Look Who's Talking: The Strategist

Look Who's Talking: The Strategist

The Strategist features Crunchi's New & Improved Beautifully Flawless Foundation in their article titled, "The Winterproof Makeup That Survives a Veteran Beauty Writer’s Citi Bike Rides".

"But for crossing the Brooklyn Bridge (easily the coldest, most blustery, headwind-prone spot in New York, with its steep inclines and narrow riding track beset with tourists), I turn to my Crunchi Beautifully Flawless Foundation. The trick with this thick, dense liquid, which stands up to the most biting East River winds and speeding-by cars, is applying just a few droplets. It spreads easily and generously. When I dock the bike at Brooklyn Borough Hall, my complexion is as smooth and even-toned as when I started out." — Linda Dyett, The Strategist

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