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My Alibi Concealer

No more hiding tired eyes or caking over unwanted blemishes, My Alibi Concealer offers a creamy alternative where you need it most.  This buildable formula allows you to set the tone for coverage. No stress, no fuss, just concealed perfection every time.

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Customer Reviews

Jackie G. Jan 23 2020

My Alibi Concealer

As I have aged (I am almost a Senior - yikes!), I have acquired small red spots and sun spots on my cheeks. I have tried several other concealers and none have covered as well as My Alibi!!!! I also absolutely love the creamy texture as it glides on so smoothly! So happy to have discovered Crunchi!!!!

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Mandi W. Nov 01 2019

Love!! Must have!

This concealer is light but has the coverage to take care of dark circles and unwanted blemishes! I also LOVE that it blends well!

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Kelly U. Sep 27 2019

Poor Pigment

I was hoping for a clean concealer and found this to lack coverage for dark undereye circles. It felt like more of a balm than a creamy full coverage concealer.

NJmomOf3  Dec 06 2018

Great for under eye coverage

I love the concealer for under eye coverage. I have very sensitive skin and had excellent results with it. Highly recommend!

Christine B. Dec 05 2018

So creamy!

I love how creamy these are and how well they brighten up my eyes on tired days! All moms need this!

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Catherine N. Dec 05 2018

Dream Cream Concealer

This is the best concealer I have ever used! Please use the #6 concealer brush to apply! It's a lifesaver for the occasional blemish or redness! It's good to use a shade lighter than your foundation color.

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Melanie G. Dec 04 2018

The right balance

This concealer has a great balance, great coverage without being too oily or drying the skin too much. Love it!

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Amy N. Dec 04 2018

The Best Concealer EVER!

Hands down the best concealer I have ever owned. And the Number 6 brush to apply...these two are my secret weapons! As a mom of two littles and never getting enough sleep, I found it difficult to find a concealer that would actually work. Even on my most tired days, I feel like when I look at myself, I could conquer the world! It brightens, provides coverage AND feels amazing on my skin!

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Tatiana T. Dec 04 2018

Conceal all my blemishes and be my best friend

When the concealer makes me look blemish free, I’m a happy gal. Red blemishes disappear under my Crunchi concealer, before or after I put on my foundation. So thankful I can feel safe and beautiful with Crunchi.

Brittni S. Dec 04 2018

Conceals like a Pro

Finally a concealer that works! My dark circles thank you for such a great concealer!

Paulina  Dec 04 2018

Clean cover

This concealer is amazing and has minimal ingredients, all clean and toxin free; which is great for sensitive skin or acne prone skin. I’ve had terrible break outs and ever since using this concealer I seen such an improvement in my skin, blemishes, and it just boosts my confidence. I will say though, with it being coconut oil based it leaves a glossy look. So the finishing powder comes in handy when wanting to accomplish a matte look.

Brenna  Dec 03 2018


I’ve tried tons of concealers and this is far and away my favorite! I love the easy, natural coverage and what an amazing multitasker this is. The staying power is fantastic- absolutely no need to reapply throughout the day. The moisture it provides for my undereye area is also great- no caking, flaking, or settling into fine lines.

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Vicki S. Dec 03 2018


I love this concealer!! I am in my late 50's and am using concealer for the first time. It goes on so naturally and smoothly. Stays on all day and blends great with my Crunchi foundation

Kiara  Dec 03 2018

Works well as an eyeshadow base

As a concealer this leaves something to be desired, I felt the foundation does just as good a job, but this works amazing as a base for making eyeshadow last all day and all night! Make sure you set with the powder or it will create.

Ananda D. Dec 03 2018


This concealer does not disappoint! Helps hide my tired eyes and any blemishes I may have! It’s suler lightweight, easy to put on, and stays in place all day!!

Kara  Dec 03 2018


The best concealer I've ever used. It's so smooth and blends beautifully!

Amanda P. Dec 03 2018


So smooth, creamy and stays put all day! Feels great on my skin and dies a great job lightening dark spots and blemishes as well as brightening up the eyes.

Christine S. Dec 03 2018


The creamy texture of the concealer makes the application of this product very easy. The coverage is great and blends well with the foundation.

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Lianne S. Dec 03 2018


I am a heavy concealer user, particularly for dark under eye circle and this stuff is amazing! Never feels cakey no matter how much I put on. Also doesn’t slide off my face and feel greasy like most cleaner brands I’ve tried. I like to pair this with the Marilyn lipstick for color correcting my undereyes!

AmberG  Dec 02 2018

Not a fan

I really wanted to love the concealer but unfortunately it is dewy, shiny, and does not set well. I tried to use it under my eyes and on my eyelids but it creased terribly. And it did not offer good coverage on my blemishes:(

Peggy D. Dec 02 2018

Dark circles be gone!

This concealer does a wonderful job of covering up my dark circles under my eyes. I’m going to get one of the lighter shades in order to do some highlighting that I have seen in your tutorials.

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Linda B. Dec 02 2018

Best concealer

Best concealer, especially for a tired mom! This stuff covers dark circles great! Creamy, not heavy or cakey.

Lacie G. Dec 02 2018

Newborn Momma Lifesavor

Life with a newborn equals not much sleep. My concealer helps hide those dark circles that come from late night feeding and sunggles.

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Cristina C. Dec 02 2018

Tired no more!

Cover up those dark circles! No one will ever no you've got little ones that don't sleep through the night! The various shades are great for highlighting, concealing, and contouring!

Linda  Dec 01 2018

Super creamy

Love how blendable, creamy, and nourishing this concealer is!!

Hannah  Nov 30 2018

It’s ok

While this concealer is good for covering dark circles under your eyes it doesn’t quit cover acne as well and i find myself going back to my old one. Wish it was just a little thicker.

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Amanda F. Nov 30 2018


Excellent coverage. My only problem is with my oily skin, it is even greasier when I use this. I like it to hide freckles under my eyes but don't use it daily because I don't love the consistency on my skin.

Verified Purchase
Vivien A. Nov 30 2018

So nourishing

I love how nourishing these ingredients are for such a delicate area like my under eyes. My favorite way to apply it is to use my concealer brush and let it soak in for a few minutes while I finish off the rest of my face. Then I like to set it with a tiny bit of the #nofilter powder to make it last alll day!

Karen W. Nov 30 2018

Best Concealer Ever

I have been searching for a great concealer of any kind and until using Crunchi, I had not been successful. This stuff is the best. The.02 is the perfect match for my coloring. It goes on light, it doesn't cake or settle in the creases.

Kayt S. Nov 30 2018


Where has this been all my life?! The consistency of this product is what I love the most about it! It's so easy to apply and stays put! My tired mom eyes thank you, My Alibi Concealer!

Kerri W. Nov 30 2018

best concealer

This concealer is amazing at covering up my dark circles and blemishes. The coconut oil base makes it go on smooth so it doesn’t get cakey or draw more attention to those areas. The reason I didn’t give 5 stars is solely the packaging. I find it can be difficult to open. Other than that though it’s amazing!!!

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Jessica F. Nov 30 2018

Good coverage

I love how full-coverage this concealer is. It covers my dark circles really well, especially with some finishing powder applied over the top of the concealer. It's very thick and hydrating, so even when blemishes are flaky and crusty, this covers them well. I thought I would NEVER give up my (toxin-filled) undereye concealer/illuminator, but the Fair 01 color illuminates nicely. I've switched to non-toxic for good!

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Allison K. Nov 30 2018

Really - my best friend!

This little gem has to be one of the best Crunchi buys! Complete coverage for those heavy eyes or dark circles - I love my alibi! Feels soft and smooth on - never too much or cakey. Highly recommend!

Stephanie M. Nov 30 2018

The best concealer!

This is by far the best cconcealer i have ever used. Not watery like all others! It gives great coverage!

Marsha  Nov 30 2018

Great coverage

I wear Natural 2.5 foundation and bought the Light concealer. It works great for covering my dark circles.

Marilyn J. Nov 30 2018

A tad bit shiny, but still great.

I have to use powder with this concealer, otherwise the finish is too shiny. However, with finishing powder it stays put all day and works perfectly.

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Kacey B. Nov 30 2018

Creamy consistency

I love how creamy this is and the way it just melts into my skin. I only use it under eyes and I will often just tap it in with my ring finger for the perfect coverage.

Kristina  Nov 30 2018


The packaging is terrible, the plastic top broke after a couple weeks and I couldn’t seal the makeup anymore. The concealer itself is a teeny tiny amount. It works great but it’s not worth that much money.

Kylee B. Nov 29 2018

Works Great!

This concealer does wonders when it comes to covering up the exhausted mama look!

Wendy B. Nov 29 2018

Works wonders!

Being a mom of two, it's no wonder that I have "mom eyes". I use My Alibi concealer every day under my eyes to lighten and brighten the area and it works wonders on my dark under eyes.

Brianna  Nov 29 2018


I love this concealer! I previously used a liquid and was always very messy and had more than I needed when applying it. This is a great solution...I'm fairly light so I use Light 02 as a typical concealer and Fair 01 as a highlight!

Justine S. Nov 29 2018

Great product

Overall, I love this product. Took me a couple of uses to figure out how it works best. I tap it on with a concealer brush, and let it sit for a couple of minutes and then I'll blend it out. it offers a nice bright complexion, if you're a minimalist makeup person like I am, it is perfect paired with the Crave blush!

Lisa N. Nov 29 2018

no need for foundation!

I am a lazy make-up user and I don't like to use foundation, basically just powder and mascara. However, I have uneve skin tone. I was given a sample of the concealer and I use it on my blotchy spots and then just use bronzer and it looks flawless and fresh. Such a simple solution!

Cepeda C. Nov 29 2018

Uplifting my Eyes

I am not someone who has a lot of bags under my eyes, but i do have some small dark circles. This concealer really helped elevate my eyes and brightened them! it is worth it. I even ocassionally use it on my eyelids as a light shade of eyeshadow. It also is great to provide a small highlight throughout my whole face!

Verified Purchase
Jordan M. Nov 29 2018


Amazing concealer to help a momma who always looks like she hasn’t slept in years! Goes on well and helps when I break out! Great product again crunchi!

Deven B. Nov 29 2018

Don’t let its size fool you

When I first received this concealer I was worried I’d run out of it too fast because it didn’t seem like it had a lot in it. However, it has been going on 3 months and I still have a ton left! It helps hide the small blemishes I have and dark circles under my eyes fairly well (along with the foundation). It’s lightweight and creamy which is a plus too. :)

Verified Purchase
Rachel G. Nov 29 2018

Love it!

This concealer lets you get the coverage you want. Works perfect with the whole line. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to apply. As much as I hate to use my fingers I have found that it works better than my concealer brush. Maybe I should invest in Crunchi’s...

Verified Purchase
Katie K. Nov 29 2018

I have two shades of the concealer and use each for different reasons (covering scars/blemishes or applying under the eye to brighten them up). They cover blemishes pretty well and a little goes a long way! I use my finger or the concealer brush to apply.

Jess F. Nov 29 2018


This concealer used with primer helps to cover my really dark circles under my eyes. However, it seems a little "greasy" and doesn't have the staying power I wish it did. Seems like it rubs off, especially when I wear my glasses. But I'll continue to buy!

Elise W. Nov 29 2018

Mom Eyes

I love how this covers my tired mom eyes! It melts to a nice creamy consistency to blend perfectly with the foundation. It never clumps up either! I like going 1 shade lighter than my foundation.

Tabatha B. Nov 29 2018


Goodbye tired mom eyes. Hello gorgeous!

Verified Purchase
Jane B. Nov 29 2018

Great Concealer

This concealer gives good coverage and at the same time, it is not too heavy.

Maya C. Nov 29 2018


This concealer is great for under eyes, covers the occasional breakout and can even be used for highlighting. Make sure to grab the concealer brush too to make application easy.

Verified Purchase
Lindsey W. Nov 29 2018

BEST Concealer!!!

I look so fresh and awake...thanks to My Alibi Concealer!!! I love that I can easily apply this smooth concealer and blend it right in with my foundation. It is a vital part of my 'tired mommy eyes' morning routine!!!!

Myrna S. Nov 29 2018

Goes on smooth

Love the feel it gives and flawless look

Taylor H. Nov 29 2018

The only concealer I will use

This is the only concealer I will use, it is easy to apply gets rid of my dark circles and can wear all day without creasing

Dina R. Nov 29 2018

Good for blemishes

I like how well this helps conceal blemishes. I haven’t found that it helps very much with dark circles.

Verified Purchase
Erica U. Nov 29 2018


The concealer does what it is supposed to do cover up darkness around the eye and any imperfections on your face. I don't feel it is any better or worse than any other concealers but the reason I would put this one above the rest is that it is toxic free.

Jocelyn  Nov 29 2018

Does the trick!

I wear Foundation in a shade 3 and decided to go with Concealer in a shade 2 to brighten up my under the eye area. The consistency of the concealer is wet. I use the recommended brush but then usually end up dabbing it in with my fingers for the final touches. It does the trick.

LaTasha B. Nov 29 2018

Into my second one!

Love it plain and simple! I use it for light contouring also!

Samantha H. Nov 29 2018

Amazing coverage!

I love the coverage of the my albi concealer!!! It’s sonvreamy and easy to apply, and covers all of my imperfections!

Jessica  Nov 29 2018

Good but not awesome

This is the only Crunchi product that I am not over the moon for. I feel it doesn't provide the coverage I need under my eyes. I wish it were more full coverage.

Erica D. Nov 29 2018

Creamy and spreads well

A little goes a long way. The container seems small but I use it daily for the bags under my eyes and around my cheek area to brighten my skin. It’s fabulous and pairs perfectly with the foundation.

Alisia  Nov 29 2018


This concealer was surprising. It works great to hide under eye circles and especially at brightening! Super creamy too.

Kerry  Nov 29 2018

Amazing coverage!

I love that I can apply the concealer...then apply more on top for extra coverage to hide a spot on my face that developed a year ago, which I am extremely self conscious about. Using clean, safe makeup is vital with my lifestyle and crunchi delivers on effectiveness and safety!

Dianne S. Nov 29 2018

Best Concealer Ever!

I would have to say this is the best concealer I have ever used for many reasons. I have rosacea on my cheeks and it covers it perfectly. I use it on my eyelids to reduce the darker pigmentation and prep for my eyeshadow. It holds my eyeshadow all day and doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes. It also covers my actinic keratosis so well that my skin looks perfectly even with my Crunchi foundation. It's a great product that can be applied with a brush or my finger.

Verified Purchase
Savannah K. Nov 29 2018

Never Be Without It!

I've used a lot of "clean" concealers over the years, but this takes the cake. It's so buildable that you can use it lightly under the eyes or thicker for darker spots and blemishes, and I swear I can feel it healing my skin as I put it on. What other concealer can do that?!

Melissa M. Nov 29 2018

Best concealer and I’ve tried them all!

Goes on evenly, stays on all day and covers up dark circles well!

Megan f. Nov 29 2018

Truly brightens

Finally something that brightens my under eye circles and makes me look awake—always a good accomplishment for a mom!! Goes on smooth and doesn’t settle in any lines!

Katie S. Nov 29 2018

Covers it up

Dark circles and acne scars disappear with this lightweight concealer!

Jenny L. Nov 29 2018

Creamy Concealer

This concealer goes on so well. It hides all the bad stuff. I won't ever go back to anything else. Plus, it's good for your skin. I love crunchi makeup!

Verified Purchase
Kelly A. Nov 29 2018

Love this concealer!

I never used concealer before. But I figured I'd grab some since I was overhauling my makeup bag. It SOOO creamy and covers all of my blemishes and acne spots so well.

Verified Purchase
Heather R. Nov 29 2018

Love this stuff!

I am loving this concealer!! I feel like it gives me great coverage and hides blemishes so well all while being lightweight and not cakey!!

Diana H. Nov 29 2018

Mid 50’s with under eye circles and vessels at skin surface

Wow! Do I ever LOVE the Crunchi concealer. I’m in my mid 50’s with under eye circles, vessels close to skin, an a couple of acne scars. My Crunchi Concealer takes it all away.

Katlyn M. Nov 28 2018

Love this!

This really covers my under eye circles! It goes on smoothe and doesn't have a cakey look to it at all!!

Diana F. Nov 28 2018

Flawless Concealer

The Crunchi concealer is amazing. It hides the dark spots and leaves my face looking flawless.

Jamie J. Nov 28 2018

Creamy goodness

I had never used a cream concealer before Crunchi, but let me tell you it’s amazing. I used it once to cover a scratch I had on my chin and let me tell you I think my scratch had actually healed some after being covered in concealer all day.

Verified Purchase
michelle U. Nov 28 2018

Trick for Using the Concealer

I really like the concealer but I realized that it works the best when you use your finger to warm it up and then apply. I always apply using my finger and really like the coverage, especially underneath my eyes to cover my "mom" dark circles.

Britney B. Nov 28 2018

The most hydrating concealer!

Concealer has always been a hard purchase for me. I have dry skin and many would settle in my fine lines and look very dry. This concealer is so creamy and hydrating, my skin just loves it and never appears chalky, dry, or flaky! I will be purchasing this for a very long time!

Verified Purchase
Megan L. Nov 28 2018

Concealer Junkie

I love this concealer so much! I am a very tired mom, and tend to have dark circles under my eyes! The My alibi concealer perfectly hides my tired eyes and any skin blemishes/dark spots I want to cover up! My alibi is I do not ever want to be without this concealer again!!

Lori W. Nov 28 2018

Covers great!

Very smooth and covers everything from acne to dark circles!

Andrea H. Nov 28 2018

Creamy perfection!

Hello to my new friend!! This concealer is so creamy soft that you can just wear it alone without foundation! PLUS it truly covers those Mommy dark circles and last all day! I love how the ingredients actually help heal and not just cover them up! A for sure win!

Melissa  Nov 28 2018

Kiss those bags goodbye

This concealer is magic. It makes me look like a well rested fairy princess when I feel like a homeless person who just ran a marathon for a hamburger and a soda. I haven’t slept in ten years, but I look like a 20-something who was kissed by the gods. Best concealer ever, it conceals even your worst life choices. I also use it under my eye makeup so it doesn’t run and it keeps everything in place all day!

Verified Purchase
Wendy D. Nov 28 2018


This concealer is amazing... helps my darker purple-e lids look brighter and youthful! Love it!

Jillian M. Nov 28 2018

All the love

This is my favorite concealer ever. I’ve used tons of brands from drug store to the most expensive. This one tops all of them in performance AND it’s TOXIN FREE! I LOVE the creamy texture!

Elizabeth A. Nov 28 2018


This concealer goes on very smoothly without settling in the fine lines under your eyes! The coverage is amazing! It also works well on your lips if you want a different lip color.

Stacie K. Nov 28 2018

Like a magic eraser!

I love this concealer! After experimenting with different application methods, with mixed results, I've found the perfect solution for me! I use the concealer brush to "dab" and "pat" the concealer into place for a fuller coverage, then use the brush to feather it around the area to blend. I love that its nourishing ingredients help to heal blemishes even faster than usual, while covering the redness in the meantime. Great product!

Carla H. Jul 05 2018

Alibi concealer

Loved it! When will you be making more???? Tried to order 4 times, says you are out!

Verified Purchase
Meagan C.

Meagan C.

Im pretty sure when you become a mom you are automatically assigned a pair of really dark circles to take over the underneath of your eyes. To say that I am obsessed with thIs concealer would be an understatement. Goodbye dark circles hellloooo mom who looks like she actually sleeps! For the occasional breakout, this concealer Has done an amazing job oF hiding acne as well.

Verified Purchase
Billie P.

Billie P.

I'm a mom of 4 who has dark circles under my eyes and an occasional breakout from stress. This product is amazing at COVERing that up!

Verified Purchase
Bonnie S.

Bonnie S.

I am always looking for a good eye Shadow base. My eye lids tend to get dry and flaky from other brands. I use this concealer as a eye shadow primer and it works great. I also use it to cover up blemishes or red spots underneath my foundation. I have been very pleased.



This concealer actually STAYS ON and COVERS!!! It's a MUST for anyone that has dark under eyes (all moms), blemishes, sun spots, redness...really anyone with a problem area! This is your magic product! I also love that you don't need much at all to get the job done!!



I'm A Mom Of Four, with 2 Under Two. I AM Continuously Exhausted And IT USED To Be Apparent Until I Started using THIS CONCEALER. Now I'm ALWAYS Getting Comments About "How fresh" I LOOK OR That "THE Baby MUST Be Sleeping Through The Night Now." Nope! It's Just My Alibi!

Verified Purchase
Lauren M.

Lauren M.

My allergy eye dark circles have met there match with this creamy lightweight concealer. once this CONCEALER is applied it stays put and blends perfectly with the flawless foundation. No more "are you sick" comments just a bright even colored look!!

Verified Purchase
Diana E.

Diana E.

really good product. does not run, conceals well and BRIGHTENS the under eye area!



I teach the third grade and one of my students informed me I had makeup under my eyes. upon further inspection she let me know it wasn't makeup, it was dark circles. After I crawled out of the hole I had to hide in, I promptly purchased the concealer! It makes such a difference! amazing coverage and easily to apply!

Verified Purchase


This product is so great for covering dark circles and blemishes. It is easy to apply and looks fantastic!

Verified Purchase
Kathryn J.

Kathryn J.


Sandra A.

Sandra A.

with contouring being all the rage let me recommend our awesome Alibi concealers. I use a combination of the shades to create a beautiful contoured look. It is also great as a base under your eye shadow for longer wear.



So, I wear Glass most of the time, but sometimes I like to wear contacts. That being Said my glasses have always giving me terrible dark circles or maybe I just have dark circles and my glasses hide them. Anyway this concealer not only fixes all that, but covers the occasional blemish I get as well. It's the best and a small amount does The trick.