Beauty's Wave of Change

Crunchi's Commitment

Crunchi® is at the forefront of the clean ocean movement, proudly standing as the first cosmetics company to partner with 4ocean — an organization dedicated to ending the ocean plastic crisis. Our commitment to sustainability is further reinforced by achieving 4ocean Certified Plastic Neutral status. For every pound of plastic used in our consciously minimal packaging, 4ocean removes an equivalent amount from our world’s oceans, rivers, waterways, and coastlines.

In our pursuit of sustainability, we prioritize using glass, paperboard, and aluminium for our primary packaging to significantly reduce our plastic footprint. This partnership and our packaging choices reflect our dedication to a future where humanity thrives in harmony with nature, not at its expense.

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Embrace Earth Day Every Day

Celebrate with a 4ocean Bracelet as our gift to you for your $150+ purchase. Crafted from upcycled ocean waste, join our mission to protect our waterways.

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Catalyst for Change

Every thread tells a story of recovery and hope. The 4ocean bracelets are made with recycled ocean plastic, handcrafted with care by artisans in Guatemala and Bali.

Wear a piece of the solution.

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