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My Alibi® Concealer + Primer

My Alibi® Concealer + Eye Primer instantly helps to conceal blemishes and dark circles while smoothing the appearance of the skin. This high-coverage concealer doubles as an eye primer, delivering enhanced eyeshadow pigment that stays in place all day long!

Selecting your shade:

Depending on personal concealing and brightening preferences we have created a guide for the perfect concealer selection:


  • For fair to light complexions with neutral undertones.
  • Works for Crunchi Beautifully Flawless Foundation shades 01, 02, and 2.5.


  • For light to medium complexions with neutral undertones.
  • Works for Crunchi Beautifully Flawless Foundation shades 02, 2.5, and 03.


  • For medium to tan complexions with warm neutral undertones.
  • Works for Crunchi Beautifully Flawless Foundation shades 03, 04, and 05.


  • For tan complexions with golden neutral undertones.
  • Works for Crunchi Beautifully Flawless Foundation shades 04, 05, and 06.


  • For tan to deep complexions with warm neutral undertones.
  • Works for Crunchi Beautifully Flawless Foundation shades 06, 07, and 08.


  • For deep complexions with neutral undertones.
  • Works for Crunchi Beautifully Flawless Foundation shades 08 and 09.

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Customer Reviews

Becky  Jun 29 2022

I'm shocked at the positive reviews

I've used dozens of concealer brands over the years for personal use and for clients when I did wedding makeup. This is right up there with the worst I've ever used. I'd definitely pass on this for under eye concealer, which is what I wanted it for, it doesn't blend easily, causing tugging and pulling, and when you do get it to blend, it doesn't really work well at all. Trying it on a few blemishes, same results. Minimal coverage, making me wonder why I even bothered.

Verified Purchase
Rebecca G. Jun 07 2022


This is hands down the BEST Concealer I have ever had!! It helps that puffiness and darkness over and around your eyes disappear!! Yes, it’s a must have and don’t forget the brush!! CRUCHI brushes so WONDERFULLY target each area perfectly

Savannah B. Jun 06 2022

Settles into fine lines & transfers a lot

Giving this three stars since it is nontoxic and blends well for a cream. But overall, I was not very impressed with this concealer. First of all, I wish crunchi had a liquid concealer option as I find that the cream ends up transferring a lot. Also I wish they had more shade options for all products. Most concerning, I felt that it doesn’t conceal as well as I want it to and it settled into fine lines under my eyes that I didn’t even know I had until I used this (I’m 25 for reference!).

Jennifer  Jun 05 2022

Eye primer and concealers

I love how it cover my dark areas around my eyes. So happy to find crunchi products I could never go back.

Verified Purchase
Sharon S. May 27 2022

Bye Bye Tired Eyes

I love this concealer. Great coverage of my dark shadows. It stays put all day and I don't feel like I am wearing anything. Bonus that it is an eye primer. Win, win in my book.

Ashley P. Mar 19 2022


I am obsessed with this concealer. I’m prone to acne which with acne comes redness. This concealer covers my acne/ redness so well! And even with everyday use, the pot of concealer lasts me about 6 months. My favorite concealer on the market!

Robbie  Mar 06 2022

Not crazy about this concealer

Love many of the Crunchi products but not crazy about this concealer. It needs to be applied over a cream as it is very dry in the container. My dark eye circles are still apparent through the concealer. I use the Crunchi foundation as a concealer which is more effective than this product sold for this purpose.

Katelyn S. Jan 10 2022

The best!

Another multiplayer in the crunchi line. I use this for dark spots, dark under my eyes, and on my eyes. This lightens my eyes and if I choose to use eyeshadow it makes it look soo good and stays put for the entire day! Love this primer!

Alexis  Dec 29 2021

I like it

I like this concealer but I feel like it settles into the wrinkles around my eyes.

Christa A. Dec 11 2021

The best in the universe

I have tried foundation’s, concealers, tinted moisturizer and everything in between. This is the absolute best most versatile product I have ever used. For reference, I have combo skin, but mostly oily. I live in Florida and deal with heat and humidity 10 months out of the year. This (with the Crunchi setting powder) are the onlllyyyyy complexion products I can use year round. It looks natural with buildable medium high coverage. I use it all over as almost a foundation. I could go on and on!

Angela  Jun 03 2021


I was excited to try this as I have extremely dark circles and have tried many concealers. When I received my purchase I used Nars@ as my control on my right eye as I tested my-alibi@ on my left. The concealer covered as well as a drug store brand but my eye circles were easily seen through the concealer. My husband viewed the 2 concealers applied without knowing and said the "my-alibi" eye was noticbly darker. It was also heavy and sticky from oils making it pull on the skin while blending.

Amanda  Feb 17 2021

It's just so easy!

Finally a concealer that delivers enough coverage and blends so beautifully that it can be worn alone without putting on a full face of makeup. This is a must have for a more natural beauty look.

Verified Purchase
Joan H. Jul 31 2020

Great Product!

The biggest reason I love this new product is that it doesn't move! It also provides good coverage and can be used to brighten, highlight, and prep your eyelids for shadows, etc. Highly recommend.

Danielle G. Jul 13 2020

So Lightweight!

I love this formula so much! It sits nicely on the skin and doesn't feel like I am wearing any, but still has max coverage. It's wonderful!

Cindy B. Jul 10 2020

Alibi Concealer

I really love the new concealer after using it every day for the past week. It lives up to all the reviews I have read. So happy I heard about it!

JoAnn S. Jul 08 2020

My Alibi Concealer + Eye Primer

This concealer is amazing! I battle with a dark blue pigment on the inner corners of my eyes and this totally covers them. Plus it smooths out the little fine lines around my eyes. The bonus is that my eyeshadow stays on all day without creasing!

Ginny E. Jul 08 2020

Awesome 2-in-1 product!!

This concealer is soooo good! I have dark circles with a purple hue and have always struggled to fully conceal them. This concealer makes them disappear without looking casey or creasing. It also makes my eyelids so smooth for putting my shadows on. Great wear and so happy with mine!!