2018 Healing Lifestyles Earth Day Beauty Award

2018 Healing Lifestyles Earth Day Beauty Award

We are thrilled to announce that we have received a Healing Lifestyles Earth Day Beauty Award yet again!

Last year our Beautifully Flawless Foundation took the cake (or lack thereof) and stole the hearts of the Healing Lifestyles Team, and received the 2017 Healing Lifestyles Earth Day Beauty Award for Best Foundation. "This is the most velvety, hydrating foundation around! Vitamins C & E brightens with antioxidant-rich coverage while soothing Aloe Leaf gives a lightweight moisturizing effect. Comes tightly sealed in an eco-friendly glass bottle to ‘top’ it off," says Healing Lifestyles.

"Our Safe Beauty & Body team tirelessly puckered and blotted, slathered and lathered, cleansed and rinsed and – most importantly – ingredient-checked for ‘no-nasties’ until we came up with our picks for the haute monde of clean, green beauty in 2018," says Healing Lifestyles. One can only imagine how honored we were to receive this year's 2018 Healing Lifestyles Earth Day Beauty Award for Best Makeup Brushes. Our Luxury Vegan Makeup Brushes have always been something pretty special with their incredible softness and long-lasting bristles. However, receiving this award adds another reason to add these vegan beauties to your makeup arsenal.

About HLS

Healing Lifestyles & Spas’ content focuses on infusing integrative spa modalities and destination spa experiences ~ healing remedies ~ integrative medicine ~ wellness and sustainable practices into our daily lives; providing tools and inspiration to live a more healthy and healing spa lifestyle. We believe that spa living is a day-to-day experience. We all need to slow down, press pause, and nurture this absolute need to give back to ourselves. Living a healing lifestyle means taking care of the Earth and its people, and we thereby emphasize environmental wellness and sustainable living as a necessary component on this path.

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