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Sunlight® Facial Sunscreen

Combat the sun’s harmful rays and nourish your skin with our Sunlight® Daily Facial Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen. Cutting edge non-nano zinc technology creates a lightweight, non-greasy, faster absorbing invisible finish. Help decrease your risk of skin cancer and early signs of aging by using Sunlight® 365 days a year, rain or shine.

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Customer Reviews

Priyanka A. Feb 04 2023

Works but…

This SPF seems to work but if you are a person of color, it definitely leaves a white colored cast on your skin.

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Marissa P. Sep 27 2022

Turns my skin slightly white!

I love that this protects my skin from the sun and non toxic BUT when I apply this my skin has a white tint to it and I don't even put a lot on! I'm not loving it for that reason.

courtney  Aug 29 2022

Clogged my pores leaves film on darker skin

Wanted to love this product but my skin hated it. It too thick for me especially bc I already have oily skin. Also it left a white film on my face that I had to work in well bc it gave my skin an ashy appearance.

Beth M. Jul 20 2022

Great for my daughter too!

Not only is Sunlight my go to facial sunscreen. It is also the easiest product (and one of the safest!!) to apply to my daughters face!

Joline G. Jul 09 2022

Amazing reef safe product!

This was the first Crunchi product I bought and I have to brag on Crunchi Sunlight! Not only is it a great product that works and applies wonderfully, it is coral reef safe! Being a diver this is something I care about. There are even some marine sanctuaries that it is illegal to use a non reef safe sunscreen. (I am not sure how they would enforce that though.) I was so excited when I did my research and it is non-nano particle zinc oxide. Anything that does not specifically say non-nano is no

Jennifer  Jun 05 2022


Love how it goes on under my makeup. I don’t have to worry about coverage and feels great!

Kate  May 25 2022


I miss the old sunlight. The new sunlight burns my face just like someone else has stated. Also has less zinc oxide than the old one. Definitely miss the old one.

Jennifer  May 25 2022

Love This!!!

I have used the Crunchi Sunlight for 2-3 years. I LOVE IT!!

Alexis W. Jan 17 2022

New Formula is better

I really like the update with the new formula. The new stuff goes on much nicer and doesn't leave residue like the old stuff. I feel protected with it on and try and not miss a day using it.

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Robyn J. Jan 10 2022

Dark Skin Friendly

I am a shade 7 in Crunchi's foundation and the New and Improved Sunlight is transparent on my skin. The previous version left a white cast, but that is no longer the case now! Thanks, Crunchi!!

Ellen M. Dec 30 2021

Outdoor protection

I mix Sunlight with foundation a shade darker than normal for outdoor protection in town, at the beach or on a mountain hike. I find it reduces wind “burn” as well.

HM  Jul 22 2021

Best sunscreen ever !

I love this sunlight . It feels just like a lotion not thick like a sunscreen. Feels amazing on my skin and works even better !

Debbie  Jul 21 2021


Love the texture and coverage. Light and airy

Jami  Jul 21 2021

Like the old formula better

I love the old sunlight. This new one smells different and stung my face for about 30 seconds after applying it. Hopefully they change the formula again before next simmer!

Samantha P. Jul 20 2021

New Sunlight Formula!

I love the new sunlight formula! It just melts into my skin and gives great coverage from the sun.

Holli S. Jul 20 2021


I am amazed by this formula! It blends so easy and I love how easy it is to apply! My teenage daughter even started using the new formula!

Michelle T. Jul 19 2021


This product he’s joy to use. I am in my 60s and I need not only protection moisturizer. Are use moisturizer but the sunlight well I’m going to be in the sun really Does protect my skin

Vikki A. Jul 19 2021


Crunchi has exceeded my expectations with the new formulated Sunlight. It’s comforting to know Crunchi is safe from harmful ingredients and adds protection from the sun. I love that it goes on with ease and is invisibly flawless. Sunlight is Absolute perfection.

Christi W. Jul 19 2021

Sun-Light is just the right name!

I didn’t think the old formula could get any better, but WOW! I am blown away with how well this Sunlight rubs in without leaving a trace of a ghostly cast :) It provides outstanding sun protection, but my only concern is that I want it in a gallon size for my whole body!

Alyson D. Jul 19 2021

Does it all!

The new and improved Sunlight does it all! The coverage is amazing- without the greasy , white residue many other SPFS leave. It’s safe and it WORKS:) Bonus that I use it on my kids and trust the SAFE Ingredients.

Leina W. Jul 19 2021

Sunlight SPF

The new sunlight is so amazing!! I love how lightweight it feels on my skin and how easily it rubs in without any white zinc appearance. I just returned home from a 5 day camping trip at the lake where I applied it about twice a day. I didn’t burn at all, even after many hours of being in and out of the water. I’m a big fan!!

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Victoria L. Jul 19 2021

Safe sun care

Finally safe sun care! I like wearing under makeup or alone on no makeup days.

Elise W. Jul 19 2021

Favorite Family SPF

Hands down, the Best sunscreen I have ever used! I use it daily, rain or shine, and it’s a no brainer with how transparent it is! Plus, my husband and kids use it (face and body) and don’t mind since it rubs in so easily! That’s a huge win!

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Mary J C. Jul 19 2021


The new/improved Sunlight is simply amazing! It goes on easily & feels like silk! I took a bottle with me when I saw my dermatologist this past Thursday. She bragged and said it was a great SPF for everyday use! She kept the box and my business card!

Penny M. Jul 19 2021

Absolutely Fabulous product

The new Sunlight is absolutely amazing! It glides right on with no chalky white, ghost face, and provides great protection. I took it on our beach vacation and was thrilled with the results!

Jamie  Jul 19 2021

Love this sunscreen!

The new formula is much lighter and easier to apply to my face. The old formula was awesome, but felt like smearing on paste. This formula is light and smooth. Love it!

Kristen R. Jul 19 2021

Feels Amazing!

I’m not sure how the “old” formula was, but I received the improved formula a few weeks ago and wow, it seriously feels just like applying the Daylight! So smooth and soft and blends right in, as well as awesome defense against the sun for hours. One application for all day! So so nice.

KG  Jul 19 2021


Love this sunscreen! I apply before my makeup every morning. My favorite part about it is the clean ingredients. Crunchi is a brand I trust, and that truly goes a long way!

Diana H. Jul 19 2021

Lot better than the old formula

I’m Mexican and the old formula left a white cast and the new formula it doesn’t, also the old formula was very greasy, but not the new one. So far so good. I got a sample of it and plan on order the full size one.

Sarah G. Jul 19 2021

So transparent even my husband will use it!

My husband is pretty picky when it comes to the look and feel of sunscreen, often choosing an spf long-sleeve shirt and pants over having to use something heavy, sticky or with a white residue. BOTH he and I are thoroughly impressed with how light-weight, soft and smooth Sunlight applies with an invisible finish! We are so grateful to find a toxin-free sunscreen we both love putting on!

Priscilla U. Jul 19 2021

Good Stuff!

The formula is thick and creamy but spreads well. Works great. Only 2 reasons it doesn't get 5 stars is because it has a light scent when applying, and I prefer no scent at all. I don't smell it after it's been applied so that's good. Also, the bottle needs to be bigger! ;)

Melissa S. Jul 19 2021

Breakout free!

Face sunscreen would instantly break out my face .....until met Sunlight! Non greasy and feels great on my skin! Knowing that it is clean and healthy is the icing on the cake! Thanks Crunchi!

Savannah E. Jul 19 2021

Crunchi Love ??

I love it ????. It gives a clean feel with a refreshed look ! I’ve worn it everyday since first application ! I look forward to my skin routine ????

Jennifer S. Jul 19 2021


I love what has done

Carie S. Jul 19 2021


The Sunlight with SPF30 was a lovely surprise. I’ve used it multiple times, with and without makeup, and haven’t had any clogged pores or blemishes. Lightweight and I use with my daily moisturizer. I’ve not had any sunburns as I use this when we go to the water park. I also have dry skin and this doesn’t dry my skin out.

Betty O. Jul 19 2021


I like the new Sunlight. Love how it goes on smooth

Lauren A. Jul 19 2021

Sunlight is the best light

The new Sunlight is my new go-to daily SPF! It rubs in so easily. I love how lightweight the formula is - I could wear it under my makeup or standalone. I love that didn’t feel like I was putting a bunch of chemicals on my skin, but nourishing it while protecting it.

Niki Z. Jul 18 2021


All of Ctunchie products are amazing. Their new and improved sunlight is awesome. It doesn't take make 7 mins to rub it into my face. And after being outside all day my face isn't red and hot from the sun! I use the moisturizer with it and the combination make my skin feel like it did 20 years ago! I recommend this to everyone I know all the time!

Heather  Jul 18 2021


I loved the old formula but this new formula is absolutely incredible! It’s so light and airy and takes seconds to rub in! Especially easy to apply on kids who don’t sit still during sunscreen application. Perfection!

Kendra U. Jul 18 2021

So wonderful!

Loving this new formula. It is so lightweight and rubs into your skin so effortlessly. I even use it on my kiddos when we go to the pool. You have knocked it out of the park with this one, Crunchi Team! ????

Cherie D. Jul 18 2021

Sunlight Review

I am so excited about Sunlight! I love the feel on my face, how it spreads so easily, it's not greasy and does not have a sun tan smell! The bonus is there are no harmful chemicals!

Verified Purchase
Lisa S. Jul 18 2021

My Fair Skin Needed This

I absolutely love Sunlight. Not only does this fair Irish girls skin stay protected for hours while outside in sun, it also gets nourished at the same time. I do love how it leaves a non greasy feeling. There is nothing I have tried before that stands up to the new and improved sunlight!

Celeste S. Jul 18 2021


I totally LOVE this sunlight product on my face and neck too . So lightweight and feels amazing !! Thanks Crunchi!!

Verified Purchase
Janet S. Jul 18 2021

New and Improved Sunlight

As someone with fair skin and a history of skin cancer, wearing sunscreen is a must in my daily routine. It has been a real struggle to find an effective sunscreen that doesn't contain harmful ingredients and irritate my sensitive skin.......until now! I could not be happier with the New and Improved Sunlight! I love the invisible finish and how silky soft it is and most important, it checks all of my toxin free boxes!

Jennifer S. Jul 18 2021

Review Sunlight Facial SPF

I am absolutely in love with this product! My mother got facial skin cancer, so when this came out, I bought a lot. Before I was recommended to try your products I had a hard time finding sun screen that wasn't thick or slimy on my face. Your amazing product not only works, it keeps my family safe from a recurrence, and it feels good going on. So smooth and soft. I will never buy anything different!

Maggie F. Jul 18 2021

Overall great

It feels a little thick going on, but it absorbes well after a few minutes. I have combination skin and dont need moisturizer when I just the sunscreen, but it does not make me oily by the end of the day either. Best of both worlds and protects the skin from uv radiation.

Erica S. Jul 18 2021

Holly grial!!

Sunlight sunscreen is an amazing product and my holly grail! Before being introduced to Crunchi, I never put much thought into using a facial SPF sunscreen and wish I would have known sooner. I love how much thought was put into the product to provide us all with quality products that are non toxic! Making sure that they are non toxic products are really important to me. I have recommended this product before to others because it’s just that amazing! Thank you Crunchi for this marvelous product!

Tracy H. Jul 18 2021

Great protection!

I love mixing a small dab with some nightlife (that I use in the AM after the charcoal bar) and protecting my face everyday!

Jill K. Jul 18 2021


A really great sunscreen that has no white residue effect and feels light. Also does do the job and I don’t get burnt on my face!!

Annie W. Jul 18 2021

New vs. Old

While I do love the redness coverage of the old formula, WOW the new formula is amazing.

Verified Purchase
Kristel C. Jul 18 2021

New formula review

I liked Crunchi's old formula, but I LOVE the new formula!! Before, I always mixed Sunlight and Daylight so it'd rub in better, but no need to do that now. The new Sunlight formula rubs in easily and leaves no white cast, which is amazing because if you've ever used a mineral sunscreen, a little elbow grease is usually needed to get it all rubbed in. No need for that with this product! I'm so happy with this new formula and how easily it applies. Thank you Crunchi!!

Amy D. Jul 18 2021


I just tried the new Sunlight and I love it. The light weight, non-greasy formula goes on smooth without leaving the ghost-like appearance that other sunscreens leave. Thank you, Crunchi!

Verified Purchase
Susan A. Jul 18 2021

Are You Sure This Is Sunscreen?

I recently tried the new and improved Sunlight and couldn't be more thrilled! It has been such a challenge to find a broad spectrum sunscreen that goes on without work. My husband thought I accidentally handed him a moisturizer because it absorbed into his skin so well. It took a second to convince him that I wasn't pranking him. Honestly, our whole family is sold on this toxin-free gem, even my previously squirmy toddler!! Its so much easier to get them to wear it 365 days.

Michelle B. Jul 18 2021

Love Love Love My Sunlight!

With some of the old sunscreens I used to use being recalled, now more than ever I am thankful for finding Crunchi- the sunscreen is amazing- now sticky feel and I can go to work with confidence that I am protecting my skin with the many hours I spend out on the playground!

Kathy O. Jul 18 2021

New Improved Sunscreen

Love the new improved sunscreen! Sunscreen is so important to use daily!!It is so light & easy to apply to my face. Not at all greasy nor leaves a white film behind.

Courtney L. Jul 18 2021


Finally!!! A sunscreen that doesn't leave your skin all white and so sticky that it's pulling your skin. This SPF goes on sooooo smooth and rubs in so easy! It's. The. Best.

Bethany  Jul 18 2021


Absolutely love this Sunscreen! I have been on the hunt for the longest time. I have extra sensitive skin and especially my eyes. This go’s on smooth does not irritate my eyes or skin. No obnoxious smells. Also work great under Crunchi foundation! I am a health coach with an autoimmune condition so safety in a product is very important. Happy to say this works great out in the hot Sun for me. Winner winner Crunchi!!

Taylor S. Jul 18 2021

Five stars ????????

I can’t believe how well and seamlessly this runs into the skin! I thought the old formula was impressive but this stuff is amazing.

Caity B. Jul 18 2021

Amazing new formula

I'm so happy with the new and improved formula. I no longer look like a ghost while wearing my sunlight! Now for my every day routine I can put on my sunlight. And if I feel like putting on foundation that day I can put it over the sunlight and the color is no longer distorted. The new sunlight is so easy to put on, doesn't feel thick like it used to. Thank you Crunchi for reformulating!!

Ashley B. Jul 18 2021


I’m so happy Crunchi updated the formula! I wasn’t able to use the previous one while breastfeeding due to the Rosemary oil in it. It goes on so nice and soaks in quick so it doesn’t leave my face white. I was in the sun for 5 hours and my face didn’t burn one bit!

Verified Purchase
Terri N. Jul 18 2021

Love the new formula

I love that Crunchi turned and already great product into an even better one without sacrificing performance. While both versions offer amazing protection from the sun, the new version is so much easier to apply - no more white and no more rubbing for a long time to get it it fully absorb! Not to mention all the other skin loving ingredients. As a pale redhead, this gives me exactly what I need to protect my skin from the sun. And it works and looks great with or without makeup.

Verified Purchase
Kori A. Jul 18 2021

BEST sunscreen ever!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making the BEST ever sunscreen to be used daily. I love the fact it blends in so quickly and easily. It does NOT leave my pores all clogged causing me to sweat or have a white film. You have definitely hit this one out of the park when it comes to creating a safe, easy to use, convenient product that is part of my daily routine now.

Jen  Jul 18 2021

So happy I found this!

My daughter gets a rash on her face from sunscreen. I've tried a lot of what is on the market all with the same outcome. We live a pretty active outdoor lifestyle so going without sunscreen is not an option. I was nervous to put this on her face, only because of all of our previous failures with other sunscreens. After her first day wearing it with no rash and (added bonus) not burning her eyes, this is all she will let me put on her face!

Kodie P. Jul 18 2021

Nothing Better

There is no better sunscreen than Sunlight! Goes on nice and smooth, doesn’t leave a white haze, and even protects all day.. even when on the boat!

Trista B. Jul 18 2021

Even Better

I used the previous formula and didn't mind the heaviness but now! What an amazing product! It's so light and absorbs right into the skin which makes putting makeup on over flawless. I have tried other face sunscreens in the past but have never loved putting it on as I do now. Great job Crunchi!!!

Eleanor E. Jul 18 2021

Best ever Sunscreen

I have struggled with sunscreens on my face. So many have irritated my eyes, were heavy and difficult if not impossible to wear with makeup. The previous sunscreen didn't bother my eyes and I could wear it with makeup but I did have to mix it with the Smart Primer to apply it smooth and evenly. This new formula is amazing. It does not irritate my eyes or skin. It goes on smooth and rubs in very easily all on its own. It actually feels moisturizing. Thanks Crunchi !

Brook L. Jul 18 2021

Sunlight is AMAZING!

Sunlight is, by far, my favorite facial sunscreen I’ve ever tried! (And I’ve tried a lot!) It’s so light and non greasy that I don’t even feel like I have it on. The SPF truly protects you from damaging burns. I take an extra with me on boat days to reapply and also protect my families fair skin. AMAZING product!!!

Beth M. Jul 18 2021


I have tried many mineral sunscreens and this is by far the best. It is easily absorbed into my face without giving me that white tint that many other mineral sunscreens can leave. I feel completely comfortable putting this toxin free sunscreen on my young children. 100% recommend

Emily S. Jul 18 2021

Sunscreen that doesn't feel like sunscreen!!

I am in love with this sunscreen!!! It's so easy to apply and honestly doesn't feel like you're wearing suncreen at all! So excited to find a safe sunscreen that feels amazing!

Korie D. Jul 18 2021

Wow this sunlight is amazing

It soaks into your skin almost like the daylight. It is phenomenal!

Nikki S. Jul 18 2021


I am obsessed with this new and improved Sunlight! I did a side by side comparison on my face one day and couldn't believe how great it is!! I hardly wanted to finish my old bottle and I thought I loved that one.

Kara B. Jul 18 2021

Amazing stuff

I actually look forward to waking up and using Sunlight. The formula is amazing and applies so well. I wasn’t expecting my makeup to last over top of the Sunlight, but it is flawless. I will absolutely be stocking up on this!! Doesn’t cause me to breakout either!

Vanessa  Jul 18 2021


I agree with other reviewers that this product is light weight and feels good on my face. But the deal breaker is that it peels off when I apply it on my face. I’ve tried everything from not rubbing it too much, exfoliating my skin before application, adjusted the amount that I use, pat on my face instead of lightly rubbing it in, none of them works. I had high hopes with this product, and I’m very disappointed.

Corrinna L. Jul 18 2021

New and Improved Sunscreen

The sunscreen is very light, goes on clear and safe for my little girl. I used the sunscreen consistently this past week on my little girl to protect her from sun burns. The best part, a little goes a long way!

Judith M. Jul 18 2021


I have tried the new and improved Sunlight sunscreen and have been impressed by it’s non-greasy finish! Most other sunscreens have left my skin feeling oily & sticky and resistant to foundation application. With Sunlight I felt unaware that I was wearing an additional coat of protection! Living in sunny Florida, this sunscreen is a welcome addition to my morning skin routine!

Jodi K. Jul 18 2021

Protect 365

An SPF I look forward to using every single day! It’s truly as easy as applying moisturizer. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy & melts into my skin with ease. As a skin cancer survivor this will be a part of my 365 day protection!

Verified Purchase
Laurie L. Jul 18 2021


This new Sunlight goes on like a DREAM! My favorite part about this sunscreen is the consistency. It is something I can easily incorporate into my skin routine and I love that I am protecting my skin 365 days a year!

Monica M. Jul 18 2021

New and Improved SunLight Review

Love this new formula! It’s light and no white streaks left on my face from not spreading it well enough. Just love knowing that I have a toxin-free choice when selecting my sunscreen. Thank you Crunchi!

Christine O. Jul 18 2021

Works great

This facial sunscreen is very effective, but it does leave a light cast of white on my face. It’s not a huge deal for me because I like moisture and use a squirt of daylight to smooth it out. I haven’t tried the new formulation yet.

Terry B. Jul 18 2021

Sunlight SPF facial cream

Sunlight SPF facial cream is wonderful! I use it everyday and it really works. Is a great base for protection. I actually mix it with daylight and primer. All combined goes on so smoothly. Then finish with Beautiful Flawless Foundation. Looks beautiful, feels great, and perfectly protected! Happy face and skin!?????????

Crystal S. Jul 18 2021

Sunlight magic!

I love that Crunchi continues to knock it out of the park with improved formulas! My mind is blown that this is a mineral formula. It virtually feels like nothing going on my face. So smooth and hydrating. I especially love that it’s so easy to apply on my toddler daughters face. Quick easy and painless with the rub in. Verses her usual SPF we use! That right there is a life saver! Thank you Crunchi!

Wilma K. Jul 18 2021

Definitely a KEEPER

I am in love with the new Sunlight. It applies to the face like a lotion, not heavy. When walking, even in 90° heat it doesn't melt and run into my eyes. I will definitely be buying it again!

Kathi H. Jul 18 2021

Best Sunscreen Ever

Wow! I never had a sunscreen that goes on so easy, with no residual color or tint, keeps me from burning and I can honestly say allowed me to have the most beautiful suntan I e we had!!! Don’t know how it is possible, but it did!!! I found my one and only!!!! Thank you, Crunchi! ??

Verified Purchase
Lauren K. Jul 18 2021

So in Love!

I'm obsessed with the new sunlight! I'll confess, I was not diligent about applying sunscreen daily because it left my face greasy or white. Plus, I always broke out! Not with sunlight! This sunscreen has a flawless finish and my makeup looks beautiful over top of it. I also love that one pump covers my entire face so this bottle will last me a long time. Crunchi, you nailed it on this one!

Hale W. Jul 18 2021

Amazing product!

I love this sunscreen! I was skeptical at first, but I was so glad I bought it after I tried it. Previous sunscreens I used were oily and difficult to rub into my skin. With a little bit of time, this sunscreen blends effortlessly into skin and works well under primer. I love that this sunscreen Is clean, I can wear it without worrying about harmful ingredients, and it doesn’t break out my acne prone skin.

Haley  Jul 18 2021

Amazing Sunscreen!

This stuff is amazing! When I have tried sunscreens in the past, they were very oily & difficult to blend into my skin . I was a little skeptical about this sunscreen at first, but I was so glad I bought it after I tried it! I found that with a little bit of time, it blends effortlessly into your skin and works well under primer. I love that this sunscreen has clean ingredients, I can be confident that what I am putting on my face is safe from harmful ingredients, and it does not cause breakouts

Ashley T. Jul 18 2021

Love this!

It has only taken me 30+ years to realize I have sensitive skin! What’s great about this sunscreen is my face does not burn or break out! I also love knowing these ingredients are not harmful as well! Thank you Crunchi!

Linda L. Jul 17 2021


I’ve tried all different SPF for my face. This is far the best I’ve ever tried. At first I wasn’t convinced since was so light and fresh on my skin. I’ve been using it daily for the last two months ! It’s amazing! I get lots of dark spots on my face plus I’m outside near ocean all summer. Not one spot has gotten darker! Love love love it!

Carissa B. Jul 17 2021

Toxin free spf

I love the ingredients in this toxin free sunscreen, especially since it goes on my face! The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s pretty heavy and a little greasy compared to the other facial moisturizers. But I’d rather have that than toxins soaking into my tissue and bloodstream.

Jen R. Jul 17 2021

Awesome product!

So lightweight and love knowing I am using a toxic free product on me and my family!

Stacie B. Jul 17 2021

Staple item you must have

Trying this product made me a believer! My favorite part is the lack of sunscreen smell. This product does not overwhelm on that smell nor is the consistency oily or sticky. Great product to add to your daily regiment.

Teresa S. Jul 17 2021

Light and soft

The Sunlight cream is amazing. I love wearing it daily. It’s takes so little to go so far. Plus it Smells wonderful. It has truly helped my skin damage from the sun

Rachel B. Jul 17 2021

Clean, safe, protected!

I am beyond happy to know that my face is protected from sun damage with a healthy sunscreen. Free of harmful chemicals and oh so light in application.

April C. Jul 17 2021

Sunlight SPF

I love how light, clear, and healthy this SPF is! It is definitely of the line! And I'm in love with it!

Steph J. Jul 17 2021

Love this line!

I live the feel& light scent of this product. Knowing that it’s toxin free makes me feel comfortable using it& sharing it with my daughter. 5 stars all around!

Lynette C. Jul 17 2021

Perfect sun protection.

Love this product! So light and never feels heavy under my makeup but totally does the job. I love being able to protect my skin without compromising on clean products. Thank you for creating such health conscious skin care products.

Tammy H. Jul 17 2021

Best Facial Sunscreen

I am thrilled to have used such a great, safe and easy to apply facial sunscreen. Others left my face irritated but the Crunchi Sunlight DID NOT irritate my face. It went on smooth and clear under my makeup. So thrilled with the newest formula. Love my new Sunlight.

Kristy H. Jul 17 2021

Kid approved!

The true test came when I applied it to my children’s faces. They highly object to most mineral sunscreens as they are like pulling dry mud across their face. Finally a facial mineral sunscreen win! It applied smoothly, didn’t leave a white cast, and lasted through 4 hours of swimming in the Florida summer sun! We have a winner!

Robin F. Jul 17 2021

Love Sunlight

I just spent a week at the beach in 90 degree weather. I put Sunlight on my face first thing in the morning and it lasted all day. I had to reapply my body sunscreen multiple times and was still burned in certain spots, but not my face. I never had to reapply Sunlight.

Courtney B. Jul 17 2021

Wonderful Protection

I searched for a reef safe, non-nano, clean facial SPF for months! After finding this, I was thrilled that it met all my requirements and even smells good! Thank you for creating a safe option to protect my porcelain skin.

Tiffany W. Jul 17 2021

Best SPF Out There!

I have VERY acne prone skin and also started to notice melasma spots on my skin after my pregnancies… I knew I had to find a SPF that would protect my skin from the harsh sun and also not break me out like crazy. This stuff is amazing! It really doesn’t take much at all to cover your face/neck/chest areas and rubs in really well to me. This is the ONLY sunscreen I will use on my 4 year old son. The only thing I wish is that they had a larger version bottle of it too, so I can use it all over! :)

Andrea B. Jul 17 2021

Best facial sunscreen ever!!

As a woman who’s already dealt with basal cell carcinoma, I take protecting my face from the sun’s harmful rays really seriously. I’ve tried so many facial sunscreen products, and am now a loyal, daily Sunlight user. It goes on light and easy, stays put all day (even in the heatwaves we’ve been having) and I’m never surprised by an accidental burn because it’s so effective!! Highly recommend!!

Elaine B. Jul 17 2021

Loving this!

Loving the new sunscreen formula. Goes on light and gives the feeling of adequate protection without toxins. I usually mix with my moisturizer and let it absorb completely . All set and ready to go with or without makeup! Thanks Crunchi for providing another great product!!

Jeannette C. Jul 17 2021

Clean Beauty At It's Best.

Finally, a clean sunscreen for daily use. It goes on smooth and isn't sticky to the touch. But mostly importantly, no "ghost face". Simply the best!

Stephanie G. Jul 17 2021

Amazing product

I love the new sunlight formula. It smells amazing! It goes on so smoothly. My advocate came gave me a sample and I am hooked.

Evelyn L. Jul 17 2021

New Improved Sunlight Review

I am in love! The new sunlight is the easiest spf to apply that I have found. While I miss the smell of the last one, the performance is worth every dime. The transparent finish is perfect especially now during summer months, where I like to be a bit more bare face. I love that I can be protected and still feel confident in my skin.

Lori M. Jul 17 2021

Light and smooth application

I’m in love with the new and improved Sunlight formula! It’s just as light and smooth as Daylight and doesn’t leave my skin feeling heavy or looking white! I also feel comfortable applying it to my toddler, knowing that its ingredients are safe for him too! Highly recommend!!

Patricia M. Jul 17 2021

Review of sunlight cream

It makes my skin feel and look better as well as protecting from the sun I highly recommend

Amanda B. Jul 17 2021

Perfect Mineral Sunscreen!

This new formula of Sunlight has shattered what I have come to expect from a mineral sunscreen! It goes on like a dream with absolutely no white cast left behind. My only complaint is that I definitely need to reapply every two hours living at a super high elevation- yes I should have always been doing this, so it’s not really a complaint. It offers excellent protection for at least two hours where I am (elevation around 7500 ft). Highly recommend this product for literally everyone!

Jan H. Jul 17 2021

New Sunlight SPF

This SPF is amazing! I love how smoothly it applies and then quickly disappears! None of that thick, heavy feel that other sunscreens had. I love it and recommend it to everyone!

Maggie H. Jul 17 2021

Sunlight review

I've been using this product while on vacation in Montana where the sun is intense. I've been very happy with the protection and the lightweight feel of the product. And I feel much better about the safety of this facial SPF when compared to others I have used.

Theresa S. Jul 17 2021


It is sooo light and not greasy! First SPF I have actually liked wearing! I was soo surprised by how good my skin felt after application. And even more surprised by how well my make up went over!!!

Verified Purchase
Christina M. Jul 17 2021

Nice as an SPF lotion but not as nice as the previous formula

The new formula works well as a spf but one of the reasons I love Crunchi products is often it can be used for more than one purpose such as My Alibi & lipstick. The old formula was a great moisturizer and spf with a lovely scent all in one step. While the new formula is a good spf it does not moisturize at the same level. To use a moisturizer and a spf creates extra steps. Also the zinc oxide was 15% in the previous formula and now it is 12.5%. I will likely not purchase again.

Verified Purchase
Holly A. Jul 17 2021

Where have you been all my life?!

Hands down the best facial sunscreen ever put on this girl! The sun is NOT my friend and having the ability to protect my face while wearing makeup and not feel like I have a sticky hot mess going on is pure GOLD! Crunchi once again knocked it out of the park!

Cynthia G. Jul 17 2021

New Sunlight creamy

I always thought sunscreen should be thicker and harder to blend in since I figured it was providing the protection, I loved the original version of sunlight but this new improved is so creamy and glides on so easy and still provides me that protection. Love it!!!!

Lily S. Jul 17 2021


The sunlight has become a staple in my routine! It’s so light weight and comfortable without clogging my pores with chemicals like others - I don’t worry about a breakout afterwards!

Jovani V. Jul 17 2021

I am very happy with it

I absolutely love how lightweight the formula is. Other sunscreens I know it’s on and it has a certain smell to it, this sunscreen is perfect and doesn’t make my skin feel clogged in any way. I only need one pump and it is enough for my entire face!

Jess G. Jul 17 2021

Love love love

I have been looking for a sunscreen for my face that I could easily wear under makeup and is truly “clean.” This absolutely hit the mark!! It goes on easily and is not greasy. It’s like applying a moisturizer, not a sunscreen. My makeup goes over it flawlessly. I love this product so much!!

Kelly L. Jul 17 2021

Daily SPF option

I love that sunlight gives me a daily option I can use for SPF protection and not have to worry about my face breaking out because of it! The only thing that would make this better is if there was a foundation tinted option for this product for those days I want a light coverage option.

Emily M. Jul 17 2021


I love Cruchi’s new facial sunscreen. First of all, all of their products are incredible. They are insanely clean and work great. I’ve been using their facial sunscreen for a long time and it does the trick. I’m one of those people who can burn basically taking a 15 minute walk outside so it’s nice to have something I feel good about wearing. My only complaint about the old version was that it was greasy…this new one isn’t at all! Basically it’s perfect now :-)

Pat R. Jul 17 2021

Love it!

Such a great product! Love the feel! Moisturizing and works!! Definitely recommend for all skin types too as it’s invisible

Lyndsey K. Jul 17 2021


Y’all! This is my fav! My Kids, husband, baby, everyyonnneee uses it! Smells like plants! Invisible! I often forget if i even used it because it literally goes on like Daylight moisturizer! It’s a win and you have to try it. I use it all day everyday!

Janet  Jul 17 2021

Was skeptical….

But this stuff is really great. I was worried that with moisturizer and spf and primer I’d feel thick skinned or slimes or have trouble with it rolling off, but it just spreads nicely and soaks right in. I’ll buy more!

Verified Purchase
Marianne K. Jul 17 2021

Sunlight every day, 365!

I love Sunlight! The original formula was in my first order from Crunchi! I didn't think it could get better, but it did. I wear Sunlight everyday. It doesn't leave the white finish at all, so there is no "ghost" look to it. I recently just took it to my trip to California, and my face was super protected!

Verified Purchase
Eileen V. Jul 17 2021

Love it!

I have tried many sunscreens because I have sensitive skin. I love this stuff. It rubs in nicely and feels like I don’t have anything on but most importantly it doesn’t irritate my skin. My makeup even goes on nicely and I love the fact I have protection from the sun. You won’t be disappointed!

Mandy H. Jul 17 2021

Blends in so well!

This new SPF formula is amazing! It blends in so well and is so light. Even better, I know it’s giving me the protection I need safely.

Jessica S. Jul 16 2021


It applies so smoothly

Shannon G. Jul 16 2021

Best Sunscreen!

Love this sunscreen. This is the second mineral based sunscreen I have used. I use it daily and love how it is lightweight and non-greasy. It also absorbs quickly and goes on smoothly. I have yet to burn!

Kim W. Jul 16 2021


I use sunlight every single day. I’m currently still using the old formula. I feel like it is a little too thick but I mix it in with my daylight and apply it that way. I’m very excited to use the new and improved formula. I had skin cancer on my nose so I use this sunscreen each and every day. Love that the new sunscreen is sheer. Can’t wait to get my next Crunchi package in the mail!

Angi M. Jul 16 2021

Great product

I like the original sunscreen very much and in fact purchased a bottle right before your new one came out. I will be purchasing your new one shortly. I’m sure it will exceed my expectations!

Daianne F. Jul 16 2021

Tb best sunscreen ever

I always get acne here and there with long hours using sunscreen, and this one didn’t give me ANY! I was so happy!!! And loved the dry feeling when I put on!

Verified Purchase
Jennifer D. Jul 16 2021

Love this product!

I love how lightweight this SPF is. It leaves my skin feeling smooth without making it look oily or leaving a white hue.

Kori Y. Jul 16 2021

Great feel

Long lasting, soft and goes on smooth!

Kyla A. Jul 16 2021


Wow, I love this product! I’m fairer skinned that never tans, currently reside in FL where the intense sun keeps me mostly covered up to keep my skin safe. The one thing I hardly ever cover up is my face; hiding behind sunglasses and big floppy hats, my face still so vulnerable to the bright sun-rays. I’ve been through seemingly ALL the moisturizers/sunscreens but nothing compares to Crunchi Sunlight! The scent -free, non-irritating cream is perfect for everyday wear! Under makeup or alone!

Amanda B. Jul 16 2021

Best skincare

I never use sunscreen on my face. Even though I should. My dermatologist kept telling me I need to. But it makes me breakout and is oily. I switched over completely to this skin care line so naturally the sunlight was next to try. It is so lightweight. Been using 2 weeks. No breakouts. It is summer. Not oily. Finally found my spf!!!!

Grace G. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight Review

I was amazed how light feeling it is. Feels like you have nothing on. As with other products a little goes a long way. It’s non greasy.

Bailey F. Jul 16 2021


I just started using the facial moistrizer with SPF and I am blown away! It goes on so smooth, very light weight and does not sting my eyes. The best part its safe to use on my babies !!! This is my go to from now on!

Verified Purchase
Hannah S. Jul 16 2021


I absolutely love how smooth it goes on, not at all greasy. It wears beautifully on it's own and under makeup. It's one product I won't let myself run out of.

Jennifer B. Jul 16 2021

Original Sunlight

I love my Crunchi products…..except for the original Sunlight. It is sooooo super thick and that makes it very difficult to get out of the pump and that’s when I resort to removing the lid and “scraping” it out. Due to the cream’s thickness it’s very hard to spread which causes my skin to be pulled every which way just trying to apply the product. Once I get it on my face it’s impossible to rub end causing me to look like Casper. Crossing my fingers that the new one is improved. Wasted $ ;(

Niki K. Jul 16 2021


I am so happy with this new formula! It goes on so much easier than mixing the former Sunlight with moisturizer and it absorbs much quicker as well. Thank you Crunchi!

Tara B. Jul 16 2021

Favorite sunscreen!

My daughter has very sensitive skin! This is the only sunscreen that doesn’t irritate her skin! Crunchi products are the BEST!

Verified Purchase
Carissa G. Jul 16 2021

So Much Lighter!

Absolutely love the new formulation on this facial spf! So much thinner and lighter on my skin than the old formula leaving my skin not feeling sticky or white like it did with the old formula. It’s awesome!

Sandy K. Jul 16 2021

Its fantastic and silky smooth.

I love Crunchi Sunlight. It makes my face smile ALL DAY LONG!

Melody G. Jul 16 2021

Great stuff!

I love the clean ingredients and the transparency this company brings!

Sara P. Jul 16 2021

Best sunscreen I've used

I still can't believe this is a mineral sunscreen. It smells and feels so light, it's amazing. It feels more like a moisturizer so it layers so nicely under my foundation. No greasy feeling, no weird film, just lovely sun protection. Thank you Crunchi!

Kristy P. Jul 16 2021

Beat Facial SPF

I loved the protection that the old Sunlight offered but Crunchi is killin’ it with this new formula!!! It’s SO easy to apply with zero ghostly white leftovers! Even my littles are able to quickly rub it into their faces and head for the sun! ???????? Sunlight is the BEST facial sunscreen that I’ve ever used and will forever be apart of our daily routine!

Verified Purchase
Patti F. Jul 16 2021

A Lover of the Cover

I love this! It's not too heavy, goopy, or chalky but you absolutely feel like you are protected from the sun's damaging rays. I add a droplet of the Beautifully Flawless Foundation and VIOLA! I've got a tinted sunscreen that lasts all day ... even in this heatwave.

Ani G. Jul 16 2021

Exceeded expectations!

This new formulation is absolutely amazing!! It goes on so smooth, light, no, ghost look, and feels great on my skin! My husband loves it too and even use it on my little one! Highly recommend!

Sandra L. Jul 16 2021


As a 71 year old advocate for Crunchi and working to keep my skin healthy, Crunchi’s Sunlight gives me optimal protection and totally rocks. It goes on so soft and smooth. The protection from the sun really works. I sometimes help my husband with yard work and I use it on both of us. He is bald on top of his head and I put it on his head for great protection. Fabulous job Crunchi.

Verified Purchase
Pamela H. Jul 16 2021

Works wonderful for Vitiligo

I LOVE this new formula! I have had Vitiligo (lack of pigmentation) since I was 11 years old. I have always had to be extremely careful with how much time I spend in the sun. Last week on vacation I applied the new formula directly to my spots and I went boating for 2 hours. I was so shocked to see that my white patches never even turned pink! My aunt even shared that she was impressed there was a mineral sunscreen that did not cause a white cast. I will be purchasing again!

Claudia L. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight Amazing!

I am so in love with the sunlight. My son is in preschool and this is what he uses for sunscreen on a daily. Everyone asks me why? I love it. It’s natural it’s light and it works wonders.

Cherise  Jul 16 2021

The Best!

I loved the old formula. But this new formula is even better! It goes on so easily and feels so light. Perfect under makeup or just a fresh face. My preschool daughters don’t even mind putting this sunscreen on their faces!

Verified Purchase
Amanda M. Jul 16 2021

Just What I Was Looking For

I have been searching and searching for a clean option of daily sunscreen. There was always something wrong until this formula came out! I no longer breakout. It feels like a moisturizer, so it isn't tugging on the skin during application. It only leaves me a tad pale for a minute, but is pretty much the clearest mineral sunscreen I've ever applied. I'm beyond happy.

Diana H. Jul 16 2021

New formula is a lot better

Not as greasy as before, doesn’t leave a white cast on my skin as badly as the original one.

Carin P. Jul 16 2021

Totally Obsessed!!

Love the new improved formula of Sunlight!- I have tried many and this SPF is the best ! Goes on smooth and transparent leaving no sticky lotion on your skin. I love knowing I am protecting my skin on a daily basis !

Melissa L. Jul 16 2021

Best SPF ever!!!

Its extremely hard to find a non toxic sunscreen that doesn't leave a white film . I hate looking like a ghost so having something that doesn't leave that film is a must. Crunchi's SPF is not only lightweight but it DOES NOT leave a white film. I'm obsessed! More than that, it works great as well and has done a wonderful job of preventing my face from burning on these hot summer days. This is a must have!

Trisha C. Jul 16 2021


I Love the New Improved Sunlight! The way it glides on effortlessly is a game changer to my daily skincare routine and believe me I don't miss a day in using my SPF. Thank you Crunchi for providing this safe toxin free Suncare.

Amber C. Jul 16 2021

Sunscreen that's also skincare

I love putting on the sunscreen before my makeup in the morning. Its moisturizing and good for my skin AND keeps the sun off. The smell is very nice too!

Lyndsay R. Jul 16 2021


Love the feel of this sunscreen on my face!

Stephanie B. Jul 16 2021


This Sunlight is amazing! Lightweight and doesn't make me have break outs. I make sure to use EVERY day even if I don't go outside.

Holly S. Jul 16 2021

Absolutely Amazing

I’ve been using Sunlight for a year now, and the new formulation is blowing my mind. I thought I loved the old Sunlight; but this is phenomenal! As someone who is 23 years old and trying to take care of my skin as early as possible, this is the BEST mineral sunscreen I’ve used. No transfer, no greasiness, easy to rub in. Sunlight is truly amazing!

Theresa  Jul 16 2021


I absolutely love this new and improved sunlight! It works so well, doesn’t break my skin out, and leaves it feeling smooth and not greasy. It’s completely invisible. I wish I could afford to use it all over my whole family, it’s that good!

Kristie P. Jul 16 2021

Simply the BEST!

I searched for YEARS trying to find a facial SPF that was safe and worked with my makeup. Crunchi checked all of the boxes with the original Sunlight, and then improved what I already thought was an amazing product. I will probably be one of a limited number of people who will say that I don't love the smell of new Sunlight, but the smell does go away. It's a simple trade-off for having a very effective SPF that meets all of my high standards for toxin-free, easy glide, and works with makeup!

Karen F. Jul 16 2021

Great for arms too!

I love how lightweight & fast absorbing the newly improved Sunlight feels. Summertime in S. Florida means “ no sleeves” and Crunchi’s Sunlight is great for arms too!

Verified Purchase
Adriana I. Jul 16 2021

TRULY New & Improved!

The new & improved Sunlight has changed the game! I used to mix my Daylight with the previous version of Sunlight for an easier application. Mostly that was to reduce the white residue. But now....holy cow! Now I can apply Sunlight all by itself - getting the same great SPF coverage & NO WHITE RESIDUE!!! It feels nice going on &, because it's Crunchi, I fully trust that it's doing its job well!

Kelly S. Jul 16 2021

Amazing product!

I’ve loved all Crunchi products I’ve used but this is great! Not having to worry about applying daily sunscreen in the summer especially is always a plus!

Michelle M. Jul 16 2021


Product is light and smells wonderful everyone should have this product in their bag!

Dayna H. Jul 16 2021

Love it!

So light and creamy. I love the way it feels on my skin. It’s my favorite part of the morning :)

Verified Purchase
Jerolyn R. Jul 16 2021

Light but effective

It's great knowing that I am not putting toxins into my body with this product! I love the way it goes on and how it leaves my skin feeling. Living in the sun year round means taking extra precautions for healthy skin/healthy life!

Victoriah H. Jul 16 2021


I love all things Crunchi. I know I can count on the integrity of their ingredients and their products never disappoint. <3

Verified Purchase
Laura M. Jul 16 2021

Clean Protection

I am new to Crunchi products. So far, I am greatly impressed! Sunlight layers smoothly over the Daylight moisturizer and under the primer and foundation. It has a very clean feel for sun protection. It has become part of my daily routine.

Elizabeth A. Jul 16 2021


Can I just say this is my favorite facial sunscreen I’ve ever used! It rubs in soooo well, smells amazing, & my makeup never smears. It’s the best and I’ll never go back to anything else! Do yourself a favor and get you some

Emily V. Jul 16 2021

Incredible and so lightweight!

I am in love! SPF has always been a challenge to incorporate into my routine but not anymore! I love how easily it applies and how lightweight the new formula is.

Kim S. Jul 16 2021


I love love the new sunlight!! It goes on so smooth and absorbs so well to leave my skin smooth and soft!!

Kim S. Jul 16 2021


I love love the new sunlight it goes on so smooth and absorbs so well and leaves my skin so soft!

Kate S. Jul 16 2021

Is this actually MINERAL sunscreen?

I have always loved the safety and protection of the Sunlight SPF, but this NEW version is blowing me away! It feels JUST like a "regular" facial lotion and absorbs instantly with no heaviness, no white residue, no sticky finish typically found in mineral sunscreens. The ease of use and application make it SO much more likely I'll use it daily....like I should!!

Natalie R. Jul 16 2021


Sunlight still feels super thick and hard to rub into face. I feel like it does a great job at protecting from the sun.

Carol W. Jul 16 2021


I cannot say enough good things about the Sunlight cream. I started using it in the spring and use it on a daily basis. I do not leave home without first applying it. It has a nice scent, is so creamy and luxurious. It is a must have in my skincare regiment.

Wendy M. Jul 16 2021


I am a full time makeup artist & am always on the search for a sunscreen that makeup wears perfectly over and doesn’t have a flashback to cameras. This is Fantastic! I highly recommend! I use pump of daylight and one pump sunlight daily on my face!

Nancy B. Jul 16 2021


This is good! Very lightweight, so it does not feel oily/have you wiping oil from your face all day. Soaks in quickly!

Kelly T. Jul 16 2021

New and improved

I had the first crunchi sunscreen and I never finished the bottle because I didn’t like how it left white on my face. This is not the case with the new formula!! I am now using it everyday and will definitely finish the bottle and order more. I have fair sensitive skin and this is the best sunscreen!! I do t break out and it lasts all day under my makeup. I love how crunchi is always improving on their products and staying true to their vision which is clean toxic free ingredients!!

Nicole K. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight- no irritation!

I have sensitive skin and most products cause skin irritation. I have used for about 2 weeks with no problems! Doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky like a lot of sunscreen I have tried.

Jessica P. Jul 16 2021

New Sunlight ROCKS!

I liked the old formula but did have to mix it with primer or daylight to get an easier application. With this one….nope!! Goes on much easier and I still have no worries about any of the typical scary ingredients that you find in usual sunscreens! Thank you!!! ????

Lindsey  Jul 16 2021

Love this!

I couldn't be happier knowing I'm not only protecting my skin, but doing so without adding any harmful chemicals! It goes on smooth and is very lightweight, as described. Highly recommend this!

Nancy C. Jul 16 2021

Mature skin needs protection!

I trust Crunchi to provide safe effective sun protection for my mature (70s) face! Sunlight does the job. Smells great and no while film. Thanks!

Verified Purchase
Mystery H. Jul 16 2021

Game-changer Formulation

Going toxin free and hitting 40 I wanted to start wearing facial sunscreen but the clean options were a little difficult to get used to... thick and leaving a white cast. THIS new Sunlight from Crunchi is PERFECTION! Seamlessly blends onto my face and doesn't fight with my makeup! I really appreciate the attention to clean products that perform beautifully! Thank you! ???? I'm sharing with all my friends!

Brittany W. Jul 16 2021

Best sun protector!

Very light, non-greasy, light pleasant scent. Does great under makeup.

Erika B. Jul 16 2021

So stoked about the new formula!

Love! Love! Love! I am not sure I can say enough how happy I am with the new formula. I loved the old version, but was always struggling to get in to rub in (to me this just meant it was good quality), but the struggle was real and would cause me to skip this important step in my skin care. This is no longer an issue and I am so happy to have found a product that checks all my toxin-free boxes!

Autumn W. Jul 16 2021

Sun Goddess

I recently purchased the sunscreen and I really do like it. I found that putting it on by itself it didn’t really blend into my skin the way I hoped. It’s a great sunscreen I took it to the river with me too!! I love all my Crunchi products SO much!!

Verified Purchase
Kris M. Jul 16 2021

Highly Recommend

I have always avoided wearing an SPF on my face because it wouldn't rub in & my makeup didn't blend good. Now with Crunchi it absorbs so fast I think I'm putting on moisturizer. Love it so much, it's perfect and gives me the peace of mind of having daily protection on my skin.

Pamela K. Jul 16 2021

new sunscreen

living in sunny Cali a face sunscreen is a must have in your daily skin routine . Crunchi new sunscreen does not leave a film on your face when you apply on. It's light and clean, last a long while until reapplying in the late afternoon. The smell is amazing!

Melinda P. Jul 16 2021

SO light and smooth!

How can a sunscreen be so light and smooth/transparent? I don't know, but this one delivers! It's not heavy at all and my makeup goes on so smoothly afterward. I'm impressed!

Verified Purchase
Melanie D. Jul 16 2021

Velvety Facial Sunscreen that leaves no white behind

This revamped formulation is amazing! I love the velvety feel of this sunscreen, and also love the citrusy smell. The SPF protection it provides is amazing, and I love that this easily blends in to my skin, leaving no white behind. No more rubbing it in for several minutes!

Beth A. Jul 16 2021

A little heavy

I never tried the old version so maybe this is lighter, but to me this SPF lotion is a little heavy and doesn't quite disappear (I can see it in my pores). Seems like you might not want it to disappear completely for good sun protection though. Once I put the foundation over it, then I see foundation in my pores.

Shea B. Jul 16 2021

Love this sunscreen!

As a fair-skinned person that burns very quickly, I am always on the search for a safe sunscreen that works well and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy or cause my face to break out with daily use. Sunlight checks all of my requirements and more! It is smooth, easy to apply, and effective. Crunchi's Sunlight is now my go-to sunscreen and is applied as part of my skincare routine daily!

Janis M. Jul 16 2021


Love that you can't feel the product

Kristen E. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight is a must have

When I found Crunchi a little over a year ago, I was experiencing body burden. Sunlight was the first product I tried and I use it daily!! It's light, doesn't make me look like a ghost, and it moisturizes so well while it protects. The formula keeps getting improved by Crunchi developers and it's even better than it was when I first got it.

Cassidy P. Jul 16 2021

Light and easily absorbs!

This is a great SPF! Love how easy it is to rub in and doesn’t leave you looking white. My only issue with it is I don’t love the way it smells, and the smell really sticks around. But it performs well!

Arianna M. Jul 16 2021

Best Face Sunscreen

I’m extremely fair so a daily face sunscreen is a must for me. I love that this is zinc oxide but still really easy to put on and rub in. Plus it smells amazing. And as a bonus the glass bottle looks beautiful on the bathroom counter.

Marielle M. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight Cream

This cream is so smooth and silky on the skin. It does not feel greasy at all and protects your face from the sun. I wish it was available for body as well. I love Crunchi products! I have purchased almost every product in their skincare and makeup line! Meredith Bushwald is such an enthusiastic consultant and has given so many wonderful skincare tips.

Verified Purchase
Amanda L. Jul 16 2021


Sunlight has been my go to for the summer days outside. After application my face does not feel like it does with most SPFs. My makeup still goes on just as smoothly.

Verified Purchase
Janet M. Jul 16 2021

Light and smells amazing

I love sunlight! Not only does it protect my family from harmful uv rays it protects us against the harmful chemicals in most products on the market. It is light and smells amazing!! Thank you Crunchi for all your wonderful products!

Helen  Jul 16 2021

Easy to wear

It feels like you’re not even wearing sunscreen! I actually mix this in to my moisturiser and apply them together over my face and neck - smells and feels great!

Melvia E. Jul 16 2021


The new Sunlight is awesome. It goes on so easy and doesn’t stay white on your face. Gives me the protection I need in the Texas sun. Love this new and improved formula, light and airy!!

Robyn M. Jul 16 2021

THE Perfect Sunscreen

I love how it glides onto my skin- unlike other sunscreens. It is easy to put on and not thick. It provides great coverage, as I was at the beach wearing it all day. I never got sunburned, but still got that natural sun kissed look on my face. I highly recommend this sunscreen! It’s good for you, and good for nature as well.

Jordan R. Jul 16 2021

Highly recommended

I love my crunchi sunlight. Yes I’ve been using sunlight daily for probably over a year now. It’s something I cannot live without, it also is super moisturizing but extremely light weight. 5 stars.

Verified Purchase
Megan G. Jul 16 2021

THE best sunscreen I've ever used!

With a personal history of melanoma, I have been through dozens of SPFs; and with my oily skin, wearing makeup while using sunscreen has been all but impossible in the past. The new Sunlight formulation is perfectly opaque seconds after an effortless application, leaves NO greasy residue, and is so lightweight I tend to forget I'm even wearing it! Thank you Crunchi for an amazing product that allows me to be confidently protected and 'flawlessly finished' at the same time !

Carla C. Jul 16 2021

Loved Sunlight

Just tried this!! I noticed immediately that it is a non-greasy, fast absorbing, and such a lightweight formula!! I really liked it!! I will be switching.

Alee N. Jul 16 2021

Great Protection

This product is great, very light weight and great protection. It dosent even feel like your wearing anything.

Nelia H. Jul 16 2021

Game Changer

Lightweight, clean products, and effortless beauty. The product absorbs fast and leaves a sheer and natural finish.

Carolyn B. Jul 16 2021

New Improved Formula

I've just recently started using the Crunchi products at the recommendation of a Advocate. I'm so glad I took that advice & started getting rid of all my old toxic makeup. I used the older Sunlight formula & loved the smell/coverage, but it was still a little thick. I was extremely excited to see a newer lightweight formula came out. I just tried it today under my makeup & lived how smooth it is. I 100% reccomend everyone get it.

Camille L. Jul 16 2021

Sun protection at it's best!

Wonderful coverage and leaves your face not only protected but looking and feeling amazing. No smearing, no oily after effects. Amazing!

Jenny M. Jul 16 2021

Worth Every Penny

I was originally skeptical of getting Sunlight because every sunscreen that I have purchased hasn't lived up to the hype. I absolutely love Sunlight. It is lightweight, goes on great under my foundation and best of all it doesn't have the typical sunscreen smell like so many brands do. I highly recommend it, you won't be sorry!!

Verified Purchase
Chelsea M. Jul 16 2021

Love this improvement!

I was a fan of the original sunlight, but this new formula is better than I could have imagined! Zero smell, and it blends in so quickly. I can’t tell it’s on at all. It even works great on my husbands darker complexion. It’s a total win for our family !

Verified Purchase
Chelsea M. Jul 16 2021

Love this improvement!

I was a fan of the original sunlight, but this new formula is better than I could have imagined! Zero smell, and it blends in so quickly. I can’t tell it’s on at all. It even works great on my husbands darker complexion. It’s a total win for our family !

Nadia K. Jul 16 2021

Works all day long!

SPF Sunlight is so easy to put on because it doesn’t a full pump. It covered my entire face while at the beach in Gulf Shores and Florida, for the entire day. It also doesn’t have a string scent and the scent disappears after the application. It’s a 10/10, for me!

Joan B. Jul 16 2021

Love Sunlight

It feels great on my skin and not greasy. A little goes a long way. I bought one for my sister and she loves it!

Tammy s. Jul 16 2021

No sunburn!

I am a cancer patient in treatment. Our family beach vacation was a week ago. My oncologist said I could go but no sun and no sunburn due to the type of chemo. I used the sunlighten every morning for seven days and was amazed how well it kept me safe from the sun. Knowing too that no harsh chemicals were going into my body and blood system makes me even more happier! I love my crunchi products.

M. C. Jul 16 2021

Great product

I love the sunlight facial cream (I have the older formula). A little bit goes a long way, so it lasts so long. I usually get a little color on my cheeks with other sunscreens I've used, but not this one. It protects my skin from the sun and does so without any harmful ingredients. Love!

Michelle  Jul 16 2021

New and Improved

The new Sunlight did improve. It is more smooth like a mousturizer and not sticky. Goes on more smoothly. I was outside in straight sun for over an hour the other day and my face did not get touched, so glad the spf works. Love the new Sunlight!

Amy  Jul 16 2021

Very lightweight and the ingedients are a must buy!

Extremely light weight and non greasy. I cannot feel like I have it on at all. Nourishing as well. What I love the most is that it is 100% non toxic like all Crunchi products and I feel peace of mind that there is nothing harmful going into my body. As an autoimmune sufferer it is most important.

Tracee  Jul 16 2021

Sunlight Summer

I’ve always been bad about wearing sunscreen. I tan very easily, so it’s not something I think about…until this year! I LOVE to blend my Daylight and Sunlight together and apply. It goes on smoothly and does not leave the white ghostly hue after application! Hallelujah! Clean ingredients + performance = a HAPPY customer/advocate!

Verified Purchase
Karen W. Jul 16 2021

What a difference!

I gave up on wearing other mineral SPFs because they always left my skin greasy and ghostly white. This new and improved Sunlight is another #win for Crunchi! Goes on lightweight and no ghostly look or greasy feeling after wearing it for hours.

Ashley K. Jul 16 2021

Best Sunscreen

I recently moved to Forida so sunscreen has become a must! Crunchi’s Sunlight product is like no other. All you need is a dime size amount to cover your entire face. It provides so much coverage and is so smooth. The best part is that it’s so good for your skin and it never leaves you feeling greasy. Job well done Crunchi!!!

Janna J. Jul 16 2021


I love the new and improved Sunlight! Having skin cancer 3 times on my face make it’s crucial for me to block the sun’s harmful rays. The HUGE perk of using this Sunlight is how nourishing it is for my face and ears! I especially love how lightweight and non-greasy it is. It rubs in so easily and feels fresh on my skin! I use it daily, rain or shine!

Gretchen H. Jul 16 2021


I love this and I am so happy to have found this! This is so light weight, not greasy. It honesty works too! I apply this once and go boating for the entire day! It’s the best sunscreen. I wish it came for the entire body!!

Morgan C. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight SPF

THE best facial SPF I have ever used. The performance is like no other. You can’t even tell it is on that is how lightweight it is. Because of the high performance I will now where this everyday even under my makeup which not only prevents aging but also risks of sun cancer!

Angie  Jul 16 2021

Tried and true

I have tried so many SPF for my face and head. Crunchi by far leaves my face feeling less “greasy” than the other brands. It also does not cause me to break out after use. Thank you

Carole F. Jul 16 2021

The best ever!

The only sunscreen that I actually can’t wait to use! Spreads so easily & more importantly works without toxins! My go to facial sunscreen ??I would like the sweet orange oil put back in for the sensory experience though

Nicole M. Jul 16 2021


This sunscreen is amazing. It’s so light and leaves my skin feeling so soft (no greasy film). I was so worried my pores would get clogged, but my skin looks and feels great. I use it everyday!

Elaina T. Jul 16 2021


I haven’t tried the new and improved sunlight yet. It’s been ordered. The old sunlight when I first started using it whited out my face. Hopefully the new and improved formula doesn’t. I love my Crunchi products!

Carrie K. Jul 16 2021

No white!

I love the updated version! Rubs in much better and there’s no white! Feels so light and smooth. Love it!

Tina M. Jul 16 2021

Pharmacy Technician

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. The sunlight SPF 30 is an amazing product. Little bit goes along way. Makes my skin feel amazing and love that it doesn't feel heavy on your face. I use it daily and feel comfortable that it protects my face from the sun and keeps my skin looking young and fresh

Brooke O. Jul 16 2021

Amazing ????

This seriously is amazing!! Light, absorbs super quickly, does not leave your face white. The absolute best and would not use a different facial SPF

Sandy H. Jul 16 2021

Best product ever!!

I normally will not use sunscreen on my face because of the smell or consistency of the product. I absolutely am in love with Sunlight. I will never use anything other product for protecting my face. I hope soon to see Crunchi make a total body Sunlight sunscreen !!!

Verified Purchase
Kellie O. Jul 16 2021


I love the new and improved Sunlight. It smells amazing and goes on so smoothly and doesn't leave you feeling sticky like some sunscreens can. I worked in the yard yesterday for a few hours and it worked great!

Lisa B. Jul 16 2021

Lisa B

My friend Karen West had given my samples to try and I was hooked!! So I purchased the sunlight for my hubby but I use it everyday under my foundation! I love sunlight!! It’s light and blends in smoothly!! I will continue to purchase this item!

Kate G. Jul 16 2021

Not greasy, no white residue

This SPF product is truly amazing! I thought Sunlight was nice before the upgrade, but Crunchi upped their game again! Very smooth application.

Corabelle M. Jul 16 2021

So far I like it.

I like that it’s not as thick as the last one. My face is a light brown color and the last one would make my face quite white looking after I’d spread it around and with this new formula it’s not as thick and white. Afterwards I add some face oil I use and it helps my face not feel so dry or look so white as well. So I like that about this new formula of the sunscreen so far. In its ability to protect my face from the sun, well I guess that’s something that I won’t know till down my future.

Jennifer C. Jul 16 2021

Simply perfect!

Runs on nicely and great protection for my sensitive skin!!

Sarah L. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight Smooth Skin

This is by far the BEST mineral facial sunscreen I have used! It goes on silky, smooth and requires no effort to blend into the skin! No white residue either!! This is a MUST HAVE in your skincare collection!!!

Steph  Jul 16 2021


At first I was disappointed in this product as I looked like Casper the ghost. It was mostly user error as I was using way too much. The new & improved sunlight is even better. SPF is the most important skincare product & it’s encouraging that Crunchi is constantly working to improve their skincare line.

Heather S. Jul 16 2021


If you have always wanted to use a clean sunscreen but you hated the way mineral based sunscreens have left your skin white and goats like... look no longer! This sunscreen is amazing! It absorbs into your skin completely... no more white mineral residue! Biggest bonus is it feels fantastic on your skin... and of course protects it from the damaging rays of the sun!!! Sunlight for the win!!!

Crystal  Jul 16 2021


I LOVE this sunscreen. I have always avoided facial sunscreen because I hate the oily feeling but this is not the case with Sunlight SPF! It feels like a moisturizer, it stays well despite sweat and it doesn't make my combination skin oily.

Carie  Jul 16 2021

Perfect Sunscreen for face and decolletage

I love the Sunlight for protecting my face and decolletage from the sun's harmful rays. It isn't greasy and doesn't break my face out. It also goes on without leaving a white film. It can be a little hard to put on by itself, but I put a little Daylight with it and it goes on very smoothly.

Sandy  Jul 16 2021


Love the new sunlight! So light and easier to apply

Verified Purchase
Stephanie B. Jul 16 2021

Disney World Approved!

I decided to grab Sunlight on a special sale to give it a try and put it to the test with a week at Disney World this summer. I applied it each morning under my makeup and it was top notch all week, no sun burns! I use it on my 4 year old’s face when I know we will have a lot of sun exposure. The formula is thick and I had to play around with application at first, since it was my first mineral sunscreen. Once it’s applied there’s no heavy, greasy feeling leftover. I now wear it religiously!

Nicole S. Jul 16 2021

Amazing!! Sunlight!!

I absolutely LOVE the new and improved sunlight!! My new favorite for the summer. I mix it with my crunchi foundation for the perfect light coverage that protects me from the sun at the same time! Best life hack with crunchi EVER!!

Jacquelyn D. Jul 16 2021

Best Sunscreen Ever!

As someone that can get sun burned in 1-2 hours in the sun, I have to use sun screen religiously. This stuff is amazing. Lightweight, not greasy, and no fake smell. I have found my sun screen for life!

Steph M. Jul 16 2021

Protection without the Heaviness

Sunlight is the first facial sunscreen I ever tried. I love that my skin is protected from the harmful sun rays but it doesnt feel greasy or heavy!

Samantha K. Jul 16 2021

Love it!

I seriously love this product so much! It goes on smooth and isn’t greasy at all. It make my skin feel amazing and no breakouts! Highly recommend!

Jamie V. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight Daily Facial Sunscreen

Sunlight is a truly natural sunscreen that is reef-safe and mega-hydrating. I love how my Vitamin E and Vitamin C absorption becomes more effective at preserving my firm skin, thanks to the grapeseed oil in Sunlight Daily Facial Sunscreen. More in particular, the grapeseed oil does not clog my pores. Most importantly, the active ingredient Zinc Oxide, blocks the harmful UVA and UVB rays from sun. With Sunlight, I do not forget to wear my facial sunscreen anymore.

shylah b. Jul 16 2021

Silky and Lightweight

It’s moisturizing without being greasy and doesn’t leave white patches or streaks. Great job on a new and improved formula!

Renee F. Jul 16 2021

Such a GREAT product

I love Crunchi and their sunlight is absolutely awesome. I wear it everyday. I was just in Disneyland in 90 degree weather from 8 am to 10 pm and my face and neck did not burn! That right there is an excellent product and I will use nothing else.

Yvonne  Jul 16 2021

Liked original Sunlight

I'm happy with the way it works, which is most important; however, I'm disappointed with how it smells. The original formula smelled clean the new one doesn't, hence the 4 stars.

Ashlin K. Jul 16 2021

New and very improved

I love love love this new sunlight! My old one was great, and so light weight but this one smells and feels AMAZING. I love that this is a clean brand that makes me feel good now only about what’s going on my face but also how it looks and feels. Will be buying again

Chrissy E. Jul 16 2021

An absolute must have

I’ve been looking for a sunscreen that I can use everyday and I am obsessed with how the new Sunlight makes my skin feel. It’s super light weight and non greasy, I wear it alone or under my makeup. I am comforted to know that while I’m protecting my skin, I’m not harming the environment. Thank you Crunchi

Tina H. Jul 16 2021

Best facial ??Sunscreen

This sunscreen is awesome! It’s lightweight, smells amazing, goes on over the daylight moisturizer flawlessly and blends in easily. No heavy white residue at all. I’m loving it!

Hannah B. Jul 16 2021

Doesn't break out my face!

I love to combine this product with the Daylight but it's great by itself. It's awesome how it doesn't break out my face with the greasiness of other brands. Highly recommend for your skincare routine!

Verified Purchase
Cassie F. Jul 16 2021

LOVE the new Sunlight!

The new Sunlight is AMAZING! I am so picky about facial sunscreen, but this rubs in easily, feels like a lightweight lotion and WORKS! I put some on my daughters face when we were in the sun and water for several hours. Apparently, I missed a spot because she was sunburned in one spot but had no other redness anywhere else on her face! I felt bad but was glad to see the proof that it works! It also sits well under my makeup!

Jennifer M. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight - Amazing

It’s so light when putting it on - absolutely love it

Verified Purchase
Veronica P. Jul 16 2021


I love this new formula!! I love the invisible finish, the light and fluffy feel it has. It feels like a moisturizer! Again, I can't believe its a sunscreen! I use it on my child as well..

Cortney  Jul 16 2021


I’m so thankful to have finally found a sunscreen I can use. With sensitive skin I have to be more cautious of the ingredients in products. The new and improved sunlight not only works so well, it doesn’t aggravate my skin. I can use it daily! Goes on smooth and gives me the protection from the sun I so desperately need! I’m so grateful to have found it!

Nikki S. Jul 16 2021

Best sunscreen!!

I honestly have avoided sunscreen face products for years and would only use them when I felt I absolutely needed it. Other sunscreens would either make me break out, sneeze, or leave me feeling greasy or just be too thick. Sunlight is literally one of those things… it is light and fresh, it goes on smoothly, making my skin feel soft and great! I love that I can put something on my face that protects me from the damaging sun rays and is great for my skin! Win win!!

Lexi S. Jul 16 2021


The sunlight is the absolute best thing ever, it is one of my favorites!

SANDRA K. Jul 16 2021

Loving this one

Awesome product. Feels like silk on my face. So nice to know it's organic and non toxic, especially because I work in a health care environment and we still wear masks.

Bonnie S. Jul 16 2021

New sunlight

This is the best sunscreen I have ever tried. Does not create additional grease, does not leave a ghostly cast... and goes on like a daycream! I have even forgotten my primer and this worked great! I am in love!

Lisa  Jul 16 2021


I love it! Clean feeling , not heavy or greasy! Great stuff!

jacqueline c. Jul 16 2021

The best

I just received my product and its the best thing I have ever started using its light and protects my face when I'm out in the sun for long times! Like playing golf its perfect! Thanks crunchi love love love this product!!!

Kathy R. Jul 16 2021

Love the new Sunlight SPF!

I didn’t like the original and was a little skeptical about the new version, but I absolutely love it! So lightweight and goes on quickly and smoothly. Also great to mix with moisturizer or foundation, depending on the look you’re going for! Try it, you won’t regret it. I have very fair skin, so this is an everyday must for me! Crunchi is just the best!!!

Verified Purchase
Angela R. Jul 16 2021

It's a magical mineral SPF!

The improved Sunlight goes on like no other mineral sunscreen I've tried. It applies like regular lotion, rubs in effortlessly, and leaves no hint of a white cast. I can wear it without foundation and I don't need to apply finishing powder, there's no shine. Yet it still protects my face from the sun.

Shana R. Jul 16 2021

Works great

Very lightweight and doesn't leave a heavy white residue like another natural sunscreen I tried. Applied once in the morning, spent all day at the pool and didn't get sunburned. Great product

Ellen N. Jul 16 2021

Love the new formula

The new formula is easier to put on Love it

Kelly A. Jul 16 2021

Sun screen

This right here is amazing. It not only blocked sun it also made my face feel amazing!!

Courtney  Jul 16 2021


I have looked for a long time for a sunscreen moisturizer that’s nontoxic that I love! I finally have found it! It is light weight, doesn’t smell like sunscreen, isn’t greasy, and feels so good and nourishing on my skin!

Bonny M. Jul 16 2021

New Believer in Sunlight

Oh my goodness!!! I have really got to put my sunlight to the test this week I’ve been outside more this week than I care to recall!! I applied to my face and neck area went swimming and came home to find I burned the back of my neck and shoulder but not anywhere I applied my Sunlight!! I’ve never been a sunscreen person it’s always so greasy and stinky but not Sunlight!!

Dawn M. Jul 16 2021


Despite being fair skinned, I’ve never been one to wear sunscreen on my face! All the ones I’ve tried have felt too thick and sticky. Thank goodness for this new formulation of Sunlight! Finally, I’m able to wear a sunscreen without feeling like I’m wearing sunscreen!

Jeana T. Jul 16 2021


With my photosensitive skin due to chemo medications I absolutely loved the protection I got from Sunlight! The new Sunlight gives the same protection but is lighter weight and transparent! I am blown away by how nice it feels on the skin!! Thank you!!

Jo S. Jul 16 2021

New and Improved Sunlight

I love the new and improved Sunlight. It’s so much easier to apply and rub in. Doesn’t leave a thin white color like the original formula. Thank you!

Kristin S. Jul 16 2021

Love this stuff

This product is amazing!!! My skin loves me for using it, we just went to Mexico and I used Sunlight on my face and another unnamed sunscreen on my body, needless to say my face is the only thing that did not burn!!! This is a must have it smells and feels fantastic, you are protecting your skin and it actually has made a difference in my tone as well!!! Thank you Crunchi ????

Jessica S. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight review

EvaH  Jul 16 2021

Great protection

I started using Crunchi’s sunscreen, and loving how it feels, no greasy or sticky feeling. It gives me great protection.

Angie K. Jul 16 2021

New and Improved Hardly Describes How Fantastic This Sunlight Truly Is!!

I am a 56 year old sun worshiper who is now paying her dues. However, Crunchi has made a major difference and contribution to my mission, and my mission is “To be prepared and be protected from all harmful UV damaging rays, old and new. Age spots, not freckles, possibly sun damaged skin cells, lines, wrinkles, dryness, dullness, blah, loss of zeal, youth, sparkles, and that optimal skincare that I had in my youth. But with age comes wisdom. Now I have Crunchi and their dedication and research.

Kathy B. Jul 16 2021

Give Me Sunlight! ????

I have never been a huge fan of wearing sunblock under my makeup ... until I found Crunchi Sunlight! It isn't greasy and blends well with my makeup. I have worn sunblock on my face more in the time that I purchased Sunlight than I ever have! ?

Lisa H. Jul 16 2021


I absolutely love how smoothly this cream goes on and the fresh clean smell!

Stacy S. Jul 16 2021


Love is the best way to describe how I feel about sunlight! It is super light doesn’t leave your face greasy and still protects your face from the sun. You can use it daily it smells good and I love that I can be safe in the sun.

Elsa B. Jul 16 2021

Love it!

I used the new and improve sunlight spf 30 when I was in Florida on vacation. It was incredible how a small amount gave so much coverage. I did not burn. Loved it!

Courtney  Jul 16 2021

Love the new formula!!

Can't recommend this enough! Sunlight goes on so well and doesn't leave a white residue like most physical blocks. It's lightweight and I forget I've even have it on.

Kristi W. Jul 16 2021

Crunchi Sunlight

I love Crunchi Sunlight. I mix it with my Crunchi foundation and it blends to the perfect shade for me. It does not leave my face white.

Becky K. Jul 16 2021

New and Improved - Yes Indeed!

I was using the original formula because I knew it was good for me but not loving the thickness of it. Now I’m using the new version because I want to and it’s still good for me! So easy to apply, light feeling and with great coverage! I’m using out my original version on my kids until it’s all gone. Win-win!

Courtney E. Jul 16 2021


Not only is this a facial sunscreen but it’s a perfect primer all in one! Sunscreen is so crucial in a skin care routine. I always hated the sunscreen feel and how difficult it usually is to rub in. This stuff acts more like a primer and so easy to use! Love it!

Sarah W. Jul 16 2021

Best face sunscreen ever!

It’s goes in so smoothly, you need only a pea sized amount and it’s amazing because it’s all non toxic and free of chemicals. I can feel good putting it on my skin and my family’s skin, too. All while not getting burnt!

Colleen W. Jul 16 2021


This is the second mineral sunscreen I have used. They have been hard to rub in, and tended to feel funny on my face when I sweated ????. I had skin cancer removed from my nose almost two years ago, so sunscreen on my face is a MUST. The new and improved formula of Sunlight is amazing ????. Easy to rub in, it doesn’t leave me looking white AND no issues when I sweat. Thank you Crunchi ????

Kris  Jul 16 2021


It’s so light and easy to apply! Love the feel as it’s not greasy on the face. Great to apply by brush after seeing my consultant using it on her girls. A must have especially during this time of year but even more important to protect your skin all year long.

Kady M. Jul 16 2021


This is the best facial sunscreen I have used. I love how easily it applies and that it comes in a recyclable glass bottle. It blends in super easy and does not feel greasy. So thankful I have found such amazing products.

Verified Purchase
lori j. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight review

I am new to Crunchi and I absolute love the Sunlight. I am very fair and have always had to wear sunscreen under my makeup. This sunscreen even makes my face feel so good! That has not been the case with the other brands. The healthy ingredients that Crunchi uses makes all the difference in the world in this sunscreen! I absolutely love it!

Kris  Jul 16 2021

Nice and light

Like the feel of this, not too heavy but good to know I’m protected. Love your products.

Anna L. Jul 16 2021

Envelope your skin in a Vail of Velvet!

As a state-licensed aesthetician, it’s an absolute JOY for me, promoting Sunlight & the Crunchi line! Since products should be used in synergy, so as not to hinder their effectiveness, I’m thrilled that Sunlight glides so easily over the Crunchi moisturizer—Daylight—moisture many of us need, especially as we age! Not only do I love the SAFETY of the products, but the crisp, fresh smell, enveloping my face in such an invigorating scent beats all! Thank you for creating this Vail of Velvet!

Jessica T. Jul 16 2021

Great product

I started using Crunchi products about 5 months ago. My skin has transformed. Sunlight is light weight, not greasy, and hydrates my skin. A little bit goes a long way. This is one of my favorite products.

Amy  Jul 16 2021


I love Crunchi's sunscreen!

Tasia J. Jul 16 2021

New formulation

As a woman of color, the updated formulation feels so amazing on my skin. It blends into my skin without leaving the blue, purple or white cast on my skin. Thank you Crunchi for this change!!

Delene V. Jul 16 2021

You Really Have to Try It!

I have to be honest.....the previous version was disappointing. I was hoping this new formula would be significantly better and it exceeded my expectations. I will be adding it to my daily Crunchi Regiment. Well Done, Ladies!

Amanda A. Jul 16 2021


I am super sensitive to smells and I have searched high and low until this product. I mix it with my moisturizer and goes on smoothly! Great product.

Jennifer P. Jul 16 2021

Even better!

I have loved all of the products! This just makes a fantastic product even better!

Casey W. Jul 16 2021

Love it!

Great spf!

Dawn L. Jul 16 2021

The best

This is the best product ever. It goes on beautifully and protects even better. I’ve been telling everyone I know about it.

Colleen W. Jul 16 2021

LOVE the new and improved Sunlight

Sunscreen is a must for me on my face as a former skin cancer sufferer. While I liked the former sunscreen, it didn’t set into my face well. THIS new and improved formula does and I love it ????

Erika H. Jul 16 2021

Good mineral sunscreen

Like this sunscreen - only thing is I wish it went on a little more smoothly. Sounds like a new formula came out since I last bought. Look forward to trying it. Would be nice if they replaced old versions with updated ones or offered a good discount since there was clearly a reason they needed go improve upon the product.

Kelsey  Jul 16 2021

Clean lightweight coverage

We all know how difficult clean non-toxic sunscreens are to find ... but when you find one that is also easy to apply, no white layer, and moisturizing ... you better pick it up! Sunlight is the one. I love it.

Emily H. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight Facial SPF- 365 days a year

Wowza, I love this stuff! (So do my 4 other family members) As an oncology RN I know how important a daily SPF is and I apply to my whole family every morning! No grease, no ghost, no excessive rubbing in needed! Mama & kiddo approved!

Alicia M. Jul 16 2021


Absolutely love this product! I use it on my whole family!

Gina  Jul 16 2021

I’m a Sunlight fan!

When I first tried Sunlight, I was not a fan. I felt it was too thick and difficult to apply. The Crunchi advocate that I purchased Sunlight through reached out to me asking how I liked Sunlight, I explained that I didn’t and why. She encouraged me to try it mixed with a little facial lotion and just like that I am a fan. I have a fair complexion so I sunburn easily. But no longer. I apply my daily Sunlight/lotion combo in the morning and can be outside all day without burning. Love it!

Brenda W. Jul 16 2021

Not oily

Love the sunscreen. And great size for travel. Used on face and shoulder ms which tend to get a little red if too much sun.

Julia L. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight sunscreen

It is perfect for my skin.. just what I been looking for in a skin protection... does not make my skin feel greasy and truly protects my skin..

Joyce C. Jul 16 2021

Better than expected

I bought the Sunlight SPF15 because I have very sensitive skin and my dermatologist recommended that I use a gentle SPF that was mineral based. This is the only sunscreen product to date that has not broke out my skin. I used it daily for a week while hiking in the mountains. No sunburn and my skin texture actually improved. I highly recommend this product.

Taryn S. Jul 16 2021

Love it

I loved the old but tried some of new and love that it goes on more smooth!

Rebekah D. Jul 16 2021

Clean safe sunscreen

That’s the biggest thing I can say about this sunscreen and company, that it feels so good to know that it’s completely safe to use for myself as well as my children who have skin sensitivities. It feels great on my skin and a little goes a long way.

Trisha K. Jul 16 2021

The absolute BEST

In terms of SPF not stinging Sunlight takes the cake! I actually put it on my eyelids and underneath, no caking, and it sets right into my skin - I am obsessed for life!

Peggy H. Jul 16 2021

Great product

Very light with pleasant and not over powering scent. Leaves face feeling fresh not tight.

Ashley D. Jul 16 2021

Works GREAT!

Love how effective this SPF and face lotion is. Goes on thick, but lasts so long!

Christina P. Jul 16 2021

Nothing compares!

Let’s be honest, facial SPF has never been a favorite of mine to apply. Most brands are sticky, thick, heavy and leave you feeling greasy and looking ghostly... except this one! Crunchi’s new SPF has officially raised the bar for alllllll SPF. Quick to apply, smooth, weightless and no unwanted ghost or grease! Nothing compares!

Vanessa C. Jul 16 2021


The new sunlight is amazing! It goes on so smooth and evenly. My nose tends to burn a little but thanks to sunlight I no longer have to worry about that!

Christie H. Jul 16 2021

New and Improved Sunlight!

I loved the old Sunlight, but the new and improved formulation is wonderful! I love how even and light it feels and the application goes on so smooth! I’m loving it and so thankful to have a clean, and safe sun protection product! Thank you Crunchi!

Stacey S. Jul 16 2021


I absolutely love the Sunlight. I actually prefer it in the morning more than anything else because it goes into the skin beautifully and my foundation looks great on top of it!

Ashley  Jul 16 2021

Love the sunlight

I love the new formula!!! I have extra of the old that I just use on shoulders and chest now! You won’t regret purchasing this product

Vicki D. Jul 16 2021


Absolutely amazing and super light spf! Light weight and goes on so smooth! You would know you are wearing sunscreen!!!! My skin feels incredible!

Beth J. Jul 16 2021

Smooth and silky vs crumbly and crusty

The new formula goes on like a nourishing smooth, silky lotion, leaves no white crumbly or crusty residue but gives high protection from damaging rays. The first sunscreen I have ever wanted to lather all over my body!

Kay J. Jul 16 2021


I’m still a newbie Crunchi lover but this product has CHANGED MY LIFE. Crunchi in general has changed my life. I was suffering so bad with cystic acne and how I viewed myself was so terrible. I hated how I looked and I caked on product just to feel a semblance of positivity. I had given up but my MIL told me about Crunchi and SunLight was one of the first products I got. It has given me my happiness back while also helping the Earth ????

Jenn D. Jul 16 2021

Easy to apply, no ghost & good ingredients!

Best SPF facial moisturizer I've used yet. I have very acne prone skin and feel I can use without it creating any major breakouts. It goes on easily and works well .. spent several hours out on the sunniest day and no burns. Love it!

Lorie W. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight Review ??????????

Living in South Texas demands a good, daily facial sunscreen throughout the year. I was thrilled to find one in the array of Crunchi products. It applies evenly and gives great protection throughout the day. I can easily recommend this product to friends & family, especially those with young children who are looking for a clean product!

Jenna W. Jul 16 2021

Amazing protection and featherweight feeling

This Sunlight product is by far one of my favorite Crunchi products. I am at the pool daily with my kids for their swim and dive practices and have had full sun protection. The application is smooth and has a featherweight and non greasy feel. I apply it year round and couldn’t be happier!

Amanda K. Jul 16 2021

Best SPF

I love Sunlight! I use it on my face and all 3 children's faces! It's very easy to apply and I love knowing that it's also great for my skin!

Jordan H. Jul 16 2021


Love this daily facial sunscreen! It is so light and you can wear it under make up. It feel so good on.

Jodie S. Jul 16 2021

Absolutely love this stuff!!

I’ve had redness from rosacea for as long as I can remember and several months ago after seeing my childhood friend Meredith Buchwald talk about all her new clean skincare I decided to give it a try! I am so pleased with how much it’s helping keep my redness away. I use it every single day, just a half pump combined with a pump of the moisturizer is perfect! I’ve since added the toner & nighttime moisturizer to my routine and I LOVE it all!

Emilee Q. Jul 16 2021


I love Using the sunlight! I use it everyday and I even put it on my kids faces when they go to the lake, beach or pool. It is lightweight and rubs in smooth. Highly recommend!

Kelsye F. Jul 16 2021


The new Sunlight has been a game changer for me. I have very sensitive skin and haven’t had success finding a day cream with SPF that I can trust has clean ingredients and does what it’s supposed to without causing irritation or breakouts. I love how well it absorbs without leaving an oily feeling on my face, it is a staple of my every day routine.

Riley H. Jul 16 2021

Best product ever

The Sunlight cream is the best! It’s light and goes on so smooth. It’s not oily and can be used under your everyday makeup! I apply mine everyday and tell everyone I know about it! I was a little on the fence before purchasing this but I’m so glad I went for it. Do yourself a favor and get you a bottle.

Lori C. Jul 16 2021

My favorite sunscreen

I have never been more in love with a product line than I am with crunchi. I’m outdoors almost everyday and needed a good clean sunscreen. Crunchi sunlight does the trick. It’s lightweight, moisturizing and nourishing for my skin. The icing on the cake is the protection it provides, without harmful chemicals, from the harsh rays of the sun.

Jillian M. Jul 16 2021

MUCH improved

I honestly did not like the first formula. It was thick, oily, and white. Not great to wear underneath daily makeup. I couldn’t recommend it to anyone and stopped using it. I took a chance and tried the new formulation. MUCH better. Smooth consistency with a great texture for wearing on top of daylight and under smart primer. It feels breathable and works well as a daily spf for normal activities. The reason for the four star is only because it does not work well as a full sun SPF.

Ashli N. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight is amazing!

I could not believe how nicely this rubbed in and how light weight it felt on my face! No white residue either which is amazing! With all the scary things coming out about sunscreens lately, I am so glad to have a safe, clean and wonderfully performing facial sunscreen to wear!

Susan B. Jul 16 2021

New sunlight

I love how light weight it is and absorbs so fast in my skin

Kristina  Jul 16 2021

Perfectly named!

This is the best weighted sunscreen I have ever used! It’s full coverage but so light. It’s perfect used alone or layered with makeup. Best of all it’s clean and doesn’t clog your pores!

Kayla M. Jul 16 2021

Love this stuff

My new favorite face Sunscreen. It's the only stuff I use on my face now. Amazing. Lightweight and non greasy. I love the feeling of putting it on knowing I'm putting on stuff that is good for my skin and go I ng to protect me. Haven't had any sunburns on my face or neck. Great product! I will be a lifelong customer for this stuff. Create a whole body version!

Verified Purchase
Shaina M. Jul 16 2021

Absolutely AMAZING!!

I am absolutely amazed by this facial SPF moisturizer!! Not only is it safe and effective, but it is SO lightweight and easy to apply! Even better yet! I can apply it to my kids’ faces with ease as well!! If you have ever tried to find a safe sunscreen that also accomplishes ease of use and NO smeary white, you know that is nonexistent! I am SO happy with my purchase!!

Joyce G. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight SPF Gavial cream

I just love the SPF cream, It feel good on my skin and does not feel thick, goes on nicely. Knowing that I am protecting my skin is very important to me. My sister has melanoma, I am going protect my face with clean products!

Nicole  Jul 16 2021

Finally a CLEAN, EFFECTIVE sun screen

I can't say enough about SunLight. I love the smell, texture, packaging, and it's NOT GREASY!! It blends beautifully with the DayLight and goes on so smooth and easy. Oh, and btw the bottle it comes in is so pretty, I don't mind leaving these products on my bathroom counter! I can be confident I'm protected by the sun, putting clean products on my face, and helping the earth with the eco-friendly packaging!! Way to go Crunchi, this product is absolutely amazing!!

Shannon  Jul 16 2021

Love! Love! Love!

I tell everyone about this sunscreen! I got a sample and immediately bought a bottle after. I went to an outdoor party for 4 hours- got horrible sunburn from my other sunscreen on my shoulders... absolutely no color on my chest and face with the Crunchi sunscreen. So lightweight, doesn’t make my skin oily or leave white cast.

Missy G. Jul 16 2021


Love love love how it feell!

Elizabeth B. Jul 16 2021

So smooth and light!

I love the smooth and light feeling! Pleasant and refreshing smell and so nice to know it has the quality of clean I come to expect from Crunchi!

Tammie J. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight sunscreen

I am grateful that my sweet daughter in love recommended the sunlight sunscreen lotion to me. I have fair skin and have dealt with skin cancer in the past. It’s good to have an all natural product not only protecting my skin but also nourishing it as well. Being almost 60 yrs old, any preventative things to help aging skin is a blessing!

Alana L. Jul 16 2021

Thick, but great

As far as moisturizing SPF goes, this one wins all day. It is a bit thick going on and takes a min to soak in on me so I look like ghost face for a min haha, but it has definitely helped me and my dreaded age spots and discoloration.

Jolene R. Jul 16 2021


I love this new and improved sunlight. It works great and is so light on the skin. I will definitely buy it again and would definitely recommend it!

Heather R. Jul 16 2021

Love the upgrade!

I love the original formula but once I tried the new Sunlight - I am hooked! It feels super lightweight and has a whipped texture. It feels so wonderful on my face and there's no ghostly look at all. Love the new formula!

Patti H. Jul 16 2021

Heard such great results about this product

I’ve heard awesome results about this product and plan to use it in the future.

Michelle W. Jul 16 2021


The new sunlight is a dream so light weight, easy to apply and is not white and streaky. This is a must have 365!

Patty C. Jul 16 2021

The best sunscreen I have ever purchased

I absolutely love the sunlight sunscreen. It goes on super smooth. It’s great to wear under make up or by itself. My 10 yr old daughter loves it too.

Chelsi T. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight review

I cannot say enough good things about Sunlight! It applies oh so easy and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. It lasts all day and my makeup applies easy after I use it! A little of this magical formula goes a LOOONNGGG way and lasts ALL DAY! I even use it on my children’s faces before we spend time outdoors.

Chelsey M. Jul 16 2021


This product is my absolute favorite. I have been switching all of my products over to Crunchi and have purchased the sunlight twice now. The coverage is great, it works amazing and I truly trust the company! It’s so nice to work with a company that truly cares about being clean!

Verified Purchase
Sherrie D. Jul 16 2021

New Sunlight

LOVE the new Sunlight! This is the only clean sunscreen I've found that doesn't leave that white color on my face. It also absorbs very easily. So happy with the quality and ease of use!

Verified Purchase
Cathy S. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight SPF

Love it. It’s so light, it doesn’t clog my pores or feel greasy. Would definitely buy it again.

Laura B. Jul 16 2021

Does Not Cause Breakouts

I’ve tried so many facial SPF that caused me to break out. This does not.

Christine R. Jul 16 2021

Works ????

I used Sunlight on a 95 degree day at the water park and my face was NOT burnt one bit! My face was also moisturized all day and my Crunchi foundation lasted 12 hrs in the heat too! ????????

Lauren  Jul 16 2021


Love the way it feels on my skin and isn’t thick like other face sunscreens. It doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy. Great addition to my skincare routine!

Jennifer S. Jul 16 2021


This is the best facial sunscreen that I have ever used. I love that it is toxin free and still super effective. I am excited to try the new formula, which is less white when applied.

Verified Purchase
Kellye B. Jul 16 2021

I love my Sunlight!

Crunchi’s Sunlight is amazing! It is so lightweight and doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky! I never wore sunscreen daily because I hated the way it felt heavy under my makeup…..Sunlight changed that, I wear it every day!

Leah V. Jul 16 2021

Soo thick

I like that the Sunlight is clean and good for my skin. But do not like how thick and hard to spread on my skin it is. I have to rub and spread and rub and spread so much just to get it to spread out, feels like I’m having to pull on my skin too much. I’ve tried using a little, a lot and in between and it’s always the same.

Brea E. Jul 16 2021


As a beach girl, so glad I FINALLY found a sunscreen that I’m happy with the ingredients, that actually works and I’ll actually use because I don’t look like Casper the friendly ghost! After many 6 hour days on the beach I can honestly attest to how well it works by the lack of freckles this year!!

Lori P. Jul 16 2021

Couldn’t love it more ??

I was a bit skeptical but surprisingly pleased …. yes indeed it was lighter and left no sign of zinc… thank you ????

Melissa N. Jul 16 2021


So happy that I introduced Sunlight into my daily routine. It's smooth, not sticky, and has truly changed the way my skin looks this summer. So grateful to be protected and still enjoy the sunshine!

Zippycat  Jul 16 2021

New Crunchi customer

I haven’t yet tried Sunlight but if it is anything like Daylight or the cleansing bar it is a must purchase. Totally clean, tantalizing fragrance, good for you and the environment . It is amazing how your skin will respond. Definitely starting the ditch and switch with Crunchi!

Leah S. Jul 16 2021

Love it!

Love this sunscreen! It feels both lightweight & smooth, but also thick and protective at the same time. Takes a while to fully rub in, but to me, that means that it’s doing it’s job’ once it soaks into my skin, it’s perfect! And makeup still applies great over it. Would definitely purchase again!

Sherry  Jul 16 2021

Love the sun

Love the sun and love to be protected by Sunlight! Goes on like butter , I use it everyday !

DL  Jul 16 2021

Great protection

This sunscreen protects so well. Even at the beach!

Jessica T. Jul 16 2021


I have tried several SPF products and this one is by far the best. It is so lightweight and feels like I’m not wearing any at all. I have been sharing this with anyone I can to get them to make the switch.

Chesley  Jul 16 2021

Great Sunscreen

I purchased this sunscreen a few weeks ago and I love it!!! It rubs in very well and I like the fact that it doesn’t irritate my skin. Great product!!!

Emily  Jul 16 2021


I am not a fan of most sunscreens on my face because they are oily and heavy. This one is so much better. Goes on light, blends in nicely. Not heavy at all.

Kayley K. Jul 16 2021

Moisturizing Protection

I love that sunlight moisturizes my skin while also providing me protection from harmful UV rays. Both my Littles have sensitive skin so it is so helpful to have this on hand for their sweet skin on sunny days.

Ellen F. Jul 16 2021

Best Facial SPF EVER!!!!

I have tried almost all the sunscreen that can be applied to your face out there and they are all gross!!! But Crunchi has done EVERYTHIG they couldn’t!! Applies so smooth, absorbs, leaves your skin feeling amazing, and gives me the comfort knowing the delicate skin on my face is well protected!!

Lacey D. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight’s new formulation is the best!

I used the original Sunlight and really liked it. It also kept my face from getting so covered in freckles last summer. But NOW the new and improved Sunlight is the lightest softest facial sunscreen and I love it even more! So glad to have a daily SPF as part of my face routine. Thanks Crunchi!

Marley B. Jul 16 2021

Hooray for Sunlight!

My husband jokes that I’m a vampire - the heat makes me nauseated, & I have pretty much always burned with the slightest bit of sun, even with heavy layers of sunscreen, which meant it felt like I could never wear both makeup AND sunscreen. With Crunchi’s Sunlight, however, I don’t burn easily anymore, & I am able to still wear makeup & be protected! I will be honest that it took me a little while to get used to the texture, but now I love it, & I love that it’s safe to use on my littles!

Cathi B. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight Day Cream is Awesome!

I triply love the Crunchi Sunlight Day cream! It mixes well with everything I have & leaves my skin feeling hydrated & soft, even at age 69!

Johanna M. Jul 16 2021

Best sunscreen on the market!

I don’t know how but Crunchi did it again. The new sunlight formulation is simply amazing! It’s silky, light and absorbs like the Daylight moisturizer but with all the protection needed in this Florida sun! Thank you Crunchi for always looking for small ways to improve your already perfect products!

Laurel C. Jul 16 2021

Love it

I love this sunscreen. I only have to apply once and have no concerns with getting too much sun throughout the day. It leaves my skin soft and not too greasy.

Jennifer  Jul 16 2021

Good stuff

Light and moisturizing without a sunscreen smell.

Erin R. Jul 16 2021

New favorite!

Simply a amazing facial sunscreen! We use for the whole family on the lake all day with zero issues. Goes on smooth, doesn’t feel greasy or break me out. And the ingredients are marvelous ??????????????

Hannah H. Jul 16 2021

Love it!

I love the way it leaves my skin protected yet at the same time feeling light and smooth!!

Cindy R. Jul 16 2021

Love this stuff

Easy to apply and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. Makes my skin feel smooth and I know I’m protected all day

Laci H. Jul 16 2021

Great protection!

Hours spent swimming and floating this summer and never a facial sun burn for me or my kiddos, age 6 and 12. We all have used Sunlight this summer and even my kids who have goggles on and off rubbing their face… no burns!

Vicky G. Jul 16 2021

A Great Product

I can’t say enough about how much I love this product! It’s everything and more than I hoped for in a moisturizing sun protection. Application is simple as it is so easy to apply and it almost melts into your skin. Non greasy and very transparent, yet it’s working double duty by protecting against the damages of the sun and promoting healthy skin. Living in Florida I won’t ever be without this! It’s my new BFF!

Jan G. Jul 16 2021

Finally using a sunscreen

I would rarely put a sunscreen on my face. Always felt greasy and smelled too strong. I was introduced to Crunchi in 2019. I fell in love with everything and now faithfully use the sunscreen along with the other skincare and makeup everyday. I can tell the sunscreen has helped my skin slow down the aging process. I am 65 and only wish this would’ve been available years ago. I love the way the sunscreen feels in my skin. I have a couple bottles of the old formula left so trying to use it up

Taylor C. Jul 16 2021

Loving already!

Just started using the new sunlight and I already love it! Feels so good when it goes on and doesn’t clog my pores! Excited to take it on our beach vacation next week!

Rhonda Z. Jul 16 2021

Love the Sunlight

I had never liked how sunscreen felt on my face until I started using Sunlight…this stuff is great! Thanks Crunchi!!

Dana D. Jul 16 2021

Absolutely amazing!

This has changed the way I feel about facial sunscreen! I hated putting sunscreen on my face because it is always so thick and just didn’t absorb and then putting makeup on over was just always gross. But this product is the complete opposite! It is so creamy and absorbs so quickly! It doesn’t feel like sunscreen at all! Not only does it feel amazing, it works just as great! I even use it on my littles! Highly recommend!

PaulaH  Jul 16 2021

Sunlight is Awesome

Love the new sunlight! So light and easy to apply! Live the natural sun protection it provides.

Valerie T. Jul 16 2021

Total protection

I love Sunlight! I wear it everyday. Feels great on my skin and I feel protected from the sun.

Sarah B. Jul 16 2021

Love this product!

Literally the greatest product I’ve tried. Leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Melissa E. Jul 16 2021

No white residue!

This was huge!! Sun protection is a must for anyone over 20yo but I still want to look cute, you know. No white residue on my face after applying sunlight makes this product my new go to for daily sun protection! Yass!! Thanks Crunchi !!

Verified Purchase
Natasha F. Jul 16 2021

Best facial sunscreen

I always hate putting sunscreen on my face because it’s typically oily and causes break outs. NOT THIS STUFF. This covers so well and your face feels like it can still breath. It also is VERY effective, I used it while on a beach vacation, my face never burned. This for sure is my go to for the weekend at the baseball fields or lake!

Tami B. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight rocks

Absolutely LOVE sunlight ?? My face is super sensitive & every sunscreen I’ve tried irritates it & it burns & is always red after But not with sunlight ???????????????????? Thank you Crunchi ??????

Holly H. Jul 16 2021

Goodbye chemical burns

Sunlight has changed my future! I no longer have to choose between sunburns or chemical burns. My sensitive skin would sting, burn and itch when I used other sunscreens but with Crunchi’s Sunlight I can enjoy soaking up Vitamin D, worry-free. Thank you Crunchi!

Brittany I. Jul 16 2021

Clear as day!

So many clean SPFs leave a shade of white behind but I'm amazed that this goes on without turning me white! It protects me in the sun all day on my farm.

Olivia M. Jul 16 2021

Very light

I love that this cream isn't heavy. Once I put it on, I forgot all about it as it didn't fell "caked on" and heavy. Also, didn't leave any sort of smell like other lotions do. Very pleasant to have and made me glad knowing that my skin was protected! Great product!

Leslie  Jul 16 2021

Overall great product

It is very light and feels great. Does not blend quite as easily as the one without sunscreen. But I do love it and what the company stands for!

Steph G. Jul 16 2021

Yes Please

How can you not rate a toxic free sunscreen 5 stars! It’s still a little harder to apply than I had hoped, but a makeup brush helps. I have two and carry the spare with me at all time to use on my children when needed. We live in the Sunshine state so we often spend unexpected or longer than expected time in the sun. It’s a blessing to have a product I use that I also can rest assured it safe to also use on my children.

Seeney M. Jul 16 2021

Review for sunscreen

I have not had the opportunity to try this product yet. It sounds like a great product.

Megan m. Jul 16 2021

Love it!

I love the new & improved sunlight! It’s so smooth & feels like there is nothing on my skin!

Lindsay  Jul 16 2021

This product is amazing!

This facial sunscreen disappears into my skin without leaving a trace. It literally feels weightless. I no longer have to dread putting sunscreen on my face!

Lynne  Jul 16 2021


It takes more to rub it in but it’s nice to know main ingredient is zinc and that it’s safe. Once on , non greasy and no breakouts

Donna  Jul 16 2021

Crunchi Sunlight Lotion

I’m very picky and have used some expensive products in the past. I’ve had skin cancer twice on my face. Crunchi is hands down my favorite sunscreen now. It goes on clear and smooth. I’ve been in the sun and haven’t had any issues. Thanks for an amazing product.

Shelly B. Jul 16 2021

New and Improved Sunlight

I love the sunlight. It goes on so smoothly and rubs in so easily!!! Some other "all natural" sunscreen is hard to apply, but this one is great!!!!

Paula T. Jul 16 2021

Loving the SPF

Takes time to get your skin prepared for the day! So need to have great safe products in your glam box. Sun protection usually is thick and gooey and lays I. Top of your skin … forever. UNTIL Sunlight New and Improved. Goes on smooth, blends in quickly and doesn’t feel heavy in your skin. Perfect and safe for your skin which is HUGE. Add this to your glam box - today.

cindy h. Jul 16 2021


So much lighter than the earlier cream - goes on lightly and does not leave a white residue.

Kristin  Jul 16 2021


Super light weight, with the heavy duty protection. If you are unable to use other products on your face this is your problem solver!

Veronica C. Jul 16 2021

Super smooth

Sunlight goes on like a dream. I love how smooth it feels and how easy it is to apply. When I’m in a rush, I mix Sunlight with my foundation to create a creamy SPF tinted foundation. It’s my favorite way to wear makeup in the warm summer months!!

Stephanie C. Jul 16 2021

Love it!

Have loved Sunlight. It not only protects my skin, but also makes my skin look amazing!

Anastasia Z. Jul 16 2021

Amazing sunscreen!

This sunscreen is amazing! It feels very lightweight, and doesn’t make my face feel like it has sunscreen on! My pores don’t feel clogged when I wear the sunscreen under my makeup! Definitely deserves 5 stars!

Sierra L. Jul 16 2021

Transparent Sunscreen!!!

This is a vital part of my daily routine!! I love how lightweight it feels and how effortless it blends into my face. Such a game changer!

Brooklyn M. Jul 16 2021


I've had chemical burns from sunscreens, so for a long time I didn't use sunscreen. When I found crunchi sunscreen I was speechless! There is not one thing I would complain about it, not only does it NOT smell chemical like typical sunscreen "which I hate" it does not have a white cast making it the perfect thing to throw on makeup or not! I have not had one SINGLE burn while using it. I love how lightweight and it isn't oily on my skin! I've used 4 bottles so far and will be ordering more too!

Liz B. Jul 16 2021

Awesome Product for the whole family!

This is our go to face sunscreen! Doesn’t break out my preteen son and my kids don’t complain about having to wear it. Would recommend to anyone as a daily wear!

Brandy U. Jul 16 2021

You need to buy

The smell is so dreamy and makes my skin so soft. It leaves my skin feeling so good I can’t wait to put it on again. I’m just so in love with this product!

Jen T. Jul 16 2021


Sunlight is so light, you can barely tell it’s on. It doesn’t leave your face white. Effortless to put on first thing with Crunchis other products.

Teresa R. Jul 16 2021

On the fence

I love that this product is safe for me and also reed safe, but I found it to be too heavy and when I was using consecutive days in a row, my skin broke out. I do use when I’m going to be outside for a long period of time but not for daily use.

Reta W. Jul 16 2021


I love how smooth it feels across my face. It as if I have no lotion on at all.

Angela  Jul 16 2021


Sunlight is a great product . Not thick but just right consistency. I love it.

Megan H. Jul 16 2021

Love it

I absolutely love the sunlight! This is by far the best non-toxic sunscreen I have used on my face. It doesn’t leave any white residue, make up blends perfect over it.

Cierra H. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight review

It’s amazing! I had the previous Sunlight and this new formula is so much less white. It’s a sunscreen I can wear everyday under my makeup. I just went on a week vacation in the sun, wore it daily, reapplying every few hours & had no signs of any sunburn on my face!

Tammy M. Jul 16 2021


I absolutely love the improved Sunlight. It’s light, creamy (just like daylight), and smells wonderful. It does not leave a sticky feeling on my face. The spf is truly amazing. I have been out in the morning sun daily and my face has not burned (not even a hint). Love it!!! ??

Nicole L. Jul 16 2021


I am obsessed with the new and improved sunlight. As someone who is battling cancer and I was also diagnosed with Lupus sunscreen is extremely important to me. I don’t go a day without it rather I am staying at home all day or I’m out and about. It goes on so silky smooth. It doesn’t turn you into Casper and the biggest of them all it’s clean ingredients!! Y’all I’m simply obsessed!!! Highly recommend!!

Sharon S. Jul 16 2021

New and Improved Sunlight

I’m new to Crunchi products…and I’m glad I finally found products that are not full of harmful ingredients…I use the Sunlight with my Moisturizer…feels so smooth

Leslie M. Jul 16 2021

Excellent ingredients!

I love that this has such excellent ingredients and is safe for even my child to use. It doesn’t mix with my current moisturizer, but will try again when I finish what I currently have. It feels great!

Rain J. Jul 16 2021

Love this formula!

I tried the original formula and for me it was thick and sticky. However this formula of Sunlight is AMAZING! It goes on light just like Daylight moisturizer. It spreads evenly and I even mix a bit of foundation with it for a to Ted look and lazy days@ Thank you Crunchi for the improvement!

Elisa W. Jul 16 2021


I’m loving the new sunlight! It’s sheer, lightweight and non greasy. Love putting this on my face everyday!

Caroline M. Jul 16 2021

Best SPF ever made!!

I never have tried anything like Sunlight before. It has the most amazing protection but at the same time absorbs so quickly and shows no white ghost. It's a must ladies for keeping that face protected ????

Pennie S. Jul 16 2021

Must have!

Sunlight is my must wear! It goes on before anything else! I use it daily to help slow down the sun damage I allowed as a young one having fun in the sun. Wish I had this all my life. My skin would thank me!

Jennifer  Jul 16 2021

A little goes a long way

Love this sunblock as it lasts forever, works fantastic (I have yet to suffer a burn since using it), and it doesn’t leave my skin oily. I appreciate the clean ingredients and feel safe using it on my children too.

Amber B. Jul 16 2021

Must have

Sunlight is part of my every day routine! I do not leave the house without applying! I love it!!

Jessica S. Jul 16 2021

Perfect for sunny states

I love this product. It is easy to apply and works wonderfully even in states with lots of sun! I never have to worry about getting burnt when I use this. I actually have been adding a few pumps to my brush along with the crunchi flawless foundation. It lightens up my foundation which is perfect for my pale skin.

Mildred A. Jul 16 2021

It is great!

I am new to Crunchi. One of the products I purchased is the Sunlight.... I like it very much because it's light enough to wear under foundation and not greasy. I also wear it confidently because of the great ingredients it has!

Deborah  Jul 16 2021

Healing Protection

Great sun protection and I honestly feel it has improved some previously damaged areas. Love how it feels alone or under makeup. A little bit goes a long way. Great product!

Chris M. Jul 16 2021

Heavenly Sunlight

I was very excited to receive my new bottle of the new and improved Sunlight. It is very moisturizing and disappears so quickly. I love how it makes my skin feel! I have had skin cancer so it is a blessing to know my skin is protected! Thank you once again Crunchi!

KimE  Jul 16 2021


Best sunscreen ever. I have very sensitive skin, burn easily and have had some basal cell skin cancer removed from under my eye. I tried many sunscreens and could never find one that I liked for my face. They were always sticky or oily and caused me to breakout. Then I tried Sunlight. Best sunscreen ever! Not sticky or oily. Skin feels great and it doesn't cause breakouts. And even better I do burn when I use it.

Michelle D. Jul 16 2021

Love the New Formula??

I couldn’t wait to order the new formulated Sunlight! Knowing that all ingredients are safe and good for my skin made this an easy purchase! This new formula “melts” into the skin and does not leave the skin white, like in the old formula. I ride motorcycle with my husband, and the 30 SPF has been perfect for my skin not to burn! My 19 year old daughter wants to use it as a sunscreen all over, not just on her face. Thanks so much for creating such a great product!

Megan E. Jul 16 2021


I’m absolutely IN LOVE with the new Sunlight! It’s game changing. It goes on beautifully smooth without any residue, feels so silky, and protects me all day. I work as a flight nurse and it is important to me to protect my skin in the various conditions that I am working in. I make sure I wear my Sunlight every day. Crunchi provides flawless all day wear while making me feel like I’m not wearing any make up at all, and gives me that little dose of confidence that just makes me feel amazing.

Missy P. Jul 16 2021

Love Sunlight

I already was in love with the original Sunlight formula, and then I tried the new formula and I loved it too!! It rubs in so easily , no ghost face with the same protection as the old. I definitely recommend everyone try this!!

Katie  Jul 16 2021


I loved the original sunlight but this new and improved product is even better. It feels so light and airy. Easy to apply and can still add makeup without any trouble. It is great to use for everyday wear.

Amanda T. Jul 16 2021


I have been searching for YEARS for a daily sunscreen moisturizer that performs like this! I break out from everything, including the original Sunlight formula. Not only is this a creamy texture like a moisturizer, it doesn’t break me out. I still look a tad pale right after application, but it rubs in and my skin looks like mine (not dry) in a few minutes. This is a definite win!

Cassandra H. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight Review

The new Sunlight is lightweight and makes my skin feel so soft! I love the way it blends in and feels seamless under my makeup!

Lori B. Jul 16 2021

Smooth Coverage for the “Mature” Woman

As a 60+ year old lady with incredibly sensitive skin, this is one of the first daily regimens that I am able to use. It smooths out those dry, fine lines and does not irritate. With the 30 UPF, this is a must for this user and I would recommend it to anyone.

Amber A. Jul 16 2021

Feels great!

This feels fantastic putting it on light weight, not greasy, and wonderful! My skin looks phenomenal after using it. I wish that the scent was a little less intense, and I would love for a tinted version!

Pattiann O. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight Sunscreen

Absolutely love ALL my Crunchi Products, Sunlight is so light and easy to apply, not greasy or oily under my Crunchi Flawless Foundation, absolutely recommend 100% ! You will not be disappointed! You will love it! And I live in South Florida so coverage is so important, Best sunblock I’ve ever tried, Thank you Crunchi for another amazing product ??

Deborah M. Jul 16 2021

Light and Dreamy!

What could be better than a lightweight sunscreen that has a delightful aroma and great coverage & protection? Sunlight SPF delivers all around. It’s non-greasy and has a smooth coverage - even under my Crunchi foundation. Thank you for improving an already fabulous product!

Mikaela S. Jul 16 2021

The best facial sunscreen you’ll ever buy!

The sunlight cream is AMAZING!! It blends seamlessly under your makeup and isn’t greasy or thick! I love having the added protection from the sun without the feel of traditional sunscreen. Once you put it on you can’t even tell that you are wearing “sunscreen.”

Mosy  Jul 16 2021

Excellent protection

This product helped protect my face while vacationing in BBC St John, USVI in June of this year. New laws in the USVI state that only products with non-nano zinc oxide can be used in order to protect the coral reefs. I was thrilled that my Crunchi facial sunscreen met the eeeuirements! The only reason I gave it 4 invatead of 5 stars is because it takes a little longer to blend in-certainly not a major problem just a little inconvenience. My face never burned and it was perfect protection!

Kayla M. Jul 16 2021

So clean

I absolutely love their makeup! I love how clean they are and toxic free! ????

Yesica R. Jul 16 2021

Get the job done!

The sunlight is pretty amazing. Is good to know that you are putting safe ingredients that benefit your skin. You do have to mix it well. The only thing I noticed was that it did made my skin a little dry. But other than that it has made the job really well and that is because I have been in under the sun when the sun hits harder but I can say I had not gotten any sunspots.

lauren b. Jul 16 2021

Care-free and pretty in the sun

The application of this product is nothing less than flawless. When I wear sunlight, i sunbathe happily and carefree (so long as i reapply sunscreen, though!). This product feels so lightweight on my skin and does not have a strong sunscreen smell. However, I wish the spf was a tad bit higher. I have never invested in higher end products due to their expense, but Crunchi is worth the money, and my skin agrees.

Cayla G. Jul 16 2021

Doesn’t burn my skin!

I’ve used a lot of other sunscreens and they all tend to burn my face after I apply. This one was super smooth to apply and didn’t make me break out. It actually made my skin feel good!

Natalie S. Jul 16 2021

Loving the new + improved Sunlight

It’s so easy to apply, it’s lightweight + non greasy. It doesn’t leave you looking purplish like other SPF. I highly recommend it!

JordanP  Jul 16 2021

Great product!

I’m new to learning about alternative, safer products for skin care and make-up, but I’ve always been interested in skin care. It was a rude awakening to learn that the products I spent so much money on were actually doing more to harm my skin and causing other medical issues. I’m grateful to have found Crunchi products, and the cherry on top is the new sunscreen! I love the formula and how it doesn’t smell like sunscreen. It’s a smooth application that doesn’t leave a white cast to the skin.

Verified Purchase
william m. Jul 16 2021

Absolutely amazing!

I use this almost daily and love it! It goes on so smoothly after you apply lotion.

Jessica T. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight SPF

I did not try the previous Sunlight formula but I love the new formula! Does not feel or look ‘greasy’ once applied, and my sensitive skin has done well with it so far!

Marcia S. Jul 16 2021

Silky smooth

Sunlight is light and not oily. It provides excellent protection in the sun. The fact that there are no harmful chemicals eases my mind.

Laura O. Jul 16 2021


The spf doesn’t leave your skin greasy or super pale looking. Stays on well and protects my skin more than any other sunscreen I’ve used!

Marsha  Jul 16 2021

New to crunchi

I am very impressed with the texture of this formula since it is a daily wear. I am new to wearing a daily wear formula and was not sure if I was going it like it. It glided on smoothly, didn’t leave my face tight after and or chalky. I am very much into organic products and I am extremely happy

Jami  Jul 16 2021

Works great!

It feels like a lotion not an spf! I love it! I can spend all day out in the sun working in the yard and it works the entire time! I will never use another spf ever again

Sharon B. Jul 16 2021


Sunlight soaks in well, it’s not greasy. It keeps your face moisturizer all day.

Kym J. Jul 16 2021


I wouldn’t trust my face or that of my grandchildren to anything but Sunlight! Clean, Safe and effective for all ages. It protects our skin so well from the Southern California and Arizona rays.

Madison B. Jul 16 2021

Daily must have!

I LOVE the new and improved SUNLIGHT! It’s light weight, smells Devine, and has protected my face from sunburn when the rest of my body is toasted. I love That it only has ingredients that are safe for not only people but also the ocean. During these hot summer months, me and my daughter never leave without it!

Robin N. Jul 16 2021

Overall a great product

I really enjoy the new formula of sunlight. It spreads on easily, smells nice, and does a great job of protecting your skin from the sun without causing any kind of irritation. My only complaint would be that it leaves a bit of a white residue or sheen on the skin, however this seems to fade the longer you wear it throughout the day.

Michelle B. Jul 16 2021

Quality product

I totally love the new sunlight cream! Not only protective but hydrating too!!!

Sydney B. Jul 16 2021

Amazing product

The newly formulated sunlight is amazing. I love that it is lighter just the like the daylight and it doesn’t have the strong sunscreen smell, definitely a fan!!

Sherri C. Jul 16 2021


The Sunlight is light and feels good in my skin. I love that it doesn’t feel greasy like most sunscreen lotions feel. Highly recommend this product!

Whitney E. Jul 16 2021

Crunchi Suncare

I love the Crunchi Suncare. My little girl uses it and she likes it too. I am so happy that it is good for you and healthy for you to use.

Summer M. Jul 16 2021

Fun in the Sun??

I absolutely LOVE the new and improved Sunlight! It goes on SO smooth and keeps my skin safe from sun damage. I use it every single morning under my foundation and will continue for years to come because it works and it will keep my skin youthful and healthy. Thank you for producing such a wonderful product that I highly recommend to any and all ages.

Alexis W. Jul 16 2021

Feel Protected!

I feel so protected with Sunlight. Instead of smelling like Sunscreen all day I can wear this (smells nice) and still get the protection I need from the sun/harmful rays. You only need one pump so a bottle goes a long way.

Krysta f. Jul 16 2021

My favorite sunscreen

There is no funky smell or overly white residue. It feels great and protects me all day long. I’m a huge fan!

Marsha J. Jul 16 2021

Love it!

It absorbs into your skin effortlessly! Not sticky, smooth as silk:)

Danielle Y. Jul 16 2021

Love Sunlight

Sunlight goes on so smooth and feels so lightweight. I love the SPF and it goes on so nicely under my makeup! I wash my face with the Crunchi charcoal bar and then apply Sunlight and my Namaste gloss.

Cait B. Jul 16 2021

Best ever!

Love this stuff. It’s so lightweight and awesome to use daily. It has done wonders for my skin and it makes me feel good that I’m being proactive. Skin cancer runs in my family so it’s nice to fine a good clean product

Heather M. Jul 16 2021

Actually want to wear it

I love how I can’t feel it on. It rubs in easy and no pasty white look

Lisa M. Jul 16 2021

Skincare Bundle

I just received my first skincare bundle. All the products are amazing. Especially the power light eye cream!

Melissa Z. Jul 16 2021

Love it!

I’m apprehensive when it comes to make up, but my friend April gave me a sample. After one use I was in love! My one go to is always a sunscreen, and crunchi knocked it out of the park with this product. Feels great on my skin and I really like the smell. Very light and refreshing. Thanks April and Crunchi!

Kelly M. Jul 16 2021


Love my Crunchi sunscreen! The fragrance is amazing. It applies easily and is not oily or heavy on my face

Sarah G. Jul 16 2021

Essential to my routine

I love this new formula! It blends in better to my skin and is so easy to put on! I love that it still has clean and quality ingredients in it. A must have to my routine!

Emily F. Jul 16 2021

Five Star Ingredients

I love ALL Crunchi products. I use the facial bar in the morning and before bed. I apply my Daylight and then my Sunlight SPF. My crunchy advocate always tells me SPF is my friend. All around amazing products. My skin has never been so clear, loved and healthy.

Allison S. Jul 16 2021


The new sunlight is amazing! Lightweight and great protection. Perfect for everyday wear!

Paula O. Jul 16 2021

Thank you for making protecting my face to easy!

I’ve already used the old formulation so I can’t wait to try the new! I use two pumps of my daylight moisturizer and one pump of sunlight and my skin just soaks it right in. It keeps me moisturized and protected all day long. Thanks again for making skin care so easy!

Rebecca T. Jul 16 2021

Crunchi Sunlight

I am a redhead with very sensitive skin. I have tried many different sunscreens but none can compare to the way sunlight works. It is so easy to apply and feels like you have nothing on your face. It’s a great product for sensitive skin as well! Love the way it kept me protected from a week at the beach!

Alyse  Jul 16 2021

New Sunlight

The new formulated Sunlight is amazing! It’s lightweight and spreads easily. I love adding a little bit of it in to my Crunchi Foundation!

Lisa D. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight Review

Every single mineral sunscreen I've ever purchased has left white streaks on my face and pilled up on me. It was a struggle to blend them in. Not new Sunlight! This miracle sunscreen goes on clear, blends in perfectly, layers amazingly, and NEVER pills on my skin. It gives me complete sun protection, and that is saying a lot because I am very fair. I love it!!

Ken H. Jul 16 2021

Great Improvement!

The new formula is great. Easy to use and good at protecting my skin.

Tina M. Jul 16 2021

Great product

I love how well this absorbs into my skin. It doesn't affect make-up application either. I've used other facial sunscreen moisturizers and was left feeling like my face couldn't breathe or sunburned. Sunlight delivers and the new and improved Sunlight got rid of the 'zinc' feel that made it a challenge to spread thoroughly all over my face.

Shannon G. Jul 16 2021

The best sunscreen on the planet!

I always have had issues with sunscreen since my skin is so sensitive. Oftentimes, especially in the summer, I get small bumps on my forehead from being out in the sun or I honestly burn easily. With Crunchi’s Sunlight neither of those two things occur. Best sunscreen I have come across in a long time. Totally worth every penny!

Hope G. Jul 16 2021

Awesome Sunlight!

They did it - improved an already awesome product! This is the lightest feeling sunscreen I have ever used and it blends so well with the daylight. Love it. ????

Bonnie H. Jul 16 2021


I have the prior version that I need to use before I buy the new one. I find it’s a bit thick, but I mix with the daylight and it’s a perfect consistency. It covers smoothly, is invisible and protects my skin from harmful rays!

Ashlee F. Jul 16 2021

Light and smooth

Sunlight is by far my most favorite Crunchi product. I have to make sure I have sunscreen on at all times. The new formula goes on amazingly. It’s smooth and it’s super light. A little goes a long way. I love the way my face looks and how sunlight feels on my skin. It’s a must!!

Melissa E. Jul 16 2021

Love Love Love!!!!

Lightweight and completely soaks into skin so it feels like you have nothing on, looks great under makeup and doesn’t look oily at all. Best and healthiest sunscreen I’ve ever used!! I’m obsessed!! Thank you Crunchi!!!

Kapunawai A. Jul 16 2021


It’s a much lighter texture than the original formula and doesn’t leave me white ghostly, love it! I am so happy to have a nontoxic daily option for sun protection, living on Maui it’s a must. Mahalo Crunchi!

Gina H. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight sunscreen

This is a sunscreen you can actually wear under your makeup without it feeling heavy. My skin soaks it in like it needs it... and I don't feel like i'm stretching my skin trying to get it rubbed in. Highly recommend all the Crunchi products

Marissa G. Jul 16 2021

Lightweight feel with Great protection

I’ve tried several facial sunscreens and this is the best so far! Goes on smoothly, no white and doesn’t sweat off like others I’ve tried. And because it doesn’t sweat off it stays where it needs to and protects my skin all day!

Roxanne R. Jul 16 2021

Love it!

Love the new facial sunscreen, lightweight and non-greasy. Great product!

Melissa D. Jul 16 2021

Amazing product!

I love the light scent and lightweight feel of the Sunlight. Goes on smooth & isn’t heavy or sticky.

Kenda R. Jul 16 2021


I absolutely love this facial cream. I have bought many other brands and this one by far is the absolute best. Love the clean ingredients and not worrying about what I’m putting on my face.

Christy F. Jul 16 2021

Great Product!

I’ve been using Sunlight for over a year now. It works great for sun protection and doesn’t make my face feel greasy at all. This is the best face sun protection I’ve ever used.

Audrey C. Jul 16 2021


Love the Sunlight SPF. Smells great, lightweight, and not greasy at all!

Alissa K. Jul 16 2021

Best facial sunscreen

I bought two of the old facial sunscreens and always thinned it out with the daylight moisturizer. This new product is so good and easy to apply it’s thinner and easier than when I mixed the two and provides amazing protection even when I’m outside for hours!

Ashleigh T. Jul 16 2021

Love sunlight!

I love this product! It goes on nicely, doesn’t make my skin feel greasy at all, and it works well. Best clean facial SPF I’ve found so far :)

Emily G. Jul 16 2021

Here comes the sun!!

The newly updated Sunlight is one of my favorite Crunchi products! I wear it everyday to protect my skin and the consistency is so light and not greasy at all!

Robin P. Jul 16 2021


I love Sunlight because I don’t need to fear any harmful chemicals being added to my skin. It goes on silky smooth under my makeup and doesn’t feel sticky like products I’ve tried in the past. I also feel good knowing my 13 year old daughter can wear it safely as well.

Michelle  Jul 16 2021

Love it!

This is the best sunscreen ever! Rubs in clear and doesn't leave my skin feeling gross!

Kayla D. Jul 16 2021

Simply Sunlight

This new formula gets an A++. Light, not greasy and no white streaks! Just in time for summer, I feel comfortable and confident with my coverage for a full day of sunshine.

Jenna  Jul 16 2021


I am obsessed with Sunlight! It goes on so smoothly and doesn’t leave streaks or make my skin too oily. It also looks great under makeup! I would definitely recommend!

Jackie S. Jul 16 2021

My Mind is Blown!

I honestly cannot believe how amazing this sunscreen performs. I was skeptical at first given it applied clear and thin like a facial moisturizer but after hours in the sun I had ZERO burn. I was seriously surprised because in all my experience mineral sunscreens have been thick, difficult to apply and left a white cast to my skin. This was the complete opposite! Kudos Crunchi for figuring out the magic formula!

Cassandra S. Jul 16 2021

My favorite clean sunscreen!

I always have a couple bottles on hand! Love this stuff!

Barbie P. Jul 16 2021

Holy Cow!!

I wasn’t planning on being out in the sun for very long. So I didn’t think of putting any sunscreen on… but Sunlight is part of my facial regimen. Let’s say everything but my face and neck is burned. This stuff works MIRACLES. I love love love it.

Valerie F. Jul 16 2021

Vast Improvements Over the Previous Formula

I was a big fan of the original Sunlight formula. I found myself resisting buying the new formula in fear that they might have ruined it. How wrong I was. The new formula is so much creamier and easier to blend into the skin. There is no more whitecast minutes after applying. Crunchi managed to keep the sun protection and improve upon everything else about this product. I am very impressed.

Kristina E. Jul 16 2021

Smells Amazing

I love the fruity scent that Daylight has. I am very sensitive to smells and I have never gotten a headache. It is very light on the skin and hydrating. Definitely recommend it!

Dana N. Jul 16 2021


Sunlight is a must have! So light and it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything on my skin!

Katelyn  Jul 16 2021

Soo much better

The new and improved sunlight goes on like a dream. It’s soo smooth and it doesn’t leave a residue like the previous sunlight. I wear it every day!! Love it!

Katie M. Jul 16 2021

Am I even wearing it?

One reason I used to never wear sunscreen (and my skin hates me for it) is because it was so heavy and greasy. I have oily skin in spots to begin with so adding a heavy, greasy and quite frankly GROSS feeling sunscreen under my makeup was out of the question. However, this is a godsend and feels like a normal moisturizer. I finally feel like I’m a grown up and doing myself a favor by wearing sunscreen daily.

Amy M. Jul 16 2021

Don’t leave the house without it!

Sunlight is my number one must have Crunchi item. I got melasma after the birth of my first child, and to prevent it from getting any worse I absolutely do not leave the house without it on. I wear it year round. It’s my recommendation to anyone that’s looking for a facial sunscreen. It’s so nice to have a clean, toxin free sunscreen that doesn’t feel gross and heavy on my face.

Nancy K. Jul 16 2021

In love!!!

I love the whippy texture and easy application. I don’t feel like I have to be right in front of a mirror and worry about looking like a ghost! I’ve tried many sunscreens and this one is the winner!

Erin G. Jul 16 2021

5 stars isn’t enough

The new Sunlight is so lightweight while still providing the protection I need. It easily fits into my morning routine!

Jennifer  Jul 16 2021

Facial SPF cream

I like the texture but don’t care for the smell. The smell makes me not want to wear it. And I don’t like how it makes my face turn a little white.

Amanda A. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight ??????

Oh my gosh this is without a doubt the best updated formula I have ever seen!!!! I absolutely love how lightweight the sunlight is on my face, great for that Midwest humidity, and it leaves me without a ghost face that a lot of other products have left me being Zinc!!!! Now I can fully enjoy the outdoors, hiking, pool, and golf totally toxin free!!!!!

Gloria M. Jul 16 2021

Love Crunchi Sunlight

Love Crunchi Sunlight. Light but provides great protection. It’s worth every penny!

Kim H. Jul 16 2021

Great product!

I was never very good about using a face sunscreen until I tried Crunchi Sunlight! All the others I tried smelled too sunscreen-y and didn't have as good of SPF protection. I really enjoy this product and mix it with my daily moisturizer! Alone it is a little thick but other than that I love it!

Desiree' H. Jul 16 2021

Love love it!

So smooth and I love how it goes on! I Use it on my neck/shoulders too!

Megan A. Jul 16 2021

Love it!

I tried the old sunscreen formula & now the new one & I’m a fan! I didn’t like the other formula because it left your face white and seemed pretty thick. The new formula is very thin, light, and does not leave any type of film on your face! I really enjoy it!

Adrienne R. Jul 16 2021


Sunlight is the first sunscreen that hasn’t caused me to have a breakout. My skin is very sensitive so using sunscreen on my face has always been a challenge. Sunlight is lightweight, goes on easily, and didn’t leave my skin feeling heavy or greasy.

Mary S. Jul 16 2021


I used the original sunlight & I like this formula even better. It doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy. I really love the new formula.

Kay S. Jul 16 2021


I haven't tried the new version yet. I have a couple bottles of the original, and I really like it...which I was sceptical to try. So, I will be finishing it before ordering the new version.

Valarie R. Jul 16 2021

Prevention is the answer!

I recently had a pre-cancerous spot removed from my face because I never wore sunscreen because it was thick and greasy. My consultant convinced me to try Crunchi sunlight on my face. I love it and will never be without it again! It is so light and grease free that I forget I'm wearing it!!!

Leanne R. Jul 16 2021

Love it!

This sunscreen feels light on my skin, smells great, and a little goes a long way! Haven’t gotten even a little bit of sunburn since I’ve started using it.

Alyssa C. Jul 16 2021

Amazing Sunscreen!

I love this sunscreen. It is super lightweight and does not leave a white cast on my face. Who doesn’t love a great non toxic sunscreen with beneficial ingredients and a skin loving formula.

Rebecca F. Jul 16 2021

Love the sun

I LOVE crunchi SPF! Not only is it an extra layer of moisturizer but, a lightweight highly effective UV protectant. I use it on my whole family!

Lauren S. Jul 16 2021

A bit of a white overcast but otherwise it’s awesome!!

A little goes a longggg way. Too much and you’ll look like a ghost m, but it works amazing! I can feel good using it on myself and my family.

Amanda A. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight Review

By far the best facial sunscreen I have ever bought, they have reformulated and it is better than ever. I love that it is not only toxin free, but I don’t look like a white ghost at the pool, or on the golf course and I can appreciate that and I am in LOVE WITH how lightweight this new sunscreen feels!!!!! 10/10 don’t walk families….RUN TO PURCHASE IT!!!!!

Terra F. Jul 16 2021

Sunlight is amazing!

I absolutely love all my Crunchi products, however, Sunlight is one of my top favs! Aside from using it as a sunscreen, I’ve been using it as a spot treatment at night for pimples and I wake up with a noticeable difference - either smaller or completely gone! It’s an amazing product!

Lianne S. Jul 16 2021


Finally an SPF that works and doesn’t leave me greasy or cause a breakout! Love how easily it applies too.

Laurie B. Jul 16 2021

Crunchi does it again

The entire Crunchi lineup is fantastic. Love the Sunlight as I know it’s protecting my skin but isn’t greasy. Absorbs great.

Alyssa C. Jul 16 2021

Love it!

So soft and gentle on the skin. Doesn’t leave an oily residue or feel heavy at all! Even under make up you don’t even know it’s there. I even use it on my kiddo and it’s worked every time!!

Maureen K. Jul 16 2021


This new Sunlight is a game changer. While I know I need to wear SPF daily, the old Sunlight was very difficult to ‘blend in’, so it took a while to put it on. This new Sunlight blends so well, in a matter of seconds, doesn’t leave a ghostly look to your skin and definitely protects. I so look forward to using it now.

Talisha G. Jul 16 2021

Moisturizing sunscreen

This is the best facial spf! It serves as a moisturizer and a sunscreen all in one. It’s an amazing product!

Michelle C. Jul 16 2021

Love it

Absolutely love the Sunlight! I use it on my 2 daughters as well and they love it!

Breana B. Jul 16 2021

The finest I’ve found

I have oily skin so finding a sunscreen that has worked well has been tricky...until I found Sunlight! Oh goes on well, mixes well with daylight and I rarely have to reapply. Love the coverage and that it’s scrumptious for my skin too!

Melissa T. Jul 16 2021

Light and fresh

The Sunlight moisturizer is light on my face and smells fresh and clean! My skin seems more even since using it.

Jen  Jul 16 2021

Lake vaca

We have been at a lake for a week on vacation and I have been using Sunlight on myself and my family! We all love it and makes me feel great that it’s a safer choice than others out there on the market.

Liz L. Jul 16 2021

Safe and effective!

I’m in love with the new Sunlight! The light texture blends into my skin perfectly. It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing sunscreen which is exactly what I want. I feel so good wearing this safe product every day!

Gwendolyn C. Jul 16 2021

Never been happier

Love the new sunlight SPF facial cream and how it keeps the skin smooth while also protecting from the sun. I am glad I bought this product and will continue!

Jennifer J. Jul 16 2021

My favorite!!

Best sunscreen!! My little girls and I use it every day!!! Effective, clean, and easy!!! Love it!!!

Georgina B. Jul 16 2021

My new favorite sunscreen!

I love this sunscreen I love that you only have to use very little, barely one pump, for complete coverage! No white residue either. Goes on clean and not oily. I love it!!

Jenna B. Jul 16 2021

Highly recommend!

I mix this with my crunchi foundation and apply with the number 1 brush! It’s great coverage and super light! Blends in nicely- no white marks left behind.

Lucy  Jul 16 2021

Supports my son with a medical condition

My son was recently diagnosed with albinism. He has to wear sunscreen everyday for his entire lifetime. While we all should be doing this- he absolutely has to. So the fact that he would typically be subjected to toxins with store bought brands, I can be at ease we no longer have to worry about itThe new formula is great and soft and doesn’t leave a white cast on our skin. I share the bottle with him and it’s so light it literally takes seconds to put on. I’m not fighting with him to rub it in.

Felicia C. Jul 16 2021

Amazing - simply amazing

This sunscreen is incredible. So lightweight and feels smooth. I actually want to wear it daily for protection. I would have never put sunscreen on daily in the past. Thank you Crunchi for this incredible product!

Michelle E. Jul 16 2021


This product is amazing. It smells fantastic and goes on so smooth and the crunchy foundation looks phenomenal over the top of it.. Sunscreen is so important to keep looking youthful. I have a history of melanoma on my leg and I am wearing sunscreen everyday and this is my go-to for my face. The ONLY sunscreen I use on my face.

Nicole S. Jul 16 2021


THANK YOU for making this!!! Goes on so smooth like my lotion. Not thick, white, pasty, greasy. Freaking love it.

Verified Purchase
Krista S. Jul 16 2021

I love it!

The texture and application of this SPF is so smooth unlike other mineral sunscreens I’ve tried. It goes on clear and is truly effective. Love it!

Kim k. Jul 16 2021

Best ever facial sunscreen!

I thought the first sunlight was fabulous. This new product is so wonderful. Once you try it, you will never go out without it!

Corri B. Jul 16 2021


I love the sunlight facial cream. It is so soft and wonderful, plus provides the all important protection from the sun.

Sherry R. Jul 16 2021

Perfect Consistency!

I have to admit, I used to HATE applying facial spf because it left my face greasy and heavy. Not a good mix with South Florida humidity???? so I would avoid it! With this Sunlight SPF, I have no excuse! It blends so easily in my skin and I can apply makeup over it! Don’t skip this step ladies!! This is crucial for good skin health????????

Dana E. Jul 16 2021

The best!

I absolutely love the new formula. It is smooth and does not have the white look. Knowing I am wearing a sunscreen 365 that’s not harming my body is such a blessing!

Lauren C. Jul 16 2021

Great for the whole family

I love this SPF for everyday wear under my makeup and also as a non toxic, clean option for our baby!

Kaitlyn L. Jul 16 2021

Another amazing Crunchi product!

Crunchi did it again! I’m so thrilled to have a safe sunscreen that protects and feels so lightweight on my skin. And I love knowing I can use it for my littles faces as well!

Kristin R. Jul 16 2021

No burning eyes

First SPF I've used that doesn't burn my eyes even after a full day in the sun and sweating. Also beat mineral one to not make me have a white face or have to rub it in excessively. Smooth application and worry free all day. Love it.

Tricia  Jul 16 2021


Love that it’s less greasy than other facial sunscreens. Goes on thick but settles into the skin quickly.

Deanna J. Jul 16 2021

Love the new Sunlight

Super light weight and rubs in easily! Myself and my 13 year old daughter both use it and love it! We wore it in 103° heat, sweating all day and it stayed on and we did not get burned.

Nicole W. Jul 16 2021

Only sunscreen I use!

I’ve tried a number of different sunscreens over the years and I’ve always had two issues. I still burn and it makes my face break out. I’ve finally found one that never makes me break out and has kept me from burning, even when I’ve been outside for long periods

Bonnie K. Jul 16 2021

Love this product

I love the fact that this product is not greasy, applies smoothly and easily, and I can be confident I am not harming what I am watching while SCUBA diving.

Lindsay  Jul 16 2021

Amazing sunscreen!!

I LOVE that it is 100% clean. And I can trust it fully and it feels so lightweight and no bad smell to it like some have. It protects and looks amazing on your skin! Definitely hooked!!

Amanda B. Jul 16 2021

Lightweight yet effective

This is my far my most favorite sunscreen. It goes on smoothly without leaving a white cast. Great for not only layering with makeup but also clean enough to use on my toddler. It's the only sunscreen I'll be using!

Natalie M. Jul 16 2021

Soft & transparent

Loved how soft the sunscreen was to touch which made it easy to apply to my face. And it smells great too which is an added bonus!

Rachel  Jul 16 2021

Liquid gold

This sunscreen is like liquid gold. It goes on so easy. It offers amazing protection and hydration at the same time. Just another product to love and use daily, year round. I also love that my face isn’t itchy with it because it’s so light.

Crystal  Jul 16 2021

Love it!!

Best thing I have found so far!

Alayna  Jul 16 2021

Love it!!!

I love love love the sunlight face lotion!! Literally use it everyday. Doesn’t make my face feel oily or greasy. Very light.

Ginny S. Jul 16 2021

Love that it’s kid-friendly!

I love that Sunlight is clean and I can use it on my kids as well as myself! It’s a fantastic way to protect our sunburn-prone skin! So thankful for all the hard work that goes into making wonderful products like this one!

Sydney O. Jul 15 2021

I’ve never been so happy in my life!!

A few years back, I suffered from 2nd degree burns due to the sun. After that, I’ve always burned easily and have been scared to lie out in the sun during those hot summer days. However, I was given Sunlight to try and I am happy to say that it is the first time I was able to lie out in the sun and not get burned! I am so thankful!!!!

Anita H. Jul 15 2021

Arizona old Lady Skin

I retired in Arizona, so finding something that would safely protect my skin from the sun's strong rays is important. I have been using this on my face and neck since I arrived in the mail. Then I put it on just one arm and after I week, my left arm (driver's window) looked noticeable better, younger, smoother, etc. So now I always make sure to use it on ALL exposed skin so I won't have "old lady skin."

Rita  Jul 15 2021

My New Go-To!

I randomly came across this brand from a recommendation on Facebook, and I’m so glad I did! I think I’ve found my go-to daily sunscreen! I’ve been looking for a mineral, reef-safe option to use everyday, but others I’ve tried have been too sticky or heavy. The Sunlight goes on so smoothly and actually disappears after I rub it in. And I don’t notice it anymore after it’s on! I love that it’s safe enough to use on my kids, too. I am a believer now and have recommended it to friends.

Lynnea A. Jul 15 2021


I love the newly released Sunlight Facial Sunscreen! It absorbs so quickly and leaves my face feeling moisturized and protected all day long!

Julia B. Jul 15 2021


This is the best zinc oxide sunscreen! Most are hard to rub in and sticky. This is super light and goes on so smooth. It’s more the consistency of a facial cream. It’s high quality. I wear it every day to the pool and my face has not burned once. I do not know how crunchi did it but this is the only sunscreen I will ever use for my face!

Bibi S. Jul 15 2021


I love the new sunlight . It’s so lightweight. I don’t feel like there’s a thick layer of lotion on my face. Doesn’t dry my skin not clogs my pore. I love it

Erica  Jul 15 2021


Goes on smooth. Does not leave skin feeling heavy. Used it while on vacation- didn’t burn, instead got a nice tan on my face :)

Shauna G. Jul 15 2021

So light weight, absorbs so well

I love this new Sunlight formula! It leaves no greasy, white residue and soaks right into my skin! It is making it much easier to wear sunscreen daily under my Beautifully Flawless Foundation! Thanks for reformulating it!

Hollie A. Jul 15 2021


I love the new sunlight cream. It’s so light on my face and gentle to use. So glad I’ve switched to crunchi on all my skin care needs.

Jessica W. Jul 15 2021

Love Love Love! ????

I'm SO happy to have stumbled upon Crunchi! I've been searching for a SPF that was great for my skin and didn't leave me feeling greasy, Sunlight is just that! Great coverage and great benefits, amazing product!

Megan P. Jul 15 2021

Sunlight Review

Love this product! Feels very light and goes on smooth! I would recommend:)

Ashley  Jul 15 2021


The new and improved Sunlight is spectacular! Unlike other SPF products that I’ve tried, Sunlight applies nice and easy! I can apply it without feeling as though I’m rubbing my skin raw just to get it to apply evenly. Another huge perk is that Sunlight doesn’t leave me feeling all greasy and gross like other products that I would avoid using altogether. I now use Sunlight and love everything about it, down to the very last ingredient. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Michelle F. Jul 15 2021


Very light and absorbs well into the skin. Doesn’t make my skin feel oily! Love it!

Emily W. Jul 15 2021


The new Sunlight is the first sunscreen I’ve found that not only works, but doesn’t force me to break out. I’ve struggled with acne for a while & have invested in way too many products to try them. Sunlight is the only product I’ve used that’s not oily, doesn’t turn my skin pale white, and doesn’t cause breakouts! 10/10 recommend.

Tonja  Jul 15 2021

Can’t live without

Living in Colorado means over 300 days of sunshine. I have tried several sunscreens but sunlight wins hands down. I know I am not putting toxins on my skin and I can be hiking, biking or swimming and my face will not get burnt. Luv this product!

Laura R. Jul 15 2021

Love, love, love the new Sunlight!!!

I love the new sunlight and use it every day because it doesn’t feel or smell like sunscreen! It goes on as easy as the Daylight lotion! I loved it so much I had to share it! I gave my first one away to my best friend and ordered another for me!

Verified Purchase
Laura K. Jul 15 2021

My new favorite face SPF!

I’m loving this facial SPF! This is the first non-nano zinc oxide SPF I’ve tried that completely absorbs into my skin Instantly, and it’s so smooth to apply. Also loveee the smell! So refreshing!!

Jenny  Jul 15 2021


I just started wearing crunchi and few months ago. I love the sunlight how light weight and my skin doesn't feel oily. I have fallen in love with crunchi products!!!

Cindee  Jul 15 2021

Fabulous Sunlight!

The new and improved Sunlight is fabulous! I was on vacation in Florida when it launched last month and I had it shipped straight to our resort. That scorching Florida sun put Sunlight to the true test. Sunlight glides on so smoothly and invisibly and my face was well-protected, with every ingredient not just safe for me, but good for me! Thanks, Crunchi!!

Kaeri K. Jul 15 2021

Perfect sunscreen

I love the formula. It is very light weight and doesn’t leave a white tint like some other mineral sunscreens. This is great to use year-round!

Ashley A. Jul 15 2021

Nothing compares!!

What is this magic?! I have tried every single safer sunscreen there is, and nothing even comes close to comparing to this!! Silky smooth, so sheer, rubs in super easily, oh and it works!! I spent all weekend at the lake, kayaking and paddleboarding and forgot to re-apply, my shoulders burned with different sunscreen, but not my face!! I recommend this to everyone and wear it daily!

Alexa T. Jul 15 2021

Sunlight - Amazing

I wear this everyday, and especially when I am on my long runs! A game changer

Sharon D. Jul 15 2021

SunLight Review

I absolutely love the new SunLight formulation. It is so smooth that it feels like moisturizer. It rubs in super clear very quickly. For me it lasts all day even when I am out in the sun most of the day. I absolutely love it.

Linsey W. Jul 15 2021

Best Facial SPF Ever!

I have extremely sensitive and fair skin and have been looking for a daily SPF that won’t break my skin out or make it look and feel greasy. Enter Crunchi’s Daily Facial SPF… I’m blown away by how well it performs and covers, plus it is lightweight and almost matte after application. Definitely would recommend. ????

Robin D. Jul 15 2021

Crunchi Sunscreen

Best clean sunscreen out there in the world.

Verified Purchase
Melissa W. Jul 15 2021

My Favorite Sunscreen!

I absolutely love this sunscreen. It goes on so smooth and does not feel thick. I can put one application and it will last all day out in the sun and I am super fair skinned! They need to make this in a larger size for the entire body!!

Verified Purchase
Nicole B. Jul 15 2021

Very Happy!

I am very happy with the new Sunlight SPF. It rubs completely into the skin and there is no greasy feel whatsoever. The old formula worked great but was harder to get absorbed into the skin. I love how Crunchi takes the thoughts of the consumers into consideration and is always willing to improve their products if necessary. Good job Crunchi!

Ligia S. Jul 15 2021

Absolutely love it

The new and improved version is amazing. Goes so smooth under the primer and foundation, never cakes on. I recomand it to everyone now and couldn't live without it.

Karastyn R. Jul 15 2021


I was so excited to try out a mineral sunscreen and I was not disappointed! It makes me face feel great and protects me from the sun. It doesn’t feel greasy at all, just like I’m wearing face lotion.

Emily W. Jul 15 2021


The new Sunlight is an absolute MIRACLE. It applies incredibly well & doesnt leave your skin feeling oily, chalky, or white like other sunscreens. As a person who LOVES to be outside, I’ve bought tons of sunscreens hoping to protect my skin, but somehow ALWAYS manage to struggle with clogged pores and acne while doing so. Sunlight is the first product that truly feels like a regular lotion and doesn’t cause breakouts. 10/10 recommend you purchase!

Christy  Jul 15 2021

LOVE this product

Crunchi Sunlight is the BEST daily SPF I have ever used. The product improvements they recently made are out of this world. It goes on clear and feels like moisturizer. 100% recommend!

María A. Jul 15 2021


Great smell and makes my face very smooth

Verified Purchase
Tiffany R. Jul 15 2021

Best facial SPF ever!

I loved the old formula, but this new Sunlight formula hits it out of the ballpark. This is the best facial SPF that I've ever used! It is NOT sticky or tacky and doesn't leave your face looking white; instead it goes on so smooth similar to the Daylight moisturizer. It is so lightweight that I feel like I am wearing absolutely nothing. Even better....it works perfectly with my Crunchi skincare and cosmetics!! You won't be disappointed...try it!!

Verified Purchase
Jessica D. Jul 15 2021

Unbelievable Difference!

I literally cannot believe the difference between the new Sunlight and the old. It goes on so easily, blends so easily, and feels so light. Best toxin free SPF I've ever used!

Tonya C. Jul 15 2021

The Best Sun Protection

After major Sun Damage as a teen the skin on my face is super sensitive to sun exposure. If I do not wear a high powered SunBlock the skin on my nose will blister. SUNLIGHT goes on super easy and is undetectable under my makeup. I can actually be outside all day even in the Bright Florida sun and my sensitive skin stays protected all day! This is a serious Game changer. I no longer have to hide in the shade. I can be protected and have my makeup on that is covering my damaged skin!

Lauren K. Jul 15 2021

Smart & Healthy

I had a spot removed on my face a few years ago and I now take my skincare and very seriously. This SPF lotion feels amazing on my skin and I look forward to having younger, brighter looking skin.

Harmony U. Jul 15 2021

Best sunscreen EVER!!!

Light and easy to apply! No thick whiteness like most sunscreens!! Also reef safe !!Best anti-aging defense!!! LOVE IT!!!

Verified Purchase
Sherry K. Jul 15 2021


The new and improved is an understatement, its phenomenal! The old version was thick took some effort to massage in, it got the job done. In fact I was so excited to try the Phenomenal version I went ahead and purchased it before I was out of the old formula( I am using it up on my chest and arms). The phenomenal version is light and airy! I don't notice it under my makeup at all. It doesn't cake around your eyebrows if you get a little over zealous with application. Loving it!

Tiffany O. Jul 15 2021

Sunlight SPF

I really do love the new and improved Sunlight SPF. I like how it doesn’t leave my face as white as the other one did. I do wish it smelled like the old version/daylight smell! I definitely have to reapply just like regular SPF so I don’t burn. Other than that I love it! #toxinfreeisthewaytobe

Ashley  Jul 15 2021

Favorite Sunscreen

I’ve tried close to a dozen different facial sunscreens. Many of them were so thick it was hard to spread, a few caused allergic reactions. Needless to say when Danielle told me that crunchi was coming out with a new formula I asked her to send a sample when she got her bottle. I’m so happy she was able to send it to me! I fell in love. My husband laughed when I started going on and on about sunscreen and how lovely my skin felt! Happy to have protected happy skin!

Verified Purchase
Joan H. Jul 15 2021

Wow! Expectations Surpassed!

I liked the performance of the original Sunlight but was not thrilled with its texture (a little tacky) and smell, so I was really happy when Crunchi released a new, improved formula. Little did I know what an improvement it would be!!! This new formula still has the same safety and efficacy, but its texture is now more like Daylight daily moisturizer - smooth, light, and effortless to apply - and the unusual scent is gone. All I can say is WOW!!!! Really great improvement!

Hope S. Jul 15 2021

Sunlight !!

Crunchi Sunlight has really helped my skin! I’ve tried many MANY skin care products, but Crunchi is the only one that has left my skin looking so clear!

Araceli R. Jul 15 2021

Out performs the rest!

I am completely in awe of this new formulation! It’s invisible finish is IMPRESSIVE! I love the ease of application and how nourished it leaves my skin all while providing 100% protection! BRAVO CRUNCHI!

Tammie A. Jul 15 2021


The new Sunlight SPF is wonderful! It is so lightweight, goes on easily, no overwhelming scent, and is full of safe ingredients I can feel good about using!!!

Verified Purchase
Randi H. Jul 15 2021

Loving the new and improved Sunlight

Crunchi's new and improved Sunlight SPF 30 is fabulous. Its so thin and lightweight on your skin and it doesn't even feel like you are wearing sunscreen! It also does not leave your face looking all white like the old formula did.

Shaynee D. Jul 15 2021

Sun lover!

I am obsessed with the new and improved formula! I wear this daily and can’t get over the whipped texture. Glides on smooth and feels light, just like Daylight.

Allison K. Jul 15 2021

Talk about an upgrade!

I really liked original Sunlight; it kept my face protected from harmful rays, it absorbed quickly, and it was nourishing my skin, BUT... new and improved Sunlight sent me to First Class! Not only are all of the previous good things still there, but my skin absorbs it amazingly quickly and well! Bravo, Crunchi, well done!!

Lara G. Jul 15 2021


Whoa! This facial sunscreen is amazing! Super lightweight, not greasy at all, and more importantly- it contains zinc oxide (non-nanoparticle!) Goes on smoothly and layers soooo well with Crunchi's primer and foundation! Definitely in my top 3 Crunchi products!!

Verified Purchase
Stacy C. Jul 15 2021

Amazing upgrade!

I cannot get over how lovely this is to apply! No vigorous rubbing and no white face. Works amazing for sun protection - fun summer days, daily use and no pinkness even from daily sun. Even better that it is toxin free and good for me. My entire family uses it daily! Thank you Crunchi!

Meredith B. Jul 15 2021


This new sunlight has definitely motivated my family and friends to use it everyday. Being that it has zinc oxide, it applies and absorbs beautifully without the "white cast". This product is a game changer for my hubby, kids and myself. Fantastic product that is a non negotiable step every day! Thanks Crunchi for creating the BEST SUNSCREEN EVER!

Maria  Jul 15 2021

Love it!

I love this sunscreen. It goes on smoith, light and absorbs like a dream. It has a strong scent but discipates!

Peggy V. Jul 15 2021

New and Improved Sunlight

My DIL introduced me to Sunlight and I love it. Most sunscreens I’ve tried are oily and don’t absorb completely. Sunlight is the opposite; it goes on smooth and absorbs completely all while moisturizing my face. It’s a great product!

Andrea H. Jul 15 2021

New Formula is out of this world!

The original SPF was awesome, I loved it…THEN they go an make it better, I didn’t think that was possible! It Is! The new formula absorbs quicker, leaving NO white or greasy feeling. I was shocked! I run around rubbing it on everyone in my family! BEST toxic free SPF on the market!! Seriously out of this world!

Brooke P. Jul 15 2021

Lightweight & Not Greasy!

I’m really enjoying this sunscreen. It’s lightweight, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. When I layer it with makeup, it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing it which is hard to find!

Sadie H. Jul 15 2021


I have the old formula but I still love it! It soothes my skin even if I’m not going to be in direct sunlight for the day!! Make sure to try it out! You won’t regret it!

Sam K. Jul 15 2021

Sunlight SPF Review

I love the new and improved Sunlight!! It's lightweight, non-greasy, absorbs easily and actually performs better than any other SPF I've used. I apply it to my face and neck once in the morning and it protects me all day long.

Liv H. Jul 15 2021

The New is SO GOOD

The old formula was better than other things I'd used before, but this new stuff is PHENOMENAL!! Got a sample from my Advocate, and now I can't wait for my order to come in. So much smoother and thinner, and doesn't leave me feeling cakey or sticky!

Rebekah S. Jul 15 2021

New and Improved

LOVING the feel of the new sunlight! It blends smoothly into the skin and leaves no heavy feeling to my skin! Love love love!

Verified Purchase
Cassie N. Jul 15 2021


The new and improved sunlight is beyond what I had expected! It's lightweight and doesn't feel greasy or heavy like a normal SPF. Plus, it vanishes as soon as I rub it on my skin. I don't even realize I have it on????!

Verified Purchase
Cassie N. Jul 15 2021


The new and improved sunlight is beyond what I had expected! It's lightweight and doesn't feel greasy or heavy like a normal SPF. I don't even realize I have it on????!

Verified Purchase
Rachel R. Jul 15 2021

New Sunlight is Everything I Need to be Out in the Sun!

The new and improved Sunlight is by far the best mineral facial SPF I have used. It is lightweight and rubs in SO easily... both compared to the original version of Sunlight (which was much thicker and heavier) and any other toxin-free mineral sunscreen I have tried. Makeup also applies easily over top of it, which is a bonus for sure! Crunchi hit the ball out of the park on this one!

Whitney C. Jul 15 2021

Blessing in a Bottle!

My sister is a Crunchi advocate. She got me hooked on these products. I owned them all - except for sunlight. With that, she gifted me some for my birthday! Not only do I love this product for myself, I love it for my new 4 month old!!! He is too young to use regular sunblock, but because of this product, my sweet new precious can go with me to the pool and stay protected WITHOUT harsh chemicals being applied to his skin. You’re a blessing in a bottle, sunlight!

Verified Purchase
Rachel D. Jul 15 2021

New Sunlight

I am amazed at how lightweight this mineral sunscreen is! It absorbed quickly and left a no ghost appearance. My whole family has now made the switch, thank you!

Stacey C. Jul 15 2021

Silky Smooth Sunlight

This new formula of Sunlight is the bomb!! I love how easy it goes on and leaves skin feeling moist and completely protected from the harmful rays! I love that Crunchi's provides products are high performing and are toxin free!!

Missy M. Jul 15 2021

Better than ever!

Sunlight is my go to everyday! I know it’s the best anti-aging step I can make. The new formula is extremely lightweight and melts into my skin immediately. I’ve even convinced my husband to give Sunlight another try. (The thicker formula stood out on his facial stubble.)

Heather D. Jul 15 2021

Lightweight, flawless protection!

Sunlight is the gift I never knew I needed! This new formula is just incredible and made a good product BETTER. Now, it is super light on my skin and so much easier to rub in! There's no "ghosting," no grease, just me! I recommend it to all my friends.

Whitney B. Jul 15 2021

Absolutely amazing product!!!

We are outside and on the water a ton in the summer. I can’t go back to any other sunscreen for faces after using this for my kids. My older child even asked to never buy anything else. It goes on like a smooth, silky cream. It immediately blends and just melts into your skin. I wish I could give it more stars. We all love it so much!!!

Anna S. Jul 15 2021


My sister introduced me to this SPF. I had never used a facial SPF, but now I understand the importance of using one daily! This is so lightweight, I apply it after my daylight moisturizer. You’d never know I had it on! I love it!

Beth B. Jul 15 2021

Best mineral sunscreen I have tried

After trying many mineral based sunscreens I have to say I am very happy with the new Sunlight from Crunchi. It goes on super easy and doesn't leave behind a gross white residue, this will definitely be my new go to facial sunscreen.

Ciara J. Jul 15 2021

Best facial sunscreen

I love this stuff! My face is never oily from it and keeps me from getting sunburned.

Tamara H. Jul 15 2021

Best Facial Sunscreen Ever!

I have tried multiple facial sunscreens that burn, irritated or went on too "white". This is 1st one ever I use with no burning, itching or that made my face very white. It's easy to apply and wear under makeup. Best ever!!!

Verified Purchase
Brittany Jo H. Jul 15 2021

Sunlight sunscreen!!

The best facial spf you will use! I love that it’s reef safe, and SAFE on you as well. So many sunscreens claim to not be harmful to you, but not with Sunlight. I even use it on my toddlers face and it’s been such a blessing. It goes on smooth and isn’t greasy and the smell is so refreshing- not at all like normal sunscreens. My husband has issues with sunscreen and he couldn’t believe that Sunlight didn’t give him any issues. This is a must have in our house!!

Allie B. Jul 15 2021

They nailed it!

Crunchi has nailed this out of the park! Applies like a dream, blends into an invisible finish, and incredibly lightweight. You won’t find anything better than this!

Ashley P. Jul 15 2021

Perfected SPF

The new and improved formula is the best on the market. I love that the product is light and not heavy. It also has minimal white residue and is so easy to spread. And what makes it even better is it’s made with safe ingredients, reef safe and made in the USA!

Verified Purchase
Donnis S. Jul 15 2021

The New Sunlight Facial

The new formula is smoother and easier to apply! It provides the best coverage over all the other sun care products on the market plus it is toxic free!!!!

Kristen H. Jul 15 2021


This is the first sunscreen I have used that rubs in with ease AND is invisible- I love it so much!

Iryna.G  Jul 15 2021

Best facial SPF

I have fallen in complete awe with this new and improved Sunlight. It’s so lightweight, rubs in so easily giving you a invisible finish. There is no greasy ghost feeling like most sunscreens. Crunchi always aims for high performance and never stops to improve all their amazing products ???? So incredibly happy with new Sunlight!

Lori H. Jul 15 2021

Game Changer

I admit it; I was totally skeptical that a mineral sunscreen wouldn’t leave a ghostly cast. I was wrong. This stuff is fabulous! Feels silky, smooths skin almost like a primer and protects your skin from harmful rays even during a 5-mile mountain hike. Obsessed. ????

Marsha  Jul 15 2021

Best Facial SPF

I love the feel of this SPF under my makeup. I’ve also noticed it has improved The appearance of some existing sunspots!

Katlyn P. Jul 15 2021


This SPF is not only toxin-free, but it preforms like no other! I apply it daily during my morning skincare routine and it is so lightweight yet effective. I can feel it protecting and healing my skin! I will never use another facial SPF again!!

Verified Purchase
Katarzyna B. Jul 15 2021

Melts like butter!

I honestly always hated sunscreen, whether facial or body.. it just leaves such a residue and always left me feeling "sticky" but this is a complete game changer! It literally melts like butter on my skin and absorbs so quickly i can go ahead with my makeup routine right away! And it doesn't affect the way my makeup applies either! Total game changing sunscreen!

Savannah M. Jul 15 2021

So light and no smell!

I have fallen in love with the new and improved Sunlight! Such a smooth application, with a non-ghost cast that leaves your face feeling like you aren’t wearing anything! I love that this doesn’t have that “sunscreen” smell either…perfect for something that you’re wearing on your face daily. I don’t plan on ever looking for another facial spf!

Verified Purchase
Julie W. Jul 15 2021

Sunlight Review 5 Stars

I absolutely love Sunlight!! It is so light and leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. Unlike other products I have used where it feels so heavy~ I use this everyday to protect my skin and I love knowing it is a clean product~!

Jennifer J. Jul 15 2021

Sunlight SPF

Sunlight is hands down the best daily facial SPF I’ve ever tried. It rubs in like a moisturizer and it keeps me protected all day long. It layers great under my makeup too!

Vicky S. Jul 15 2021

Love this daily SPF!

Absolutely love this mineral sunscreen. Love that it's packaged in glass, it's reef safe, it's toxin free AND it rubs in easy peasy. It rubs in so smooth, I can't even tell it's on my face. Love it!

Verified Purchase
Samantha S. Jul 15 2021

SO easy to apply!

Natural sunscreens are notorious for being thick and difficult to spread and i am so impressed with the new sunlight. Applies so easy, non-greasy, and INVISIBLE within seconds! SO thankful. Also wore it on the boat for 3 days over the fourth of july weekend and protected so great. Applied 1-2 times each day.

Jen F. Jul 15 2021

Great sunscreen!

I love this mineral facial sunscreen! It rubs in so easily with no white residue. It layers perfectly under make up. It’s so easy to protect my face and neck now!

Jeanine V. Jul 15 2021

Everyone Needs This!

Being diagnosed with malignant melanoma at 30, I was told that I need to wear sunscreen DAILY! I have never liked how thick and greasy sunscreen has felt on my skin so I’d avoid the sun. Fast forward to me finding Crunchi….. I decided to order their Sunlight and give it a go with little expectation. MY MIND IS BLOWN! This facial sunscreen comes in glass, is quick absorbing, lightweight, non greasy AND it’s Toxin free! It doesn’t even feel like a sunscreen on! Thank you so much Crunchi! ???????

Gayle M. Jul 15 2021

Sunlight goes on Smooth

So grateful to have a truly clean sunscreen that has the smoothest application of any on the market!

Verified Purchase
Heather S. Jul 15 2021

SPF Perfection

Finally a SPF that is safe for me, safe for the environment, I even use it on my kiddos. Easy to apply, rubs in quick, no oily mess, no clogged pores. My husband puts it in his golf bag and applies it each day before work, WIN!

Lisa O. Jul 15 2021

No more lifeguard nose!

This glides on and melts into my skin like butter! Love that you get the reef-safe, physical protection of zinc oxide without the white cast/signature “lifeguard nose”! Also thrilled that it contains nourishing ingredients that act as skincare in addition to the SPF protection- well done, Crunchi!! Makes it much easier to commit to wearing SPF 365 days a year!

Verified Purchase
VIP Rewards Winner with S. Jul 15 2021

The best facial sunscreen and doesn't make me break out!

I'm thrilled with this formula of sunscreen! It doesn't leave a white residue, it is so easy to apply, and it has kept me from burning even on a full-day float trip down the river! Thank you, Crunchi!

Jennifer K. Jun 15 2021

finally, a clean SPF that works!

Every mineral SPF I’ve tried left my skin greasy or caused separation in my makeup. I’ve finally found the holy grail of daily SPFs! It blends SO fast and fits seamlessly into my makeup routine. I also love adding half a pump of Crunchi’s BFF for a tinted sunscreen for pool days! Crunchi has knocked it out of the park again! You won’t regret buying this!

Meghan S. Jun 09 2021

This sunscreen is a dream!

I've never felt a sunscreen like this.. it rubs in effortlessly, absorbs SO fast, leaves an invisible finish, is lightweight and wears flawlessly under makeup. I can't even feel it! Usually sunscreen makes my face feel greasy and heavy and ruins my makeup. I don't know how they did it, but it is PERFECT! Highly recommend!

Stacie K. Jun 09 2021

Best Facial SPF ever!

I love how velvety smooth this new Sunlight glides on! I leaves behind zero whiteness, and just feels so moisturizing and light. You nailed it Crunchi! My daughters love to use it too. Now I need to get a bottle for everyone in my family!

Lily B. Jun 09 2021

Mind Blown!

I have tried dozens of mineral facial SPF's, but none of them have even come close to comparing to the new Sunlight! It is soo lightweight, has a completely invisible finish, and applies with such ease! I am absolutely in love!

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Megan M. Jun 09 2021

New & Improved is an understatement

The new Sunlight is incredible. It feels so good on my skin. I can't believe how easily it rubs in. It feels like I have nothing on my skin. It works wonderfully under my makeup and I love knowing my skin is protected from the sun. Thank you Crunchi!