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Verified Purchase
Pam B. Dec 07 2018

No more breakouts!

I just purchased the Blush Brush #4 & Crave Blush & love them both. Finally a blush that does not cause me to breakout! The brush applies the pigment beautifully & just where I want it.

Michele B. Dec 05 2018

Amazing deal buying the brushes as a gift set!

I do not own all of these brushes but I have used them all thru a consultant and they are SOOOO soft and great quality!

Carin P. Dec 05 2018

Fabulous Brush Set

These brushes are amazing!- So lightweight and helps your foundation to go on flawlessly!- Loving these Crunchi brushes!!

Asusena V. Dec 04 2018

The beautiful gift set of day & night facial cream

When I heard they were having a sale I jump on it! I been eyeing on the day and night cream for a while. So happy I got them, they feel so smooth and lightweight. The results with the crunchi foundation is beyond amazing. I recommend everyone to try this set your skin will love you for it. Xo

Cristina C. Dec 04 2018

Can’t go wrong giving a gift set!

OMG, I love all these gift sets! Gloss and Go- perfect bags for daily use and the lip gloss is the most beautiful color! Brush Set- every girl needs the perfect set of brushes... and here they are!! Blush set- here is the best blush brush paired with my favorite blush, Crave!

Caroline  Dec 02 2018

Gloss & Go Gift Set

Love this luxury bags - it’s well-made and just perfect. The bigger bag has a dedicated spot just for your moisturizer, primer, and foundation... then you can add the rest of your crunchi products. I use the smaller bag to store all my brushes. Plus this gift set comes with a gloss of your choice!

Elizabeth s. Dec 01 2018


Love all these brushes! They are heavy weighted and makes your makeup go on flawlessly! I don’t even feel like I have makeup on!!!!

Jane Y. Nov 30 2018


The foundation goes on so smoothly and makes your face feel so silky and makes you feel beautiful

Kate H. Nov 30 2018

Glowing with Savings

Just getting started with Crunchi, so I bought the Cheeks set with Crave for myself. I am loving it so far! I went to pack up my new Crunchi makeup for Thanksgiving out of town and none of my makeup bags would do, so I took the leap and grabbed the Gloss and Go set so my travels for Christmas would be organized and my new favorite makeup would be protected.

Verified Purchase
Marilyn J. Nov 30 2018

Such a good deal!!

I stock up when Crunchi has a sale, they just don't happen very often. Only Christmas and Mother's Day! Don't miss out.

Jane Y. Nov 29 2018

Santa came early

I love this product. The quality is excellent feels like a professional did my makeup.

Verified Purchase
Rachel G. Nov 29 2018

Gloss and Go gift set

Originally I was just going to order the Jetsetter. I am so glad I ordered this gift set because the smaller bag is perfect for my brushes. I lip gloss looked so broke and I googled the color so I could see it on real lips... love it. I usually don’t wear louder colors but it is very forgiving for those to us who don’t use a mirror to apply lip products throughout the day.

Verified Purchase
Rachel G. Nov 29 2018

Chic Cheeks

You can not go wrong with this gift set. Love the color and the brush.

Crystal .. Nov 29 2018

Foundation Color Match Card

I picked up a couple of gift set which has the color matching card and that was a great help to see which foundation I needed to order. I Recommend Paying the extra 7$ and getting the exact match needed if unknown to you

Janet B. Nov 29 2018

Daytime and Night cream

This is my first time to hear about These products and I am waiting on my order to arrive. I’m very excited because it sounds like exactly what I’ve been looking for for a really long time.

Elgin M. Nov 29 2018

Amazing Holiday gift packs

I ordered your holiday gift pack with the two face creams. It was a great buy for my very favorite face creams. Thanks for offering these great holiday gift packs.

Nancyraquet  Nov 29 2018


Not sticky!!!... love the smooth application and beautiful colors

Kathryn s. Nov 29 2018

An upgrade from Tarte!

Tarte is the best foundation I’ve ever used until this one. What’s funny is that Tarte is considered at Ulta to be one of the healthier options but is no where comparable to this. I was really skeptical when I first ordered because I’ve tried a lot of natural ones and they were all horrible. Organic bunny on Instagram is a really trustworthy blogger though so I gave it a try! I love this foundation I waited the entire month when they were out of restock to order it again. Great product!

Rosa U. Nov 29 2018

Pretty light color

The brush is amazing! Really soft and delivers the color, as far as the color it's a soft pinkish/gold color color i was hoping it would have more shimmer ,but its ok .

Paula  Nov 28 2018

Holiday gift sets

Love the cheeks gift box. Love looking ve the brush

Paula  Nov 28 2018

Holiday gift sets

Love the cheeks gift box. Love looking ve the brush

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