The Clean Beauty Movement

The Clean Beauty Movement was spurred by growing consumer awareness of the lack of regulation the Federal Government has on the cosmetics and personal care industry. In fact, until the Clean Beauty Movement started, the last piece of meaningful legislation the government passed was signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936! Luckily, knowledge is power - and power is an engine for positive change. As consumers have become more aware of the potential harm that can come from common household and personal care goods, the industry has had no choice but to evolve. Crunchi is proud to be a leader in the Clean Beauty Movement and this catalyst for change. We bring you products that are free from potentially harmful ingredients, prioritizing the use of natural, toxin-free, and sustainable ingredients that are safe for people and the environment. By choosing Crunchi, you can feel confident knowing that you're taking care of your skin, without potentially harmful ingredients.

Clean Beauty Movement

It's a movement created by everyday women who have become more aware of the potentially harmful ingredients found in their daily use cosmetics and are seeking safer alternatives. One of the most important things a consumer can be is both conscious and educated about the ingredients in their products and how they affect our bodies. Knowledge is power!

It's Time to Make a Difference

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