Look Who's Talking: The Cut

Look Who's Talking: The Cut

Nike Creative, Lydia Pang, features Crunchi's Smart Primer and Beautifully Flawless Foundation in her recent interview (and video tutorial) for The Cut titled, "How This Nike Creative Gets Her Skin So Good".

The Primer

"When my face is dry, I apply my favorite primer from Crunchi. I found this product through a friend, and it’s really, truly great. It goes on really smooth and doesn’t feel too heavy. You literally need one tiny pump of it. And it truly works. You don’t get those sad forehead creases where your foundation has stuck and clogged up. It also helps with covering nasty pimples and sets a perfect base for you to apply very little product and get that nasty thing hidden.” - Lydia Pang

The Foundation

“I used to cake the foundation on when my acne was super bad, but cystic acne changes your face shape and is super hard to cover. This foundation helped me through that, as you can use very little for good coverage, so you don’t end up suffocating your skin, clogging pores, and perpetuating the problem. Sad times. It also goes on and spreads really easily! And despite being all-natural, it actually smells really nice. Right now, I need coverage for my acne scars, and it does the job really well without me having to load a ton of product on. If I were a cute beauty blogger, I would smile at the camera and say, ‘Highly recommended guys, 10/10.’” - Lydia Pang

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