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Nutribrow™ Eyebrow Pencil

Nutribrow™ Eyebrow Pencil is a high pigment formula that works to nourish and sculpt the brows for 16-hour wear. This waterproof formula is crafted with brow-loving ingredients that keep your eyebrows perfectly defined from morning to night.

Shade 1: Light to Dark Blonde Hair
Shade 2: Dark Blonde to Medium Brunette Hair
Shade 3: Medium Brunette to Dark Brunette Hair
Shade 4: Dark Brunette to Black Hair

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Customer Reviews

Priyanka A. Jan 29 2023


This is a good eyebrow pencil and it blends well and doesn’t smudge. It stays put and lasts a pretty long time. It’s also great that it’s a clean product without any toxins. My only issue with it, is that I find myself having to sharpen it so often because if the tip isn’t sharp, the application isn’t as smooth. The frequent sharpening however, tends to waste a lot of the product. I hope CRUNCHI will create a clean eyebrow gel in the future.

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Autumn W. Dec 28 2022

Only ash tone pencil that matches my roots

The eyebrow pencil delivers the same results as advertised on the website, with a powdery matte finish. It isn't patchy and didn't require blending using a spoolie. I have tried more eyebrow pencils than any other makeup trying to find the one. This is a very nice formula that glides and fills in the brows easily without ripping out existing brows. I am really hoping the castor oil will grow my sparse brows like the mascara does for my lashes. I ordered shade 2 and have warm tone #6 brown roots.

Angela G. Oct 14 2022

Nutribrow Eyebrow Pencil

Absolutely LOVE Crunchi's NEW Nutribrow Eyebrow Pencils!! Velvety soft, smooth application with long lasting wear. I can feel awake during the day at work or glam it up for girls/Mama's night out. Zero smudging, high performance and toxin-free, what more could a gal ask for?!?! Grab them, you'll LOVE it, and perfect for gifting!!

Mary B. Aug 24 2022

Love this brow pencil

I’ve never used a brow pencil before and thought I’d give it a try. I can see why it got such great reviews! It makes my brows look so much fuller. I also followed the tutorial which I also give 5 stars! Will definitely buy again.

Rebecca A. Aug 23 2022

Natural looking eyebrows

I have dark hair and able to wear the # 2 or 3. I have tried eyebrow pencils any where from $5 to $40. This pencil stays on. I only have to use every other day and that includes pool days. I have had many complements how they look more natural. Plus the ingredients help promote hair growth where you may be thinning. Win Win.

Heather  Aug 21 2022

Love how it looks but can't take the itching.

Apparently I'm allergic to something in this eyebrow pencil, maybe the castor oil since I found lots of others searching google in general for "castor oil causes itching". Anyways, I really love how this looks and how long it stays put but every time I used it my eyebrows itch like crazy a day later and for the next three days. It's maddening.

Etty  Aug 19 2022

Love that there is a light blonde color

I was so excited to see that there was a light blonde color. The current brand I use doesn't have one... But I was sad to see that mica was an ingredient and would love to also see a more affordable price. I would pay it, if it was mica free (or at least used synthetic mica)

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Kasidi S. Jul 17 2022


Home run! This eyebrow pencil checks all the boxes...precise, easy to sharpen, loaded with amazing ingredients and of course...toxin free!

Amanda L. Jul 16 2022

Wow! Love it!

I’m loving this new product! The pigmentation and the longevity of wear has been very impressive!

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mariah s. Jul 16 2022


Obsessed is an understatement! I LOVE this pencil. Great color and lasts all day. Forever a Nutribrow girl!!

Kylee  Jul 16 2022


The Nutribrow pencil is perfection. The shade is perfect, texture is perfect, and the waterproof long lasting wear is perfect. It’s exactly what I needed to finish out my clean beauty makeup routine.

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Deborah H. Jul 16 2022

Didn’t loose my brows

When I was younger I was vey lucky to have perfect brows. I never had to pluck or add any color! Now that I’m in my 6th decade, I’ve had to start adding color, covering up my gray and even filling in blank spaces! This new pencil is great, it takes care of all these issues plus the the pigment is buidable, to transition from day to evening! In Houston, Texas’ summer heat and our 100 percent humidity, I decided to go on a loosing weight walk; bonus, I didn’t loose my eyebrows!!

Faith  Jul 16 2022

Great so far!

I’ve been using the pencil about 2 weeks and I’m liking it! Easy to apply, stays on all day, and cleans off well at night. Perfect toxin free option!

Felicia Z. Jul 15 2022

Long Lasting Even in 118 Degree Weather

Very pigmented and easy to use! I got Shade 3 and it’s perfect. Like everything else Crunchi you only need a little bit so go easy with the amount of pressure you use. My brows never looked better in 118 degree weather!

Casaday L. Jul 15 2022

Effortlessly on point!

I’m no makeup expert but I can see how much brows change the way you look, so I’m in love with this new brow pencil. It’s easy to hold, control and it goes on like butter. The shades are versatile and paired with the spoolie brush, I can get beautiful brows with little effort.

Meghan  Jul 15 2022

My new favorite brow product

I just replaced all of my toxic makeup with Crunchi and it PREFORMS. Especially this eyebrow pencil. I am so happy! Will keep buying again and again

Sarah S. Jul 15 2022

My brows are back!

I have very fine, blonde hair which means my eyebrows are almost nonexistent. I’ve been using other eyebrow pencils and gels for the past 10+ years and I’m finally happy to find a nontoxic alternative from my favorite company! It has a perfect color match and the lightest shade is perfect to give dimension and fullness to my brows. So thankful for it saving my clean beauty routine!

Mary B. Jul 15 2022

Most natural looking

I’ve tried many eyebrow products to help fill in my sparse eyebrows, and this one is the most natural looking while still helping them to look full. I like the formula, it is smooth to apply & easy to take off.

Sue J. Jul 15 2022

Wish they were larger!

I love these pencils and I just wish they were longer for their price. Do I still think they’re worth the price? Yes! I’m just gonna fly thru them as much as I’ll use them!! Such a great formula and love the wood :)

Verified Purchase
Shana J. Jul 15 2022


I have Very blonde eye brows and very dark brown hair so I have used a lot of eyebrow pencil products. This is by far my favorite because the color is perfect, it goes on smoothly and it doesn’t smear. Sooo happy I bought this one to try and I will continue to buy it.

Donna R. Jul 15 2022

Nutribrow Eyebrow Pencil Review

The pencil size is small for the price you pay. The spooly brush is a must, which adds to the overall cost. And you need to sharpen the pencil every three days or so. So the product may not last too long. But I have to say I LOVE the product. The pencil makes a great outline and fills in gaps. The spooly brush softens the lines and makes your brows look natural. I thought the brush would smudge the lines outside my brows, but no. The outline stays put! The only reason I give it 4 stars is $$.

Traci P. Jul 15 2022

A must for a natural, beautiful brow!

Hands down my favorite brow product I’ve used! Crunchi has delivered again with this Nutribrow pencil. Easy to use and leaves a soft, natural look. Easy to build on product for a bolder brow. The application is flawless and you just need a light touch, and I love how well the shade matches my brow color. The most natural brow look I’ve had. Favorite part, it’s toxin free, ingredients that are beneficial to us and lasts all day. Thank you Crunchi for another great product!

Christina P. Jul 15 2022

All day stay!

I’ve never been impressed by a brow pencil until now! Wow! It goes on smooth and simple while lasting all day!

Regina S. Jul 15 2022

This is a lifesaver

This brow pencil is amazing. I have been looking for some toxin-free assistance for my poor thin brows and this works like a charm. It looks so natural and lasts all day without fading. Thank you so much for this excellent toxin free product!

Lyndsey K. Jul 15 2022

So creamy and smooth

Guys! I can’t get over how incredible Nutribrow is. I can wear all 3 colors and the 4th and darkest is great for me for eyeliner!! Love the sustainability, travel perks and making it fun to share with my friends! We have all had so much fun trying all the shade. Must have asap.

Wendy B. Jul 14 2022


Somehow I've avoided doing anything regrettable to my brows and kept them natural. I gave NutriBrow a try with shade #2 for the most natural application I wasn't expecting such a subtle, but effective difference it made. It felt so smooth going on and just that little bit of filling-in added great shaping definition.

Angie R. Jul 14 2022

You need a spoolie to go with it

I’ve never needed to fill in my eye brows, but turning 40 has me seeing a few lighter colored hairs in them. The Nutribrow pencil stays in place great, but I feel it’s difficult to get color with swift motions, which is what I wanted it for. I think I need to keep playing with it, as I’m new to the game. So glad it’s made with ingredients I can trust!

Adrienne F. Jul 14 2022

Breast Cancer Patient

As a breast cancer patient one of the unfortunate side effects of chemo is hair loss or thinning. After my first round of chemotherapy I have started to notice my brows thinning. I have always had nice thick brows. My friend and crunchi rep told me about the new Nutribrow pencil and I knew I had to get one. I am so happy with how easy it is to put on, stays all day and is toxin free! I will definitely be sharing with my other friends and cancer patients about this awesome product!

Liz L. Jul 14 2022

Works like a dream!

After years of searching for a dark eyebrow pencil that doesn’t have a red tint and isn’t full of unhealthy toxins, I’ve finally found what I was looking for! I’m astounded by how creamy and dreamy this eyebrow pencil is! It applies so easily and looks natural. It’s long lasting formula gives me the confidence that it won’t fade or sweat off. I’ve tested it at the beach and amusement park and it truly does stand the rest of heat and sweat! This right here is my forever eyebrow pencil!

Ashley  Jul 14 2022


I was so excited to hear that Crunchi was releasing a brow pencil. I am very minimal with my makeup use and this pencil blends in so well it doesn’t even look like I’ve used anything to fill them in. It makes my brows look naturally full and it’s so nice to know they’re being nourished with clean ingredients! I am so thankful Crunchi came out with this brow pencil! It is definitely one of my top fave Crunchi products!

Peggy C. Jul 14 2022

Love this pencil

I was concerned about color matching because my eyebrows are turning gray. It is perfect. I don't have to wipe some off because it went on too thick. It lasts all day. This is definitely one of my favorite Crunchi items!!

Allie B. Jul 14 2022

Incredible staying power!

This stuff is awesome! Between farm chores, a swimming party, and the awful heat of the south- this didn’t budge!

Kara H. Jul 14 2022

Bravo Brows!

I love love love the Nutribrow Eyebrow Pencil! For the first time ever I have an eyebrow pencil that looks NATURAL (I’m blonde with fair skin) and it literally glides on, no drag lines no skipped spots; my brows look amazing-THANK YOU!

Debbie C. Jul 13 2022

Eyebrow Pencil

This eyebrow pencil is color-matched for my brows and is applied so easily. At first, I wondered why a blending brush wasn’t included. Advocates demonstrated application and it goes on smoothly! I am pleased!

Christine K. Jul 13 2022

Best eyebrows with precision

I am loving the new eyebrow pencil from Crunchi. It gives such precision as well as perfect shade. It is a waxy product for all day wear.

Lois B. Jul 13 2022

NutriBrow Eyebrow pencils.

I’m very excited to have all 4 shades of the NutriBrow pencils and also the sharpener! I’m 65 years old and have brunette hair with some natural highlights of silver. I’ve been using the #1 pencil for a natural look. I like the #4 for a night out look. I believe I can wear all 4 of these colors! The NutriBrow Eyebrow pencils apply easily and stay on all day even when I’m working in my yard on a hot humid day! I highly recommend adding a little color to your eyebrows to frame your face!

Verified Purchase
Ericka H. Jul 13 2022


Love the pencil, goes on smooth, last all day.

Heather L. Jul 13 2022

Nutribrow Review

This pencil is excellent! It goes on easily, and stays all day. My brows are covered through days at the park, splash pad and water parks. It blends in perfectly (covers any gray hairs that pop through) and feels wonderful on my skin!

Verified Purchase
Carleen J. Jul 13 2022

So many color options!!!

I love that there are so many different color options to choose from. The pigment is wonderful and lasts!

Lorrie  Jul 13 2022

NutriBrow, Oh WOW!

Found this new Nutribrow to be the big ticket game changer I never knew I needed! Until trying Nutribrow, I’d never thought much about my brows and had never used an eyebrow product! Enter Nutribrow and can I just say, Game Changer!!! An amazing product with equally amazing performance! Thank you Crunchi for another top of the eye, I mean line product!

Sandra K. Jul 13 2022

Nutribrow #3

I am still living my Nutribrow #3. It is easy to apply, covers my gray brows and last longer then 16 hrs. I have even worked out in my OCULUS VR headset and my brows stay on! What a great clean ingredient product that Crunchi has created!

Brandi W. Jul 13 2022


Nutribrow is like a marriage between a pomade and a wax but in pencil form. I have struggled with brows for my entire life and this pencil has made the application process SO easy! I have brows again. The wear time and waterproof aspect is a life and time saver. Thanks crunchi!

Verified Purchase
Heather D. Jul 13 2022

Loving the natural brow filling!

I have had little bare spots in my eyebrows my entire life and just suffered with them, but not anymore! I use small light strokes to fill them in and it looks so natural! I love the real wooden pencil and the 4 options to match everyone just where they are. I went with a 3 because it has warmer undertones, which match my face better than the cooler undertones in 2.

Kande J. Jul 13 2022

Love ???? it!

I love how easy it is to apply. It’s controllable & not messy. A light touch & it’s lighter casual looking brows, a firmer touch renders darker more dramatic brows. I have thinning brows & I also really appreciate that with regular use it can help my brows become fuller again.

Savannah B. Jul 13 2022

Pigmented but small

I was surprised when I opened the package and realized how small the pencil is! I hadn’t seen it to scale online, haha. Overall, it works well and is very pigmented. I have dirty blonde/dark blonde hair and got shade 2, and if I apply it to heavily it comes out pretty dark! So I just have to lightly apply it in strokes, but it comes out looking really natural. I’ve used it a few times and haven’t had to sharpen it yet, but I wish it came with a sharpener!

Nicole B. Jul 13 2022

So natural looking

The Nutribrow pencil #4 is the best shade for my dark hair and eyes. It goes on extremely smooth and stays put. It's completely natural looking and since I have never used a brow pencil before I was nervous but I'm so happy I tried it!

Verified Purchase
Joan C. Jul 12 2022

Worth Every Penny!

I am a huge fan of this product! It is easy to apply, lasts a long time and because it is buildable, I can adjust it to me.

Debbie G. Jul 12 2022


I love the easy application and how long it lasts. It is truly excellent quality and eco-friendly.

Yhena D. Jul 12 2022


This my first time every trying Crunchy, and I must say I love it . I can rub my eyebrows and it doesn’t smears. Mostly while using other products my eyebrows was always itchy but now that I’m using CRUNCHY I don’t have that problem. I love the natural look the eyebrow pencil gives my eyebrows. If you haven’t already please try it.

Danielle  Jul 12 2022

Goes on smoothly, lasts all day

I tested it out on a sweaty workout and it lasted! Love that it goes on so smoothly and is easy to apply. The sharpener is such high quality too!

Julia B. Jul 12 2022

Nutribrow Eyebrow Pencil Shade #2

I just got my Nutribrow pencil in color #2. I am shy to apply a lot of color to my eyebrow, I don't want them to be unbalanced from my grey hair. I love that shade 2 is light enough to blend naturally with my brows but also has enough pigment to give my brow the color it needs. The two waxes in the pencil helps tame the hairs that go the wrong way and the color stays put for at least two days! The natural pencil smells so good, reminds me of grade school. HA!

Verified Purchase
Laurie B. Jul 12 2022

Eyebrows never looked better

Love the formula for this eyebrow pencil! Applies super smoothly and I love that I no longer have to go to a different company to find an eyebrow pencil! LOVE!

Bethany S. Jul 12 2022

So easy and long lasting!

I loved the old brow pomade product, but the NutriBrow pencil is 100 times better. I didn’t even think it was possible. I applied it at 9:00 am and when I looked in the mirror at 10:30 pm, after having attended a water training class where everyone got wet, and it still looked perfect. So thankful to have found something that works and isn’t full of toxins. No compromise!

Courtney M. Jul 12 2022

The BEST Eyebrow Pencil EVER

I love how easy this pencil glides on and stays on! I also love the fact that it's made of real wood unlike other brands. The icing on top is that it's toxin-free!! Thank you, Crunchi for always putting safety and high performace above all else!

Verified Purchase
Jennifer A. Jul 12 2022

Overall Impressed!

I love how well this brow product glides on! And the staying power! PHENOMENAL!!! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because I do wish the pencil was longer. A brand new one seems kinda short to me.

Korie D. Jul 12 2022

Brow pencil

I love the research that went into finding a true wooden pencil! And it is waterproof with fruit wax! So neat!!

Korie D. Jul 12 2022

Eyebrow pencil

I love all the hard work that went into finding a true wooden pencil!! That just shows how much crunchi really cares!

Jen  Jul 12 2022


Love these products! So glad I found this brand

Holly C. Jul 12 2022

Better than Amazing!

This product blew me away! I wore it for the first time for family pictures on the hottest and most humid day. It did not budge the whole time I had sweat dripping! It was the perfect shade. It went on so smoothly and provided amazing shading over my light brows. No doubt the best I’ve ever used!

Jane C. Jul 12 2022

Nutribrow is the best

Nutribrow is a creamy pencil with staying power. Does not dissapoint with color and texture on skin. Blends well

Johanna M. Jul 11 2022

Best brow pencil EVEEERRR!

If a brow pencil and a wax pencil had a baby, it would be Nutribrow! It glides on smoothly, easily defining your shape, and keeps the hair in place. Bye bye brow gel. Water and sweat resistant 100%! I promise you’ve never tried a brow pencil like this. Crunchi nails it again!!

Phamie C. Jul 11 2022


I really like the pencils.wasn’t sure at first.very easy to work with. The colors look very natural.

Verified Purchase
Nichole D. Jul 11 2022

Matches well

Goes on smoothly, matches my brow color well. Definitely defines my thin brows.

Lyndsay B. Jul 11 2022

Soft and easy to apply

I've never been a fan of "pencils" when it comes to makeup, however I LOVE how soft the pencil applies to the eyebrow and have really enjoyed the ease of application!

Verified Purchase
Nancy C. Jul 11 2022

Eyebrow Pencil

I just recently went o‘Natural with my hair color. I’m still getting used to the “white look” which I have been covering for years. The new Nutribrow pencil came out just in time. It adds much needed long lasting color to my eye area!

Verified Purchase
Marilyn D. Jul 11 2022

Thank You Crunchi for the Nutribrow Pencil!

Thank you Crunchi for coming out with the best, easy to use, non toxic eyebrow pencil that I have ever used! Best of all, Crunchi offers 4 color choices which are sure to be a match for just about everyone! It was a perfect match for me! P.S. The eyebrow sharpener is the king of sharpeners too!

Cassie  Jul 11 2022

I didn’t know I needed to fill my brows, until I filled my brows!

Crunchi has done it! This works and blends in wonderfully! I’m a first time brow filler, so I was nervous! This product has made it fool proof! It’s lasted through workouts and yard work in direct sun. One downside is my tip did break in the pencil about 5mm down. Not sure if it was user error? Overall awesome ????????

Marilyn D. Jul 11 2022

Thank you Crunchi!

Thank you so much Crunchi for coming out with the very best, non toxic, easy to use eyebrow pencil that I have ever used! The color choices offered makes it easy to make the perfect match and the pencil sharpener offered is a breeze to use! 5 stars!!

Sharon  Jul 11 2022

I'd give it 6 stars if I could!

Coming from someone who totally overplucked her eyebrows in her younger years, Nutribrow is the answer to my scrappy brow prayers! I can easily fill in my brows and even add "hairs" to areas where I have no brows at all anymore. The best part is it looks sooo natural and it stays on all. day. long!

Jamie L. Jul 11 2022

Nutribrow! Where have you been!?!

Blondie here! Ever since I learned how important a visable brow is for your face, I’ve been searching for a product like this. It goes on with such ease and it stays put ALL day! More importantly, the way it applies and sticks to your hairs makes it look so natural. I highly recommend Nutribrow!!

Jocelyne R. Jul 11 2022


I’m truly impressed with this waterproof eyebrow pencil that is toxin free! It applies so smooth, all day wear and the shades are spot on. I love a more natural look and this pencil allows me to do just that! I’m so glad brows are back!????

A. R. Jul 11 2022


I didn’t realize how much I needed this amazing product until I applied it! It has surpassed all my expectations and now my brows are dressed to impress! Thank You!

Verified Purchase
Ashley M. Jul 11 2022

Beautiful brows!

This pencil is smooth, blends beautifully, and makes my eyebrows and eyes pop! Exactly what I was looking for in a brow product - highly recommend!

Danielle  Jul 11 2022

Long lasting and easy to apply

I have never used an eyebrow pencil, so I wasn’t sure but I love it! Easy to apply lightly for a natural look which I love, and it lasts all day! Even through a sweaty workout. It makes such a huge difference in my appearance, I can’t believe I wasn’t defining my brows before!

Brooke O. Jul 11 2022

Best brow pencil ever ????

I love this nutribrow!! Easy to apply , looks great, feels great, hold brows in place, long lasting , REAL wood pencil, ingredients help to nourish brows. It is absolutely a win win!!! Did I say that I love everything about this brow pencil?!!

Marcia  Jul 11 2022

Easy Application!

I am so impressed with how easy the eye pencil is to apply. It glides easily and a little goes a long way. It also stays in place all day- even after swimming. I do recommend the Crunchi brow brush to use with the pencil. They make for a beautiful and easy application!

Verified Purchase
Joan H. Jul 11 2022

Could the Brow Pomade Be Improved?

The answer is yes! This is such a handy and gorgeous pencil! The creamy product applies richly, evenly, and precisely yet sharpens nicely for a fine point. I am very pleased!

Andrea B. Jul 11 2022

Shade 2

This is my first eyebrow pencil I have ever purchased because I don’t like the thick, harsh look it leaves. I am more of a powder person but I have to say that I have finally made the switch. I love that you can make it look as light and natural or as dark as you’d like. Definitely impressed with this product!

Jessica S. Jul 11 2022

Impressive & Luxurious Perfection!

I was pretty loyal to my brow gel, but fell for Nutribrow after my first use! It is so easy to apply & is just creamy enough to apply with as light or as heavy a hand as I desire. It helps tame the unruly sprouts all day long and looks very natural. This product was the missing link in my every day perfect trifecta of Crunchi lips, lashes & brows routine!

Nancy K. Jul 11 2022

Great match for grey hair!

Having decided to go naturally grey a few years ago, I've been struggling to find an eyebrow pencil that didn't look either unnatural blond or too dark and awkward. I ordered the #2 Crunchi Nutribrow Eyebrow Pencil and it looks so natural that my husband even commented on it. It also goes on much smoother and easier than other products I've used. The Crunchi eyebrow pencil gives me exactly what I want with just a few strokes. I highly recommend it.

Verified Purchase
Laura R. Jul 11 2022

Love the new Nutribrow Pencil!

Upon seeing it I wasn’t so sure about this new brow pencil. The shade, #2, looked too light and I wondered if I needed a number three with my dark brows with some graying. Was I wrong! This pencil is perfect! So easy to apply, not too dark so it blends in so easily! Love it!

Verified Purchase
Kris G. Jul 11 2022


I love the performance of all the Crunchi products and I was so looking forward to this product . Sadly, this will not be my 'go-to' for brow color. The product clumps on my skin rather than smoothly glides. Using the sharpening pencil prior to use does help somewhat but does not give the look I was hoping for.

Toni G. Jul 11 2022

Best eyebrow pencil ever!!!

Wonderful! I don’t have many hairs on my brow so able with this pencil to mark them, very beautiful and realistic!!

Chelsi T. Jul 10 2022

Long lasting, easy to apply

As a stay at home mom, I love how EASY it is to get fabulously filled brows within seconds. I’ve taken my kids to the pool and my brows stayed put!!

Verified Purchase
Carleen J. Jul 10 2022

Great Pigment

These pencils have great long lasting pigment and I love having all of the color options. It’s nice to be able to have a brow pencil that actually matches your brow color. Plus it’s toxin free!! Perfect!