Who Is Crunchi's Core Consumer?

Who Is Crunchi's Core Consumer?

We are honored to have been a part of Beauty Independent’s ongoing series asking beauty entrepreneurs questions posed by their consumers. Take a peek below to see what our Co-founder, Melanie Petschke, had to say in response to who is Crunchi's core consumer.

Beauty Independent: How did you identify your brand’s core customer, and have you been surprised by who that core customer is?

Melanie Petschke: The customer base that has developed since the launch of Crunchi has pleasantly surprised us. While a significant portion of our clients are exactly like us and seek higher level cosmetic performance with ingredients they can trust, there are a group of clients who seek Crunchi products simply because they love their overall quality and performance.

Melanie Petschke: For this group, the green beauty movement and ingredient scrutiny is entirely new territory, and Crunchi serves as a gateway for them in their transition to living a more organic and toxin-free lifestyle. When a client walks away with priceless education that will change the way they look at their environment and what they put in and on their bodies for the rest of their lives, we have accomplished our goal. This bonus group of clients has been the most rewarding to experience."

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