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Smart Primer®

Our Smart Primer® smooths the appearance of fine lines and pores, creating an even canvas for effortless makeup application that lasts all day. It is now packed with more skin-loving ingredients like mushroom extract and sunflower seed oil to leave you with fresh, healthy-looking skin. Smart Primer will elevate your foundation to another level of unprecedented performance.

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Customer Reviews

Jessi K. Jan 19 2023

Great Primer!

I love Crunchi's Smart Primer! It has a nice, creamy texture and glides on smoothly to help with a flawless foundation coverage. Highly recommend!

Autumn W. Dec 31 2022

Nice texture

I like the thick texture, bendable and sticks to my skin but doesn't leave a tacky feeling. My Crunchi foundation blends even better using the Crunchi primer. I have very oily skin, other primers will pill off on my skin, Crunchi primer does not, but makes only a little difference in the visibility of my pores. All fine lines are plumped and filled with Crunchi primer. I might try the silica powder on top of my makeup to see if it makes any difference with hiding my pores.

Verified Purchase
Brandi M. Sep 27 2022

Best Primer!!

I have tried several primers over the years and they all feel like they sit on top of my skin.. therefore, making my foundation sit on top of my skin... This foundation goes into my skin and created the perfect setting for my crunchi foundation to go on smoothly!! Definitely buy this!

Jennifer  Jun 05 2022

Smart primer

I love using the smart primer it feels so good on my skin . It makes my makeup go on so nice and lasts all day.

Lindley M. Apr 09 2022

Foundation Game Changer!

Seriously the best primer I have ever used! And if used in conjunction with the Crunchi foundation- you have a flawless finish and foundation that LASTS! Seriously couldn’t be happier with this combo! And the primer is hydrating, what isn’t there to love?

Desha L. Mar 17 2022

Love this primer!

I love that it helps my makeup go on smoothly and stays all day without looking oily.

Lindsey  Jan 04 2022

Love, love, love!

I am loving the primer! It goes on so smoothly, without requiring a lot of product, and makes me makeup glide on effortlessly!

Alexis  Dec 29 2021


I am in love with this primer! It makes my skin look so much better and I can definitely see a difference when I don’t use it. It feels like this stuff soaks right into my skin.

Shannon  Dec 29 2021

The only primer you will ever buy again

I love this product. It feels amazing and it works. I have pretty dry skin and it does wonders to keep my makeup flawless

Verified Purchase
Danielle S. Dec 07 2021

Amazing Coverage

I never realized how important primer was until I started using this one!

Sue W. Dec 04 2020

Love it!

I was skeptical having never before used primer. But after wearing it a couple of times and getting used to it, I can definitely say that I love it now. I feel it makes my makeup last longer and stay in good shape on my combination oily skin. I sure never thought it would seem like a necessity, but it sure is!

Eri  Jul 10 2020


I tried this primer and it worked as well as any other. I like that it's natural, but sadly it didn't do the best job hiding my pores or tiny bits of fine lines on my forehead. I would love to see a price drop because there is no way it is worth that much.

Verified Purchase
DANIELLE S. Jul 04 2020

A must have!

I never used primer before and let me tell you, it is a game changer. Silky and smooth this item is definitely one I do not leave the house without applying. I even found that it created an extra barrier on my face and neck keeping out the nasty fiberglass dust from my work!! Win win!

Grace S. May 23 2020


Never separates on me like the old formula would, is sooo creamy and works like a dream. My mother-in-law was staying with me when it came in the mail and I used it the first time, and I was SO shocked by how non-existent my pores were after using this primer and putting on my foundation that I had to run and show her: “look at this! Can you even see my pores?! I can’t! They’re literally gone! This stuff is amazing!!!” But really, it’s even the perfect creaseless eyeshadow primer. I’m in love.

Jessica E. May 23 2020


I have used primers in the past only to be disappointed! Not only were they full of toxins, but they didn’t prohibit my makeup from “sitting” sitting on my face. Smart primer has been a face saver! My pores appear smaller, my face is smooth, and I have flawless coverage! My foundation and skin are one using this primer!

Cassidy M. May 23 2020

Life changing!

I started using the smart primer a few months ago now and let me tell you how it is my must have everyday!! I never took care of my skin in my younger years and it shows. Since using the smart primer it fills in my fine lines and has completely changed the way my skin and makeup looks. It’s seriously life changing!

Maria M. May 23 2020


First of all my heart Is full ???? I am in LOVE with Crunchi products but today you need to hear my story about this amazing Primer... This primer has change my makeup aplicación overall. I never thought necessary to use primer because it never do nothing for my skin I Never notice any difference until I met this smart primer. It leaves your face like a perfect canvas to apply your makeup and you can see the difference because it smoothes the fine lines and pores. ???? the primer is a must have!

Mollie M. May 23 2020

Magic primer

This is my all time favorite primer!

Summer H. May 23 2020


Keep Foundation & Powder Perfectly In Place!

Heather R. May 23 2020

Smart Primer

This primer is one of my favorite products! It makes my face feel velvety and look amazing! I use this everyday especially around my eyes and my makeup goes on flawlessly! Love it!

Verified Purchase
Amber G. May 22 2020


I was not a big makeup girl before getting into Crunchi. Why? I hated the feeling of stuff on my face, especially knowing it was probably bad for my skin’s health. And then!! I met Crunchi’s primer. Not only did I become a foundation/face makeup lover... BUT I found that I felt bare faced and could put primer/foundation on my face during a breakout and have it improve through the day! This stuff is liquid gold!

Donna S. May 22 2020


This primer moisturizes my skin beautifully! The Flawless Foundation goes on smoothly over the primer for the perfect combo!

Marilyn J. May 22 2020

Love, Love, Love. Only great things to say about this Primer.

It's hard to believe the ingredients are so safe, and yet so high performing. I am in love and my skin has never looked better.

Jennifer I. May 22 2020


The smart primer is a must. It helps prep the skin and smooth out all surfaces. I love it. It helps keep my makeup on all day. I just love this primer. I have used primers in the past and I just feel like it clogged my pores and just makes my skin feel so unhealthy. I love the fact that I am putting this healthy primer on my face daily

Nicole H. May 22 2020

Love this Smart Primer!

I use this Smart Primer as part of my skin care routine! Even on the days I don’t wear a full face of makeup, I always apply my smart primer. I love that it protects my skin from environmental toxins and nourishes my skin. When I do wear makeup it makes my foundation look flawless!

Stefanie  May 22 2020

Changing the way I think of Primer

I never wore primer because it always make me feel oily and greasy!!! Not this one. It’s smooth, covers my pores, moisturizing, and hold my foundation on through long walks and workouts. Highly recommend. Did I mention the certified organic ingredients? Win all the way around!

Erica C. May 22 2020

Amazing product!

I’ve used many primers.. from very expensive to more affordable... Crunchi Primer is by far the best primer I’ve used. It absorbs quickly and smoothly into skin and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. It’s a filter in real life! A soft glow that works for many skin types. My skin varies throughout the month between oily and dry, and it always goes on the same.

Danielle R. May 22 2020

Smart Primer

This was the product I didn’t even know I needed! It smells AMAZING and goes on so smooth! It definitely completes the look.

Jennifer C. May 22 2020

So good!!

I love that the primer helps my protect my skin and helps my foundation look its best. It’s the perfect start to my makeup regime! So glad I found Crunchi!!

Sam A. May 22 2020

Money well spent

Overall, I like the lightness and how smooth it goes over my skin. The primer is a great base for my daily routine, even if I just use a pressed powered for covered. The areas on my face that are often touched the most are better protected and feel less oily at the end of the day. I deal with cystic acne and have for years, so Iam no stranger to trying products. This primer is worth the money and will continue to be a staple in my routine care.

Madaline M. May 22 2020


I didn’t Know what I was missing until I got this primer! I was notorious for layering and layering all sorts of make up and setting powders and setting sprays and none of it did the job like this primer can with one simple layer it feels like nothing is there and it keeps my foundation on all day long! I don’t know what I would do without Crunchi!

Amy w. May 22 2020

Awesome product

This silky primer isn’t just for days I wear makeup. It goes on smooth and improves the texture of my skin on makeup free days. I use it as part of my daily morning skin regime.

Jessica B. May 22 2020

Silky Smooth

Primer is something I never knew I needed. This product smoothes out every single line and wrinkle & provides the perfect canvas for my foundation! It has become a daily staple.

Heather R. May 21 2020

My favorite product!

The Smart Primer is absolutely one of my favorite products ever!! I use it daily and still cannot believe the difference it makes in my skin and in my makeup application!

Hannah  May 21 2020

Not too heavy

I love this primer. It isn’t too heavy for my oily prone skin and goes on matte which I love. Creates the perfect base for their foundation.

Desteni M. May 21 2020

Smart primer

Great idea. This did not work for me. The only thing I can put on my face is Aloe Vera Gel without it breaking out. I used this on two occasions with bad results. I can't blame crunchi, I just have really bad skin. Stuff works great besides my bad skin issue.

Janetta M. May 21 2020

My favorite

This primer is my favorite Crunchi product. It keeps my pores from looking huge and nourishes my skin. It helps my foundation glide on seamlessly.

Kimberly L. May 21 2020

Don't leave home without it

This primer did a great job of filling in my pores and giving my foundation an even coverage. I love the cooling effect and soft non-greasy feel which is especially ideal in the summer. I've used it in all my professional pictures and the photographers have been very impressed by the level of coverage it provides to make the foundation smooth and last throughout the session even during the humid weather.

Kim N. May 21 2020

Pure Love ??

The Smart Primer just makes everything else better! It makes all my Crunchi makeup go on smoother and it lasts longer! Nothing better! ????

Diana B. May 21 2020

Smartest decision!

This product is by far the beat primer I have used. Its feels so good on your skin and the smell is lovely as well. Doesn’t make your skin feel sticky. This was my first product I bought from Crunchi and by far the beat decision. My skin has never looked so good. Thank you Crunchi!

Cheyann F. May 21 2020

Smart Primer

I’ve never found a primer that works better than the Smart Primer! No stickiness or residue leftover, and it’s applies so wonderfully overtop my Daylight moisturizer. After switching to primer, I will never use anything else on my face! Definitely my go to!

MacKenzie R. May 21 2020

Must have item!

This product goes on my skin whether I am wearing make up or not. I call it my “Skin Food”! It feels so good and balances out my complexion! If you’re thinking of ordering, just do it!!

Julie W. May 21 2020


This primer does it all. No make up day- use the even skin texture and minimize pores. Full make up day- makes a perfect canvas for foundation and makes it stay all day. And everyday look- my favorite way, mix with foundation to make bb cream type product. Love it and it’s moisture holding, smooth feeling greatness ??

Kelsey R. May 21 2020


Love this primer so much. I wear it everyday, makeup or no makeup!

Lianne S. May 20 2020

Stop hesitating!

I never used a primer previously, they all me feel greasy. When I started using this, my skin was in heaven! I was skeptical, but now I can’t go a day without it. Sometimes I even use it when I’m not wearing any other makeup- it’s just that good! I also have enjoyed using it with the other products to creat cream versions. And I tame my static hair flyaways with it too ????

Ashley C. May 20 2020


I love this new formula! My makeup is so smooth and looks flawless! It’s an essential part of my routine!

Shadley C. May 20 2020


This truly leaves you with a perfectly primed and flawless base to easily apply your makeup. I never really saw the benefit of using primer until this one, AND it’s toxin-free! I’ll never use another primer!

Jessica S. May 20 2020

Softness all day

I love mixing my primer with my foundation for application, instead of in layers. It feels amazingly smooth and gives me a softness that lasts all day. I wasn’t much of a primer wearer before I found Crunchi primer!

Christine P. May 20 2020

The Best Primer Since Sliced Bread

I’ve been looking for years for a primer that is light weight, not oily, and allows my makeup to stay on all day! Even through workouts and running! Well this primer is it! My face loves it ?? No other primer compares to the quality and flawless results you get with this one and I love that there aren’t any harmful ingredients in it! I even love mixing the primer with my flawless foundation for a more CC cream look that’s very light and airy!

MacKenzie D. May 20 2020

5 Star Primer

Let me start off by saying... I'm PICKY when it comes to my makeup, but especially my primer. However, I LOVE Crunchi Smart Primer. It goes on beautifully and really grabs hold of the foundation for a long lasting, flawless finish. I love knowing that the first thing I put on my face is free from chemicals that my skin would normally be soaking up. Try this primer and never go back... you won't be sorry!

Stacie K. May 20 2020

Even better than ever!

This Smart Primer is perfect for my skin type, which is sensitive/normal/dry in the winter. It's silky smooth and so light under my foundation. I love how it has a creamier texture than before and includes safe ingredients that are good for my skin too! Win-Win!

Heather R. May 20 2020

Smart Primer

This is one of my favorite products ever! My makeup goes on so smooth because of how wonderfully the Primer gets my skin ready! I always recommend this to anyone looking for the best primer out there!

Jen O. May 20 2020


This product is gold! It is seriously so light weight and evens out my foundation effortlessly.

Abby B. May 20 2020

Not Just Makeup - Skincare!

I have struggled with acne my whole life. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin’s texture and pigment when I use this primer consistently vs when I do not. It has become a regular part of my skincare routine regardless of whether or not I wear foundation. Applied after my moisturizer, it leaves my skin both supple and smooth while protecting it from environmental debris. My skin is always happiest in Smart Primer!

Iryna G. May 20 2020


I absolutely love the smart primer. It smells very nice and leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky. It’s a game changer and a must have for everyone!

Tay S. May 20 2020

If you liked the original primer... ????

You won’t be let down! It’s def a new formula but 100% improved too. Goes on similar to Daylight and is still so moisturizing!

Alenoush H. May 20 2020

Amazing Primer!

My senses light up the moment I start to apply the Smart Primer on to my face. It smells like paradise , is light weight, and goes on silky smooth. This primer perfects the imperfections and creates the required base that I need to achieve a flawless look. I mostly love the fact that I have zero guilt putting this product on my face daily, because it is made with the highest quality ingredients and that is really important to me. I highly recommend this product!

W.K.Clifton  May 20 2020

Prime Time

Never in my life have I ever put a primer on my face that literally made me feel like I’ve had a facial until I purchased this item. It doesn’t make sense, but I don’t question it. This product is mind-blowing and amazing. With this primer, you don’t have to fear damaged or irritated pores. Blessing in a bottle, it is!

Kayla E. May 20 2020

5 star Primer

I love the way this primer dries quickly. And the fact that it does feel greasy. This primer is a must have in your makeup bag! Don’t skip it!

Jessica F. May 20 2020

Game changer!

I recently started using Smart Primer under my foundation and I can not believe I waited this long to do that. It has made my skin look so much smoother and more natural. Do yourself a favor and purchase the Smart Primer along with the foundation an number 1 flat top brush. You will LOVE it!

Jolette N. May 20 2020


I just started using this primer, it goes on smoothly light and not greasy.

Jessa R. May 20 2020

Absolutely mind-blowing!

This is literally one of the most incredible products I have ever used. I have super sensitive skin and this has saved the day when another brand's product caused me to have an allergic reaction! It smells divine, is silky soft, and hands down my favorite part of my new Crunchi makeup routine. Thank you for such an amazing product!

Heather R. May 20 2020

Love this Primer!

I never knew I needed primer until I tried Crunchi's! It is a must-have and must-use every day! I love how smooth it makes my face look and feel!

Kate H. May 19 2020

This Primer should be named Genius

I loved the original, but this gem has knocked it out of the park!! Same velvety goodness, your skin feels soft and buttery in the beat way possible, but won’t leave you feeling greasy at all!! This is a GO TO, EVERYDAY, ESSENTIAL. My complexion has never looked and felt better!!

Alexa w. May 19 2020

My fav!

Love this smart primer!! Makes my whole face feel complete.

Verified Purchase
Janaa A. May 19 2020


Feels silky and amazing on and keeps makeup in place.

Havah S. May 19 2020


Love, Love, Love it!!! Going to order mine soon! I got a sample and it literally changed my skin, I really dry skin, and when I put makeup on (Crunchi foundation, and Concealer) it went on so smooth!! So happy!!!

Kelsey S. May 19 2020

Love my Smart Primer

I honestly didn't know what primer (other than for painting) was before Crunchi! I can say this is probably top 2 of my favorite products ever! It makes my skin feel soft and somedays it is all I wear on my face! I also love mixing it with my foundation to make a tinted moisturizer! Cannot recommend it more!

Brittany I. May 19 2020

#1 product recommendation!

Smart Primer is my go to on makeup or no makeup days. It makes my skin feel so smooth and provides the perfect amount of nourishment.

Verified Purchase
Brianne L. May 19 2020

Absolutely LOVE this primer!!

I LOVED the first Crunchi primer formula. I loved the smell, application, and what it did for my skin. The only down side was that it showed separation in the bottle and resulted in a blotchy application of my foundation. Nevertheless, I was a little hesitant to love this new primer formula. But HOLY SMOKES--I love this new formula. The texture is amazing, the application is easy, and my foundation glides and blends perfectly with it! Not to mention, my skin looks smooth and flawless.

Ashley  May 19 2020


This was the very first primer I had ever intentionally tried. It’s so lightweight and smells Devine, but not overly powerful. It’s a perfect way to start your makeup, helps create a smooth surface!

Tessa H. May 19 2020

Smooth perfection

I have very large pores that are hard to hide. Crunchi smart primer fills them in and makes my skin look smooth and flawless. What is even better though is it doesn’t clog the pores and your skin can still breathe, it does not feel heavy and mask like. It’s as if you are wearing an invisible sheet.

Maria M. May 19 2020

Best primer!

This primer goes on flawlessly. It hold your makeup in place all day without cracking, etc. and best part is....ITS CLEAN! ????

Megan M. May 19 2020


This is the best primer I have ever used. It helps soften any imperfections, is easy to apply, and is great to hold the foundation on all day.

Pam D. May 19 2020

Love it!

I had never used primer before and now I won’t go without it!! It hides my pores!

Sarah H. May 19 2020

Smart Primer

This Primer goes on smoothly and is so lightweight. My makeup stays on all day with being splotchy. I can’t imagine putting my makeup on without it! I put it on every day even without makeup.

Sarah H. May 19 2020

Great Primer!

I love the way this Primer goes on. It’s silky smooth and lightweight. My makeup stays on all day and I don’t worry about it looking splotchy.

Mary  May 19 2020

Pure Perfection

This primer is amazing! Goes on so smooth! You don’t need to use much and it is not oily or greasy. Paired with Crunchi foundation it is pure perfection!

Verified Purchase
Betsy H. May 19 2020

Minimizes my Pores

I absolutely LOVE this primer. It helps minimize my pores and helps set my flawless foundation. I've never used a primer before switching to Crunchi but it adds a lot of moisture to my face so it doesn't flake.

Lyndsey K. May 19 2020

So smooth and works!

I love the new primer! It’s soft and love the extra Tremella skincare benefits in it too! It truly has helped my acne scarring and other problem areas in the short time I have used it!! I love that it doesn’t have a strong smell either!! It’s a win!

Rachel M. May 19 2020

Is this magic?

It took me a few months to go ahead and order this primer because I loved another but I am so happy I took the chance! My pores are nearly gone now and feels so light weight and not tacky. My only regret is I didn't buy it sooner.

Verified Purchase
Jennifer B. May 19 2020

Just what I needed

I had tried a couple different primers and just didn’t like them or they were too waxy or made my skin hurt. This one is perfect! I use mostly as an eye shadow primer.

Lydia W. May 19 2020

Smart Primer

I cannot say enough good things about this Smart Primer! It goes on so smooth and fills in all the crevices. It works beautifully with the foundation!

Michelle G. May 19 2020

Best primer ever!

I have never used primer before finding Crunchi. I now know why my foundation never looked flawless. This primer goes on so smooth and makes my skin feel amazing. I have dry skin so it really helps moisturize it & my foundation now looks flawless. I will never go without Crunchi primer again.

Shauna  May 19 2020

Silky smooth

I really like using the Smart Primer, as it is moisturizing, leaves my skin feeling silky and helps the Flawless Foundation go on smoothly. I used the foundation without the primer at first, but the foundation lasts all day when applying primer first! Treat your skin to the Smart Primer!

Chelsey M. May 19 2020


I never used to use primer before Crunchi, but since I started using this primer it has been a game changer! It smooths out all my fine lines and helps hide my hormonal blemishes. Love this stuff!

Verified Purchase
Mariah T. May 19 2020

Smart Primer

LOVE LOVE LOVE this primer! It smooths all my pores for flawless foundation application! Love these two products together!

Verified Purchase
Melissa K. May 19 2020

Old formula review

I have yet to try the new formula, so my review is based on the previous formula. The primer has since been improved. I have very oily skin and the daylight, sunlight, foundation and primer were just too much liquid for my skin type. I cut the primer out of my routine. However, it did a nice job with minimizing pores and helping prolong the foundation. It was also silky smooth.

Verified Purchase
Rebekah E. May 18 2020


The primer is my favorite! I really really like it! My face loves it! It so moisturizing but not greasy. I feel it has made my skin softer. I like how it is preparing the palate for the rest of my crunchi make up! I highly recommend and when someone does not know what to try I tell them to try that first.

Chantal G. May 18 2020

Will never be without!

I LOVE this primer! I made the transition over to Crunchi after not wearing makeup for over 2+years. I use this primer everyday before I leave my house and I'll tell you, my face has never looked this amazing. This primer will forever be found in my cart!

Verified Purchase
Carol B. May 18 2020

Nice product!

I was never a primer person until I started using Crunchi products, mainly because most primers are made with harmful ingredients. However, I love that the Crunchi primer is non-toxic and contains many natural skincare ingredients. Plus, I love the way the primer feels on my skin and makes my foundation go on so effortlessly.

Shelby C. May 18 2020

Makes my skin the perfect canvas for foundation.

Love this primer. It’s super light but also feels like it hydrates my skin and preps it for foundation. I’ve worn the foundation with and without the primer, it’s amazing on its own but the primer definitely helps lock in your makeup for the day. Love it and will keep buying it!

Lauren M. May 18 2020

The best!

I honestly had never used a primer before trying Crunchi, and now I can’t go without it. Even with my fairly oily skin, it goes on smooth, fills in pores and fine lines, and sets the stage for foundation perfectly. It helps gives the foundation a beautiful, airbrushed finish and lasts all day!

Kerry A. May 18 2020

Amazing product!

I had never used a primer before just getting this one. I have to say it is absolutely amazing! I don’t wear a full face of makeup often because I feel like it looks caked on or splotchy. I put this on before the foundation and 1. It is so moisturizing and makes my skin feel so smooth 2. My makeup looks amazing now! No splotches or lines or cakiness! Thanks for such a great product that I know is also great for my skin, toxin-free, and environment-friendly!

Heather R. May 18 2020

My favorite Primer!

This was one of my first Crunchi products and it changed my whole thinking on what clean beauty is! It feels like velvet on my skins and is such an important part of my skincare routine!

Verified Purchase
Delaina K. May 18 2020

Love the new formula

The new primer is incredible! I love the way it feels on my skin and is less greasy feeling than the previous formula. I never knew the power of a primer before I started using Cunchi make-up. Sometimes I even wear the primer without putting any foundation on because I love how it feels on my skin. The product lasts me for months so the price is worth it!

Jessica C. May 18 2020

Best Primer Ever!

I love how light weight this feels. It’s not sticky and absorbs into my skin. My foundation doesn’t sit on top of it and my face doesn’t become oily throughout the day!

Elizabeth N. May 18 2020

Perfect Base!

The Smart Primer is the perfect base for my daily look! It makes my skin ready for makeup application. It smells great and isn’t too heavy. A little bit goes a long way- Can’t go without it!

Pam D. May 18 2020


I’ve never used primer before and this is a game changer!!! I can’t go without it!! Leaves such a smooth finish when I apply my Crunchi makeup.

Pam D. May 18 2020

Awesome product!

This is a game changer!!!! I never used primer before and now I can’t go without this Crunchi primer!!

Allie M. May 18 2020


I am absolutely obsessed with this primer! I've always struggled with redness and blotchy dry skin. This product is an absolute must for me now! My redness is virtually gone and my skin is baby smooth now. So in love!!

Amanda C. May 18 2020

Smart Primer

I absolutely love this primer! It makes my skin super smooth which, makes the application of foundation so much easier. It is so moisturizing to my skin and not too oily. I like to “prime” my eyelids too because it gives a smooth canvas and really makes the colors pop. I will never go without my primer!

Sarah B. May 18 2020


I was never a primer person before I tried this one. I didn’t see the point. But this crunchi smart primer is a necessary step now in my routine. It makes my makeup last, stay on smooth, and maintains healthy skin. I love it!

Mary T. May 18 2020

Crunch Smart Primer

Heard so many good things about this product. My friends rave about it. I bought it tried primer on half of my face, accidentally dropped the bottle and it broke :( Will day half my face looked real good for the rest of the day!

Michelle  May 18 2020

Smart Primer

I’m loving the Smart Primer. It goes on so nicely, it’s not heavy, I don’t get oily from it. IT’S AMAZING! It’s a must to your beauty routine, you will not regret it.

Havah S. May 18 2020

So smooth!!

Before I used this, my makeup didn’t go on really smooth, after I star using this my face felt AMAZING!! I was so happy that it heals my dry skin and helped my makeup go on a lot smoother!!????????

Verified Purchase
Lynnette W. May 18 2020

Spa day every day!

I love this Primer...I am not much of a makeup girl, and honestly didn’t even know primer was a thing that existed. But, the feel of this on my face feels so luxurious! I wear it even when I don’t wear makeup...which is frequently!

Amy Z. May 18 2020

Must Have Item!

This primer is amazing. It feels so good and definitely improves makeup application. I also love that you do not need very much to do your whole face. I’m always surprised at how long my bottles last! This is one of my “can’t live without” makeup items and will be yours too!

Erica S. May 18 2020

The Best I’ve Ever Tried

I’ve tried several different primers and I hated how sticky and tacky they felt. It made my skin feel heavy and cakey. I didn’t have the highest expectations when I first tried this primer. Holy cow, was I BLOWN away. This primer is so lightweight, doesn’t feel sticky or tacky, AND it helps moisturizes and nourishes my skin. I am in love!

Tricia D. May 18 2020

Setting the Tone!

This primer sets the tone for the rest of my makeup! It applies smoothly, and does not leave my skin feeling greasy. I feel like it helps minimize my larger pores and helps set up my face for a smooth application of foundation!

Sarena H. May 18 2020

The Best Primer!!!

This is the best primer I’ve ever used! It definitely helps give my foundation that flawless look. It works way better than all the toxic primers I’ve used in the past and it’s so refreshing to know that there’s no toxic ingredients in it!

Beth  May 18 2020

Amazing with or without makeup!

Not only is this the best under makeup primer I’ve ever used (with safe and amazing ingredients), it’s also just as beautiful by itself on a day you don’t want to wear makeup! Blurs any crease or wrinkle you may have, and gives an air brushed appearance! So good :)

Verified Purchase
Melissa C. May 18 2020

Melissa C.

First time using a Makeup Primer, ever. My skin is normal to dry skin and other foundation's would be patchy after a few hours. The Crunchi Primer feels so smooth going on and makes the application of the Crunchi Flawless Foundation so fast and looks and feels so flawless. Love all the Crunchi products.

Valerie W. May 18 2020

I loved it but it didn’t love me

I can only give it 4 starts because it made me break out. I wanted to love it and I sort of did but couldn’t handle every time I worse it I would get lots of little pimples. I’d still recommend it and give it a great review for its texture and consistency and for what it does to even out your foundation.

Jeanine  May 18 2020

Everyone needs this primer!

This is the best primer I have ever used! Helps keep my foundation on all day and leaves my skin baby soft! I’ll never switch to another!

Kendra U. May 18 2020

Never go a day without!!

This is by far my favorite Crunchi product. I wear it everyday even if I am not wearing makeup! It has helped with evening my skin tone and shrinking my pores! Makes me happy to know I am protecting my skin from environmental toxins when wearing this beauty!

Kim N. May 18 2020

Love my Crunchi Primer??

This product just makes all the difference in my makeup routine. It makes my Crunchi foundation go on smooth and helps it stay all day. I have also seen an improvement in all those fine lines and wrinkles, which is my best reason to use it! I can’t say enough about this product! Give it a try! ??

Amber K. May 18 2020

Flawless Face!

I never knew I needed a primer until I tried Crunchi primer. I was hooked from the first try. It fills in pores and lines and leaves your face with a flawless finish. It is amazing paired with the foundation and finishing powder. I am so glad I tried this and it’s now a part of my daily routine. I’m so thankful to have found a primer that works and is toxin-free!!! ????????

Hannah P. May 18 2020

Leaves my skin feeling so smooth!

Love the way this primer feels on my skin! It’s so silky smooth and moisturizing, and definitely makes a difference. I had never used primer before trying this one, but now I know why it’s a recommended step in every makeup routine. ;)

Ashton R. May 18 2020

Finally a primer that actually works and is as clean as it gets!

As a makeup artist I have tried many primers over the years that never delivered what they claimed. I gave up on them for a while until a friend gave my a sample of this. It actually does what it says it’ll do and the ingredients are good for you!!! Trust me, this is as good as it gets in quality and performance. I’m hooked and recommend it to all of my clients now, no matter their skin type.

Bailee  May 18 2020

So smooth!

I don’t wear foundation too often, in fact, the times I do, I used to never wear any primer because it always caused me to breakout. Now, I always use the smart primer before applying foundation and it’s so incredibly soft and smooth and feels amazing on your skin! Sometimes I wear foundation just to put the primer on because it feels amazing on my skin. No breakouts. Holds my foundation in place! Little to no makeup transfer at all on my hubby’s shirts when I hug him!

Sara J. May 18 2020


This primer is amazing, it feels like velvet after you apply it , and it fills in pores and fine lines like magic ! I can’t live without it. It creates the perfect canvas for the perfect foundation, and it lasts all day!

Ashley P. May 18 2020


I had never used a primer before but I read really good things about Crunchi’s primer so I decided to try it. It does not disappoint! My skin feels so hydrated and smooth and it really helps with the wear of my foundation. Now I can’t imagine not using Crunchi’s primer! The ingredients and standards of this company are truly amazing.

Jennifer J. May 18 2020

So smooth!

I never used primer consistently before finding Crunchi. It always felt heavy and I didn't trust the ingredients. Now I rely on Crunchi primer to help my makeup last. I'm not a makeup pro and seem to always have my makeup melt and settle in to my lines. This primer is light, creamy, and helps my makeup last all day, plus I know it's good for my skin! Customer for life!

Angela L. May 18 2020

Best Primer Ever!

I love this primer! It makes skin so smooth and makeup apply so well. This is an item that I purchase often. Best ingredients!

Verified Purchase
Katie R. May 18 2020

Best Primer, Hands Down!

This primer is the holy grail of primers. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth, and helps to distribute my foundation evenly, giving it the airbrushed/velvety look. It also helped to minimize the look of pores. This primer helps to keep my makeup in place all day without causing any creasing. I recommend this product to all of my friends because it is really that great.

Katie W. May 18 2020

So good

This primer feels so good going onto my skin and really makes a difference with the application of my makeup! It helps my foundation stay in one place and last all day long! Love that it's toxic free!

Taylor S. May 18 2020

New and improved for sure!

The new formula takes some getting used to but is definitely a winner. Goes on so smooth and really sets the makeup perfectly.

Katie m. May 18 2020

Best non toxic primer!

This primer is the holy grail for all skin types. It blurs imperfections and helps the foundation sit on the face flawlessly! I absolutely love that it isn’t greasy and dries quickly.

Charity H. Apr 06 2020

Well done on new formula!

So I liked the first Gen Smart Primer, but with my oily/combo skin it often left me shiny by midday, plus it was prone to separate on me a lot. But not with this new one! This new formula is so light but actually applies better and smoothly. My makeup application is much faster and the finish is much more airbrushed. I feel it minimizes the look of my large pores. It’s hydrating and moisturizing without being greasy. I’m hooked and will NOT go a day without using it when I use the foundation.