Look Who's Talking: University Of San Francisco (Beyond Skin Deep)

Look Who's Talking: University Of San Francisco (Beyond Skin Deep)

Melanie Petschke, the co-founder of Crunchi, was published in the University of San Fransisco's article "Beyond Skin Deep, Nursing alumna leads toxin-free makeup and skin care company" sharing her why, how it all started, and what's to come in the Crunchi future.

"Eight years ago, when graduate nursing alumna Melanie Petschke MSN/FNP ’05 learned she was pregnant with her son, she changed her lifestyle. She started cooking organic foods and cleaning with greener household products. But finding cosmetics that were safe and also performed well was a huge challenge.

Fast forward to 2016. Petschke, with co-founder Kelly Weston, launched Crunchi — a company that produces and sells toxin-free lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascaras, and other cosmetics. The Master of Science in Nursing alumna focuses on research and product development, Weston on business and sales. In two years, Crunchi has grown to be a multi-million-dollar company with 20 full-time employees." -SAYANTIKA MANDAL MFA '19, USF NEWS

Melanie and Kelly work hard to create high performing safe cosmetics, empower women to succeed and make a difference through their Advocate program and community, and make conscious production decisions where they strive toward environmental sustainability.

Crunchi truly is more than skin deep, and we can't wait to bring you on this journey with us!

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