gorgeous eyeshadows!

I couldn't believe how pigmented these were for a safe toxin free eyeshadow. I love champagne pop, I will never be able to live without it, I use it as a highlighter as well. Such beautiful colors, I now own them all!!

Verified Purchase
Heather R. Nov 29 2018

Great eyeshadow!

I really like the Innocent color for my base on my lids! It stays all day and doesn't get cakey on my eyes. I have no irritation when applying or wearing it! I just ordered a few more colors and can't wait to try them!

Jennifer K. Nov 28 2018


I recently purchased two Crunchi eyeshadows and I am so happy to have them. I am looking forward to adding to my collection. These eyeshadows are so beautiful and look great on and are easy to apply

Marilyn J. Nov 28 2018

Faux Suede is great for brows

My favorite color to fill in my brows is definitely Faux Suede. My hair is naturally a dark brown color and this matches perfectly. I also like to use it as a smokey liner on my eyes for a date night look.

Melissa  Nov 28 2018

Long lasting!

I highly recommend the Champagne pop! I use it daily as a highlighter in addition to using it on my inner eyelid. It’s so pretty and blends well with everything! I’m on my second one! Highly recommend!

Verified Purchase
Megan L. Nov 28 2018

Beautiful Colors!

I absolutely love these eyeshadow colors! I love how they are versatile and I can mix and match them. I love that I can use the eyeshadow as eyeliner when paired with the #10 Precision brush!!

Lori W. Nov 28 2018


I bought Champaign pop, tiki, and faux suede. I LOVE the colors! I also like to use my concealer on my eyelid to help Champaign pop pop more! Haha so pretty!

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Elizabeth S. Nov 28 2018


Fearless and tiki are my fav! I love how it’s so creamy and smooth when it goes on! Also, it stays on all day which I have always struggled with!

Stacie K. Nov 28 2018

Would like more color options

I'm loving the shades I've tried! My favorite is faux suede for eyelids and filling in brows! I'm giving this eyeshadow 5 stars, with the caveat that I hope they add more neutral color options in the future. I'm not big into bold colors at this point, but I'd love to see champagne pop or a light tan in a matte finish instead of glittery. A choice for finish would be a great feature!

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Meagan C.

Meagan C.

Sometimes it is hard to purchase cosmetics online before seeing them in person first, but I must say these eyeshadow shades look just like what I received in the mail. Love the feel and look. Shades last almost all day. Peacock is my fav and Eclipse with Innocent makes for a great smokey eye!

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Laura B.

Laura B.

Curosity and champagne pop are my favs! Love the quality, and the safety of these products so close to my eyes!

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Billie P.

Billie P.

All the COlors are amazing and don't burn my eyes! I love curiosity, allure, And devious together! So CLOSE to your eyes it's so nice to know they are safe.



I LOVE All Of These New Colors! I'm Having SO MUCH FUN Creating Different Looks. The Peacock Is My Personal Favorite, Especially When Paired With Champagne To Add That Beautiful Pop Of Color!

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Bonnie S.

Bonnie S.

a real win for redheads.! this nice subtle green/gold shimmer is the perfect pop of color needed to draw enough attention but not too much. OBSESSED with this eye shadow



Love Love LOVE These shadows. Silky, shimmery, and Stays put All day When Combined with Our other Fabulous products. Such a fantastic product!

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Regina C.

Regina C.

My favorite (so far) is allure, reflective, and fearless. But i also cant live without curiosity as my base. The perfect compliment to my skintone!

Lauren M.

Lauren M.

these beautiful new colors are so fun to play around with each day! they are lightweight and stay on all day. my favorite must have color is champagne pop as the base or by itself, i personally love the hints of glitter. I also love reflective, fearless, and faux suede, just to name a few. CURIOSITY is my next purchase! one great thing is that the color you see online is the color you will RECEIVE! toxin free, non-GMo, gluten free are some great comforting qualities in an eye shadow! no itchy water eyes from eye shadow here! love my crunchi eye shadows!!

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Diana E.

Diana E.

i am in love with these eyeshadows! full of pigment and beautiful colors! they do not run, and are easy to blend!

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There are so many great color choices! I love the way these products look and feel, and am so happy to finally find an eyeshadow that I feel safe using.



beautiful pigment! I cant believe how bold the colors are and they go on your eyelid the same that they look in the package. curiosity is my favorite for an everyday look.

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Kathryn J.

Kathryn J.


Sandra A.

Sandra A.

I love the crunchi eyeshadows! one of my favorite colors is Eclipse. I use it to fill in my eye brows, as a eye liner, and to create a beautiful smokey look along with Cosmic!



I love this eyeshadow! I only have curiosity, allure, and devious right now, but I plan to collect them all! These 3 go so well together. They give that classy fresh look and I love it. Eyes and lips have always been the most important to me

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Megan M.

Megan M.

I love this eyeshadow. It wears super long and i don't have that dreAded crease on my lid at the end of the day. I love fearless on the lid with cosmic in the crease and i can't get enough of allure, reflective, and devious!

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Karen F.

Karen F.

Oh My...so many fun colOrs! I love the way all the colors blend together CREATING my own eye opener. I also use Devious to highlight my eye brows and Eclipse for a long-lasting eye liner.

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finally an eye shadow that does not go every wear while applying. Smooth as silk on my eyes.

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Christa K.

Christa K.

I love all of the colors Crunchi has to offer in their eyeshadows. These eyeshadows do not cake on the eyelid but go on smooth and the color stays on all day! my favorites are curiosity and champagne pop. but I honestly have loved all of the colors I have tried! I also love the variety of colors they have. There is a color for any OCCASION.



I absolutely love curiosity as a highlight! I love how light weight and silky smooth the shadows feel even when building them to the MAX! it is refreshing to know that what i am wearing near my eyes is also safe!