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Solarise® Bronzer

Crunchi’s Solarise® Bronzer is the perfect way to achieve that sun-kissed glow without the need for hours in the sun. This is a versatile formula that works great for contouring too! 

W100: Warm Golden Bronze Pro tip: This matte shade is great for bronzing the skin.

C50: Cool Bronze Pro tip: This matte shade is great for contouring.

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Customer Reviews

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Jordan H. Aug 19 2023

too dark and warm

This bronzer is too dark for my skin. and too warm. shame

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Jana M. Jul 25 2023

I wear this every day

My makeup routine is very simple. I like it natural. There's a few products that I use every day and that's the crunchi foundation, the solarise bronzer (C50) and the highliner pencil eyeliner in black. Specifically, I love how the bronzer gives my face some contour that's so natural looking. My face looks flat without it! I highly recommend. I have olive skin that tans easily.

Christina G. May 29 2023

C50 Bronzer

I have been using this bronzer for 4 years. I love it!! It's amazing!!! It's lightweight, blends very well with my skin and lasts all day!!

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Kim C. Apr 15 2023


This is the best bronzer I have purchased. It looks very natural and applies smoothly. The coverage is good and long lasting. I highly recommend this product.

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Jen S. May 14 2022

Best Bronzer Ever

There are many days when this is all I use on my face. It gives me the perfect glow without being over done!

Keri W. Mar 29 2022


I have never used bronzer before it was scary but this is the best bronzer I have ever tried!!!

Alexis  Dec 29 2021


This bronzer works wonderfully. It blends so easily.

Bianca  Jan 25 2021

If you want to look like an oompah loompah

This is WAY Too orange to work as a contour (C50 claim). I’m SO disappointed that I have to return this.

Cheryl  Oct 16 2020

Solarise Bronzer

I love all my Crunchi products! The Bronzer is my favorite make up go to for everyday color!

Julie W. Oct 16 2020


As a fair to light skinned woman most bronzers are less than flattering leaving an orange or dirty look to my skin. I recently got Crunchi’s C50 and wow I have a new love for bronzers. It looks natural with just the right amount of color, goes on smoothly and comes in a generous size paperboard package. Love it so much I plan to use year round for a nice glow.

Shannon M. Oct 16 2020

Loving my glowing skin!

The C50 bronzer makes my skin glow. I like how it’s lightweight and goes on smoothly.

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Michelle C. Oct 16 2020


Love this new bronzer! W100 is my go-to shade for just the right amount of warmth.

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Joan H. Oct 16 2020


I ordered both shades of the new bronzer and, after playing around with them, was surprised to discover I like the C50 best! Very understated and just the right touch to finish my look.

Tatyanna B. Oct 16 2020

Bronzer is life

I am in love with this new Bronzer! It is the perfect shade to add some beautiful color. Loving the sun kissed look!

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Angel G. Oct 16 2020

Smooth, Buildable, & Eco Packaged

I love so many things about this line. The bronzers are so silky, you’d almost think they were creams. A little bit goes a super long way & the packaging is beautiful!!

Tara G. Oct 16 2020

Solarise v. Loose Powder Bronzer

I LOVE Solarise. It’s a better version of the loose powder bronzer. It’s the same warm glow, but easier to control how much you apply. And the packaging is sleek.

Laura H. Oct 16 2020

love it!

This bronzer is absolutely beautiful! I purchased the W100. It gives a nice glow and warmth to the skin! Plus it is a nice size bronzer for the price! I will definitely be purchasing the other bronzer which looks a little darker! Perfect for contouring!

Chelsi  Oct 15 2020

W100 Review

Ok, I'm IN LOVE with Crunchi's Solarise Bronzer. It applies smoothly and is easily buildable. Also, I love how it doubles as an eyeshadow. Talk about bang for your buck!

Christina P. Oct 15 2020

Sun-kissed Perfection!

Who knew you could fall in love with a bronzer?? Before Solarise, my face and photos of me looked washed out. I love the no.4 brush to apply C50 as a contour and then W100 over C50 for the perfect, sun-kissed glow. I can’t go without it, it’s a MUST-HAVE!

Casaday L. Oct 15 2020

Fool Proof Bronzer

I haven’t been a big bronzer user because I end up looking like an Oompa Loompa. I took a chance with this bronzer because Crunchi said it wouldn’t end up orange and boy, did they deliver! I love this! It gives you this perfectly sun-kissed look. It’s super pigmented so a little goes a long way, but even if you decide to build it way up, there’s still no orange! It’s fool-proof. The palette size is extremely generous so I’m looking forward to months and months of sun-kissed skin.

Madison B. Oct 15 2020

Game changer

I was never a problem. My friend told me about the solarise Bronzer and I was interested in trying it. I’ve never loved a brother so much, it’s velvety it’s smooth and it looks beautiful! It brings so much life to my face, which helps because I get extremely pale in the winter time. The cardboard packaging is to die for and the color is amazing!

Maggie B. Oct 15 2020

Best bronzer ever!

The formula is absolutely perfect, and it blends so smoothly on my skin! Couldn’t think of a better shade for fall/winter. This is definitely my new go-to bronzer!

Lyndsey K. Oct 15 2020

Beautifully Sun Kissed

Love how this comes on so naturally and brightens me up! I have loved both my W100 and C50! I think it’s A must For any skin tone! Really helps shadow, contour and make you feel and look good!! Love the organic Ingredients too!

Janetta  Oct 15 2020

So smooth & soft!

This goes on & on!! So buildable. Will last forever. I just adore how golden tan it makes me! Blends well with my brown hair & brown eyes. I feel so confident in this product.

Irene  Oct 15 2020

Great product

Don’t hesitate and get the bronzer ASAP. You will not be disappointed, it’s creamy, it’s matte and it’s huge. The paperboard packaging is amazing, quality and performance is just phenomenal ????

Jessica M. Oct 15 2020

Doesn’t get better!

Just started my journey of investing in clean make up and crunchi has hit every one of my marks! This bronzer was one of my first purchases and it has not disappointed one bit!

Marilyn J. Oct 14 2020

Best bronzer evah!

I am in love. Everything about this bronzer is amazing and I can tell it will last me forever.

Christine R. Oct 14 2020

The BEST contour ????

I love a good contour and the C50 works amazing for that! Top it with Crunchi highlighter and you are ready to turn heads ????

Shannon G. Oct 14 2020

Love the color!!!

I have been using C50. Love how lightweight it is and how it goes on smoothly. I was afraid it would be too dark at first, but I was mistaken. I was impressed with how it adds just the right amount of color to my skin without looking too tan or overdone. Totally recommend this bronzer!

Alyssa C. Oct 14 2020

Sunkissed with Solarise

These new matte bronzers are everything! As big as your hand with silky smooth gorgeous shades, warm and cool. I love using them as a quick eyeshadow as well. Another great product, Crunchi, thank you!!

Verified Purchase
Jennifer D. Oct 14 2020

Great Bronzer!

I actually never used bronzer before trying Crunchi’s! Now I will never go without it! It is lightweight, smooth and blendable. And the package is huge!!

Caitlin S. Oct 14 2020

Wonderful Bronzer

This bronzer is so buttery smooth and use to apply, I always found other bronzers for patchy and hard to blend but this one blends right on no problem!

Elaina T. Oct 14 2020

Best bronzer ever!

Can I give this bronzer 10 stars!? Amazing pigment that lasts all day long! I have raved about it to all my friends when they ask how I get that natural glow. Love that it’s both SAFE and EFFECTIVE!

Maureen  Oct 14 2020


Obsessed with this highlighter! It’s the perfect amount of pigment and goes on so smoothly! Love love this! And it comes in an environmentally friendly package; best of all worlds!

Stephanie S. Oct 13 2020


This bronzer is by far one of my favorites that I have ever used. The fact that it is nontoxic is just the icing on the cake! I apply it with Crunchi’s No. 3 brush and it is absolute perfection!

Stephanie M. Oct 13 2020

Bronzer for the WIN

I went to Sedona Arizona for the weekend. After my 6 mile hike, I noticed my face was darker! As I was getting ready for dinner, I realized my foundation was a tad light because of my new tan... Well a little of my Solarise Bronzer and I couldn’t tell at all that my foundation was a little too light!! It warmed the color right up! I absolutely love my bronzer!

Taylor S. Oct 13 2020

this bronzer changed me????

was neverrrrr a bronzer girl til Crunchi. The old bronzer was great, but THIS Solarise bronzer is the BEST! It’s perfect for a subtle yet beautiful contour and bronze ????

Sara N. Oct 13 2020


I’ve never been much of a bronzer user but this has definitely changed my mind! Goes on so nice, I love the matte finish. Highly pigmented! 10/10!

Amy N. Oct 13 2020

Smooth and buttery bronzer like I’ve never used before!

I love both shades!!! They apply effortlessly and provide a glamorous sun-kissed glow! Ultra pigmented...a little bronzer goes a looooong way! And knowing the packaging can be recycled when I’m done just feels good! Everything about this bronzer is better than I could have ever imagined! I’m hooked!

Araceli  Oct 13 2020


I cannot be more excited about this bronzer! It is such an answer to my bronzer dreams. The pigment is incredible and the tiniest bit gets the job done. Helping all of us keep our summer glow well into summer 2021!

Kristin P. Oct 13 2020

Love it

I have never used a bronzer like this before! I was given a sample of the c50, cooler tone, and I am so impressed. Not only did it add another dimension of color to my face, it gave an airbrushed finish I was not expecting! No orange or fake tan look here!! Absolutely love it and cannot wait to get my full-size bronzer.

Holly A. Oct 12 2020

Glow Baby!

Have never considered using bronzer before finding Crunchi...always thought I would look like a Jersey Shore girl! This massive compact of glow (barely need to use any) sculpts and doubles as eyeshadow with our highlighter....love it!

Shannon G. Oct 12 2020

Fabulous product!

Love this product and the packaging! It’s lightweight and can be easily blended.

Taylor B. Oct 12 2020


I haven’t used bronzer since I was in college, mainly due to the fact that I could never find one that wasn’t full of sparkles or wouldn’t make my pores look enormous. Thankfully, CRUNCHI has us all covered with their ultra-pigmented W100 & C50 Solarise Bronzers! I am in love with the natural glow they add to my face! Sometimes I’ll just use my bronzer on those low-key days when I’m not in the mood to do my full makeup routine! IT’S PERFECT!

Iryna  Oct 12 2020


I’m a bronzer lover and this in is by far the best bronzer. It’s so buttery smooth and I absolutely love the new enhanced formula. Obsessed with these bronzers. They are great for contouring as well!

Sherry R. Oct 12 2020

I am obsessed!

I love this bronzer!! It’s so soft and glowy! A must have in your makeup drawer!

Dianna C. Oct 12 2020

Sun kissed year round

Looove this new bronzer! Soft, matte, leaves my face beautifully bronzed when I haven’t been able to get some sun. The pigment is perfect and can go on light or be built up. Highly recommended!

Megan M. Oct 12 2020

Bronzer shade

I have tried the W100. I like the concept of this new bronzer. It is a little too light for my skin complexion. Hoping new shades come out for darker complexed women. Love all other products. Thank you

Jana S. Oct 12 2020

Fantastic for beginner bronzers

I’m not a bronzing expert by any means, but this does not intimidate me at all! Solarize has such a natural pigment to it, it’s safe to experiment with and get comfortable. Combined with the #3 brush, i am able to appear like I’m a MUA ;)

Debra M. Oct 12 2020

Game changer!

Click ADD TO CART!! Wow, this bronzer has been a total game changer to my makeup routine. I love the way I can easy contour my face! It is SO soft and you only need a tiny bit to do your entire face! Love this product!

Taylor S. Oct 12 2020

Love and multi-use!

This bronzer is so subtle yet perfect for contouring! I also use it as eyeshadow and it’s the perfect shade for both!

Katie M. Oct 12 2020

Better than I hoped!

I’ve always used the high end brands that are full of all the bad stuff, but worked amazingly. I decided to try this bronzer, and I’m in love! It applied so smoothly, and is very pigmented, so a little goes a long way. It’ll last forever! The color is beautiful, the perfect sun kissed glow!

Courtney L. Oct 12 2020

Best bronzer

This is the best bronzer I have ever used hands down!! I love this product so much!

Verified Purchase
Lily B. Aug 26 2020

Bronzer LOVE

As a life long bronzer user, I have never loved a formula more than this one! It is buttery smooth, ultra pigmented, and I am ecstatic with the large eco-friendly compact size!