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I AM Polished™

Instantly Polished, Refined, Glowing Skin

Meet your newest skincare obsession, I AM Polished™. This multi-tasking facial exfoliator can be used as a quick exfoliating scrub and as a highly effective 5-minute treatment mask. With a combination of physical and safe chemical exfoliating ingredients, I AM Polished™ gently resurfaces and refines the texture of skin to minimize the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Formulated for all skin types. For best results, please use I AM Polished™ as directed.

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Customer Reviews

Verified Purchase
Shelby G. Jan 02 2023

I am polished

Talk about instant results!!! This is an amazing mask. I use it two- three times a week if I have time and leave on for about 5 minutes! Works amazing!!

Verified Purchase
Julie M. Oct 20 2022

Polished indeed!

The first time that I used I AM Polished I was amazed and had to reach out to my advocate to let her know! My skin was so smooth, just like a baby's bum. CRUNCHI seems to be making my face look younger while the rest of me continues to age. With these results, the price is justifiable. I cannot wait to see what CRUNCHI rolls out next!

Verified Purchase
Ann C. Oct 18 2022


This is the absolute best exfoliator scrub I have EVER used. The pumice used in this formula is the perfect texture. It is not too rough or too soft. It is just the right texture to do a fantastic job exfoliating the skin. My skin was smooth and hydrated after using this. The bonus...it is a clean formula. Hooray for clean beauty that works!!! I wish they sold this by the gallons. :)

Ashley H. Oct 13 2022

First impression

I loved how little of the product is needed to notice a difference! My skin is extremely sensitive and I have rosacea so I am very picky and careful about trying new things! This product is great!

Verified Purchase
Lauren K. Oct 01 2022

My New Favorite Crunchi Product!

I am so in love with polished! It leaves my skin so incredibly smooth and like magic my pores and fine lines look smaller. The best way to describe how amazing this is.... you know when you leave the dentist after a good cleaning? That is how my skin feels after using it. It is so hard not to use it everyday. LOVE LOVE!

Verified Purchase
Karen C. Oct 01 2022

Just right

I received a sample and tried it as just an exfoliant and as a mask. While it wasn’t quite what I’m used to when I think of a mask treatment, I did really like it used both ways and will be purchasing a full size in soon. Like all of the other Crunchi products I’ve used so far, a little bit goes a long way and the light, natural scent was great.

Verified Purchase
Amy C. Oct 01 2022


I was a bit nervous of this bold lavender colored product at first, but no longer! It leaves my skin super smooth and clean. And the smell- heavenly! I’m hooked!

Jen F. Sep 30 2022

Best ever!

Love this! Feels so good, smells so good! It’s like a spa in my house twice a week and I love how soft and smooth my skin is after using it!!

Nicole W. Sep 30 2022

My skin is GLOWING

I loved the softness and smoothness of my skin after the first application, but I feel in LOVE with the LOOK of my skin after my 5th application. My skin has the most beautiful natural glow. I'm able to use less foundation and get a very natural, almost no-makeup look! I could not be more pleased!

Sue S. Sep 30 2022

Leaves your skin feeling fabulous!

I am so thankful that I discovered this product. My friend introduced a group of us to this product at a Crunchi Spa Day and I was immediately hooked. We used as a scrub and then left on as a mask. The light minty fragrance was an added bonus. What a wonderful addition to the awesome Crunchi skin care system!

Casaday L. Sep 30 2022

Baby soft skin!

I love my skincare routine and had no idea I needed this product! The smell is divine, the size and texture of the exfoliating pumice is perfect, AND I love the way my skin looks and feels afterwards! My makeup applies like butter so it’s hard not to use everyday.

Oneida  Sep 30 2022

Totally Obsessed!

I wasn’t ever a big fan of a bunch of skin routines but this has changed my outlook! Smells great, feels great, and instantly felt the difference on my skin! Must have for everyone one!

Anja D. Sep 30 2022


This polish is magical ! I have been using it for about a week every other day and I noticed a drastic change in my skin composition !After moving from Florida to Living in Alaska and having turned 50 this year I have been struggling with clear smooth skin . The bumps on my forehead are clearing up and overall my face looks plump and radiant again! I am so happy .

Anja  Sep 30 2022

Fantastic !

This product is magical - I have been using the polish for about a week now - every other day and have noticed a drastic improvement in my skin already . Living in Alaska and having turned 50 this year really changed my skin composition . The bumps on my forehead are finally getting less, skin feels plump and soft . Glowing and feeling radiant ????

Verified Purchase
Kayla T. Sep 30 2022

My new favorite product!

Crunchi continues to surprise me - I LOVE I Am Polished! My face feels so much smoother and refreshed after using it. It smells amazing and I love having a spa-like treatment with safe ingredients right in my own home!

Verified Purchase
Sofia H. Sep 30 2022

Makes your skin glow!

I was so excited when Crunchi announced they were releasing an exfoliator/mask! They did not disappoint. I absolutely love how it makes my skin feel and it leaves my skin glowing. It smells amazing too!

Verified Purchase
Ashley B. Sep 30 2022

Game changer!????

This exfoliator is seriously a game changer!!! It leaves my skin glowing and gives me such a smooth surface to apply my makeup!! This product is really on another level and I'm OBSESSED!????

KoriY  Sep 30 2022

The best exfoliator

Leaves my skin so soft and smooth! It’s quick and effective. I’ve tried other facial exfoliators but this one is top notch!

Amy O. Sep 30 2022

Feels fantastic

I have used the I am polished exfoliator for a month. I love how smooth my face feels and how hydrated my skin is. I have very dry skin and exfoliators usually dry it out more but this has been amazing.

Brittany S. Sep 30 2022

Spa Visit in a Jar!

I have always loved scrubs, but this product definitely takes it to a new level! As soon as I rubbed it on my skin got warm. Felt like I was at a spa getting a hot oil treatment! My face felt incredibly smooth and soft after washing off. Can’t wait to see the results of long term use!

Kayla W. Sep 30 2022


I've always made my own exfoliator so I was a little hesitant to try I AM Polished, but I'm SOOO glad I did. I didn't think my skin could get any softer but oh my goodness! It's literally so silky smooth and so hard not to use it everyday!!! I AM Polished will always be part of my skincare routine!

Kathryn G. Sep 30 2022

Loving I AM Polished!!

I love love love how soft my skin feels after using it! I have been using it for two weeks now and have definitely noticed less oily skin and a more even complexion. I can’t wait to see what other benefits will come!

Sharon L. Sep 30 2022

You’ve never felt softness like this before!

I was a little unsure about this particular product when it first came out, but after my first try, I was hooked! My skin is crazy soft after using I Am Polished and it’s very evident to me when I have not used it! I’m officially obsessed. Love the light, refreshing smell too!

Verified Purchase
Jennel R. Sep 29 2022

Love it!

I’m new to facial exfoliators, but I absolutely love how soft and smooth my skin feels after using I Am Polished! It definitely takes my skin care routine to a whole new level.

Heidi S. Sep 29 2022


I was so excited when this launched! I love exfoliation and masks! This is a 2 in 1!!! It did NOT disappoint!! I look forward to my day to use it. I love the look, feel, smell! It leaves my skin feeling so soft and gives me an awesome healthy glow! This is a staple to have in your skincare routine! Thank you Crunchi!!

Verified Purchase
Abbey C. Sep 29 2022


So I am not going to lie. I was curious about if this would be too harsh as an exfoliator with my sensitive skin, but you guys! ITS AMAZING and so worth it! Leaves your skin soft, refreshed, looking brand new. Doesn't leave you red or dry at all. I use it twice a week! You need this!

Robyn A. Sep 29 2022

I AM Refreshed

I am obsessed with I AM Polished because it is a like a spa treatment in a jar. I enjoy this clean and gentle exfoliating mask when I need it most- after a long day, when I’m feeling low or when I’m getting ready to look my best. I love leaving it on while I do other self-care - letting all the goodness do it’s work on my skin. I’m hooked on the fresh, firm and glowing look it leaves on my skin.

Ali D. Sep 29 2022

Senior Advocate

I've never had an exfoliator that truly did its job...it smells nice, it goes a long way, reaches every bit of my face and all of my pores, and leaves my skin incredibly smooth and refreshed. You'll noticed a difference in the look and feel of rhe texture, pores, and fine lines after just one use. I use it twice a week as of now. This is a must in your skincare line up!

Coni N. Sep 29 2022

Love this product!

I am polished is my new favorite exfoliator! After I use it I feel like I just left the spa! My skin is soft and smooth and feels so clean and good!! If your thinking about getting this product, do it! You wont regret it!

Vickie H. Sep 29 2022


As a woman with mature skin and brand new to using Crunchi products, I was anxious to try I AM Polished. Let me tell you I AM Polished did not disappoint! Skin changes alot as you get older and after the first time of using this I was shocked. It felt so good on my face! It was gentle enough and left my skin feeling softer, refreshed and my pores felt cleaner as if I had just received a facial spa treatment. Absolutely LOVE this!

Deb T. Sep 29 2022


I just love the polish - my face so smooth and clean after using... It is the best product!

Brogan S. Sep 29 2022

Love it!

My skin is so much smoother and brighter after using this. It's super gentle. My skin is not irritated. Blackheads are going away and pores are so much cleaner.

Verified Purchase
Amy T. Sep 29 2022

I AM Polished

Leaves my skin radiant and silky soft! Great addition to my skin routine.

Paige  Sep 29 2022


Wonderful product! My skin feels amazing after I use this product and looks so bright and radiant following application! I love how it deep cleans and gets all the gunk out and leaves beautifully flawless skin!

Cora R. Sep 29 2022

My new best friend,I am polished!

Okay,I did the application!????I love the aroma,I let it sit 5 or so minutes. It really does a nice job exfoliating,I have a shinier face which means it did a good job. My skincare went on smoother too. It seemed like I didn’t need as much golden lite and day light cream. Over all I am pleased with it. I can’t wait to try it on my arms and legs once to see how it does. Thanks so much for this product????

Danielle  Sep 29 2022

So smooth!

I love how you can use this quickly as an exfoliator or longer as a mask. Super effective and you don’t need much! Keep it out of light and heat or it gets some discoloration.

Phyllis  Sep 29 2022

Love it!

I was given a sample to try. I love it so far. Never been one to use something like this before. I have rosacea and your products have done wonders for me. But this helped to scrub off all the skin left behind by my bumps and in between them with ease, not having to scrub hard and make it worse. Thanks!

Amanda N. Sep 29 2022

Fantastic product!

I have been using this product for a few weeks now and I cannot say enough how much it has helped my skin. It helped surface some deeper blemishes that have now cleared. My skin is softer and younger looking. I’ve also been using it on my 9 year old’s keratosis pilaris that he has on his back. It has been clearing those out much faster than any product we’ve tried (and we tried the awful prescription stuff from the doctor with no luck). I love that Crunchi is safe enough to use for my son.

Verified Purchase
Brooke O. Sep 29 2022

I'm in LOVE! I din't know I needed this in my life till now, and Now I do NOT want to go without!

I'm absolutely Blown Away!! Crunchi never fails to provide amazing products with Amazing Results! But this produce seriously has blown me away! It is truly amazing! I didn't know I needed this so much. So gentle and smells amazing and my face is seriously as smooth as silk after using this. I can't wait to see how my skin continues to improve over time with using the I Am Polished!

Korie D. Sep 29 2022

I am polished

It should be I am porcelain ha it is wonderful! I love it!

Stephanie W. Sep 29 2022

It smells so good and leaves my skin so soft.

I just love the sparkle and light scent in this product. I use it with my other wonderful skin care routine and it helps give me a healthy glow.

Kate G. Sep 29 2022


This exfoliator goes on smoothly, it is non-drying, and leaves a fresh, soft face! Wonderful addition to the Crunchi family of products!

Heather S. Sep 29 2022

Skin feels smooth and looks dewy

I love how smooth my skin feels and looks dewy after using the polished. I follow it up with clarilight, daylight, and powerlight.

Audrey S. Sep 29 2022

Amazing Exfoliation!

Absolutely amazed at the cleansing power of this scrub! It feels gritty when you first rub it on, but within minutes I was able to wash away dead skin cells. My face was so soft and smooth after I was finished! Definitely will be part of my weekly routine!

Elizebeth M. Sep 29 2022


I have been using I AM POLISHED for a few weeks now and I absolutely fell in love with this product. My face glows and feels so clean and soft!

Rhonda  Sep 28 2022

Really nice!

I received a sample from my friend Kim Koverman. I loved how it made my skin feel, the clean scent, AND how quick the process was!! I will definitely be purchasing a jar in the near future!! Great job, Crunchi!!

Tori  Sep 28 2022

Love it!

I recently purchased this and my skin feels amazing. I have loved all of the Crunchi products so far!

Verified Purchase
Taylor C. Sep 28 2022

LOVE this product!

Been using this every 2-3 days for the past month and i can 100% tell a difference in my skin. It is SO much softer, feels more even, and makes my makeup look lots smoother. And i know the skincare is soaking in better too! LOVE this new exfoliator! and a little bit goes a long way too! Looks like I've hardly even used any.

Laura R. Sep 28 2022

A Sensory Experience l Love!!!

I AM Polished is such a beautiful sensory experience I get to enjoy twice a week! From the lovely shade of lilac, the cool, smooth feel when I dip into it, to the clean, fresh feeling it leaves when I wash it off, all in just 5 minutes! Don’t think there is any way to improve on it! Oh, and the fact that it is toxin free and is in sustainable packaging adds to the good feelings!!!

Dorothy G. Sep 28 2022


The face produces are awesome I don’t need Face injections anymore

Verified Purchase
Autumn L. Sep 28 2022


This facial exfoliator is true MAGIC! I honestly thought the pores on my cheeks were always going to be larger and I had fully accepted that. Within just ONE USE of this product, they were noticeably smaller! I have been using this product 3 times a week for a few weeks now and the improvements in my skin are shocking - smooth, soft, clear! All of the skincare products have helped balance out my dry and oily spots while helping clear up acne and make the acne marks and age spots less apparent!

Natalie H. Sep 28 2022

Love it!!

This is a 5 star product! My pores are shrinking, skin is so soft and the smell is the topper on the cake!!

Verified Purchase
Lacey W. Sep 28 2022

Two-in-One! Yes!

I absolutely love products that can serve multiple functional purposes and this beauty packs a punch! I love the feeling of my skin after the physical and chemical exfoliant process. My esthetician commented today on how amazing my skin looked and it know it's because I've added this to my routine.

Debbie M. Sep 28 2022

I AM Polished

I love this product! Use 3-4 times a week. My skin feels so soft! Thanks for your great products!

Debbie M. Sep 28 2022

I AM Polished

I love this product, being using 3 or 4 times a week, leaves my skin very soft!

Verified Purchase
Heather L. Sep 28 2022

Senior Advocate

Polished is amazing! Not only refreshing and nourishing on the face, but each time I wash it off after application, I have to say WOW, what a difference!! And I keep getting compliments, so others notice a visible difference as well.

Carolyn B. Sep 28 2022

I am polished

I Am Polish is easy to use. Smells wonderful! My face feels so soft after using. So glad Crunchi came into my life! Great clean products!

Monica  Sep 28 2022


I am really enjoying this product! I love how gentle, yet effective the exfoliator is on my face. I also like how I can make it more abrasive by using a little more if I want. The smell is pleasant and I know this will be a product that lasts a long time considering the tiny amount you need to use. So far, I have been using every other day and my face feels so smooth and ready for my routine products after! The bonus of leaving on for 5 minutes adds extra moisture to my face, love it!

Verified Purchase
Jessica R. Sep 28 2022

Smooth as Silk

I absolutely love I am Polished. I can't wait for my exfoliating days because my skin feels so soft and smooth afterwards. My makeup seems to apply better and I feel like the skincare absorbs better after using the I am Polished. It doesn't leave my skin red or irritated and the smell is absolutely beautiful. You can get the full spa experience right from home!

Lyndsey K. Sep 28 2022

Where has this product been?

Y’all! I love this so much, my mom has stolen mine, my husband, everyone. It has helped my skincare and makeup absorp and go on so much smoother too. Game changing for your skin!

Carrie M. Sep 28 2022


this product is amazing! the immediate smoothness and healthy glow you get as well as the long term results from continual use is just wonderful! I definitely recommend this product!!

Amanda W. Sep 28 2022


This exfoliating powerhouse is changing my skin in a big way! My skin literally glows since using it. My pores are smaller and my face is smoother! You can’t go wrong with I AM POLISHED.

S. U. Sep 28 2022


I have hated all exfoliants in the past. I felt they were so abrasive and even left a paper cut feel on my skin at times even if I was gentle. I LOVE the I AM POLISHED because it’s so finely ground and gentle. It does it’s job and more! Because of the ingredients it has, I can either exfoliate or just leave it on my face as a mask or both and it leaves skin totally rejuvenated and radiantly glowing and smooth! Lessens the appearance is those dreaded large pores! It’s simply amazing!

Marsha K. Sep 28 2022

I AM Polished review

I absolutely love the I AM Polished. The exfoliator is so gentle yet so effective. Of course in true Crunchi fashion, it has the best and safest ingredients ever. My skin is glowing and adding this product to my Crunchi routine has my skin looking and feeling fabulous! Thank you so much for continuing to making such clean products for us.

Gayle S. Sep 28 2022


Oh my goodness this exfoliator is amazing! You can actually feel and see the difference after one use. I love the subtle fragrance and so enjoy the way my skin feels with a touch of spearmint!

Verified Purchase
Crystal F. Sep 28 2022

Love it!

Now I use it every 4 days works best for me. Absolutely love the way my skin feels.

Laura S. Sep 27 2022

At home spa feeling

Love using I AM Polished as I feel like I'm at the spa when using this amazing product with the way it feels and smells. I had never used an exfoliator before but absolutely love this one for a first time user of an exfoliator.

Angie K. Sep 27 2022


I am new to Crunchi and have tried just about every product out there as far as face scrubs go. Love how well this exfoliates my skin and immediate and noticeable results! Love!

Verified Purchase
Kameryn G. Sep 27 2022

Pleased with performance!

Trying to find a truly clean exfoliator and facial mask can be daunting. For years I was using another brand facial scrub that was mostly clean because I couldn’t find anything else I felt comfortable applying to my face. Crunchi filled the gap again! Using I Am Polished twice a week, I’ve noticed my skin is softer, brighter and my Goldenlight applies even better than it did before I Am Polished was available. If you’re looking for a clean brightening scrub/facial mask, this one is worth a try.

Beverly M. Sep 27 2022

I Am Polished

Love how it was not like scrubbing sand on my face, but like a sweet treat on my skin.

Verified Purchase
Ellen Jean C. Sep 27 2022

In love with I Am Polished!

I absolutely love I Am Polished! I use it a few times a week and the gentle exfoliator leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. And I love the fresh scent and clean ingredients.

Jeana T. Sep 27 2022

I Am Polished and so happy

I have made DIY sugar scrubs and had a little success…. This I AM POLISHED is a game changer! My skin was instantly smoother the first time I used it! I love that it doubles as a mask and I get amazing results in just 5 minutes! I also need less facial serum and moisturizers now and my skin is better than ever!

DL  Sep 27 2022

Great scrub

Great for exfoliating however I will be more gentle with it next time on my sensitive skin.

Verified Purchase
Kelly T. Sep 27 2022

They’ve done it again

I’ve used other scrubs in the past only to have reactions from all of them!! I was given a sample of this from my advocate and immediately ordered my own. I love how it doesn’t dry my super sensitive skin out. It makes my face feel clean and refreshed.

Verified Purchase
Lisa M. Sep 27 2022

I cannot Live without You

For me I am Polished with its Butterfly Pea Flower extract and pumice with Glycolic lactic and fruit acids have help clean and clear my skin, as well as hydrate plump and brighten my complexion. Fine lines and discoloration have improved immensely. I am also using I am Polished on my back which is helping clean and clear the skin along my hair line. Who doesn’t need a little back scrub? I cannot Live without you I Am Polished.

Shirley R. Sep 27 2022

I glow!

My skin is just glowing and I am getting so many compliments that my skin looks radiant. I love this product....it is truly amazing and has made such a huge difference. Thank you!

Becky M. Sep 27 2022


Great product ! Left my skin soft and glowing. The smell is amazing and calming. I am excited to add I am polished to my skin care routine.

Sara F. Sep 27 2022

Amazingly smooth!

I absolutely love the way this product makes my skin feel. And look! Very “polished” and bright.

Stacie K. Sep 27 2022

Great even for my skin with rosacea!

I'm always nervous to add new products into my routine since I have very sensitive skin and rosacea. I patch tested it first with no irritation so I went for it! I only use a small amount every few days ... I rub in small circles VERY gently and let it sit as a mask for 2 minutes. When I rinse, my skin feels literally like SILK!! I'm obsessed with exfoliation day now! My pores have never been so happy!

Shannon S. Sep 27 2022

My skin approves!

I have pretty sensitive skin. I usually can’t use any scrub or mask on my face because it causes redness and irritation. BUT, the I am polished does not. My skin feel so clean, fresh and silky smooth after using! Absolutely love. Great addition to the Crunchi collection!

Kristi  Sep 27 2022

Soft Skin

I've been using I Am Polished for a few weeks now and really enjoy how good my skin feels for days afterwards. I apply for 3-5 minutes about 2-3 times a week and my skin is so soft and my makeup is applying better than ever. I do have fairly sensitive skin and it does cause redness that lasts up to an hour, so I only use at night.

Maria B. Sep 27 2022

Makes my skin so clear and soft!

This is an amazing product! My skin just glows after I use it. It keeps my skin clear and radiant. I like to exfoliate once a week and this product has been perfect

Verified Purchase
Angelene C. Sep 27 2022

Polished indeed!

I have been using this for about a month now. I was a little nervous at first because I have somewhat sensitive skin but I use it every other day and haven’t had any issues at all. I LOVE this stuff! My face is so incredibly soft and it glows! I love the smell of it too! Makes me feel like I’m at the spa but without harsh chemicals. I feel polished every time I use this!

Verified Purchase
Jennifer B. Sep 27 2022

Love I am polished !!

For anyone that deals with acne and uses retina a to encourage skin turnover and exfoliation ,this is a must. It has replaced my retina . Really keeps my skin exfoliated and dewy soft without the harshness . Discontinued my retina over a month ago and am not having breakouts . Love this product so much.

Angie  Sep 27 2022

Love this product!

So glad Crunchi added I AM Polished to their product lineup. It feels great on my skin and the results are amazing!

Hillary D. Sep 26 2022


I LOVE this scrub, exactly what my routine has been missing. Seriously though, just go ahead and buy it. It’s my fav. ??

Elanna T. Sep 26 2022

Love It!!!!!

I absolutely love the exfoloiator it's scrubby but not too scrubby and it leaves my skin absolutely glowing

Courtney C. Sep 26 2022

I am Polished!

I absolutely love the I am polished from Crunchi. It makes my skin feel so fresh and clean. My face feels silky smooth and I love the clean smell. I love having a clean exfoliating product. Thanks Crunchi for continuing to offer more clean options for woman’s beauty products! Well done! ??

Verified Purchase
Jessica L. Sep 26 2022

The missing piece to my skincare routine!

I absolutely LOVE I Am Polished! I’ve been on the search for a toxin-free facial exfoliator for years and never found one that met my ingredient standards and actually worked! This product makes my skin feel so smooth and look brighter! I love it so much I want to use it everyday! I also feel like the rest of ny skincare just soaks into my skin so much better after using I Am Polished! Thanks for another amazing product Crunchi!

Verified Purchase
Natalie H. Sep 26 2022


I am in love with this product. I have been dealing with adult acne for several years and I am so happy that I have found this product. It has helps to reduce my scars and improved the overall appearance of my skin. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth. Love this product so much!

Verified Purchase
Jennifer W. Sep 26 2022

Gentle, my face feels so soft!

I'm so happy CRUNCHI came out with this exfoliator. It's a great complement to the other skin care. I love how its gentle, not rough and my face feels so smooth and healthy afterwards. I rub it in and then leave it on for 5 min and then wash it off. My face feels great!

Cassidy W. Sep 26 2022

Magic in a bottle

Everyone needs this. I didn't know I needed it until I fell in love with this product. Makes your skin feel so soft but light enough to not irritate it or become too dry

Christine R. Sep 26 2022


Omg the smell is amazing! My face is always so smooth after using this! I use every other day and loving it! ??

Angie B. Sep 26 2022


The I am Polished exfoliator is absolutely fantastic! You only have to use a little bit of product - and I’m one who usually never believes that statement but it’s true! Never have I used so little to get such big results - smooths skin, great fragrance, and I just feel so refreshed! Thank you, Crunchi!

Courtney L. Sep 26 2022

Love this product

I Am Polished is amazing! I am so happy to have this as part of my skin care routine. My face feels so smooth and refreshed after each use.

Jessica J. Sep 26 2022

Love it!

When I took that I am polished off for the first time I literally remember saying “ooooo” out loud my skin was soooo smooth!

Gayle M. Sep 26 2022


To tell you the truth, I wasn't planning on purchasing, as I was very happy with the rest of the Crunchi line, I didn't think it could get any better, until I saw Kelly's live demo virtually! And I said to myself, "if it can make her already beautiful skin, even better. I had a shot at it. And it did not disappoint!

Kim K. Sep 26 2022


This is the most unique scrub I ever tried! Takes off dead skin, leaves skin soft and moisturized! My face does not feel raw after using it and my complexion looks smooth!

Deborah B. Sep 26 2022


I have finally found something that works for me, I love the way my pores look so much better and how clean my skin feels. My skin feels so soft and I feel like it is glowing after I use my Polish. I just have an AWE moment when I use it. I am on that Polish train for sure.

Danielle D. Sep 26 2022

My skin has never been smoother!

I am so impressed with this product, from the first use I noticed a huge difference in how smooth my skin is. It takes suchhhh a small amount to do a mask so it’s a great price per use. Love it!

Bonnie R. Sep 26 2022


I AM Polished left me amazed & obsessed. It smells soooooo good, & it leaves my skin glowing & looking fabulous!

Marlise  Sep 26 2022


I wish I could attach photos to this review because I still am wowed by how smooth my skin looks after a few treatment with this amazing polish. It smells amazing, goes on beautifully, and leaves my skin glowing and smooth. I can’t get enough of this polish. I’d bathe in it if I could. Another amazing product, Crunchi! Thank you!

Heather R. Sep 26 2022

Best exfoliator - hands down!

Omg! Talk about dreamy goodness for your face! After 5 minutes, my skin feels smooth and soft and my makeup just closes on after exfoliating. I wish I could use it everyday, it’s that good! Don’t wait. Grab it now and add it to all of Crunchi’s anti-aging goodness!

Kellie M. Sep 26 2022

My Skin Feels AMAZING

My skin feels absolute amazing after using this product. I use it 2 times a week.

Travis O. Sep 26 2022


Leaves my skin smooth and soft.

Kellie O. Sep 26 2022


I just love this scrub. It doesn't irritate my skin and leaves it glowing and so smooth! Highly recommend!

Lorrie  Sep 26 2022

Give me all the I Am Polished

I Am Polished is the most amazing product I’ve used on my face! It is a Game Changer! I love how my skin feels after even just one use! So, incredibly soft and fresh feeling! I recommend it to everyone I know!! Love it!

Cindi m. Sep 26 2022

Love it!

Greta product! My skin is more definitely more “polished.” It also looks more moisturized after I use it. My 10 year old daughter also has used it just around her nose for the tiny blackheads she gets with great results as well. Thrilled to have this amazing product.

Verified Purchase
Tiffany H. Sep 26 2022


This exfoliate is the best I’ve ever used!!! My skin feels amazing after each use. I love the color too!!

Verified Purchase
Lindley M. Sep 26 2022

Facial in a Jar!

I’ve used a few different exfoliators and face masks over the years. And none of them perform to the level of I am Polished! My face felt so smooth and so soft and it made my makeup go on flawlessly! You can tell it’s working because the day after I had a few little breakouts but that just meant it was pulling the toxins out of my skin! So happy with this product!

Verified Purchase
Morgan H. Sep 26 2022

The only exfoliator I'll ever use!

My skin is super sensitive to the point where I was cautious of even trying this exfoliator..but it DOES NOT disappoint! It is soo gentle and unlike anything I'd used prior, and works so well that I now have received atleast a compliment a week since I started using it on how soft and healthy my skin looks. Truly I'd hard not to use every day! It's a skin routine MUST!

Verified Purchase
Amanda A. Sep 26 2022

I am Polished..No! I’m impressed!

It took me a couple months to finally pull the trigger on this exfoliating mask! I was cautious, anxious because my Skin sensitivity and didn’t feel like I needed it anyway in fear I would break out….I WAS WRONG! Not only is it smooth on my skin, but my makeup application is sooooo much better!!!! Im seeing true results! No harsh chemicals, and no burning or reaction for my face! Crunchi does it AGAIN!!!!! Im amazed by all their products really am!

Courtney  Sep 26 2022

The BEST exfoliator I’ve ever used!!

It makes my skin feel so soft and clean afterwards! It’s also such a fun product for a few minutes of self- care or for a girls spa day/night! The beautiful color and light refreshing scent are incredible too! ????

Megan N. Sep 26 2022

I'm a believer

Truth be told, I didn't believe in skincare before. I never used a product that caused a noticeable difference in my skin. Enter I Am Polished. I cannot believe how soft my skin is after using this!! I think I've just never used a quality product before - I can't wait to try more skincare from Crunchi!

Melissa L. Sep 25 2022

Best skincare product ever!!!

Obsessed is an understatement!!! I am polished makes my face feel so clean and soft. It smells soo good and is so pretty! What I love the most is that the results are instantaneous. I can see my pores are visibly reduces and like I said, my skin feels SOO soft..as soft as my baby son's skin and that feeling lasts for hours. This stuff is amazing. This product is a MUST have for everyone!!!

Stephanie S. Sep 25 2022

Soooo Gooood!

The smell is Heavenly and my face feels amazing after each use. My makeup goes on so much better and my skin has never felt this good!

Lisa O. Sep 25 2022

Radiant Results

Before “I am Polished”, exfoliating was kind of like flossing my teeth… I knew I was supposed to do it regularly, but I was generally pretty sporadic about it (i.e. when winter dragon skill was in full effect). Now I have to control myself & not do it more than the recommended couple times per week because the results are immediate & almost addictive! I also love that it’s both a physical exfoliator as well as a gentle & non-toxic chemical exfoliator- the best of both worlds for lasting results!

Verified Purchase
Roxanne B. Sep 25 2022

Must have!

I love every single Crunchi product, but I LOVE this one! My skin is so soft and my pores are visibly smaller. Definitely a great addition to my Crunchi skin care routine.

Stacey  Sep 14 2022


OMG. This is the BEST facial exfoliater I’ve ever used and I’ve used a lot in my 68 yrs, I even made my own. This product goes on smoothly and evenly, I can actually feel my skin tightening up. I rub it in a little and let it sit for about 15 minutes. I use a warm facecloth to wash it off and immediately can see and feel the difference. Love this product, you have to try it.

Kathy K. Aug 30 2022

Loving this!

I have been using I Am Polished for a little over a week every other day. I use it in the shower. I wash my face, pat it dry then lightly massage I Am Polished onto my face in a circular motion. I let it sit as a mask while I wash the rest of my body. My face looks smoother, feels soft, and my pores look smaller! Another benefit I’m seeing is my skincare and makeup go on smoother as well.

Camille B. Aug 27 2022

Performs better than professional exfoliants!

I'm a Skin Therapist and have to give this product 5 stars! I used it for the first time yesterday, and I was remarkably impressed by its performance. Many exfoliants have the tendency to leave the skin feeling tight and dry after rinsing, but because of the skin soothing ingredients like glycerin and green tea in this product, skin remains hydrated- not to mention the beautiful glow! This may be the most effective exfoliant I've ever used!

Verified Purchase
Melanie D. Aug 26 2022

Too harsh for my sensitive skin

I was so excited about this product, by very disappointed with it once I tried it. I used only a very small amount, and I made sure to massage it in very lightly and gently for about 30 seconds. Once I stopped massaging, I could immediately a stinging. Perhaps it was the spearmint or the pumice was too much...either way, it was not good for my sensitive skin. And the spearmint came through in the smell overwhelmingly, and that is not a smell I like at all. I will not be ordering this again.

Jess G. Aug 25 2022

An absolute must have!!

I ordered I Am Polished as soon as I could, as I’ve been waiting for Crunchi to put out this type of product. I use all of the skincare and makeup products that Crunchi offers and this was the icing on the cake. I use it a few times a week and my skin is amazingly soft afterwards. And I notice that my makeup application is even smoother after using it. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great natural exfoliating gel!!

Ashley D. Aug 24 2022


I’m obsessed with this new product. I use it every other day in the am to get rid of all of the dead skin so my makeup applies evenly. My skin has never felt better!

Rebecca A. Aug 23 2022

I am Polished

After just one use I had immediate results. My makeup was so much smoother and my face looked refreshed. The next day at work I even had a coworker who stated how smooth my face was. Less dominant lines were noticeable as well.

Debbie K. Aug 23 2022

Purple Power!

Love my I AM Polished exfoliator. My skin has never felt smoother and I only need a little product of my next steps in skin care! My makeup looks flawless and my skin feels so good! Thank you for adding this beautiful product to our skin care line up!

Verified Purchase
Anabelle J. Aug 22 2022


Obsessed with product! Great addition to any skin care routine.

Anabelle J. Aug 21 2022


Obsessed with this product!! My skin is glowing after just using it once

Verified Purchase
Tiffany K. Aug 20 2022

I am polished

I am polished? More like I am obsessed! I have very textured skin and it’s never been ‘smooth’ and after one use and leaving it on for the recommended 5 minutes I can already tell a difference. The color is beautiful, the texture is like no other exfoliator I’ve tried, the beads are so tiny and don’t feel abrasive, and the minty smell leaves your skin smelling and feeling so clean! Crunchi, you ladies knocked this out of the park!

Paola L. Aug 19 2022

Great alternative to St Ives

Yes I know ewww St. Ives. No I don’t use it anymore but I have found that other exfoliates were way too gentle to provide any real exfoliation. I love the exfoliating pumice in this formula that provide a deep scrub for my deep pores. I also love that I trust the ingredients. The only con in my book was that the scent while pleasant was very strong!

Deborah H. Aug 19 2022


I used I Am Polished for the first time today. My face feels so smooth and looks better with only one use. I can’t wait to add this to my routine and see the long term results!

Lindsay  Aug 19 2022


I used the I Am Polished exfoliator for the first time today. The exfoliating aspect alone was better than other masks I have used. My skin felt clean and refreshed afterwards. I felt like my pores were finally cleaned out. I’ll be adding this into my regular rotation.

Verified Purchase
Samantha S. Aug 17 2022


For years I made my own sugar scrubs because I didn't like how store bought masks and exfoliators made my skin feel or I was too sensitive to the fragrance. I am OBSESSED with this product and can not get over how soft my skin feels! Legit like a babys butt and applying your skincare products afterwards feels like im touching glass or something my face is so smooth!