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Translucent Finishing Powder

This long-lasting finishing powder minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores. Lightweight and airy, this powder softens complexion and helps to set the foundation coverage while controlling and absorbing oil and shine.

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Alana  Jun 06 2022

The only oil control that's ever worked for me

Feels so nice and goes on so perfectly with the the number 2 powder brush. This also works as amazing dry shampoo. It blew my mind. I have extremely oily hair and have used just about every aerosol dry shampoo out there and none of them work as well as this. Dusting this stuff in my hair leaves my hair looking extremely clean for a long time. The best part is it's much less toxic than generic dry shampoos.

Jennifer  Jun 05 2022

Translucent Powder

It works great it lake your skin feel great and soft!

Brittany S. Apr 09 2022

Amazing Powder!

So excited to have found this product! I have oily skin and use setting powder often. This powder is better than any I’ve used plus it’s 100% toxin free and made in the US! Lifetime Crunchi lover ??

Lindley M. Apr 09 2022

Best. Ever.

Hands down the best powder I’ve ever used. It’s lightweight and makes your skin SO SOFT. It gives the foundation a gorgeous finish and helps to eliminate shine and make your makeup last!

Tiffany  Mar 30 2022

Finishing powder

This powder is amazing! I apply it after I put my foundation on and then through the day if I get any oily spots on my face. It’s give such a nice matte finish!

Desha L. Mar 17 2022


This is the best powder. It doesn’t leave your face white or make your foundation lighter. It’s great!

Katelyn S. Jan 10 2022

Love multi uses

I love this powder! I use it for my face after foundation but also it is an AMAZING dry shampoo. This is probably my favorite product!! So many needed uses!

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Megan A. Dec 31 2021

Love it!

Works great at setting your make up, making it stay matte, or helping if your face has gotten oily. Love that it has no shimmer & makes your skin so soft!

Alexis  Dec 29 2021

Great powder

I really like this powder. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is because if you use more than a little bit it leaves you looking like a ghost.

Jenifer N. Dec 29 2021

Translucent Finishing Powder

This stuff is so lightweight! A little goes a long way!

Chae M. Dec 26 2021

Oil control

I can’t praise this finishing powder enough. I live in south Florida so having a shiny forehead is the norm. But, this finishing powder truly controls shine and is so light. I tried a sample at a vendor event and fell in love. It will be a great addition to your makeup routine.

Christa A. Dec 11 2021

Honestly the only of its kind!

This and the alibi concealer are my two favorite products. They are my every day go to products. Blurs pores more than anything I have ever used. If there was a perfect product, this would be it.

Kelly S. Nov 24 2021

It works really well

I love this powder. It's excellent at shine/oil control. I have struggled my whole life with that, and this powder puts in the work all day long. So pleased.

Marivi  Jun 01 2021

Not good for oil control

I’m not sure if you’re expected to carry this in your bag and reapply throughout the day but I put it on in the morning and I get oily very quickly. Not happy with the result.

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Kelly U. Sep 27 2019


I wanted to like this product but when I applied it similar to my Laura Mercier loose powder (baking it on) I had multiple people say my face looked white. In certain light it creates a flashback that made a very weird white cast, particularly in the undereye area. However, it feels nice on!

Sandy M. Dec 30 2018

Love this!

I have had several compliments on my makeup since I started using Crunchi foundation and translucent finishing powder. I have always had oily skin and this silky powder makes my face feel clean, smooth and non oily all day! And the combination does not rub off on your collars or clothing! No more large pores either! Highly recommend!

JANE Y. Dec 12 2018

translucent Finishing Power

Made of pure silica Gives you that professional look and keeps you looking fresh all day And if you get a compliment Tell them Call Jeanine

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Kristina L. Dec 07 2018

Keeps everything in place

Works great at keeping your foundation, lipstick, even you eyeshadow in place. Non irritating and a little goes a long way.

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Frances W. Dec 06 2018

Best 2 in 1!

I have never been a user of finishing powder because I felt like none of them worked on my oily skin. I though finishing powder was one of those things that cosmetics company invent to scam people and say work but really doesn't. but now I'm hooked. This baby keeps my face oil free FOR. THE. ENTIRE. DAY. what?!?! Its seriously so good! The best part is, it also doubles as the most incredible dry shampoo I have ever used. I'm seriously mind blown at how one product can be 2 products that work!

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Angel G. Dec 05 2018

Keep the shine at bay all day!

A VERY little goes a super long way and it really sets my look. It keeps my oily t zone at bay all day while not feeling heavy!

Rachel G. Dec 05 2018

Love it!

Great finishing powder!

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Jane B. Dec 05 2018

Finishing Powder

This powder if very light and really "finishes" off the look.

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Catherine N. Dec 05 2018

This is VERY necessary!!!

If the Trifecta is the Primer + Foundation + Flat Top Foundation Brush (#1), the #NoFilter finishing powder is the fourth component! The #NoFilter finishing powder is the Crunchi underdog! It gives your foundation an extra bit of airbrush appearance & soaks up any oil. My face never feels greasy! Also, note if you're wearing Crunchi in a warm climate, feel free to add the finishing powder after your primer & again over your foundation! It stays so well!

Caitlin P. Dec 04 2018

What’s not to love?!

Honestly what’s not to love about this finishing powder?? It makes my oily skin look great after applying the foundation and keeps it looking shine free all day! I also use it as a dry shampoo when I’m in a pinch!

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Melanie G. Dec 04 2018

Less is more!

I've always used a tinted powder, until now! So lightweight but durable! Stays on all day!

Lacie G. Dec 04 2018

Dry Shampoo Alternative

I had been looking for an alternative for dry shampoo, when my consultant Heather posted in her Facebook group about using the finishing powder as one! It really works! If you haven't tried it, you need too!

Marilyn J. Dec 04 2018

Keeps everything in place.

For a full day of wear the powder is a must. Keeps everything exactly where you want it.

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Jessica F. Dec 04 2018

Game changer!

I purchased this in the spring and can't even say how much I loved it through the hot summer days. I usually get hot and sweaty and my makeup has melted off my face by noon. This powder was amazing and a total game changer. My makeup stays put and it never looks cakey. I also use it as a dry shampoo, dusting on the greasier parts of my hair/scalp with my powder brush. It absorbs the oil all day and works really well!

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Amy N. Dec 04 2018

Makes my makeup last for hours and hours!

This is the best powder ever! After applying my foundation and concealer, I apply this powder to set my base and my makeup literally lasts ALL DAY LONG! And the best part, it can be used as a dry shampoo too! LOVE IT!

Tatiana T. Dec 04 2018

This powder is my best friend

The Translucent Finishing Powder was something I never knew I needed until I found Crunchi. The way my skin feels after I put the powder on is baby soft. Keeps everything in place. A little goes a long way!

Amanda P. Dec 04 2018

Airbrush finish

I can’t imagine that I lived without this in my makeup routine before. Leaves a smooth finish that keeps my skin from getting oily all day.

Amanda D. Dec 03 2018

Magic Eraser

This powder is a must have! Doubling as a dry shampoo, I use my #NoFilterPowder daily! Helps my makeup appear even more natural all day long (not hard to do- all of these products are so amazing)! Love it!

Stephanie M. Dec 03 2018

All day wear

This is one of my favorite products. I love that it hardly takes any product and that it allows my makeup to stay on all day long. This is a must.

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Lianne S. Dec 03 2018

My new dry shampoo

Love this stuff! Only takes the teeniest bit for my face, leaving me plenty for use as dry shampoo!

Holli S. Dec 03 2018


My normally oil prone skin is a problem NO more! A light touch of this amazing powder and my skin is soft to the touch, doesn’t feel heavy with makeup, and my skin is shine free all day long!

Kristi D. Dec 02 2018

I never miss this step!

Always my last thing is this amazing finishing powder !! Pores and shine disappear- I feel complete (and it lasts!)

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Linda B. Dec 02 2018


I love this powder! I used to get shiny/oily throughout the day, especially in the heat. Not with this powder! Even on the hottest days this powder keeps my makeup flawless.

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Samantha H. Dec 02 2018

Double duty!

I have super oily skin and the translucent setting powder keeps my skin from getting oily and looking shiny all day long! I also love using it as a dry shampoo also!!

Sue W. Dec 01 2018

Finishing Powder

I really love this product and it covers beautifully. I am recovering from Chemo, and was introduced to the foundation along with the Daylight and the finishing powder my skin is looking fantastic. And the powder makes your skin so soft. I receive many compliments on how healthy I look. I highly recommend this product.

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Ashley S. Dec 01 2018


Love love love!!!

Kylee B. Dec 01 2018

Great Product

This powder helps set my make-up and gives me a shine free look.

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Amanda F. Nov 30 2018

Great finishing powder!

I have oily skin and I love this powder. I use it daily!

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Vivien A. Nov 30 2018

Keeps the Shine Away~

I was so surprised by how this product helps keep my shine away in my T-Zone. I have found that the best way to apply it is on top of my foundation after it has had a few minutes to soak into my skin. I will tap it into my T-zone using the flat top foundation brush instead of the powder brush. I have found that tapping it in is better than "swiping" it on because it will remove the foundation that I had just previously applied. It makes my makeup last through a full work day!

Erica D. Nov 30 2018

Must have!

This product really adds a lovely matte look to my face. With having natural shine on my face, I love that it tones it down. It’s made with one ingredient too!!! Win win!!!

Kayt S. Nov 30 2018

Finishing Powder

I was blown away by this product! It minimizes the appearance of my fine lines and pores while controlling and absorbing oil and shine all day! I use this product as dry shampoo too and have even used it to lift oil stains out of clothing! And I love the fact that a little goes SUCH a long way! This product is a must!

Kerri W. Nov 30 2018

Finishing powder

Love that this has a dual use for finishing powder or dry shampoo!! I’ve so far only used for finishing but glad to know I can use it in a pinch as dry shampoo. Goes on easy!

Ashleigh B. Nov 30 2018

Highly Recommend

Seriously love this product! Always being on the move I tend to have oily skin, and using just a little bit of this after doing my makeup allows my makeup to stay in place all day. After a long day at work I get home and am amazed that my makeup looks just as good as it did when I left that morning.

Elizabeth A. Nov 30 2018

Multiple uses

This works great to help set your makeup, also for people with greasy skin it takes the grease off right away! It also can be used for a dry shampoo! It last a really long time. I have dryer skin to I put it on under my eyes to set the concelear/ help fine lines. I also use it for dry shampoo

Megan  Nov 30 2018


I love this powder and it keeps away my shine!!!

Emily A. Nov 30 2018

Brilliant Bronzer/Finishing Powder

This bronzer is amazing! I love that it works on all skin types. You can apply it lightly and it gives you the perfect sun kissed glow! The finishing powder is EVERYTHING! my skin is no longer oily and feels like silk after it is applied!

Wendy B. Nov 30 2018

Great product

This it the finishing touch my face needed. Airbrushed look for sure! Look at the ingredients! This alone shows that you don't need toxin fillers to have an amazing cosmetics.

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Jessica G. Nov 29 2018

Perfect powder!

This finishing power on top of the foundation, Amazing! My makeup come out looking smooth and beautiful! I can’t get enough of this stuff! Crunchi is amazing!

Cepeda C. Nov 29 2018

Sexy Setter

I really like the powder. I will be honest I don't 100% understand the full purpose of how to use it, but I do think it keeps my makeup in its place without coming off on clothes. I like how soft and smooth it feels on my skin.

Cristina C. Nov 29 2018

Love love love

I love that this finishing powder sets my make up ALL day and controls shine! Another perk, it’s going to last me a long time, a little bit goes a long ways!

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Kelsey P. Nov 29 2018

A must have!

This is one of my favorite products in the line! It can be used in the T-zone or all over. It sets the makeup perfectly and also doubles as a dry shampoo!

Brianna  Nov 29 2018

I love it...

I had used a few translucent powders before Crunchi, but they were too shimmery for my taste. This is a perfect balance, and can also double as a dry shampoo - extra bonus!

Erin M. Nov 29 2018

Set nicely

This was a good addition to my foundation. It helped keep it in place all day long.

Kandee F. Nov 29 2018

No more red

Did not except this when i tried it but I have a lot of red in my skin and this powder seemed to take it away. It wasn't heavy and like the Bronzer a little goes a long way

Verified Purchase
Kelly A. Nov 29 2018

Didn't know what I was missing

I had no idea what "finishing powder" was for until I tried Crunchi's. I also didn't realize how shiny and greasy I got towards the end of the day until I saw how beautiful and matte my makeup still looked after hours of work with this finishing powder! Definitely a staple for women who get a little shiny!

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Erica U. Nov 29 2018

Finishing Powder

Absolutely love this powder! It diminishes pores while leaving you with a airbrush finish. This is the first powder I tired that actually works and helps control oil.

Amy G. Nov 29 2018


This may be my favorite Crunchi product. I can't believe how long it lasts and it instantly takes shine away for hours! I also use it as a dry shampoo occasionally! It's by far the best finishing powder I've ever used!

Christine B. Nov 29 2018

Goodbye oily face!

This stuff is the bomb! It kept my face oil free and makeup in place all day in 100 + degree weather! And it lasts forever (a little goes a long way!)

Jess R. Nov 29 2018


This has helped my oily skin so much! Great product, and it doubles as a dry shampoo!! Love this finishing powder!!

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Katie K. Nov 29 2018

Love it!

I use this every time I apply my makeup. I hate when my forehead gets oily throughout the day, so I apply some of this and it stays all day! It works great.

Gizelle P. Nov 29 2018

“No makeup” makeup look

Love this translucent powder! I had been looking for something that will tame my oily t-zone, all while not drying my face out or looking fake. This powder does just that, with absolutely no fragrance or color. A little goes a long way- not sure when I’ll need to buy another one as it seems to last forever! Can’t wait to try other products by Crunchi.

Kapunawai A. Nov 29 2018

Setting Powder, what?!!

Was pleasantly surprised to find this setting powder actually holds up through the summer heat on stage! Doesn't cake off, makes bronzer and blush easily glide on and blend. Sets entire face makeup for the harshest heat conditions. Will never doubt this product again! I've had mine over 6 months, use it consistently and I still have over half the amount left. What a great investment

Elise W. Nov 29 2018

Soft and Light

I love how soft this finishing powder is and how light it goes on- you can barely feel it there, yet it keeps everything in Place all day! Using it as a dry shampoo saves me so much time too! No more white streaks from other dry shampoos in my darker hair!

Danielle  Nov 29 2018

Finishing Touch

I love the translucent powder because it gives you that matte finish and soaks up any excess oil. For $34 it lasts forever too!

Desha L. Nov 29 2018

This Powder!

This powder is amazing! I can't even explain the way my face feels after using this!

Dina R. Nov 29 2018

Good dry shampoo

I wasn’t a fan of using this on my face, but it works well as a dry shampoo!

Sammi B. Nov 29 2018

Game changer!

Want that flawless filter look? Get this product!! It keeps my makeup in place all day! And doubles as a dry shampoo!

LaTasha B. Nov 29 2018

Wasn’t sure. Took a chance. LOVE IT!

After finding out about all the toxins lurking in our products I was thrilled to find a company that was not only offering a better option, but also offering education! The translucent powder is one one of the first products I tested and it with the foundation and bronze are life! I was so happy to know I’d never wait in another line at Sephora, MAC, or Ulta!Boo Yah Crunchi!

Courtney R. Nov 29 2018

Finishing Poweder

This powder is amazing. I used to use a spray which left my face shiny. The finishing powder gives you a a great finish that does not look oily. Not to mention it can be used as dry shampoo!

Verified Purchase
Taylor L. Nov 29 2018

Setting Powder Perfection

Not only does it mattefy my face and set my foundation, but I don’t have to worry about the crazy chemicals in most powders!

Jessica  Nov 29 2018


Who would have thought powder would be amazing for mature, dry skin? This in combination with the Crunchi Primer & Beautifully Flawless Foundation leaves you looking airbrushed, and literally flawless. After working 12 hours as a charge nurse I still look Amazing at the end of the day! #winning

Holly J. Nov 29 2018

Excellent product!

The finishing powder sets my foundation and makeup for the entire day - I don’t look shiny by the end of the day.

Verified Purchase
Kris M. Nov 29 2018

Best finishing powder

I would never think about leaving the house without this powder! It not only finishes my look it keeps everything looking good and long lasting! Not to mention how silky my skin feels with it on. A little goes a long way.

Shannon G. Nov 29 2018

Dry Shampoo Alternative

So I got this as a setting powder but I actually use it most often as a dry shampoo after being told by someone else to use it this way! I use a makeup brush and dab it on my hair and it works way better than my last toxic dry shampoo

Verified Purchase
Meghan D. Nov 29 2018


I have finally found a powder for my super oily skin that I don't have to reapply multiple times a day! My makeup stays put and I don't have to worry about looking shiny all day!

Lily B. Nov 29 2018

Game changer!

Hands down the best setting powder I have ever used... and I have ttied a lot!! Keeps my skin matte all day and aborbs oil so perfectly!

Katie S. Nov 29 2018

Bye bye oil skin

I always struggled with my face looking super oily mid day. Not anymore!

Meredith K. Nov 29 2018

The perfect finishing touch!

I brush this on after foundation and it creates that airbrush look while reducing oil throughout the day. I can’t go without it!

Thereza  Nov 28 2018


I was given a sample of the finishing powder to try and I was SO impressed with the results! I naturally have oily skin and this was a game changer!! I cannot wait to get some more so this can be a part of my daily routine!!

Verified Purchase
Megan L. Nov 28 2018

Love it!

I love this finishing powder. It gives me that veil like appearance without all of the harmful toxins! I also love that I can put my finishing powder on over my makeup and go do an intense workout (I sweat a lot) and my makeup will stay put!! I also love that it is only ONE ingredient!! Highly Recommend!!

Hannah L. Nov 28 2018

Light and natural

I love how versatile this is for any skin tone.

Jillian M. Nov 28 2018

My secret weapon

My skin is on the oily side and this amazing powder is my secret weapon when it comes to concealing that shine. And my favorite part is it contains no harmful talc!

Verified Purchase
Chelsea B. Nov 28 2018

Translucent Finishing Powder

Amazing product! I don't have to carry around oil control blotting pads anymore! This keeps my oil under control and does not give me a white cast. Photo friendly.

Verified Purchase
Erika M. Jun 07 2018


This Finishing Powder has staying power A little goes such a long way and it is a workhorse. It will last me through a workout and still look good (as will my foundation, eyeshadow, etc.!) This powder literally makes your face look like you have applied a photo filter - it is THAT good!

Kimberly H.

Kimberly H.

Absolutely love this, the bronzer and the primer!

Verified Purchase
Meagan C.

Meagan C.

After my second baby I suddenly got really oily skin and this finishing powder has been a lifesaver. It feels so soft and absorbs oils throughout the day. Ive found it works best when applied right after the foundation as the foundation is drying.

Verified Purchase
Billie P.

Billie P.

I love applying this product right after applying the foundation. Keeps my foundation looking fresh all day. ANd makes your face look so soft!

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Kris M.

Kris M.

Not only does this product feel so good on my skin it sets my foundation for the day. Plus reapplying it helps absorb any moisture during the day.



I NEVER Even Knew Finishing Powder Existed But Now I CAN'T Live Without IT! Okay, MAYBE That's A Stretch But This PRODUCT Completely Changed My Makeup GAME. I Use It When My FOUNDATION Is Still Wet To Help It Set AND Then Finish The look With A Touch Of Bronzer For Added Dimension. Love It!

Verified Purchase
Bonnie S.

Bonnie S.

at first try, i was not happy with this product. After learning how to apply it i can honestly say i will never go without it. i tend to be very oily and the finishing powder absorbs that oil leaving my face nice and matte for the day. No mid day shine. My face feels like silk after applying the finishing powder. Great job Crunchi



I've tried finishing Powders before but Never have Experienced the SILKY finish This one provides. Just a Teensy dusting right After I put my foundation On Guarantees me a flawless face All day long. Love it!!

Verified Purchase
Lauren M.

Lauren M.

the secret to keeping your make up applied flawlessly all day is out... The finishing powder! it keeps my foundation perfect even while WEARING a Mask at work all day. my make up looks just as good at the end of the day as it did to start, with this perfect #nofilter finishing powder! keeps my oily skin under control, is so soft, as well as lightweight! it is very important to apply the crunchi way to avoid white powder spots (check the you-tube channel)!! of course you cant beat the fact that its Toxin free! what a win!

Diana E.

Diana E.

sets my foundation beautifully, while not affecting the color or texture. helps it stay put, and preps my face for the application of the other powders, such as blush and bronzer. it helps my concealer stay put, avoiding the annoying creases from happening!



this is the perfect product to blend and set your makeup. Never used a finishing powder before but it's now a step i'll never skip again!

Verified Purchase
Kathryn J.

Kathryn J.


Adrienne U.

Adrienne U.

I love how light this powder is and that is isn't made from GMO products. nice job!



I feel like I'm doing something good for myself by wearing crunchi products. This powder locks everything in place. It has no gritty feel at all. This and the foundation go hand in Hand like peas and carrots.

Sandra A.

Sandra A.

after applying my primer, flawless Foundation and alibi concealer I set my look with Crunchi's awesome translucent powder. So light weight a little goes a long way!

Megan M.

Megan M.

I love how soft and smoothe this powder goes on. I wear it every day and feel confident knowing My Makeup will look fabulous all day long!

Verified Purchase


my pores do a DISAPPEARING act with this finishing powder! Keeps your face fresh all day long. Love it!

Verified Purchase
Jessica M.

Jessica M.

I lOve the even , soft look this powder gives. It definitely helps with my oily skin. This is a must in combination with my flawless FOUNDATION!

Verified Purchase
Karen F.

Karen F.

I have fallen in love with the Translucent Finishing Powder! I apply this silky powder after the flawless foundation, after the loose bronzor and blush, over the eyeshadow colors and anytime I need a fresh pick-me-up.