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Customer Reviews

Alana  Jun 06 2022

Better than other makeup brushes

Very well made, and so good to put on your face knowing it's not toxic. New favorite makeup brushes (and cleaning pad)!

Jennifer  Jun 05 2022

Makeup brushes

Love the great quality of them !

Bonnie K. Jan 10 2022

High quality perfect tools

I love this brush set. I don't have bristles falling out while I use them. They work so smoothly. Easy to clean and maintain.

Christa A. Dec 11 2021

Surprised at how much I love this.

I ordered the number 1 flat brush after legit eyeing it for over a year. I really didn’t want to pay the price for this when I’ve got brushes that work just fine. THIS though.. this works more than fine.. this is on another level. It blends like a dream. If it’s in the budget, it’s worth it.

Jaimee O. Jul 16 2021

Worth every penny

I was definitely skeptical whether I needed this brush (Flat No. 1) or if it was worth the price. IT IS. It doesn’t soak up product like others, it smooths the foundation onto my skin flawlessly, easy to clean, and it’s vegan! My consultant said it’s like a magic wand, and she wasn’t kidding!

Jessica  Feb 27 2021

The Best!!

Best brushes ever! So soft and smooth. I use the flat top foundation, concealer, and eyeshadow brushes. They do not shed like jane Iredale ones or others ive used.

Sue W. Dec 04 2020

Foundation brush

I am enjoying using the foundation brush. It feels great and functions well. Except for one problem. I have bad eyes and need to be close to the mirror. The brush is a bit too long and is frequently banging against the mirror! Annoying but not the worst thing ever. I still really like how it works and cleans up nicely. I believe Crunchi has a travel brush that is shorter. Perhaps this would be a great solution for those of us with poor eyesight.

Amanda  Oct 09 2020

MyNo 2 brush seems defective

I used to love the old Bronzer brush and purchased the 2 to replace it, when these first came out, since it looked like it was the same shape. (I used the old bronzer style for Powder.) My 2 looks like it has the bristles like the 3 brush and I do not like it. It looks like they didn't shape it right.

Janet C. Jun 04 2020

Flat top brush

I purchased the flat top foundation brush from Lisa R. and I love, love, love it. The quality is outstanding. It feels substantial in your hand and it's as soft as a baby kitten. I will be purchasing more in the future.

Verified Purchase
Michelle S. Dec 11 2019

#1 Flat Brush

WOW....I have tried EVERY brush and sponge available and ALWAYS went back to using my hands to apply my foundation. THEN I was introduced to Crunchi and the No. 1 Flat Brush.....BEST BRUSH EVER.....this is a total game changer and I will never go back to using my hands!!! You NEED this brush in your life!

Melanie S. Jul 17 2019

Absolute Best Brushes

First off the No.1 Foundation Brush creates a smooth air brushed look on my skin! The No.10 brush for my brows is also used to create the most amazing eyeliner line! I’m equally in love with all of the eyeshadow brushes and all over blending brushes! I have every Crunchi Brush now! I see a huge contrast in makeup performance since switching over and using all of them. I’m not a makeup artist but these brushes make my makeup look like I am! Plus they are vegan!

MACKENZIE M. Mar 26 2019


The perfect brushes. I was skeptical about spending a good chunk of change on brushes, but WOW. The difference is incredible. Not losing any product, and the bristles are so soft!

Jamie S. Dec 12 2018

No need to look anymore. This is the best brush!

The Flat top foundation brush is amazing! It has changed the way I’ve been applying my foundation for years.

M.G.  Dec 07 2018

Great quality

I own every brush and am very impressed with the quality and how well they apply the products. I do wish the travel brushes were as large as the full size. The brush heads seem much smaller and not as full.

NJmomOf3  Dec 06 2018

Convert to vegan brushes

I love the Crunchi brushes. I am not typically into vegan products. I always used high quality animal hair brushes in the past. However, I tried one brush and now I'm hooked. The bristles are super soft, they apply makeup very well, and they are easy to clean. I'm a convert. Highly recommend!

Verified Purchase
Carly P. Dec 05 2018

The best Brush I've EVER used.

These brushes are PERFECT. They don't loose any bristles and are the softest brushes I've ever felt. You can tell that they were MADE for the products that we use with them. I can't say enough good about these brushes. Thanks for another quality product.

Crystal M. Dec 05 2018

The New Airbrushing

I'm New To Crunchi and I'm Not Per Say A Make Up Wearing Person But I Love That I Dont Have To Rub The Foundation In With My Fingers I Just Apply To A Brush or Brushes and Brush Into My Skin Simple and Streak Free

Crystal  Dec 05 2018


I'm Not Much Of A Make Up Person But Jenny Casteel Made Me A Believer! I'm A Sweater and When I Need A Touch Up Or To Reapply This Travel Brush Is There...I Dont Carry A Purse But Its So Small And Compact That I Leave It In My Car. I Was Worried That It Would Be To Small and Compact But It Really Expands To A Great Length and Size I Love The Softness Of The Bristles and Easy To Clean. I'm Always Thinking What Is Next These Are Already Perfect! Thanks Jenny You Have Opened My Eyes To A New Me!

Stephanie M. Dec 05 2018


These brushes are so luxurious and soft on my face. The flat top brush is a must for foundation application. The weighted metal handle makes a huge difference. These are by far the best brushes I’ve ever used!

Jacquelyn W. Dec 05 2018

Favorite brush

Flat top brush No 1 is my favorite brush! It’s a lifesaver and I’ll never use any other brush to apply my foundation. It’s super soft and easy to clean!

Verified Purchase
Catherine N. Dec 05 2018

Obsessed with these brushes!

Applying your Crunchi makeup with these luxury brushes is like applying your makeup with lightly weighted angel wings. The #1 flat top foundation brush is a must! My other two favorite brushes ar #6 the concealer brush is perfect for applying the cream concealer. The #10 brush is perfect for applying eyeshadow as eyeliner or to fill in your brows. I love that they are Vegan!

Brooke L. Dec 05 2018

My first Crunchi love!!

The flat top foundation brush totally changed my mind about the quality and performance of foundation in general! The airbrushed look and feel this brush gives is amazing! Feathery soft bristles don’t fall off and stick to your face. It is truly the best brush I have ever owned

Hannah K. Dec 04 2018

Flat top brush

This brush works so well and it is luxurious. I use it to perfectly blend the primer AND foundation! Love it!

Verified Purchase
Jessica F. Dec 04 2018

I never knew what I was missing.

I didn't think there was anything wrong with my makeup brushes....until I tried these! I was blown away by how soft Crunchi's brushes are. Now I realize how scratchy my old brushes were! These perform really well and one thing I appreciate is how little product gets "stuck" on the brush. When I go to wash my brushes there's not a lot that comes off, so very little product is wasted.

Verified Purchase
Kim C. Dec 04 2018

The flat top foundation brush =)

The No 1 flat top foundation brush is the game changer of all brushes. It's the brush that made me realize that not all brushes are created equal. I love how soft it is and how smooth my foundation looks when applying.

Marilyn J. Dec 04 2018

So many favorites!!

These brushes are seriously the best. So Lux! I own them all and a couple of certain brushes that get used the most.

Holly K. Dec 04 2018

Everyone needs!

If you don’t have the #1 foundation flat top brush you’re missing out. It’s so soft and doesn’t absorb your makeup like most brushes. It’s a must have!

Holli S. Dec 04 2018


I was never a fan of liquid foundation because the brush I used was like a paint brush and I felt like I was just slapping the product on my face! This flattop foundation brush is a GAME CHANGER! I love how it applies the foundation with a light touch leaving my skin soft and beautiful!

Verified Purchase
Kelsey A. Dec 04 2018


I had never used a brush for my foundation until I tried these. The flat top brush is essential to your makeup routine! It is so soft and helps create a smooth and even look.

Katie L. Dec 04 2018

Brush love

Best brush I’ve ever used!

Megan D. Dec 04 2018

Best brushes ever!

These brushes are amazing! They are very well made and apply my makeup flawlessly. My favorites are the foundation brush and the bronzer brush.

Leslie S. Dec 04 2018

Game changer!

I never thought a foundation brush mattered until I found this one. You can use it with other foundations as well but I love it with the Crunchi. It’s super soft you would never know it’s vegan. Win!!!

Verified Purchase
Sandy C. Dec 04 2018

Vegan Brushes

I love #4 for my blush, #7 for my concealer, #9 for blending my eyeshadow and #10 for my eyebrows. I also have the brush cleaner which I also really like!

Jillian M. Dec 03 2018

Soo soft

The Bronzer brush is so soft and applies the bronzer evenly leaving a perfect sun-kissed glow.

Brenna  Dec 03 2018

Amazing brush!

I have fallen in love with the foundation brush! It allows flawless, easy, buildable coverage and is very easy to clean. Looking forward to adding more crunchi brushes to my make up routine!

Jennifer D. Dec 03 2018

Flat Top Brush

I love the flat top brush for applying my flawless foundation! It applies my foundation so perfectly!

Stephanie D. Dec 03 2018

Flat top brush!

Before getting the Crunchi Flat top brush I was using one I ordered on Amazon. I just got my Crunchi one recently and the difference is huge! The Crunchi brush blends so much better and feels so much better on my face! The bristles are super soft and luxurious!

Verified Purchase
Kristina L. Dec 03 2018

Angled blush brush, WoW!

A light touch is all you need, well at least if you are very fair skinned. This brush is great for hitting just the right spot and not all over your face. Plus get the blush off and add the setting powder to actually get into the crooks by your nose and under your eyes instead of in them.

Abby S. Dec 03 2018

Sooo nice!

I have never really used brushes for foundation before but the flat top brush is a game changer! It makes applying foundation so easy and gives you a smooth finish. I also love that it doesn't absorb the foundation so I'm not wasting any.

Jillian M. Dec 03 2018


This brush leaves your skin looking smooth and flawless when using to apply foundation. It covers evenly and doesn’t absorb the makeup! And the vegan bristles are silky smooth, to boot!

Shannon D. Dec 03 2018

I LOVE my Crunchi flat top brush!

This is by far my favorite flat top brush I’ve ever used! It works so well and it’s super soft! I highly recommend it and love that it’s vegan!

Tatiana T. Dec 03 2018

Never loved brushes so much!

I never really gave any thought to my makeup brushes until I came across Crunchi Vegan Brushes. Their sleek, black look is attractive to the eye plus they work wonderfully. Flat top foundation brush is apart of my daily routine, I’ll never go back to my old brushes again.

MJ  Dec 03 2018

Made make-up possible for me!

The flat top Crunchi brush is the tool that literally changed everything for me. I’m in my 40s and in spite of several tries along the way, I’ve never found a make-up routine that worked for me. Part of it was lack of skill; most of it was an unwillingness to spend much time (especially for lackluster results.). This brush makes me feel like a pro, makes foundation only take a fraction of time, and ends up looking great!

Heather R. Dec 03 2018

Foundation Brush

I was kinda skeptical about synthetic brushes, but these are incredibly soft! and they are right in that the foundation brush does not absorb too mush of the precious foundation- most of it does go on the face!

Elizabeth A. Dec 02 2018


The #10 brush works so well with filling in your eyebrows! Also the bristles are firm (but soft) enough to use as an eyeliner. Definitely one of my favorite brushes!

Nancy G. Dec 02 2018

Changed the way I apply foundation

I never wore foundation before because I always felt like it went on too thick and didn’t look natural. The #1 Flat Top brush evenly distributes the foundation and gives an airbrushed like finish! Definitely worth the investment!

Christine B. Dec 02 2018

Worth every penny!

These brushes are fabulous! The flat top is a must have with the foundation for a flawless look! I was never good at a smoky eye until I had the blender brush...now i always get compliments when I do my eye makeup! These are very high quality and worth every penny!

Kelly M. Dec 02 2018

So Soft!

I absolutely love these brushes. They are so soft and apply my makeup flawlessly. so happy to have a quality product made of quality ingredients.

Elizabeth A. Dec 02 2018


These brushes are so soft, clean so well, and last a long time! The quality is so amazing! They make putting on my makeup so easy!! The flat top brush saves me so much product and makes putting foundation on so easy!! Buy these, you won't regret it

Amanda P. Dec 02 2018

Amazing Brush!

Just tried this brush for the first time today. It is amazing!! Love the flawless coverage it creates!

Verified Purchase
Linda B. Dec 01 2018

These brushes are heavenly

I don't even know how to describe how soft these brushes are! It's like silk on my face. But they also make a HUGE difference with my makeup application, especially foundation with the no. 1 and the eyeshadow blending brushes. I've never had luxury brushes before and now I know what I was missing!! Game changer!

Verified Purchase
Kimberly M. Dec 01 2018

Flattop Brush

These brushes are so soft and so high performance. The flattop brush will change your life, it applies foundation so flawlessly, I’ll never use anything else!

Laura W. Dec 01 2018

Best brush ever!

If you can’t buy the whole set of brushes, this one is the best! Before Crunchi, I’ve never used a foundation brush. I’ve tried them and it didn’t feel like it did a good job of spreading the makeup.

Verified Purchase
Janet H. Dec 01 2018

The #4 Brush is great for Blush!

After buying the foundation brush and loving it so much, I decided to get the "blush brush" - #4! I love it. It has the same great feel that the foundation brush does and cleans just as well. These brushes are very well made!

Verified Purchase
Janet H. Dec 01 2018

Foundation goes on like a dream!!

I simply love the #1 brush! My foundation goes on so smoothly with this brush, and the feel of the brush against my skin is SO nice! Cleaning it is simple too and it holds shape even after several washings!

Verified Purchase
Stacy V. Dec 01 2018

No 7&9 shadow brushes!!

applying my shadow has seriously never been more effortless. A weighted fluffy brush truly has stepped up my eye game.

Hillary W. Dec 01 2018

How did I do makeup before

I absolutely love this brush! It makes applying my foundation so easy and on top of that it’s super easy to clean as well. I also love how their products are cruelty free.

Melinda  Dec 01 2018

Best Brush Ever

This is my favorite brush! I don’t feel like my brush is absorbing all my product. As crazy as this sounds, I like the feel of the brush in my hand. It’s not too heavy, but it is sturdy. The bristles are soft and make application nice and smooth. Love it!

Lauren D. Dec 01 2018

Softest brush EVER!!

The No. 1 is the softest brush I’ve ever used! It smoothes my foundation perfectly and evenly for a flawless look. I look forward to using it every morning.

Lauren D. Dec 01 2018

Softest brush EVER!!

The No. 1 is the softest brush I’ve ever used! It smoothes my foundation perfectly and evenly for a flawless look. I look forward to using it every morning.

Verified Purchase
Leah N. Dec 01 2018

Angel Wing Soft

These brushes are da bomb! They feel as soft as angel's wings and they are the only brushes I've ever used that didn't leave my skin itching afterwards. (Yeah, I didn't know you could be sensitive/allergic to makeup brushes either.) Love them and use them ALL!! Psst! The cleansing pad makes cleanup a snap--reduced mine by 50%+!

Verified Purchase
Amanda F. Nov 30 2018

Best Brushes ever

These are the best brushes ever. I liked the original Bronzer brush better but love the rest equally or more than the originals.

Leslie S. Nov 30 2018

Flat Foundation brush is #1!!!

The foundation brush is beyond my expectations. I didn’t think a vegan brush could be so luxurious and give a flawless application but it’s true! It’s worth the $$

Shaina Y. Nov 30 2018


I love the way this brush feels!! Will be purchasing others soon.

Carly P. Nov 30 2018

Best Brush I’ve used!

I’ve used other brushes and they just don’t measure up to this one. I am so excited I got a brush with my foundation. It is a game changer for sure! They’re soft and do the best job when applying the foundation.

Samantha H. Nov 30 2018

So soft and so beautiful!!

I absolutely love my flat top brush!! Not only is it beautiful and vegan, but it gives me an amazing airbrushed look that I’m not able to get with other applicators.

Maya C. Nov 30 2018

Flat brush

I have the flat brush. It is so soft and blends like a dream.

Verified Purchase
Katrina H. Nov 30 2018

Makeup Application like a Pro

I never knew what I was missing until I decided to give these brushes a go... WOW. My makeup application is easier, faster, and honestly has never looked better. These brushes give me an airbrushed effect that is just flawless and I’m finding that I’m using less product!! They also clean up and look brand new after months of use!! LIFE CHANGING!

Megan f. Nov 30 2018


I adore these brushes!! They feel like professional quality and help my apply my makeup like a pro!! They hold up well!

Ashleigh B. Nov 30 2018

So soft

By far the softest makeup brushes I have used! They make applying your makeup super easy, and I love that I can clean them and they still work and feel as soft as the day I purchased them.

Verified Purchase
Meagan C. Nov 30 2018

Love, but on the heavy side

The quality of these brushes is amazing- the bristles are so so soft and make application so easy, HOWEVER I was not prepared for how heavy they were going to be when I ordered them. It kind of surprised me and took some getting used to now. The weight is the ONLY reason I would give them a 4 as I would prefer the old set which was much lighter.

Verified Purchase
Bonnie B. Nov 30 2018

Flat Top Brush

This brush is amazing when applying your foundation. It just glides across your face so smoothly spreading the foundation.

Rose H. Nov 30 2018

Soft and gentle

Love the softness and feel of this brush. It's so gentle on the skin and leaves the perfect coverage!

Verified Purchase
Allie M. Nov 30 2018

Brushes are a must

I love their foundation brush. Total game changer when applying makeup!

Tami  Nov 30 2018

Gets in the crease well!

This brush is designed to find the crease in your eyelid and does a great job of distributing shadow and NOT holding it in the brush. Crunchi's brushes are AMAZING, I love them all!

Tami  Nov 30 2018

LOVE the blending brush!

This brush makes it so easy to blend colors and make it look beautiful! I love these brushes!

Emily A. Nov 30 2018

Vegan Brushes

In all my life I have never had a brush that felt like silk on my face. These are so full and fluffy! I don’t know how they were able to make the brushes better but they have! These are the only brushes that feel exactly the same after I clean them, they are like new all over again! Totally worth it!

Talitha  Nov 30 2018


Blends foundation beautifully! Makes application fun and saves so much time.

Allesha T. Nov 30 2018

My favorite brush!

This foundation brush is the best I've ever used. Its application is great and easy and spreads the foundation evenly.

Verified Purchase
Angel G. Nov 30 2018

So soft

I was never really a “brush” person until I met these! I still can’t get over how soft they are in comparison to my older brushes (I had no idea!) the handles are so sleek! The #1, #3, & #7 are my FAVORITE!

Verified Purchase
Kacey B. Nov 30 2018

All time favorite!

Ok, these eyeshadow brushes have seriously changed my whole make up routine to a self care ritual! They are the softest brushes I've ever felt on my face and that No. 9 fluffy blending brush is one I cannot live without. With that blending brush I've been able to venture into darker colors and have even used Eclipse asa crease color! Say what?! I would never use those dark shades on my lid without the perfect blending that I get from these. Love, love, love them and I shout it from the rooftop!

Taylor S. Nov 30 2018

Flat Top Foundation Brush

This brush feels like feathers on your face! It blends the foundation so perfectly and doesn't soak up any of the foundation either. This brush makes me excited to buy all of Crunchi's other brushes!

Verified Purchase
Stacie B. Nov 30 2018

#1 flat top brush

I have never loved brushes before, until now. They used to leave my skin itchy and red. But after using Crunchi brushes, I haven’t had a single irritation. In addition, I have never been so impressed with the performance of one. Every one of the brushes have been amazing, but this flat top brush is by far my favorite! It takes foundation application to a whole new level... I can’t imagine application without it, nor do I want to! Thank you for making such an incredible product!

Kylee B. Nov 29 2018

All time favorite brush!

The flat top foundation brush is a game changer when it comes to applying my make-up!

Patricia F. Nov 29 2018

Sea anemone brush

The only way I can describe the feel of the foundation brush is that it’s comparable to touching a sea anemone! It’s so soft & gentle. It makes all my previous brushes feel like an old broom.

Cristina C. Nov 29 2018

Game changer brushes!

I love love the No.1 brush. It is a game changer to putting on my foundation! You won’t regret this brush... or any of them!

Joanne D. Nov 29 2018

Vegan brushes

The vegan brushes are amazing! The foundation flat brush applies your foundation like no other. It goes on smooth and evens out your skin tone in the most professional way.

Stacie K. Nov 29 2018

#1 Brush

The #1 Brush has been an absolute game-changer for applying my foundation! It's SO soft and well-made, and leaves my face looking flawlessly airbrushed! Easy to clean too!

Brianna  Nov 29 2018


Soft, fluffy, & flexible! Great for all of my makeup needs!

Lara G. Nov 29 2018

Amazing brush

I love the #9 fluffy blending brush ! It helps create just a blended and natural look when I mix my Crunchi eye shadows.

Meredith  Nov 29 2018


The flat top brush is my favorite tool for applying and blending my foundation. It doesn’t absorb the product and washing it keeps it like new.

Verified Purchase
JoAnn S. Nov 29 2018


These brushes are amazing! I have used a lot of brushes in my life, but these are by far the best!! Love the weighted metal handles!

Andrea A. Nov 29 2018

No1 flat top brush

This is the softest makeup brush ever! Foundation goes on smoothly and the brush washes nicely too!

Kandee F. Nov 29 2018

Not a pro

I am no makeup pro, but these brushes make me feel like I could become one. Angled well to create amazing looks a must have for eyeshadows

Verified Purchase
Jordan M. Nov 29 2018

Flat top foundation brush

I have never been one to use a brush, and took a leap and tried this one! Absolutely amazing and cleans so easily! Helps keep my foundation smooth and even all over!

Kaley M. Nov 29 2018

Love this brush!!

I love this brush and honestly never thought I would love a brush this much. I have been having a reaction to other brushes and this has been a life saver for my skin. It applies the make up so evenly and not thick at all.

Verified Purchase
Erica U. Nov 29 2018


Oh my goodness, these brushes are amazing! They are thick and apply the product with ease. These are by far the best brushes I have ever used and I will most certainly splurge on more of them.

Verified Purchase
Rachel G. Nov 29 2018


I highly recommend the foundation brush for Crunchi’s foundation. I tried other but this one works the best!

Verified Purchase
Rachel G. Nov 29 2018

Perfect Blush Brush

Perfect. Love it.

Mary T. Nov 29 2018

No.1 Flat Top Brush

Oh my goodness - I decided to try this brush to use with my foundation and I had heard it was soft but let me say....this is the softest, most luxurious brush I have ever owned. It's as soft as a feather and it's so amazing that you may want to brush it on your skin for no reason at all! <3

Verified Purchase
Jaime D. Nov 29 2018

Foundation Brush

I have not purchased...yet BUT I was able to use this brush in a demo done by my Crunchi rep. Foundation went on smooth & covered well. This brush is much bigger than pictured. You will get your $$$ worth. It is on my list to buy.

Kapunawai A. Nov 29 2018

Flattop Brush

I've used makeup brushed for 2 decaded and been through countless brushes that always promise to be the best. I've never gotten the full coverage like this flattop, I have acne scars and require a lot of love. This brush is the real thing and I will never use anything else. Why would I when these are vegan?!!

Desha L. Nov 29 2018


I just received my flattop brush 3 days ago and it has been a gamechanger for me and my morning routine! I don't know why I waited so long to get this! I can put my foundation on faster and use less of it with this brush! LOVE IT!!

Verified Purchase
Alex R. Nov 29 2018


I am obsessed with the flattop brush! I use it for both my foundation and bronzer, and somehow there is NEVER any makeup on it. It does not soak up any product, so nothing is wasted! It is so incredibly soft and applies makeup so evenly.

Taylor H. Nov 29 2018

Absolute Must Have

If you wear liquid foundation you NEED this brush, it creates an airbrush finish even if you have no idea what you are doing. Also super easy to clean which is a huge plus!

Verified Purchase
Jean N. Nov 29 2018

Luxury brushes make a difference!

The Vegan Brushes are absolutely the highest quality brushes I have ever used! The Vegan bristles do not absorb your product, so there is no waste! Love the feel of the brushes on my skin too! They give you an air-brushed look and a healthy natural glow. I can't recommend them enough!

Michelle H. Nov 29 2018

Perfect foundation brush!

This brush is fantastic! You cannot beat this brush for foundation application...love, love, love!

Courtney R. Nov 29 2018

Vegan Brush #1

This brush is LIFE CHANGING! I have never used a foundation brush, but the look this brush helps give us so amazing. Not to mention it is SO soft!

Korina  Nov 29 2018

Flat brush for foundation

I absolutely love this brush. I use it to first apply my primer, then foundation and follow it with the finishing powder. I don’t wear a lot of makeup so having one brush that does all three is a winner in my eyes. It applies everything evenly, it doesn’t absorb the foundation and it feels so soft! This is a must-have!

Verified Purchase
Marcia G. Nov 29 2018

Love the Flat Top!

I love applying my foundation with the flat top brush. I’ve noticed the new brush is more dense than the previous version. I still get an even, smooth application with this brush. Highly recommend having one in your collection!

Katie S. Nov 29 2018


These brushes are amazing! I absolutely love the Flat Top Brian!

Holly J. Nov 29 2018

Awesome foundation brush

The foundation brush is amazing - my skin looks fabulous and airbrushed after using it with the foundation. Great quality brushes, well worth it.

Randee S. Nov 29 2018

Flat Top No. 1

I ordered the Trifecta as part of the Black Friday sale. I was super excited to get the primer and foundation and the brush was an added bonus! I couldn’t believe how incredibly soft the bristles were!!! This brush is amazing and I can’t wait to order more!

Stelle S. Nov 29 2018

Amazing brushes

I gave up using brushes because my makeup never looked smooth. My consultant, Stacey, helped me choose which brushes I needed and I love them all. They are soft and make applying my makeup effortless. Obsessed and now buying them for gifts.

Amy C. Nov 29 2018

Make the change!

I am NOT a fancy make up brush owner but I LOVE this brush. It helps to apply my foundation wonderfully. I had always used powder foundation because I thought it was "easier" than doing the whole liquid foundation routine.... BUT, I was wrong. It takes less time to put my new liquid foundation on using this brush.

Shannon G. Nov 29 2018

So Soft

I currently own the blush brush and it is the softest brush I’ve ever owned. The bristles don’t fall out on my face like my old brush did. Just seems like a very high quality brush.

Verified Purchase
Wendy B. Nov 29 2018

Travel Brushes

I love how portable and compact these are! Beautiful performance without worries of dirty bristles or damage when traveling!

Verified Purchase
Savannah K. Nov 29 2018

I didn't know!

I didn't know I could love a brush so much or that it would change my application and blending like it would. But man oh man has it! Soft too... so soft!

Verified Purchase
Meghan D. Nov 29 2018

My Magic Wand

I never really understood the point of a foundation brush until I tried this one. It is so soft, applies my foundation flawlessly and cuts my routine time in half. It truly is a magic wand!

Rachel B. Nov 29 2018


The tripled sealed bristles are a money saver!! I love that my makeup goes on my face rather than sticking to the brushes. They also clean up so well it’s like getting a new brush every time you wash them! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Natalie B. Nov 29 2018


These brushes are worth EVERY penny! All of the brushes are so well crafted with such high quality bristles and well thought out. These brushes make it easy and can truly make anyone look like a makeup artist.

Linda K. Nov 29 2018

#1 Brush

I love the flat brush! It makes my Foundation go on so smooth! It’s so easy to use! I don’t have all of the brushes yet but hope to!

Verified Purchase
Gina L. Nov 29 2018

#4 Brush is Everything

It is typically used for blush, but it literally is the most versatile brush in the bunch! I use it for adding highlights on my face, chiseling cheekbones with bronzer, setting powder under my eyes and even applying foundation in a pinch. Get two: one for your daily blush and one for your utility brush.

Megan M. Nov 29 2018

Flat top brush is amazing

I absolutely love the flat top brush! Quick and easy foundation application that gives the perfect airbrushed appearance. This brush is a total game changer!

Verified Purchase
Joan P. Nov 29 2018


Not only were these vegan brushes carefully sculpted and have weighted handles, their functionality is superlative. In the past, I hadn't used brushes to apply my makeup. Now, I'd be lost without the Crunchi brushes. In particular, the flat top brush makes applying foundation quick and easy, and the resulting look is smooth and airbrushed. Crunchi brushes are winners!

Kasey S. Nov 29 2018

I just want to snuggle..

The flat top brush is amazingly soft! I just got it (I heard it was a game changer) - it was so soft I just wanted to snuggle with it!

Meredith K. Nov 29 2018

You must get the flat top brush!

I have a ridiculous amount of professional makeup brushes ($400+), and the flat top brush is my ultimate favorite. I have never had a liquid foundation brush work so perfectly and easily. It literally helps give the best coverage that looks natural and not cakey at all.

Susan M. Nov 29 2018

Foundation Brush

The foundation brush is worth every penny. By not soaking up the product, your foundation lasts much longer. The brush gives a flawless look. I have many brushes from other companies and nothing compares. It's also super easy to clean. It's a must to apply your Crunchi foundation.

Verified Purchase
Allie M. Nov 28 2018


I kept stalling to buy this and I'm not sure why! I should have never waited. Great brush, easy application, uses way less product than other brushes, leaves face looking flawless :)

Verified Purchase
Elizabeth S. Nov 28 2018

Best Brushes Ever

So I have never been a brush person, but decided to get the Crunchi foundation brush with my foundation order and it made me so excited after I used it the first time. My makeup has never felt so smooth and evenly distributed, they are also the softest thing I have ever put on my face.

Verified Purchase
Megan L. Nov 28 2018

The Brushes are Game changer!!

These brushes have been game changer to my makeup routine! I always used my fingers in the past and never was able to achieve the flawless look that the brushes give me! Game Changers! I never want to use my fingers to apply my makeup ever again!

Linda M. Nov 28 2018

The Eyeshadow brushes are everything!

I have all of the eyeshadow brushes- No. 7, No. 8, and No. 9, and they are AMAZING. My eye makeup looks so beautiful and bold- the application is so clean and professional looking thanks to these brushes. They are SO SOFT and unbelievably easy to clean! I recommend them to EVERYONE!

Lori W. Nov 28 2018

High Quality!

These brushes are AMAZING! They are such high quality, so soft, and blend well! Love them!!! Every time I do others makeup they always ask about the brushes!

Verified Purchase
Lori K. Nov 28 2018

Best Brush Ever!

I haven't tried all of the Crunchi brushes yet. However, I have the #1 foundation brush and just love it! I think my face is sad when my makeup application is done. It just feels so good...and it works, too!

Verified Purchase
Wendy D. Nov 28 2018

Best brushes I’ve ever owned!

This is by far my favorite brush ever, I love that it doesn’t ubsorb the foundation and cleans so easily! It blends my makeup perfectly!