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Facial Bars

Maximize your lifestyle and your skincare with Crunchi's Charcoal and Gentle Facial Bars. Consciously packaged and thoughtfully produced, we're raising the bar for safe and effective cleansers.

Charcoal Facial Bar - clarifying cleanser ideal for normal, combination, or acne-prone skin.

Gentle Facial Bar - gentle, unscented cleanser ideal for dry or sensitive skin.

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Customer Reviews

Christine  Jun 29 2023

Bar cleaning

Love love love

Verified Purchase
Ali C. Apr 19 2023

Dried Out My Skin

I am not typically one to leave a review...especially when it is negative, however, I was a bit disappointed with the gentle skin cleansing bar. I was slowly transitioning over from Primally Pure only because I wanted a little bit less of an oily feel product line. I think I am going to stick with PP at this point because I found that the cleansing bar dried out my face. I do not think this will be the same experience for everyone, but if you are prone to dry skin, maybe just be a bit cautious.

Raegan F. Mar 28 2023

Gentle Facial Bar

I have tried SO many cleansers. They always made my skin feel tight and not completely clean. Enter the Gentle Facial Bar and WOW. I won’t use anything else. My skin feels so clean. Every. Time. It also gives me some relief to know the ingredients are friendly to my skin and my body!

Verified Purchase
Katrin F. Jan 09 2023

Gentle Cleansing Bar Takes Over My Home

It's official, all other soap is in the trash can (or got donated), and the Gentle Cleansing Bar has replaced every single soap at every single sink and tub for hands, face, and body. Unscented, sudsy, nourishing, I'll never use another soap again.

Nicole  Jan 08 2023

Not for me

I wanted to love this face wash, but it was not for me. My face felt clean after washing it with this bar, but after a while the bar was causing me to breakout.

Verified Purchase
Laura L. Nov 26 2022


So I bought the whole skin care set and oh my gosh it has changed my world. I use to suffer from cystic acne and ever since I’ve been using all the skincare products my skin has been so happy. I barely wear makeup now and feel so confident! Thank you Crunchi for what you do.

Alexandria  Nov 25 2022

Pro tips for the charcoal bar and why you should buy it

I bought the charcoal bar a while ago and it really gave my skin the break it needed.It also lasts FOREVER! For this product remember that less is more. I love using two fingers to apply the bar all over with a balanced thin layer that definitely worked better than applying a generous amount.Then I wash my face with freezing water:) It leaves my face shining (in a good way)and feeling nourished and healthy. Itsperfect for the teenager who is learning to take care of her skin. Buy it now 10/10

Verified Purchase
Kathy K. Sep 02 2022

My favorite facial cleanser!

I have been using the gentle facial bar for a few years now. Both are great but the gentle facial bar works better for my skin. I’ve periodically tried other facial cleansers but keep coming back to this one. It makes my face feel clean without being dry and my skin feels soft.

Angela S. Jul 04 2022

Cleansing bars

I love both the bars, they both travel well, lather well and clean away all dirt and grime from the day. Without leaving your skin feeling dried out like other cleansing bars do. The bars are a must have.

Verified Purchase
Jennifer S. Jul 02 2022

Perfect for my sensitive skin!

I was a little skeptical, as I’m sure my other sensitive skin friends can relate to! But, the gentle cleansing bar is amazing. My face feels refreshed in addition to cleansed. Following it up with the Clarilight and Nightlight leaves me feeling like my skin is flourishing. I’m thankful I was introduced to such wonderful (and safe!!) products.

Deanna N. Jul 02 2022

The best!

Literally the best facial cleanser I have ever had and they last sooo long!

Amanda S. Jul 02 2022

Facial Bar

Enjoyed the sample of the facial bar. Soft and smooth. My face did not feel greasy after each use. Appreciated the quality of the bar. Thank You to all the hands and feet that helped make this bar! Blessings to all!

Patti Y. Jul 01 2022

Charcoal bar

I love love love the charcoal facial bar! It gives a deep clean and leaves my oily skin grease free. But it's not drying, so I can use it year round, even in the dry winter.

Maritza N. Jul 01 2022

Faithful gentle bar user

I’ve been using the gentle bar since they came out. I started with the charcoal bar which is also nice but I prefer the gentle. I’ve used cerave in the past and it definitely doesn’t compare to my skin when using the gentle bar. Worth the price as I just reordered and paid full price for this 2 days ago!

Talace B. Jul 01 2022

Dry skin

I have extremely dry skin and found that it only dried my skin out more. :( I'm sure it is great for some people. :)

Kendra U. Jul 01 2022

In love

I absolutely love bothering the charcoal and gentle facial bar. Thai is the first time I have used a facial wash that didn’t leave my face feeling dried out. I like to use the Charcoal to remove my makeup and get rid of the days toxins and then use the gentle bar to lightly cleanse away any sweat from my slumber! Couldn’t ask for a better bar as they last forever!

Aritha M. Jul 01 2022

Facial bars are awesome!

I have extremely sensitive skin. The facial bars are the only thing I have ever found that don't cause a reaction. They leave my face clean and smooth.

Laurie S. Jul 01 2022

Charcoal Facial Bar is a Game Changer!!!

I love my charcoal cleansing bar!!!! I was never a facial bar person, but this is a game changer!!! It smells amazing, lathers beautifully, and feels wonderful! It cleans great, without over drying your skin!!!! Highly recommend!!!! ??????

Vicki B. Jul 01 2022

Facial Bar

The charcoal facial bar was one of my very first purchases. I couldn’t be more satisfied by how long the bar last and the amazing performance. My skin now always feels very refreshed and clean.

Brenda C. Jul 01 2022

Love these bars!

I absolutely love these bars for myself and for my teenage daughter! It leaves my face feeling fresh and clean, I don’t think I’ll ever use anything else! I use the charcoal bar and my daughter uses the gentle bar.

Autumn R. Jul 01 2022

Great for teens!

My 13 year old daughter will not let us run out of this wonderful bar. She has had a real battle with acne already, and this has been the only thing that has really helped. I have purchased every product imaginable, but this one is hands-down her favorite. This is a great product with two major advantages: it's clean and safe, and it actually works! Thank you!

Verified Purchase
Jessica S. Jul 01 2022

Charcoal Facial Bar

Mine and my husband's new favorite to wash our face! We both have normal to oily type skin and this has been perfect to leaving our skin feeling clean and pure without the dryness, redness or stinging after-effect that happened with other products we've used. It washes off easily and you don't need so much product. One bar will last months for both of us! Another thing we like, compared to other charcoal products we've used is that it doesn't "stain" our sink like other products have before.

Shannon G. Jul 01 2022

Best facial bar out there!

This is hands down the best facial bar I have used. I see such a difference in my skin. I have used this facial bar twice daily for over a year now and it has helped my skin immensely. I’m not greasy or oily anymore. Thank you Crunchi!

Verified Purchase
Diane L. Jul 01 2022

Facial Cleansing Bars

I've been so pleased with both the charcoal bar and gentle cleansing bar. I especially like them because they leave my skin clean & fresh. They outlast other soaps previously used. They easily rinse completely off my skin, no residue. A bonus, recently I was battling a serious skin infection; doctor said to use a fragrance additive free soap on my infected area. Used them without issue! I will continue to purchase them!

Sally B. Jul 01 2022

Game changer

I cannot believe the difference these facial bars make! I use gentle in the morning and charcoal in the evening. After just 2 days of using a sample my friend sent me I was sold! Never before had my skin looked or felt so good. I will be a CRUNCHI customer for life ??

Rain J. Jul 01 2022

My face is so smooth!

I alternate the charcoal bar and gentle cleansing bar. I love how my skin loves the product and how my face is so soft and smooth after each use...it feels really clean.

Verified Purchase
Jennifer B. Jul 01 2022

Love the facial bar

This is the best facial bar I've ever used ! I love them both but partial to the charcoal bar. No more dry patches and my skin is left glowing ,clean, yet hydrated . Don't know how they do it but so glad they did! Love it !!

Verified Purchase
Donna-Leigh H. Jul 01 2022

Soap that isn't soap

I really hesitated to use this and rarely used it once I got it. I mean you aren't supposed to use soap on your face right? But I started using it morning and night a few months ago and it's awesome. It gets off all my Crunchi makeup but also does not dry out my skin or irritate it. It doesn't even bother my eyes if I get some in them. I now recommend this to my friends!

Maria  Jul 01 2022


I suffer from a very mild rosacea 2 on the sides of my cheeks. This bar worked when nothing else would to remove my acne/red inflamed pestules. The tea tree really calms my skin and it cleared withint 2 weeks. I will not be without this bar from now on.

Verified Purchase
Melody H. Jul 01 2022

Helps keep moisture in

I love how soft my skin feels after using this facial bar. My skin definitely loves this one in the winter time.

Verified Purchase
Melody H. Jul 01 2022

Goodbye oil and breakouts Hello fresh skin

This facial bar really helps at balancing my skin and keeping the oil and breakouts away. I love how fresh my skin feels after using it!

Verified Purchase
Mary H. Jul 01 2022

Actually removes makeup

This bar is fantastic. It completely removes my face AND eye makeup, and doesn’t dry out my skin. I always wash twice, and follow up moisturizer. This cleanser resolved my acne. I no longer have junk sitting under the skin always looking ready to erupt/sitting as a dark spot, but everything is pulled to the surface and my complexion is clear ????

jim s. Jul 01 2022

best facial bar by far

i work in a machine shop and end each day covered in all kinds of things. ever soap I’ve ever tried leaves me feeling just as oily as i was before i showered thanks to their moisturizers and chemicals. the crunchi bars are the only thing I’ve found that actually make feel clean and knowing that I’m not just adding toxic chemicals to skin and body is such an added bonus. there no way i could use anything else!

Meredith  Jul 01 2022

Best Bar Ever

This is the best facial bat I’ve used. I was given the bar as a gift and didn’t use it right away. Don’t let the color deter you. It cleanses well without drying your skin out. I will never use department store cleansers again!

Danielle H. Jul 01 2022

Love it!!

I love the Crunchi facial bars! The Gentle facial bar is my favorite. It cleared up my acne. My face always feels so clean without leaving it feeling dry.

Michelle S. Jul 01 2022

LOVE the Cleanse & Replenish

My 12yo daughter & I both use it! Gentle enough for her sensitive crazy preteen skin, and effortlessly lifts makeup off of mine ???? A single, clean soap Mom & Daughter can both use?? Win-win ????

Christine E. Jul 01 2022

Love, Love, Love the Facial Bars

I love both Crunchi Facial bars so much. I like my cleanser to lather up and I love how my skin feels after using these. They are amazing and fabulous and last long. ??

Verified Purchase
Sally L. Jul 01 2022


Yes, I love how my skin feels at the end of the day when I use the charcoal facial bar to clean up. But - it is also amazing for cleaning brushes! Wet, swish across the bar . . . swirl through a brush cleaning nubby pad . . . rinse and repeat. And voila! Clean brush!

Diane B. Jul 01 2022

Gentle facial bar

Prior to starting to use the gentle cleansing bar, I had not used soap on my face for at least 20 years. I used cleansing creams and facial cloths. I love using this soap. It lathers up really well and feels so good, most importantly, not drying! But my skin feels so clean after using. Occasionally I also use the charcoal bar but because I have "mature" skin, I stick to the gentle soap. Also, this is a "hard" bar of soap and lasts really well. I am pleased with this product!

Verified Purchase
Leah N. Jul 01 2022

Real, Clean Soap for the Win!

I have exceptionally sensitive, dry-prone skin. Cleansing often means irritated, itching after-effects. But with Crunchi's facial bars, I've had zero issues. I use the Gentle bar 1-2 times per day. It's gentle and hydrating, and leaves my skin fresh and ready for the next step (with Clarilight, my favorite product of all time). I also use the Charcoal bar when I remove my makeup, which does a fantastic job removing dirt and buildup without leaving my skin dry. Plus they last forever!

Ad L. Jul 01 2022


I was pretty hesitant to switch to something new because my fave breaks out pretty easily with new routines. I spoke with Leah about it and decided to give the charcoal bar a try. I'm never going back to anything else!!! My face feels so clean and wonderful after using this bar. No breakouts, no tightness you feel from alot of cleansing bars. I am forever grateful for Leah and for this charcoal bar!! Complete gamechanger!

Verified Purchase
Maria B. Jul 01 2022

Fresh, clean feeling

I’ve been using the charcoal facial bar for over a year and my skin is the clearest and healthiest it’s ever been. Also the bar lasts forever. I am still using the bar I bought over a year ago. Great product and I like knowing it’s also free of harmful chemicals

Kimberly H. Jul 01 2022

Gentle Facial Bar - Just as Described

I’ve been using this facial bar for about a month. I was previously using a popular brand of cleanser for sensitive skin, but I also deal with occasional breakouts. I opted for this bar at my advocate, Angel’s recommendation and am so glad I did! My skin loves it! This bar is just as described; gentle, but cleans really well and without drying the skin out at all. I like that you can get a really good lather and although it is unscented, it does have a very subtle, clean soap smell. Love!

Rebecca C. Jul 01 2022

LOVE it!

I have the Gentle bar and I love it! For years I had tried different facial cleaners but they smelled bad and dried my skin out really bad. Plus they didn't really seem to work. This bar cleans well, softens my skin, and makes my face feel happy!

Jessica  Jun 30 2022

Love it

I love how this has become a part of my daily skin care routine the past year. The product lasts a long time and it never feels like you are using harsh product on your skin. Great to adds to your daily routine! Thanks to my SIL for the recommendation!

Taylor B. Jun 30 2022

Best facial cleanser EVER

Love love love the facial bars. I have never found one that truly cleans my skin without drying it out, until I used the white cleans & replenish bar. I have very dry sensitive skin & after using this facial bar I’ll never use another!

Katie E. Jun 30 2022

Best facial bars I have ever used!!

I suffer from acne prone skin so my skin is mostly oily. The charcoal facial bar makes my skin feel so soft, clean, and not DRY at all! It has definitely helped with the appearance of my skin! I do use the gentle bar during the winter months because like most people my skin tends to get drier. The gentle bar is so nourishing on my face and makes it look perfect! No dry skin here! LOVE these facial bars! The best part is that they last me 8 months and they’re toxin free!

Verified Purchase
Mystery Host B. Jun 30 2022

Just what my face wanted!

My face cleaning method for years has been just a special cloth and water.....when I tried Crunchi facial bars I didn't realize how much I needed the safe cleansing ingredients to wash away my makeup, dirt and sweat at the end of the day. Now I don't go a day without them. I use them for hand soap as well and they never dry out my skin!

Lyndsey K. Jun 30 2022

Nourishing Goodness

Love these bars! I alternate them and they work well for my normal skin. I have seen great results when I have breakouts too! Love that it’s so cleansing but also so moisturizing! Highly recommend

Carly P. Jun 30 2022

Gentle facial bar ????

If you’re looking for something for sensitive skin, look no further. I’m thankful that I can trust the ingredients and that it’s super beneficial for my skin. It’s even my go to for shaving!

Tasha  Jun 30 2022

Great facial cleansers

I love my facial bars! I use both the gentle bar and charcoal bar daily. Neither are drying and my skin is effectively cleaned. My skin rarely breaks out anymore since switching to these and when I do it stays super tiny, unlike when I used toxic alternatives.

Laura S. Jun 30 2022

Clean versatility

Since I was 1st introduced to crunchi 12 most ago, I've since bought 6 facial bars. Not because they are gone, it's because I enjoy the ease of use everywhere. They're is 1 in my shower, by my sink, in my camper and in my ready to go travel bag. Just recently bought one for my 14yo son to combat teenage skin issues, but needed something that was easy and doable for his lazy backside! It's easy to change between the charcoal and gentle depending on my skin needs that day!

Andrea C. Jun 30 2022

Facial Bar

I have been using the facial bar since it was released. I wasn’t sure I noticed a difference until I went on vacation and forgot my bar. My face was so dried out by time I got home. When I washed my face I could feel it rehydrating. My face felt amazing.

Susanna L. Jun 30 2022

Charcoal Facial Bar

Love using the facial bar as it leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth without drying it out!

Laura W. Jun 30 2022

Gentle Bar great on dry/sensitive skin!

I have struggle to find a facial cleanser that makes your face feel fresh and clean without leaving it as stiff as a board. I would also try moisturizing cleansers, that clogged my pores. The Gentle cleanser is the best cleanser I have ever used on my sensitive and dry skin! No exaggeration! ??

Stephanie P. Jun 30 2022

Facial bars

I have both the gentle and charcoal facial bars. I love how they leave my face feeling clean with no tightness or soap residue!

Denise H. Jun 30 2022

Love it!

I love my charcoal facial bar! I won a free bar from my (now) Crunchi advocate, and I've been hooked ever since! I love how smooth and soft it makes my face feel. I tend to have oily skin, but my charcoal bar seems to have improved that. If you haven't tried it, it's a must have!

Verified Purchase
Charity H. Jun 30 2022

Deep Clean and Soft Skin

I was skeptical about a facial bar as I’ve not had great experience with facial bars in the past since they usually dry out my skin and make my acne worse. But not these! The Charcoal Facial Bar is my favorite because it gives me a deep clean, removes my makeup, and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized not dried out! I also can get about 9 months use out of this facial bar (with twice daily use) so it’s the most affordable facial wash I’ve ever used too!

Lindsay A. Jun 30 2022

Charcoal bar

I never knew how soft my face could feel after using the charcoal bar. I truly love this product.

Jerolyn R. Jun 30 2022


I am so pleased with the charcoal facial bar. I never thought about it as a detox especially for one's underarms. But wow, what a difference it makes! I hghly recommend this product !

Verified Purchase
Kelly O. Jun 30 2022

So much more confidence now

My face has calcium deposits, acne, blackheads, red spots and not such a refreshing shine. After using the facial bar I’ve noticed a huge difference! I don’t have acne or blackheads and the calcium deposits and red spots have significantly gotten better! Let me tell you this product isn’t heavy either, I felt like my face had never been clean before using this product. I feel so much more confident now and don’t feel the need to cover up anymore!

P N. Jun 30 2022

Best Kept Secret

These bars are quiet little powerhouse products. Everyone was wants to talk about all the fancy stuff but these staple items are just as high performing, body and earth safe as everything else that Crunchi offers. I have been shocked at how clear my skin has looked. I use the gentle bar everyday morning and night and the charcoal bar a couple times a week for an extra boost of clarification. My skin hasn't looked this good since I was 16!

Sarah  Jun 30 2022

Amazing on my sensitive skin

I have struggled with sensitive, red skin my whole life and these bars are so gentle and refreshing on my skin! The charcoal bar takes away the oil from the day and the hydrating bar in the morning is incredibly refreshing! Will NEVER use anything else again!

Verified Purchase
Elizabeth C. Jun 30 2022

Best Facial Cleanser EVER!

The gentle facial bar is my absolute favorite product. It lasts F.O.R.E.V.E.R and make my face feel squeaky clean. I clean my face 2 times a day and my acne is gone and my skin is soft and vibrant.

Amanda  Jun 29 2022

Gentle Bar

I have grown to love the gentle bar and won’t use anything else no matter what! I have sensitive skin and use this day and night.

Verified Purchase
Megan C. Jun 29 2022


I am obsessed with the gental facial bar!!! Its makes my skin feel so soft..it really is gentle!! Also a little goes a long way! Will definitely continue to buy!

Amy T. Jun 29 2022

Charcoal Facial Bar

Blown away by the charcoal cleansing bar! Leaves my oily skin feeling super clean without dryness and irritation. It was love at first wash for me!

Yvonne M. Jun 29 2022

Facial bars

I purchased the regular facial bar. I use it every night and my skin feels so clean. It doesn’t irritate my eyes! Which I love.

Amy m. Jun 29 2022

Love the cleansing bars

Gentle cleansing bars are amazing and leaves your skin soft.

Verified Purchase
Sofia H. Jun 29 2022

Amazing facial bar!

I love using Crunchi's Charcoal Facial Bar! It makes my skin feel so soft and clean. It also smells great. I love that I don't need to use a separate makeup remover, this facial bar does it all!

Joanna H. Jun 29 2022

Charcoal facial bar

I absolutely love the charcoal facial bar. It is gentle and leaves my skin feeling so smooth, not tight or dried out! My skin has improved with the us of this product and other crunchi products

MHanna  Jun 29 2022

Charcoal Facial Bar

I love the lather on the charcoal bar. My face feels so clean and refreshed after I use it. I have one in the shower and at the sink!

Skye L. Jun 29 2022

Love it!

I love the crunchi face bar! It makes my face feel smooth and clean!

Skye L. Jun 29 2022

Love it!

I love the crunchi face bar! It makes my face fell so smooth and clean!

Andrea O. Jun 29 2022

Charcoal facial bar

I bought this bar for me, but hoped my husband would use it, instead of regular soap. He tried it and loves it!!! It leaves the skin feeling soft and no residue!

Wilhelmina M. Jun 29 2022

Facial Bars

I absolutly love BOTH the facial bars. I have struggled with acne, dry skin and excema for most of my life. I am sensitive to a lot of products and have had a hard time finding a facial cleaners that works for my skin. I was unsure which of the bars would be best for me, so I bought both. I found that both of them are great for my skin. I leave the charcoal bar in the shower and the gentle bar I use the other times I wash my face. The combination is perfect and they lasts a really long time.

Natasha Y. Jun 29 2022

Charcoal is excellent

This bar is gentle and makes my face feel clean after using. I expected it to stink and be gritty, but it is pleasant and smooth and doesn't leave any black residue.

Marianne K. Jun 29 2022

Gentle Facial Bar

I absolutely love this bar! So gentle on my face, doesn’t dry out my skin! Will never switch!

EcoBea  Jun 29 2022

Love it!

It had been a while since I used facial cleansing bars. I love what it does to my skin and I love how little I use so it lasts a long time.

Brianna H. Jun 29 2022

Facial Bars

Makes my skin so smooth!!

Naomi S. Jun 29 2022

Completely Amazing!

I have incredibly sensitive, dry skin the gentle bar has worked wonders for my skin! The charcoal bar has cleared up my back (which unlike my face seems to be more greasy and prone to acne) and my husband’s face too!

Verified Purchase
Kris M. Jun 29 2022


I LOVE how clean my skin feels after using the facial bars. The gentle bar is my daily go to & Charcoal I use 2 x a week for a detox. They smell great and I'm amazed at how long they last.

Sonja B. Jun 29 2022

Charcoal facial bar

Love the clean scent and how soft my skin feels. Mostly love that I’m not adding any harmful toxins into my system .

DaNeal H. Jun 29 2022

LOVE IT!!!!!

I had no clue about being toxin free, let alone what was going on my skin. A friend introduced me to the facial bar and I was hooked! One wash I could feel a difference!! My skin was seriously squeaky clean for the first time in my life. I have all the bars....face bars & body bar and I won't use anything else on my skin ever again! Thank your for making such amazing products! I have a daughter and I'm making sure she gets a better start on amazing skin than I did!!

Ginny E. Jun 29 2022


I have been using the gentle facial bar for about 3 years, and I love gentle it is on my skin, while giving it a good cleaning. It lasts quite awhile, so it is a great value. Before Crunchi, I never used facial bars, because they dried my skin. I now have a cleansing bar I enjoy.

Deborah B. Jun 29 2022

Facial Bars

Oh my goodness, I just love my facial bars. I use both of them, they make my face feel so clean and soft. I use the gentle bar everyday and I use the charcoal bar every couple of days especially when I have been out mowing and working out in the yard and have been sweating alot, it helps my face feel so much better. I have bought a lot of these facial bars for myself and for gifts for family and friends, because I just love love love them. Can't get better than that.

Sarah P. Jun 29 2022

Facial Cleansing Bars

I just found out about this company a month ago from a FB blogger for health/clean choices and I LOVE both bars! I have very sensitive skin and both bars work great! The and smell of both bars is so wonderful! If you are looking at making the switch to cleaner beauty products these are a must and will last you a long time!

Andrea  Jun 29 2022

Healing powers!

I've struggled with acne since my teen years and into my 30s. I've tried all the systems out there and recently decided to try a "less is more" approach. I've been using the charcoal cleansing bar for over a month 2x daily and have noticed my acne healing before going away! It may take a little longer but I feel it is improving from the inside out! I have even used it on rough patches on my kids new summer skin - no stinging, no drying, no chemicals!

Marti H. Jun 29 2022

A fabulous addition to my routine!

I have been using the charcoal facial bar for a couple of years now. I failed to pack it for a weekend getaway. Big mistake! I had forgotten how tight and dry my face used to feel after using other facial cleansing products. Also, I'm in my mid-sixties yet still have combination skin issues. Crunchi charcoal bar has been a game-changer for me! My skin feels so soft and smooth with no dry or oily areas - all blended together perfectly! Thank you Crunchi!

Susan J. Jun 29 2022

Crunchi charcoal bar

At my age I have been sceptical about what I use on my face.I have been using the charcoal bar and it has done wonders, my skin is clear, it doesn't sting anymore, and my skin now has a rosy glow that it's never had before. Finally I have found a product I can count on, thankyou crunchi!!

Brandy S. Jun 29 2022

Not full of fake fragrances

Every time I open a bottle of soap or a bar, the smell hits me in the face. I usually know they’re full of fragrances, which means it’s full of nasty ingredients. The charcoal bar gives me peace of mind. It allows me to just simply nourish my skin instead of being concerned with what I’m putting on it. I love the way it lathers so easily :)

Sue J. Jun 29 2022

Never use another bar

The fact that it’s safe to use means the most to me. When your skin is warm and wet from cleansing, your pores open. Exposing it to anything you’re applying. I don’t have to worry that toxins are seeping into my pores. It’s a HUGE plus that they’ve used charcoal, I know it’s actually rinsing away impurities!

Susan J. Jun 29 2022

Doesn’t dry out my skin!

I love that it doesn’t dry out my skin, and there’s never any left over residue that I can feel. The best part is that my skin never feels tight.

Verified Purchase
Jeanne F. Jun 29 2022

Gentle Facial Bar

I started using the Gentle Facial Bar over a year ago and never looked back, love it! It takes my make up off easily, gently with no residue left behind. My skin always feels clean and able to breathe - exactly what I was looking for!!

Bethany J. Jun 29 2022

Love my Charcoal Facial Bar!

This facial bar took my skin to a whole new level. I went from having breakouts on my chin to having almost none. My skin feels soft, clean and even moisturized after washing with this bar. I will never use anything else.

Verified Purchase
Chelsi T. Jun 29 2022

Long lasting and WORKS

I originally tried out crunchi because I was wanting to amp up my skincare routine. I decided to take the plunge and purchase an advocate kit. When it arrived, I was soooo underwhelmed with the facial bars. I literally thought, “Seriously, this is a bar of soap. Whoop de do.” Since I bought the product, I tried it out and OH MY WORD. Within a week, my breakouts that I was experiencing due to pregnancy healed and my skin was GLOWING. Plus one bar lasts roughly 11 months.

Allison K. Jun 29 2022

These Facial Bars are great!

If you've never used a bar soap as a facial cleanser, or if you've had a bad experience in the past, Now Is The Time to try again! Whether you need gentle or energetic washing, one of these gems will be your answer! The Gentle Bar is just that... kind to your skin while getting your face clean. The Charcoal Bar is for those of us who need a bit more to remove daily life's residue. Both are nourishing and neither is drying. And they last for months!! Try one today!

Suzie D. Jun 29 2022

Feeling the Gentle Facial Bars

I have been using the Gentle Facial bar at night for the last 6 months. I love how clean, smooth and rejuvenated my skin feels! It also helps with my rosacea! I am glad that I was turned on to Crunchi!

Veronica L. Jun 29 2022


The facial bars are great, they are great for sensitive skin and they last forever!

Danielle K. Jun 29 2022

Charcoal facial bar

I love this bar because my acne flares up often and this particular bar is a lifesaver for my skin! Thank you, crunchi for creating such a natural effective skin care item!

Becky C. Jun 29 2022

Clean and soft

Love how clean and soft my skin feels. Leaves me Feeling like a grape not a raisin.

Cheryl L. Jun 29 2022

So moisturizing!!

I love these facial bars. My skin has never felt so clean and soft. And they last forever!!!

Verified Purchase
Aimee C. Jun 29 2022

The best!!

I love the way it makes my face feel! My face is soft and the bar lasts for so long even though I use it twice a day!

L. W. Jun 29 2022

Charcoal Facial Bar

The Charcoal Facial Bar has been fantastic for my son's teen skin. His mild acne has improved and continues to stay clear as long as he cleans with charcoal bar! And his skin doesn't get dried out from it. It's the perfect combination of cleaning out impurities with nourishment from toxin free ingredients.

Verified Purchase
Lindsay L. Jun 29 2022


I am completely OBSESSED with both the Charcoal and Gentle Facial Bars. I literally travel with them and feel like my skin misses them if I ever miss a day! They literally last FOREVER, smell so good, and leave my skin feeling completely clean and soft!!!!!

L. W. Jun 29 2022

Perfection for Sensitive Skin!

The Gentle Cleansing Facial Bar has nothing short of amazing for my super sensitive skin. The combination of nourishing ingredients cleanse with causing any reactions or drying out my skin. I have seen sich an improvement since using this bar!

Rachel R. Jun 29 2022

Sensitive skin, Gentle bar

I have very sensitive skin especially my face. Some soaps dry out my skin or leave red bumps but not the gentle bar. It will even remove my makeup and leave my face feeling clean and healthy.

Deanna T. Jun 29 2022

Best ever!

I have used both bars at different times of the year. Hands down the best facial soap I have ever used! Thank you Crunchi!

Allie C. Jun 28 2022

Hormonal Acne

I started getting the worst hormonal acne when I was pregnant with my daughter. I tried EVERYTHING, including prescription washes and ointments. It got even worse after she was born. I was devastated and didn’t know what to do to get it under control. When she was 2 I found Crunchi and it has seriously been the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin. I am now 38.5 weeks pregnant with my second daughter and haven’t had any flare ups- which I didn’t think was possible! I’m so thankful for Crunchi!

Kim  Jun 28 2022

Squeaky clean face and Gentle

I love that this cleans so well without it making my face tighten up. Best part is that it lasts super long!

Trudy A. Jun 28 2022

Facial bars

I love the crunchi facial bars. Leaves my skin clean and smooth. Better than what I was using.

Darla A. Jun 28 2022

Best soap for my face

I was skeptical when I bought the gentle Crunchi facial bar. But, shortly after I started using this, I bought the charcoal Crunchi facial bar. I use the gentle bar in the morning and the charcoal bar in the evening. The Crunchi facial bar is the best I have found. It cleans, but doesn't dry out my face. My face has never felt better!!! I can't say enough of how much I love the gentle and charcoal facial bars!!!

Christine Z. Jun 28 2022

Perfect for a refreshing. Gentle clean

I use the gentle bar and it cleans my face well while not drying it out or irritating it, especially through the winter!

Amy  Jun 28 2022

Perfect product if you have sensitive skin

I have struggled with find a product that didn't break me out along the chin or dry me out to flakes. This product is amazing for others who have had the same problem. I have told everyone I know about this product LOVE it!

Shannon S. Jun 28 2022

Great face bar!!

I was hesitant to try the facial bar as any I have tried in the past dried my skin out horribly! The Gentle Facial Bar is the FIRST ever to not do this. It lathers nice, does not leave my skin feeling tight and dry and my skin has remained clear! Great to use to shave with too! Absolutely love it!!

Verified Purchase
Kassi O. Jun 28 2022

Gentle Facial Bar

I often struggle to find cleansers that are gentle enough for my sensitive skin, but this one checks all the boxes! The Gentle Facial Bar has a mild & natural fragrance, cleanses without stripping moisture, and improved my skin's texture and tone after only a month. To say I'm obsessed with this skincare line is an understatement!

Rebecca F. Jun 28 2022

Great Skin Cleanser

I have been using the Charcoal Facial Bar for over one year now. I love the way it leaves my face clean without drying it out. My skin looks clear and radiant. My pre-teen daughter has also started using it and it is helping clear up her minor acne. We both love this facial bar!!

Cathy G. Jun 28 2022

The best facial cleanser, bar none.

Crunchi has set the standard for thorough yet gentle facial cleaning with their Facial Bars. They last a very long time, no plastic waste or watered down liquid product, easy to use at the sink and in the shower. I love that I can use them around the eye area without irritation while my oily skin is clean and soft without the tightness. Crunchi has nailed it with both formulas, Ali can’t chose which is my favorite.

Hannah P. Jun 28 2022

Love the Gentle Facial Bar

I purchased Crunchi’s Gentle Facial Bar and it has been perfect for my sensitive skin. It cleanses well without causing breakouts or drying out my skin too much. I also love that the bar lasts so long!

Nicole H. Jun 28 2022

So soft

I love my face bar. I love that my face feels clean and not oily after I use it . I love knowing that I am not putting harsh ingredients on my body

Stephanie H. Jun 28 2022


I use this every morning and night as a facial cleaner. Not only does it take off all my makeup, but it also is gentle on my sensitive skin. The bar will last a few month (which is a huge plus!) I’ve also been using this for over a year now & have seen improvement in the texture and tone of my skin. This paired with the Clearlight cleanser is an unmatched duo! I recommend to any and everyone!! 6/5 stars!!

Brianna  Jun 28 2022

So good!

The best! Doesn’t leave skin feeling dried out at all!!

Stacy M. Jun 28 2022

Crunchi Facial Bars

These are amazing! After using the bars my face feels so clean without any feels of other chemicals or strong smells. So easy to use and lasts a long time! I love these bars!

Olivia  Jun 28 2022

Squeaking clean

This bar left my face feeling so clean and refreshed!

Danielle M. Jun 28 2022


Love how this cleansing bar makes my skin feel so clean and refreshed. It has improved the appearance of my skin so much.

Verified Purchase
Kellie O. Jun 28 2022

Nice facial bar

My wife swapped me over to the charcoal facial bar and I must admit that I really like it. I like that it has a nice light scent to it.

Verified Purchase
Kellie O. Jun 28 2022

Absolutely Wonderful

I love everything about this facial bar. I use the charcoal facial bar and my skin feels so nourished after! My 12 year old son uses the gentle facial bar on his body and it has helped clear up some skin issues he's had since he was 2!

Maria M. Jun 28 2022

Never going back

I have always used gel or cream cleansers but this bar is my new favorite! Works so well and leaves my skin feeling so clean!

Kellie  Jun 28 2022

Loving these facial bars!

I started my non-toxic beauty journey with the charcoal facial bar. This bar is just amazing. One bar will last me for a year!

Christi S. Jun 28 2022

Better than any face wash I've ever used!

I started using this bar about 3 weeks ago and have seen a huge difference in my skin. I am prone to oily skin, and this bar has helped significantly with that! I've always been nervous to try new facial products because my skin is sensitive and tends to break out if I switch stuff up, but this bar is amazing! I have loved using it, especially in the hot summer months when my skin tends to break out more due to the humidity and sweating more. I'd 100% recommended this to everyone!

Katelyn  Jun 28 2022


Facial bars are soo nice. I have acne prone skin even in my thirties and the charcoal bar is wonderful! I use it in the Morning and the other one at night . Smooth skin and definitely less to no acne!!

Verified Purchase
Melanie C. Jun 28 2022

Charcoal bar review

I love the charcoal face so far… My son is 16 and it is helped his acne tremendously! I will keep coming back just for this product! It’s a game changer

Cassandra  Jun 28 2022

Best soap on the planet!!

If you are in need of the perfect face cleaner then look no further! This bar has everything you need to feel good about your skin! It’s soothing to dry itchy patches and clears up any acne spots. Leaving your skin soft as can be!! Once you try it, You’ll never use anything different!

Brooke W. Jun 28 2022


Absolutely LOVE this facial bar to wash my face, morning and night. I was struggling with blotchy skin when using toxic products, but this face wash has helped so much and I’ll never go back.

Verified Purchase
Angel G. Jun 28 2022

Never thought I’d love a “bar soap”

Legit my FAVS! Lovin the charcoal in summertime for added detox! I use the gentle year round and even on my kiddos. These bars last FOREVER too! So worth it!

Heather E. Jun 28 2022

Healthcare Worker Approved

After going through a year in a mask 10+ hours a day and having the worst acne in my adult life, I needed change. I’ve been trying a more natural way of living and a friend of mine turned me onto crunchi. I was skeptic about it at first, how can another natural product help me when I feel like the last I tried didn’t even touch it. After just 2 weeks of daily use my face was so soft and most of the acne cleared up. Only down fall I have is that they go too fast!

Marissa P. Jun 28 2022

Love this charcoal bar

This is the best face bar I have ever used, it leaves my face feeling clean and not dry to the touch. Saw immediate result in my skin. Laxity after I started using it. Highly recommend!

Verified Purchase
Heidi Y. Jun 28 2022

So glad I gave it a try!

I was initially hesitant to switch from using a liquid cleanser to a facial bar, but I’m so glad that I did! I have been using the charcoal facial bar consistently for the past 5 months and can honestly say that I love it! My face feels so clean and fresh after I use it that it motivates me to be consistent with cleansing my face morning and night. So glad I gave it a try!

Verified Purchase
Paige F. Jun 28 2022


I cannot express how happy and impressed I am with these bars. My skin is so much more smooth and CLEAN since I started using Crunchi 4 months ago! Loving every second of it and suggest these facial bars (and body bars) to ANYONE I can!

Carin P. Jun 28 2022

Amazing Facial Bars that won’t disappoint!

These bars leave my skin so smooth and clean on my mature skin! And I was totally amazed with our long they last! I use both the gentle bar everyday and the charcoal facial bar 2/3 times a week. They are gentle on my skin and helps remove my makeup without tightening my skin.

H M. Jun 28 2022

Facial Bar is fantastic

I love how soft and clean my face feels after using the facial bar. I have been using the bar for a few weeks and love it for my skin.

Verified Purchase
Kathy K. Jun 28 2022

Love the Gentle Facial Bar!

I have used both but the Gentle Facial Bar is the best! My face feels clean but not dry. It is great for my aging skin.

Emily N. Jun 28 2022

Everything comes off!

Not sure if you’re supposed to do this but I use this to take off my makeup then go back for a second time to get the skin extra clean. It works wonders and I will never use another cleanser again!!

Verified Purchase
Nicole G. Jun 28 2022

Best facial bar ever!

My daughter (14 yo) and I have been using the charcoal facial bar for some time now and it has helped out our skin tremendously. Acne is under control and my skin feels so soft after every wash. We bot use it twice a day and the bar lasts forever. Super happy with with this bar!

Skylar T. Jun 28 2022

My skin is so soft!!

The absolute best way to start my morning & end the night. The gentle facial bar has made my skin so soft & helped my breakouts to minimize. The best perk is it lasts forever! Love it & will be buying again!!

Brenda S. Jun 28 2022

Excellent product!

Crunchi’s facial bar is gentle, creates a creamy lather, and is surprisingly long lasting! I highly recommend it

Verified Purchase
Crystal Z. Jun 28 2022

Crystal Z

I’ve enjoyed using both bars. I live in a dry cold climate in the winter and hot humid weather in the summer. Using the facial bar in winter and the charcoal bar in the summer is perfect for me. I appreciate the quality of cleansing and knowing I’m not adding unnecessary additives to my skin. I’ve seen the improvement in my skins texture and am pleased with the results.

Christine R. Jun 28 2022

The best!

I alternate between the 2 bars and I kid you not one bar lasts me 6 months! I also use to wash my Crunchi brunches with! Both are great and don't dry my face out, clean makeup off so well, and help the acne to stay away! ????

Tonia M. Jun 27 2022


I absolutely love this facial bar! Makes your face feel so clean and refreshed!! Has a great clean smell!

Ashley C. Jun 27 2022

Soothing and Amazing!

The gentle facial bar is my go-to for daily cleansing. It’s soothing yet cleansing all while being gentle on my sensitive skin. I even use it when I’m shaving as most other soaps/shaving creams irritate my skin. It lasts me a long time and I love the non wasteful packaging. I’m so thankful to have found this facial bar! 5 stars in every category!

Lexi s. Jun 27 2022

Facial bars

Maybe absolutely live both of the facial bars. They have really helped my skin

Verified Purchase
Niki K. Jun 27 2022

Total convert

When I was introduced to Crunchi, my 1st sample, was a bar of the gentle facial cleanser. I had not used soap in years. From day one, I was hooked on how creamy it felt and how soft and clean my face felt after using. My red acne is gone thanks to Crunchi skin care. I can’t imagine ever using anything else.

MJ C. Jun 27 2022


I use the Charcoal Facial Bar at night! It does a great job getting all makeup the Littles Super Serum doesn’t get! My face remains soft and not at all dry!

Kathee W. Jun 27 2022

Cleansing bars

I love both bars! Gentle in the morning, charcoal in the evening! Feels very clean and not drying! I’ve had nice compliments on my skin looking soft and smooth!

Ken H. Jun 27 2022

Good for Men

The charcoal bar leaves my skin feeling neutral and balanced - not oily and not dry.

Verified Purchase
Morgan M. Jun 27 2022

OMG Love of my life

I love using the charcoal one for makeup removing or if my skin is telling me it needs a detox. The gentle cleanser is my primary cleanser for my very sensitive skin and my skin's physical health has done almost a whole 180?, so happy. The time the bars last, mind blown. Almost 3-4 months. Couldn't be more in love.

Kathleen R. Jun 27 2022


My skin has never felt so healthy. I love how my skin feels and looks!

Courtney H. Jun 27 2022

Love my Charcoal Bar

My face is so happy and clearer since using my charcoal bar! I won’t ever go back to using anything else, especially since it works and it has ingredients I can always trust!

Keri W. Jun 27 2022


I never knew how great a facial bar could be until I tried both of these facial bars! My skin is silky smooth and I can’t wait to wash my face in the morning when I wake up and my nightly routine before I go to bed!

Jeana T. Jun 27 2022


I love both facial bars! The squeaky clean feeling I get when using the gentle facial bar, but not feeling dry with my “post menopausal skin” is exciting! I also love how long they last! 11 months with twice daily use and cleaning brushes weekly is wonderful! Lastly, the fact that it leaves zero negative impact on the earth warms my heart. Thank you for considering our health and the health of mother earth!

Laura R. Jun 27 2022

Best facial bar in my 65 years!!!

I love using the Crunchi gentle facial bar! It is so gentle and leaves my skin clean and ready for my other Crunchi skin care products!

Cobey E. Jun 27 2022

Facial bars

I am on my second facial bar. I like that they are easy to rinse off. Very clean and fresh feeling too. Not to mention they last for months. I will be buying this product again.

Karrly  Jun 27 2022

Gentle Bar

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Leaves my skin feeling so fresh! I have very dry skin & this cleanser works great! Removes makeup very easily! Would recommend 10/10

S.R.  Jun 27 2022


These are so wonderful! My favorite is gentle bar for daily use And shaving!

Sherry R. Jun 27 2022


The facial bars are Godsend! My skin has never been happier!????

Brianna H. Jun 27 2022


I cannot say enough how much I love my gentle facial bar! I was skeptical that something toxin free and so gentle and safe could really do the job but this product is quality and I am here for it! It lasts for such a long time, holds up, leaves your skin feeling clean but not dry and even removes makeup easily! Win win win! Thanks Crunchi ????????

Natalie W. Jun 27 2022

Guaranteed Happiness

I trashed it. My old face wash, I mean. It’s in the trash. My expensive, top shelf face wash has been replaced by the Crunchi Charcoal Facial Bar. This facial bar is affordable, effective, non-pretentious, lasts forever, and my face is the *cleanest* and most clarified it has ever been. This is the bar you take home to meet your parents.

Macy  Jun 27 2022

Best Face Bar Ever!

It made my face feel so soft and clean! 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a clean product to clean up their face!

Jerri  Jun 27 2022

Great bar!

The charcoal bar is exceptional! I’m still using the one I bought last year. It’s so smooth and gentle on your skin. I highly recommend it!

Lindley M. Jun 27 2022

Both are amazing!

I’ve used both bars and can say without a doubt better than any face wash I have ever used. My face is clean and smooth and the last FOREVER! No dryness either!

Barbara  Jun 27 2022

Facial Bars

So refreshing My skin is flawless

Verified Purchase
Rebekah W. Jun 27 2022

Love facial bars!

I use both the charcoal and the gentle and love them both. They make my skin feel clean and soft and don’t irritate my skin. I love that the ingredients are clean.

Carol W. Jun 27 2022

Cleansing bars

Cleansing in solid form is never as messy as bottles and liquid. I love the Clarify and Balance bar for my combination skin as well as the fact I have sensitive skin. It travels better and is easier to use away from home.

Kate G. Jun 27 2022

Gentle Facial Bar

This is my go-to in the winter, when I need a little more moisture. My face is never oily looking or feeling, just the 'right amount' of clean!

Kate G. Jun 27 2022

Charcoal Facial Bar

I love how this bar gets my face squeaky clean, without drying it out. The smell is amazing!! It also works wonders on the 13 year old's prepubscent face.

Amanda S. Jun 27 2022

Happy Skin

Absolutely loving the charcoal facial bar. I was honestly a bit nervous about trying this bar but I am hooked! It’s fabulous and it leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft. I’ve always struggled with my skin (large pores and breakouts) but since switching ALL of my products to Crunchi, my skin is so happy and radiant! My husband also uses the charcoal facial bar and is very pleased with it.

Cassandra  Jun 27 2022

Best soap ever!

Since we’ve been using this soap, our skin glows!! Took away any dry patches and acne! Wonderful stuff!!

Veronica P. Jun 27 2022

Love it!

The gentle facial bar has been a staple in my skincare routine! It removes dirt, makeup, oils, like a cleanser is supposed to. I definitely see and feel a difference in my skin. My skin is a bit sensitive and this facial bar is the perfect balance for it. I definitely recommend! The best part, IT LASTS LIKE HALF A YEAR!!

Hannah O. Jun 27 2022

I love these!

I have both the gentle and charcoal facial bars! In the summer, I use the charcoal bar a couple times a week, but I use the gentle bar daily. The charcoal is a bit more drying, so I use it sparingly. I love how clean I feel after using these!

Julie W. Jun 27 2022


I absolutely love this bar! My skin breaks out horribly and nothing has ever really worked well to maintain until this!

Jessica R. Jun 27 2022

So glad I switched

I'm going to be honest, I never thought I would love a bar of soap.. EVER, but here I am loving all the bars! I started out with the gentle facial bar and loved it so much I order the Charcoal bar to use at night. I love how long they last, how quick they go from wet to dry (no gooey mess like other bars) and how well they work! I can literally see the dirt and day wiped away on my cloth when I use these cleansing bars. My skin feels soft and moisturized afterwards. Absolutely love them!

Cindee J. Jun 27 2022

The Very Best!

I was so resistant to using a bar facial soap, but now I’m so thankful I listened to my Crunchi Advocate and made the switch! I had experienced a lifetime of reactions to every facial cleanser I had tried. The Crunchi Facial Bars offer the perfect cleansing, nourishment and care for my skin! My husband loves them, too! He ditched all his toxic shaving supplies and, like me, uses nothing but Crunchi facial bars and skincare!

Cassie G. Jun 27 2022

Can really see and feel the difference!

I had no idea I was going to love this as much as I do! After just one use I could feel a difference in how clean my face was. After using the bar (along with the lotions and clarilight), I saw a noticeable improvement in my skin. I saw less acne and my skin just had a healthier look to it. I have been using the Crunchi products for a little over a year now and have been so happy with the switch.

Laurie B. Jun 27 2022

Just what I needed!!

I started using Crunchi in February. Up until then my daughter and I always had to deal with acne. These two bars together seem to keep both of our faces acne free and feeling amazing. The small of the two soaps are definitely refreshing as well! Definitely worth it.

Melissa M. Jun 27 2022

Facial cleansing bar

I have always struggled with facial cleansers. My skin is sensitive but also prone to breaking out. I am completely blown away with this facial bar. My skin is so smooth and soft. I haven’t had a cystic acne break out since I started. It’s also sensitive enough for my skin. I’m so happy I found this line!

Gayle M. Jun 27 2022

Charcoal Bar, fastest, brightest way to your new look!

I love both bars, but a little more, with the Charcoal Bar, given that is what my skin needs a little more of, as it is a combination. And it lasts! I am only on my 2nd bar, and the first bar, lasted 8 months, and it looks like my 2nd bar, is about to do the same, as it will be going into the 8th month in July! Yay! And, comparatively speaking, @ $24, that is exactly $3 a month, so very very economical! And toxin free to boot! Can't beat that! But the way, my skin is brighter is great!

Laura H. Jun 27 2022

Love it!

I absolutely love the Charcoal Facial Bar! It cleans off all my makeup, it's gentle, it makes my skin feels so soft, and it helps keep my skin looking clear from blemishes. I also really appreciate that it is a facial bar, therefore no plastic waste!

Verified Purchase
Jewell S. Jun 27 2022

The Cleannsing Bar That Made Me a Crunchi Convert

Gentle and great for everyday cleansing. I use it everyday as part of my skin care routine. I love the fresh, clean, feel of my skin after using. Doesn't leave my skin feeling dry. I am a Crunchi convert, and this cleansing bar started me on my journey.

Paula H. Jun 27 2022

Gentle Facial Bar

Crunchi’s Gentle Facial Bar is the best facial cleanser I’ve ever used! So many time I’ve had to deal with irritation after washing my face but never with this bar. I cleanse more often since it’s so gentle! It smells wonderful and lasts a long time. Thank you Crunchi for making my cleansing routine so pleasant!

Patty J. Jun 27 2022

Soft and Frr!!! This is the one!!!

I have allergies s, and dry angry skin. At age 60 I had just about given up on finding a cleanser gentle enough for my skin yet strong enough to remove allergens from my eye area. This cleansing bar is the one!! Morning and night and my face feels soft and free!!! Thank you Crunchi!!

Melissa D. Jun 27 2022

Facial bars (I’m an advocate :)

Best facial bars I have ever used! I alternate between the gentle and the charcoal so that I get benefits of both regularly. The bars last a very long time! When the bars become tiny, I put in my travel soap box for trips.

Magin  Jun 27 2022

Charcoal Facial Bar

I love this bar! I typically do not like bars for several reasons and this one is completely different. My testimony is actually because I was traveling for 9 days and didn’t take my set. While I was using another top brand I noticed so many different aspects I was missing from my bar. This bar makes your skin feel clean and soft. It isn’t tight, doesn’t tingle or burn and seems to make me feel clean all day without wanting to wash my face all day. I was really surprised by the difference

Christy K. Jun 26 2022

THE facial bar!

I'm 41 and I've struggled with skin issues for nearly my entire life. This charcoal bar was a total game changer! I refuse to use anything else now. Breakouts have all but disappeared and the redness I used to battle has drastically improved.

Jill H. Jun 26 2022

Best cleansing bar I've used

I've been using the charcoal facial bar for over a year. It's the cleanest my face has ever felt! I've tried everything from drugstore brands to expensive beauty counter brands. Nothing makes me feel as fresh and clean as crunchi! I'll never use anything else!

Verified Purchase
Sandra K. Jun 26 2022

Gentle Facial Cleansing Bar

Love my new gentle facial cleansing bar. Was using a non- bar facial cleansing system but Crunchi’s bar far out does any other system out there! My facial gets clean without drying out my skin. I would suggest anyone giving this a try. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Verified Purchase
Danielle D. Jun 26 2022

Best I've found

I have been using the gentle facial bar for about two years and it's easily my favorite cleanser I've found. I ran out and tried to buy another facial bar from our local health food store and my face got SO DRY my skin literally started flaking off. This bar cleanses well without drying and feels like it actually moisturizes as well. Love it!

Verified Purchase
Heather R. Jun 26 2022

My skin glows

I couldn’t be more pleased with my charcoal facial bar. I use it in conjunction with a microfiber Face and Body Cloth. Although my bar is nearly a year old, it lasts so long, I still have over 1/3 of it left! My skin tone has evened out, I have fewer break outs and it’s smoother in general. Totally recommend.

Verified Purchase
Kasidi S. Jun 26 2022


If I could give this bar 10 stars I would! My entire family, which includes a teenage boy and girl, cannot live without the bars. I cannot believe how much they lather and the bars last so long! At only $24, this bar is a steal!

Jennifer  Jun 05 2022

Facial bars

I was scared to try it because of other facial bars left my skin so dry. But was pleasantly surprised and hooked how how my skin feels after using it. Clean and not drying at all!

Danielle  May 18 2022

Charcoal facial bar

Love washing my face with this bar. Make your skin feel so clean and it last a long time. I have had the bar since November of 2021 and still going strong and I use it al least twice a day. Worth it!

Briana P. May 13 2022

Love my charcoal bar

Honestly, it’s the best soap i have ever used on my face. My fave has never been so clear and soft! I will never not use this!

Amy H. May 12 2022

Clean face!

I cannot say enough about this amazing charcoal bar. My face has never felt so clean. Thank you for such great products.

Verified Purchase
Keisha E. May 11 2022

Game changer

I've used the same brand of soap to wash my face for years and don't get me wrong I loved how it made my skin feel. BUT this facial bar is a game changer. I love the way it cleans, moisturizes, and gently exfoliates my skin. My skin feels so soft and smooth after every use!!! I purchased 2 bars and I'm almost to where I need to order more, it goes a long way.

Tonya W. May 11 2022

Charcoal facial bar

I started using the charcoal facial bar a few months ago and I love it! I haven’t had any breakouts since starting to use the bar.

Lindley M. Apr 09 2022

Never going back to facewash again

Who knew a bar could be so hydrating?! It takes off your makeup so easily and you don’t need a ton of it (which makes it last forever) to get a great lather!

Tiffany  Mar 30 2022

Charcoal bar

I’ve heard charcoal is great for face wash but I’ve never used it until this. It took about a month but the change it has made to my face is crazy! It has totally evened out my redness of my skin and I barely get a breakout anymore. And the smell is phenomenal!

Verified Purchase
Kim W. Mar 18 2022

Love Love Love

I never thought I would like a facial bar! I absolutely love how this bar makes my face so clean and soft! I was afraid it would dissolve fast, but it doesn’t! I have been using a sample size for 3 weeks!! I am so pleased with this product!!!

Lauren S. Mar 13 2022

My Favorite

I LOVE the Charcoal Facial Bar!! I love knowing what I put on my face is really good for it, and it leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft. And best of all? It lasts SO long. I love a low price point that I don't have to constantly replace. There is nothing that I don't love about this facial bar!

Rita  Mar 06 2022

Love this charcoal facial bar

First of all, LOVE that there are no harmful ingredients in it. Leaves my skin feeling very clean and not at all dry. Am on my second bar and the first lasted a long time. Have recommended it to others and everyone really likes it!

Karyn P. Jan 08 2022

Best facial bar ever!

I absolutely love this facial bar! I have uneven skin. After using this, I don’t have to worry about putting a ton of other product on to help with the oil/dryness that is ‘left behind’. Thank you Crunchi for another AMAZING product!!!

Sara B. Dec 19 2021


I’ve used these facial bars for several years now and there are a few reasons why I like them. First of all, I’ve used this product for 2 years almost daily and I’m only on my second bar of soap. My first bar lasted nearly a year and a half! Secondly, I really like how it makes my skin feel. My husband also uses it, and his acne prone skin has improved. I will continue buying this for both myself and my husband and would highly recommend to anyone.

Abbey W. Nov 29 2021

Great Facial Bar that Lasts Forever!

Love this facial bar! It cleanses well and even gets my makeup off pretty good never leaves me feeling dried out or anything. Pairs very well with the facial essence and daylight moisturizer. My skin is mostly dry and it feels awesome on it!

Jess G. Jul 17 2021

Better than any fascial cleaning product I’ve used before

The charcoal bar is hands down one of my favorite products. I use it everyday. My face feels soooo clean and smooth when I’m done with it. It feels like I get every bit of the day off of my face. And I’m more confident when I’m not wearing makeup as this product in combination with the rest of the skincare line has really improved the condition of my skin!! Thank you Crunchi!!

D S. Apr 28 2021

Change is good

I was very scared to change my routine when it comes to my skin. I am gluten sensitive, and have oily skin. I grew up & still occasionally have a "breakout". I have a long story of trying different things many years back and found myself using just water. When the beauty bar came out I was nervous to try it but WOW I am so glad I did. It cleans, and moisturizes with out contributing to my oily skin and causing breakouts but my skin feels like my best skin now and I crave the time to wash it.

Bonnie S. Mar 01 2021

Charcoal Facial Bar

The charcoal facial bar is wonderful! My skin feels so smooth and soft after only two days of using it! Thanks Erika for introducing me to this!! I ??It!!

Robyn M. Feb 22 2021

Magic bar

My pre-teen starting breaking out on her forehead. We used the charcoal facial bar, along with the Clarilight facial essence and it cleared up quickly. It was amazing! I haven’t had any break outs either. So thankful for a product that is safe and works!

Ellie  Sep 14 2020

great for acnne

I had acne for few months for food sensitive and after using these charcoal soap . It like a magic happen , my skin after using this soap become very clear and bright.

Myla  Aug 13 2020


Ive been using this bar for 2 months and wow...ive had maybe 2 pimples since then. My skin has literally been flawless. Combine this with some OTC azeleic acid and youll never break out again (i was getting bad cystic acne around the cheeks and jaw). Be weary though, the black bar has tea tree oil so dont leave it on your face for too long because it will burn it

Haylee S. Jul 31 2020

Charcoal Bar

My face feels absolutely amazing after using this bar! It helped clear up my acne so quick and i couldn’t be happier!

Verified Purchase
Harold H. Jun 02 2020

Nice and Clean

I have always loved different charcoal based facial cleansers, but this one has topped the list. My advocate, Tonya K., sent us some samples, and I fell in love with it. My face hasn’t felt this clean in so long. I have very oily skin and living down here in South Florida, it makes my face even more oily compared to when I lived in Kentucky. Just a little lather on the hands and bammo! Nice and clean! Definitely the best facial cleanser in my book! Using samples, can’t wait for my order!

Lori R. May 29 2020

facial bar

I love the clean feeling on my face. I feel no residue.

Nicole H. May 04 2020

I've converted my husband!

I'm in love with this facial bar. It is light, non-greasy, and thoroughly cleans- leaving my face feeling amazing. My husband used it one time and was hooked as well. Definitely highly recommend.

Jillian  Apr 30 2020

White bar

My aunt gave me a sample of the White facial soap and I absolutely LOVE it!!! My skin has been shining and feels so smooth/soft. I usually don’t like using any facial bars on my face because my face tries out every time and break out but not this bar!!! I have no reaction and it feels amazing; worth it!!

Christy S. Oct 16 2019

Excellent soap!

I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with the charcoal facial bar!!! It doesn’t dry out your skin, it smells so good, there is no greasy feeling or redness afterwards. I’m extremely greatful it’s toxin free and not full of crap that isn’t good for you! I am definitely buying again and looking forward to trying more soaps!

Christy S. Sep 20 2019


My daughter and I both use the charcoal bar. We noticed a little difference with the FIRST use’n Within 5 days we noticed a HUGE difference in both our skin! It leaves your skin so soft and smooth, helps clear your face of breakouts, smells great, and has been the BEST toxin free soap I’ve found!!! I will definitely buy this again ???? I can’t wait to try the other bar!! It’s next on my ordering list!

Verified Purchase
LebaRae H. Sep 19 2019


For years and years and years, I have searched for a great facial soap, or facial cleanser I could use on my sensitive, acne prone skin, and I hadn’t found anything until I used the Crunchi black bar soap. This facial soap is freaking AMAZING! My skin has never felt so smooth, clean, fresh, and light. It doesn’t leave my face dry nor too oily. It’s the perfect combo for my skin. I would recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin, or anyone who is looking for a great facial cleanser. Thank you!

Julia P. Jun 06 2019


I am so IN LOVE with these facial bars! I ordered both and first used the charcoal one for several weeks and fell head over heels. Finally, I opened the gentle facial bar and couldn't believe I loved it even more! It's so smooth and moisturizing, it's my new daily go-to. I'll still use the charcoal one, once a week and use the gentle one EVERY DAY! THANK YOU Crunchi, you've outdone yourself again!

Verified Purchase
Joan H. Jun 02 2019

Not Just for Women Only!

As with all my Crunchi products, I'm loving both facial bars (yes, I use then both even on my mature skin), but today I'm writing to share my husband's story. He works in a harsh, industrial environment and recently began using the Charcoal facial bar twice daily. He says, "I've noticed my skin is much softer and smoother - not dry anymore." So, YAY to Crunchi and YAY to my husband for being skin savvy.

Bethany S. May 28 2019

Cleanse and Hydrate?

I am blown away by the charcoal facial bar! There was truly a difference after one use. My skin felt smoother than it’s felt since I don’t even remember when! I haven’t found it to be drying at all. My skin is fairly “normal” and I occasionally mix in the Replenish soap, just because I don’t have much on my face to wash off. I love them both, but the Cleanse bar, in particular, definitely exceeded expectations!

Verified Purchase
Kris M. May 27 2019

Love them

I had no idea I would love the facial bars as much as I do. My skin feels so clean after using them. They smell incredible. What a perfect addition to the Crunchi Collection.